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JACK FRUIT CUTTING SKILLS | Fruit Ninja of Raw Jack Fruit | Indian Street Food 2019

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JACK FRUIT CUTTING SKILLS | Fruit Ninja of Raw Jack Fruit | Indian Street Food 2019 Fruit Ninja - Jack Fruit - Street Food Zone Trending Videos - Street Food Videos In INdia #jackfruit #fruitninja #2019
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#HDJANARULISLAM (2 days ago)
ওই শালা এগুলা কি বানাইলি না বানাইলি ঝালাই না বানাইলি চাটনি কি বানাইলি এগুলো ডিজলাইক দিছি তোরে
Budi Utomo (5 days ago)
Kalo ditempat saya Naka buwat mengono.indonesia
United Coaching (7 days ago)
To speak fluently in ENGLISH watch - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3o9q6VvXTnZe4IlRPfySgf-DfLch0aXO
Alex Iacobi (7 days ago)
I wouldn't pay to get anything on this dirty stand. Even if they would had pay me I wouldn't take with me anything from them. The way this male allegedly cleans the liquid coming out of the fruit is disgusting.
Shox jaxon (8 days ago)
Nma bu yeydigan narsami bu😮
Jirlene Seara (12 days ago)
oque esse cara ta fazendo com a jaca? kkk
Jak Ághata Queiroz Munhoz (13 days ago)
O dia que ele comer essa jaca madura e bem doce,nunca mais ele faz essa besteira com as jacas😂
Maria Quitéria Medeiros (10 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkk é vdd...😂
Khánh Trần (14 days ago)
có ai biết tôi đang xem mon jh ko. chỉ tôi với
Chairul S.A (14 days ago)
Kau g tau apa itu buah nangka, di matangin dulu biar enak malah di cincang kayak gitu. Emang yaa dasar kampungan
xiangai yao (14 days ago)
dyah puspita (15 days ago)
Nasib e gori nang kono,,hadehhhh Di Indonesia dimasak jadi gudeg,nyammm,nyammm
sania sania (15 days ago)
Farelo de jaca. Lol
Ennard and Circus baby (16 days ago)
What's skill ?
yani yani (17 days ago)
Mark Davis (18 days ago)
Get yer filthy jack fruit here!
Bảo Lê Quốc (18 days ago)
Idiot cut
Mavis Oppong (19 days ago)
this is fruit, am lost hv not seen some before
Dung tran com Dung tran (21 days ago)
Uoc dj ban ngay taj vjet nam ban gan nha mjnh hj
Cindy Vogel (21 days ago)
I love the shredded paper cleansing paper. So sanitary.
Random Videos (22 days ago)
Q. How to waste ur time? A. Watch this cutting JUNK FRUIT
Humberto Vas (23 days ago)
how do you eat this green fruit? Here in Brazil we eat this fruit when ripe.
Bảo su Trần (25 days ago)
Trả hiểu nó đang làm cái món j nữa k biết:)) phí mít vkl
Kannadas P B (25 days ago)
He doesn't know how to cut jack fruit ,
Prince Rahman (25 days ago)
Asshole youtuber :3
Antonio Sitorus (26 days ago)
Nek nang Pekalongan nggo gawe Megono
Maria Rosângela da C. Sousa (28 days ago)
Fiquei assistindo o vídeo com uma empolgação e no final não entendi foi nada 💁
Jak Ághata Queiroz Munhoz (13 days ago)
Não entendi tbm
Jak Ághata Queiroz Munhoz (13 days ago)
Eu pensei que era uma jaca verde
Mela SB (1 month ago)
Que es esto..? La yaca no se come así x Dios
Mr. Nitu (1 month ago)
But taste is amazing
Erika manuela Barboza (1 month ago)
Pra que serve isso mesmo?
Maria Amélia Ribeiro Eu (1 month ago)
Tem que tradução nossa
Maria Amélia Ribeiro Eu (1 month ago)
Nossa estou aqui pensando na verdade serve pra que?
FKL เบาะรถไถ ท่อไอเสีย (1 month ago)
คาดว่าคนซื้อน่าจะนำไปประกอบอาหารอีกทีค่ะ ต้ม ผัด แกง ทอด อะไรประมาณนี้😁😁 ไทยเรายังใช้ขนุนอ่อนทำแกงส้มเลยจ้า😊
ASMR ICE Kim (1 month ago)
Apakah itu nangka??
audi ctw (1 month ago)
Shova Marwa (1 month ago)
Mon ckna reng madure jria, jria nyamana nangka:v
吴慧思 (1 month ago)
Rahmat Dwi (1 month ago)
Mending nunggu mateng dulu enak dasar rakus
What the hell. What is this i dont know. That crazy skill
M Cameron (1 month ago)
joselyn mendez (1 month ago)
Que manera de desperdiciar esa fruta..... Pinche vato pendejo.
Pat Nathan (1 month ago)
Is it eaten raw or is it added to a soup or made into a curry ?
tony cyw (1 month ago)
At least explain what is this used for? Can it be eaten this way? Let everyone know, instead of keeping everyone in the dark. Thanks. Curious.
Everyday Deni (1 month ago)
tony cyw if the jackfruit is ripe you can eat it as a normal fruit/dessert. But if it’s not yet ripe it is usually used for cooking.
liana Harmont (1 month ago)
фу блять, пиздец у него ногти желтые! прогноз на следующий год - он сдохнет.
Akshay tr (1 month ago)
who would eat it that too uncooked. Just waste of jack fruit
natrlgrl (1 month ago)
What's the point of this video?
