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Text Comments (50)
Alex Espinoza (1 month ago)
This literally is happening to me right now
KingOfTFL (27 days ago)
I just ordered kyrie's and they use ups... fml
Alex Espinoza (1 month ago)
+Tone Brad ):
Tone Brad (1 month ago)
Same. Off white Chuck's
ViZu Restart (1 month ago)
they lost my supreme hat ffs. when I get the money back im ordering the triple white 350s in hope they dont fuck up, or other company ships my stuff
Dylan447 (1 month ago)
Parcel force just gave me some fucking bike parts instead my triple whites I’m about to cap some one I sware to god! Wtf
Chau Tran (1 month ago)
They got my box logo been a week now
Javier1up YT (3 months ago)
You should of reported the kid that stole it to your manager.
Miguel Campos (3 months ago)
I got my shoes im just happy
Luis XX (3 months ago)
Fuck UPS, they did it to me today.
Paige Leslie (3 months ago)
They stole my iPhone 8 last week and gave me a empty box 😅 at least they black listed the phone so it’s useless to whoever
Alex Gomez (3 months ago)
I think they stole my 2k eletric skateboard. . . It's been at a facility for almost 5 days now. 3 hrs from its destination!
AwokenAssassin (5 months ago)
ups stole my #Q@!33## cyberpower gaming pc
DARKSKEN SUA (5 months ago)
They stole my win like 96 I’m shipping to my local facility so I had to get the alternate 13
lancer javier garcia cabrera (5 months ago)
Fucking kid complaining about fucking shoes broh medicine gets lost and expensive medicine, i had an expirience once like that but it is not general UPS'S fault that is most likely a loader mistake the guy at the facility told u that just for you to feel like you are getting an answer but most likely based on what happened ur shoes were in someone eleses box lol Fedex loses a lot of pckgs and Adidas uses UPS a lot would you really beleive what a representative of 10027383329202 tells u?
Josh Jones (6 months ago)
I would have called the police
Jason Krause (7 months ago)
dcta51 (5 months ago)
Yea i use to work there, almost everyone was a piece of shit.
Atian Firebolt (7 months ago)
They just saved you from having ugly shoes.
EZ (8 months ago)
I expect FedEx stole my boosts assuming they were yeezys. Checked cameras and never saw a fedex vehicle ever showing up
Min S (9 months ago)
Omg I actually got back my package after one month of it being left on the front door; and i emailed support etc. No idea how UPS found it
Rob K (9 months ago)
This happens all the time. UPS drivers also lie about delivery attempts when they are behind schedule. They don't even come to the house/apt and then claim "Receiver not available for delivery will attempt delivery next business day.." Bull Sh*t. Surveillance cameras on time lapse show that the truck never came close to house. I have boycotted UPS and told all Ebay Sellers that use UPS as their primary shipper will not get my business. I always ask Ebay Sellers who they use now... I don't patronize Sellers that ship with UPS. I don't trust UPS because they breech the shipping contract. And they lie about it. The lie is proven by video surveillance cameras. And UPS managers/supervisors do nothing to correct the problem. Tired of being lied to..!
jimy0803 (10 months ago)
Shady people work everywhere, people. I've had the same experience with USPS.
Damien Jeremy Weir (10 months ago)
Unit Pinch Stealers
Incredible J. (10 months ago)
It’s bound to happen you know? There is no qualifications to work in the warehouse, I got hired on the spot.
Keith Adam (10 months ago)
Yeezy supply uses UPS and they dropped off my package in the wrong town.
Rich G (10 months ago)
wtf you got your mom doing all this shit for you 🤣 and if you catchin feelings like that over some shoes, wow you going to have a hard time as an adult.
Bubba Mahaffey (7 months ago)
My momma said my momma said my momma said
Otacon91 (8 months ago)
Rich G facts. If this kid cried more about his mom doing shit it's amazing he can wipe his ass.
Jake farrell (10 months ago)
Just happens to me I got a ice blue supreme box logo beanie and never came and ups did nothing about it
SneakerHEAT (10 months ago)
Crazy man. UPS is something else
Jimmy Hogan (10 months ago)
The UPS delivery guy just took my Yeezys off my front porch. I got it all on video.
benedict cruz (10 months ago)
They BS all the time. I had to hunt down my KAWS 4's due to the fact they didn't doorbell I was literally home. Left slip and written KAWs on it. I was heated at that point. Supposedly sent to UPS store yah rt. Pissed and located 5 trucks nearby area all said no withput checking inside but fortunately last truck driver was nice enough to check in his truck and locate my package safely all the way in the back. Guy said this package doesn't belong in my truck was supposed to go back to circulation. At least I was lucky being proactive!
Red1Fiz (1 year ago)
i bought a gtx 1080 ti & the ups driver decided to ship it a few streets away so i raised hell & they made him go back & get my package. that was the last time i seen him riding around my small town :)
Elvis Martinez (1 year ago)
Most Of UPS Workers are Dumb kids that can afford shit. so they steal it.
A B (1 year ago)
SneakerHEAT (1 year ago)
+Andrea Bigby wow that's crazy man
GTS Sacred (1 year ago)
That's one of the unluckiest things ever
Matt (1 year ago)
KCanonVIDEOGRAPHY (1 year ago)
UPS stole my Yeezy's too, man. Did you get a refund? https://youtu.be/TrRwP1guFPw
UPS (1 year ago)
Our team wants to get more details so we can assist you. I hope you'll email help@ups.com with your tracking number and contact information. ^AB
Jason Krause (7 months ago)
Your team doesn't know Alaska is part of the USA!
Pear Gaming (7 months ago)
jerry fudu (7 months ago)
Fire the little shits who stole the kicks!
Mark Chaney (8 months ago)
UPS this is not right I sipped some part that over 8 thousand dollars in value and some body from ups apparently Stoll them one thing I hat is thief I will not EVER us ups agin
Aten Akehnaton (9 months ago)
UPS could stop hiring convicts. That would be a big help!
Allo Azul (1 year ago)
Damm I feel Bad bro