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Brad Kyle is an ass.MOV

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Bristol Motor Speedway. Night race, 2010. Cup race, the night after Kyle Busch dumped Brad Keslowski to win the Nationwide Race. Kyle went on to win all 3 races this weekend (ugh), so I really wish Brad had kept his feelings to himself and taken it to the track, kept him from getting the trifecta, but Brad's not as good in Cup as he is in Nationwide, so he was never near Kyle during the race. But this was so funny, and for some reason I just HAPPENED to video it (I'm not a Brad OR a Kyle fan, so I don't know why...maybe my subconscious instincts took over, told me something good was coming) when I didn't video any other driver was a hoot!
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Text Comments (21)
Cwilliam (8 months ago)
Don't worry like you were only roasted like in front of over 1000+ people no big deal
JJ4824 (2 years ago)
larken24 (4 years ago)
Is it coincidental that since he said this, brad has not been seen as a bad guy much more than he use to be according to the public?
Donna Odom (6 years ago)
But this wa the truth about Kyle Busch. Theres a diffrence there.
Ryan Hanson (7 years ago)
@88fanforlife apparently you can, NASCAR fined Brad for talking smack about their new fuel system. Dumbest fine I've ever heard of.
TheRaazberry (7 years ago)
@MmmDietSoda cant we all be friends here? Im fine with every driver! Some people are too harsh towards other fans, but its for the fun of the sport.
TheRaazberry (7 years ago)
I'm a busch fan and that was solo hilarious :D
bareavis (7 years ago)
I was there that night! That got the crowd ready!
The Duffy Street Incident Podcast (7 years ago)
@BuschBabe699 And yet its censored on national TV.
Jesus Christ (7 years ago)
@bakugannascar2 ass, not asshole. there is a difference. one smells a little different.
DaleE988 (8 years ago)
@NAVGFan yeah and reutimann got him at kansas, that was so awesome
David (8 years ago)
@88fanforlife Exactly. I think this quote was proven prophetic when Kyle started talking trash about David Reutimann in the media center later that night.
DaleE988 (8 years ago)
nascar cant do anything about this either you wanna know why, cause last i checked you cant get in trouble for speaking the truth
bakugannascar2 (8 years ago)
NebulousFury (8 years ago)
even if you are a Kyle Busch fan this is funny as hell, unless you're a stuck up sissy who can't take funny times just because it's against your favorite driver. I mean, I'm kind of a Kyle Busch fan - but even I know he's an ass! Personality doesn't matter to me, this aint a damn reality show. All that matters is what they do on the track and anything off the track is just a bonus, or doesn't matter.
CommandoMario (8 years ago)
It's kind of sad to think that the reason Kyle Busch retaliated the way he did is because Kyle put himself in the wall.
TheRooster94 (8 years ago)
I hate Brad but boy did he pwn Kyle
acenace24 (8 years ago)
Kyle needs to hit puberty....just like his fans
Clint Millsaps (8 years ago)
i would have worded it different but that will work to
Lisa Busch (8 years ago)
While some may have chosen OTHER words to describe Kyle, THIS one had a priest's blessing...Brad asked a priest present if he minded if he said ASS over the PA, and he said "No man, Ass is in the bible!" LOL
racefan32 (8 years ago)
Kyle & Brad needs to be kicked in the nads