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The True Meaning of Christmas | Hardly Working

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I’m Jewish, so I have no idea what they’re talking about. The true meaning of Hanukkah, on the other hand... See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Grant O’Brien Katie Marovitch Mike Trapp Rekha Shankar Raphael Chestang Ally Beardsley CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Grant O’Brien Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Editor - Sam Geer
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1426)
Ruby Miles (1 day ago)
christ jesus is a bartender
09yulstube (4 days ago)
aka the hottie from Rise of the Guardians
Sanitation Boy (10 days ago)
I need hair like that Jesus ni🅱🅱🅰.
Sanitation Boy (10 days ago)
Capitalist Christmas Corporation, LLC
johnguchko (11 days ago)
Sir. Spook (11 days ago)
I'm looking for Illuminati symbols, could it be possible they're left out of these Christmas sketches because they're a bit religious and they don't want to stir up any drama? You know, because of satanic symbolism in a video featuring jesus.
Joe Chief (12 days ago)
A friend of mine recently pointed out that in a sense, these days the meaning of Christmas is the search for the meaning of Christmas, what with every modern Christmas themed TV show or movie sooner or later being about the search for the meaning of Christmas
Leathal Tatertot (13 days ago)
shep (15 days ago)
It’s bout little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too and little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too and little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too and little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too and little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too and little baby Jesus in the manger with his momma and sheep and gold and frankincense and myrrh and wisemen and Joseph too
Elaine Hsieh (15 days ago)
Colum Kennedy (15 days ago)
Anyone else see the illuminati sign on one of the bottles for a couple of seconds?
Shwepsyness (15 days ago)
But it's fucking hot in STRAYA
Ella Drye (16 days ago)
I thought the "very"s at the beginning said beep beep
DJ Sans (17 days ago)
... *ware can I buy this book?*
Ezekiel Akinbade (18 days ago)
Jesus was brown
Merrion Gess (18 days ago)
I love Grants "really" moments. He looks so enlightened
Lovers Nights (18 days ago)
Everything is okay in the end. if it is not okay , then it is not the end.
Pepe 2020 (19 days ago)
Umm actually, Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name 'Christmas' comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life. The 'Christ-Mass' service was the only one that was allowed to take place after sunset (and before sunrise the next day), so people had it at Midnight! So we get the name Christ-Mass, shortened to Christmas. Christmas is now celebrated by people around the world, whether they are Christians or not. It's a time when family and friends come together and remember the good things they have. People, and especially children, also like Christmas as it's a time when you give and receive presents! The Date of Christmas No one knows the real birthday of Jesus! No date is given in the Bible, so why do we celebrate it on the 25th December? The early Christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated! Also, the birth of Jesus probably didn't happen in the year 1 but slightly earlier, somewhere between 2 BCE/BC and 7 BCE/BC, possibly in 4 BCE/BC (there isn't a 0 - the years go from 1 BC/BCE to 1!).
donnyisawesome (20 days ago)
Turkey Pie
jmlemuel (20 days ago)
Merry Christmas, Jesus.
CJesq 3 (20 days ago)
Trapp TRIED to kill Pat. Remember? He got out of the coffin in which Pat buried him alive. Am I the only one who saw that?
Chexus Gamer (21 days ago)
We celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus.
Esmerelda Szak (21 days ago)
I'm Jewish as well
Tadams303 (21 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is Christ and his birth...
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (21 days ago)
Happy new year
shaoni banerjee (21 days ago)
Grant kinda reminds me of Keith from Buzzfeed Try Guys...dont know why
Oasis Flame (22 days ago)
Love this one.
Ryan Meneo (23 days ago)
Who plays jesus
Unsubscribed Animation (23 days ago)
Andrew Mckibben (23 days ago)
CHRIST MASS Christmas= the celebration or mass of the day Jesus was born. All that santa shit is fun but it's just the commercial side of it. This is why I don't like it when people want to say holidays instead.
Murad Ali (23 days ago)
Damn I just love that Christmas oxygen
ThatGuy 177 (23 days ago)
Is it weird that I woke up this morning sounding exactly like Grant and my sister talked to me about getting a dog and I went on a Grant rant how does he always stay sick
Jeremy Zotov (23 days ago)
Where is Synthia???
Sawyer Switzer (23 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth.
RetroX (23 days ago)
"comedy writers"
Anh Tuan Le Minh (23 days ago)
It’s should be happy birthday Jesus not Merry Christmas Jesus
Jessie (24 days ago)
This only works for the northern hemisphere
Grace(less) (24 days ago)
Christmas is all about one thing; White Jesus. Not racially appropriate Jesus. White Jesus.
nickability (24 days ago)
Grant says "really?" in the best possible way
CanadianCommando (24 days ago)
2017... The year CH died due to chronic unfunnyness. I blame Adam.