Magneuza Israel (1 month ago)
Isso fica parecendo ração!
Severino Duarte (1 month ago)
Queria ver alguém comendo isso
Juliana Barretto (1 month ago)
Jaca estranha, corte estranho, no final metade dão deslikes perdi mei tempo com esse fí de rapariga
mr nonimos (2 months ago)
From the video, we can conclude, the most attractive is from the tittle.. Even the video s ordinary.. But it can be extraordinary when the title is like click bait
Andry Saputra (2 months ago)
Opo ora eneng getahe iku...
selma (2 months ago)
No Mo (2 months ago)
Injustice has been done...! RIP Jack fruit 😓
rubi vrm (2 months ago)
Itne chote pieces ka karoge kya akhir aap
Rocio Martinez (2 months ago)
Ito channel (2 months ago)
saxophone s (2 months ago)
Waste time
damannoa (2 months ago)
That was a disappointing video.
فاضل العنزي (2 months ago)
شنو هذا أحد يترجم 😜😁😁
Rupjyoti Barman (2 months ago)
🤨🤨🤨 what is this
BANG ANAN i.D.R (2 months ago)
Yes oh no
Traipob Rueangrit (2 months ago)
Blossom Bloom (2 months ago)
This is a raw jackfruit and is very hard and it is very difficult to cut it because not only it's hard but also sticky white milk comes out of it. North Indians use it in many diff way. This cutting style is basically for Kathal ( jackfruit) kabab or kebab very famous in Lunknow The city of Nawabs. Otherwise we cut it in one to two inch cubes to make curry, biryani, pickles etc When it's ripe it is used as fruit. It is yellow color juicy and sweet fruit and it comes out very easily because it becomes very soft when it is ripe.
Quang đức Trương (2 months ago)
Thức ăn cho gà à mọi người
D BOOZE (2 months ago)
Cheap ass video
Pavel Khan (2 months ago)
Rosineide Pazz (2 months ago)
Dennis Cuesta (2 months ago)
Please stop Jack fruit violence
leon Jump (2 months ago)
is that fruit ninja?!!!!
RPRIMICI (2 months ago)
I was waiting for the end-product from all that chopping. Turns out what I thought was the discarded stuff becomes the end-product. I guess you eat all those choppings? Maybe in a veg stew?
Krista Gonzalez (26 days ago)
Im right there w ya on the thought . I was like wait a min....
Ayoobw Popy (2 months ago)
ബല്ലാത്ത ജാതി
Rana Das (2 months ago)
Iska ky koro gay Bhai
Văn với Huỳnh (2 months ago)
Đó là trà curo ai việt nam điểm danh 🧐🧐🧐
Suman Ali (2 months ago)
Kya year kuchvi
thö con cute (2 months ago)
Ko hieu lam di
TorKung Channel RC 111 (2 months ago)
กินดิบได้ นี่ สุดยอด เลย
حاجی پیر پہاڑی ڈمبو سرکار (2 months ago)
مادرچود انڈین کچا فروٹ ھی کاٹ رھا ھہ۔چوتیا
widya bagus moms (2 months ago)
Yg suka sayur nangka mna.???.tewel kku jwa bilng
Rican Games (2 months ago)
He should invest in a generator and a food processor
Nguyễn Quang Huy (2 months ago)
bên này họ ăn vỏ vứt lõi nhé,ban đầu t tưởng ông này băm mít cho vui hóa ra không phải,nhìn rắc muối vào là biết ổng làm vỏ mít lắc rồi
Đức Đoàn (2 months ago)
Éo biết là món gì luôn
Enki The master (2 months ago)
It was how to destroy a jack Daniels a jack fruit.
Afsha Khan (2 months ago)
samson zambrano (2 months ago)
Weh di nga anong klaseng luto ky to magagamit
Tamto Banyuadri (2 months ago)
Good job
Md. Al Mamun (2 months ago)
So bad video
sakura ann (2 months ago)
Omg😱 murdered jackfruit 😅
Travel Unique (2 months ago)
Amazing skill. Street food lover feel free to visit my channel. On my channel you'll see incredibly delicious korean street food.
Mario Vizcaino (2 months ago)
Green jackfruit chopped to use as vegetable in a stew, not as fruit ! Of the several uses of jackfruit.
Cao Thắng Trương (2 months ago)
Đấy là thuốc chữa kiết lị
Rohith BM (2 months ago)
What's the use of this cutting
Ankit Kamli (2 months ago)
waste of jackfruit! Wasted my 10min.😑
Shauna Pinnock (2 months ago)
Dumbest shit I’ve ever fucking seen! Mad, as fuck; I wasted my fucking time! Those are fucking green, by the way! When you just don’t know, you just don’t know; huh????? What a complete fucking waste????? 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Morning Sun (2 months ago)
เขากินเปลือกขนุนทำไม งงในงง
Hortencia Paiva (2 months ago)
Não gostei não fiquei sabendo o begitivo do vídeo.
Rahul Kumar (2 months ago)
Re baklol ikra me khawe wala baat kaha chai
Vebian 02 (2 months ago)
I wonder for what kind of food that jackfuit to be... Why didn't show it?
Kousar Ali Khan (2 months ago)
Hong Dao Nguyen (2 months ago)
Cuối cùng là món gì
Fardin The Great (2 months ago)
Anybody can explain what the faq was this ?? You guys waste money by doing this in india ?? I used to do this kind of things in my childhood. You are not looking childish...wtf
A S (2 months ago)
Make in India "Jackfruit Raw Bhurji For Pakoda"