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Captain Kirk: The True Gentleman?

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Evidence on why some Trekkies can't seem to pick up women.
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (18)
Dustin Sullivan (5 years ago)
Absolutely hilarious. The Negotiator in action
Potty Bib Productions (7 years ago)
"Me? I see. Well, um, er, there are things you can do with a lady, er, Charlie, that you er. There's no right way to hit a woman. I mean, man to man is one thing, but, er, man and woman, er, it's, er, it's, er. Well it's, er, another thing. Do you understand?" - As said by Captain Kirk in Charlie X
saladine1 (7 years ago)
Soft music, intimate kiss...then crack! What romance is all about..
Nic Rago (8 years ago)
way to take the wife beater way out
Nic Rago (8 years ago)
press 5 wait a secound then press it again rapidity
Sodium (8 years ago)
and i thought snookie was the first
Jake Coltrane (9 years ago)
Gotta let em know.
Kristian Boni (9 years ago)
Ratama (9 years ago)
no he hit her because she's a women
little mermaid (10 years ago)
every good woman needs a good slap in the face everyone once in awhile =P so captin kirk believes haha!
WeedW0lf (10 years ago)
POW! right in the kisser.. POW! right in the kisser.. POW! right in the kisser..
Cardin Chen (10 years ago)
chicago618 (10 years ago)
Man, those were the days, when a man could show a woman her proper place. Geez i wish we could bring back those days. I keeed, I keeed.
4TheRecord (10 years ago)
huh, so thats where I have been going wrong all these years! I thought there was something strange about knocking her out after dinner!!
Stephen Roh (10 years ago)
Terpsi (11 years ago)
wait wait i know the buildup to this scene! i think this woman tricked kirk into kissing him by closing his eyes and telling him to kiss her, then when he opened his eyes and realised that shes just really butters, he punched her for making him do such a thing
solidmage (11 years ago)
haha didnt expect that to happend
und666 (11 years ago)
^ not enough snap in your punches?