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Hamilton Refused to Shake Hands with Vettel - F1 2017 Austria Quali

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Lewis Hamilton Refused to Shake Hands with Sebastian Vettel - F1 2017 Austria Quali
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sawant balasaheb (9 months ago)
it wasn't Hamilton refused it was vettel who refused to handshake Hamilton the interviewer told Hamilton to shakehand and Hamilton do stop for a shakehand but when interviewer approached vettel,vettel shakehands with interviewer over Hamilton and bcoz of the embarrassment Hamilton gone out first
Rarecat (9 months ago)
African Bush baby lh is a Sore Looser & notice how l spell saids name.
woolly-hat-taker (7 months ago)
Please could you write that comment again, but in English.
Rarecat (9 months ago)
Whatever inbred with Chimp's so Looser lh is Chimpadian.
playstar99 (9 months ago)
Lewis is a Grenadian, and your designation is really inappropriate.
Rarecat (9 months ago)
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Rarecat (9 months ago)
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Talal Awad (9 months ago)
i never been a hamilton fan. but after what happened in baku and the way vettel responded, oh i loved lewis for this. someone else would have punched the cry baby (vettel) in the face :)
y1521t21b5 (9 months ago)
Petulant and still holding a grudge after a final verdict has been rendered. I'm surprised the crowd did not boo this. A second handshake would have cost nothing and would certainly have been the adult thing to do. I didn't like the way in which he beckoned BOT away at the end, either. HAM's driving hasn't been worthy of the car so far this year and with his emotional state it's bound to get worse. Merc are lucky they have the level-headed, hardworking BOT in the team. He is the de facto lead driver.
sakalabudhi123 (9 months ago)
y1521t21b5 He has more fans then HATERS such as yourself !!!! The hand was already shook, this was bullshit media trying to muddy the waters. But your biased-I wonder why ??? Because he is Black WTF are you gonna do when up & coming indian drivers join........These guys have serious skills.......So there's a big Fuck U to you !!!!!!!!
Arul Selvan Jeyaraj (9 months ago)
Grow up #HAM #Hamilton
De Wae (9 months ago)
He shook Sebs hand off camera (but it was told me by a fan) stfu you dumb idiots calling Hamilton names 😂 no...I'm not a butthurt fan of his so again...stfu with any argument against me you have cunt 😘