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Will UPS medical delivery drone be too complex?

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Here is a possible solution for simpler launches in Africa and other developing regions. Based on the announcement that UPS Foundation (NYSE: UPS) is partnering with Zipline, a California­-based aerial robotics company to explore using drones to transform the way life-saving medicines like blood and vaccines are delivered across the world. Original article: Background footage: Zipline International Medical Delivery Drone Arcturus UAV Canberra UAV VTOL fixed wing Aerosense Inc/Sony VTOL Background music - "Remember Me" by JR Tundra Keep up to date with the latest UAS business news:
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How Does it Really Work (9 months ago)
"Sticking a drone to an airplane" works fine in calm weather, but because in hover mode you still got the large wing, it is very susceptible to being blown around by the wind. It seems for a useful VTOL you would want to tuck the wing along the fuselage while hovering. There is a new "TransWing" drone concept that does just that: /watch?v=UAkWwbOE7CA
Private Isle Productions (1 year ago)
this right here... is very enjoyable
Jaskaran Khalsa (2 years ago)
What is the song that plays on acoustic guitar playing in the background ?
Brenden (2 years ago)
Excellent video!
Aero FPV (2 years ago)
The outlook seems bright with many sUAS coming to bare. Great potential.
Duran De Villiers (2 years ago)
And ALTI's Transition coming soon ;)