Had To (25 days ago)
did you know that grant was in a samsung ad once
BlassReiter1100cc (25 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is simple, co-workers, friends, family all gather around one another; and for one day, ONE DAY you act like you don't hate many of the people you are around. Christmas, is about being nice to those you can't stand for one day.
Rickjeh (25 days ago)
more about stores who needs a sales boost
Bernard Urmston (25 days ago)
Wait. Where's Zac?
chris shantz (25 days ago)
Wait, was that amir?
ArcturusDelphinus (25 days ago)
Ehh For Everyone it’s family unless he’s adopted...
bradley henderson (25 days ago)
This channel is so fucking shit now 😂😂
sacha paternotte (25 days ago)
The true meaning of christmas is explained by the illuminati symbol on the bottle
Daniel Potts (25 days ago)
Why is it cool to cheapen Christianity but no other religion?
The Doctor (26 days ago)
Two Mewtwos in Too-toos (26 days ago)
I was waiting for Grant to say he wanted to bang Jesus.
Luka Toledo (26 days ago)
It's bout little baby Jesus in the manger with his mama.
Minh Ngo (26 days ago)
Lets play i spy Im first I spy with my little eyes, no f**kin zach
Sam n Nathin (26 days ago)
Why does Grant remind me of the tall guy from dodgeball
The Kosen one (26 days ago)
Ryan Pfeiffer (26 days ago)
Cesar Castillo (26 days ago)
That bartender sure cleans those glasses
Marissa LeighAnne (26 days ago)
I would love to hear one reason why CollegeHumor isn't leaps and bounds better than Buzzfeed
Adrian! (26 days ago)
Well that's like how you get a dislike
Phenikus (26 days ago)
None of you know the true meaning of anything. Especially the meaning of Humor. Complete waste of my time.
Dreaming Demmy (26 days ago)
When Katie says snowball, she means something different than most.
Pius Mhapsekar (26 days ago)
Merry christmas. But here in india we are not allowed to celebrate christmas😖😖😖
wesley robinson (26 days ago)
Remember when grant fucked a sandwich....
Eliza Hamilton the claynimater (26 days ago)
wesley robinson remember when he fucked a melon?
Ben Gordon (26 days ago)
Christmas is about jesus birth
Ultimate Knight (26 days ago)
So can we get troopers back?
Sn1pest3r (26 days ago)
Saturnalia (or Christmas) was originally a period of lawlessness in Roman times where everybody drank, raped and ran around naked on the streets, THAT's the true meaning of Christmas.
Gerald Mardiska (27 days ago)
The true meaning of CHRISTmas is CHRIST. That's why Christ is in Christmas.
Princess Anatha (27 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is being together with the ones you love
Frog King (27 days ago)
It's about little baby Jesus...
Memo Memo (27 days ago)
I can't get the line "families coming in all shapes and sizes" out of my mind now
Brownboi Sports (27 days ago)
I hope CH gets a new animation intro for 2018, the current one is getting really old.
TheFirstGuy (27 days ago)
How is Christmas in winter when Jesus was born people brought sheep and cattle to see him so how could sheep or cattle survive in winter?????!!!!!!
helena dorris (27 days ago)
RALPH Perez (27 days ago)
1973GLH (27 days ago)
Jesus lies
Das Nightmare (27 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is worshipping the gods so the sun will return again.
Chieko Katsune (27 days ago)
It's about christians stealing pagan holidays.
Grizzly4 (27 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is commercialism, c'mon you know this
Mike Sermon (27 days ago)
Do adam ruins everything on ILLIGAL Co2 Emitions in public places causing 1000s of deaths each year
Lilaismygirl (27 days ago)
Y'all should go screw around in IKEA
Lilaismygirl (27 days ago)
And film it
Mark's Gaming Station (27 days ago)
This is just Trans Everything in Christmas Theme And I love it!
ClassicalMMAChef (27 days ago)
That is only valid for the North Hemisphere...
MC tazzy jay morty (27 days ago)
The dude in the glasses seems like he would work for buzzfeed
Danver Gaming (27 days ago)
It's about bobd, friends, family and Killing Santa
fishcati (27 days ago)
Why is Jesus white?
Bobby Jones (27 days ago)
Did they pay the bar tab?
_ma_ (27 days ago)
So does the word *_cOrPoRaTiOn_*
Will G (27 days ago)
The whole idea around the world having a “white Christmas” actually makes no sense at all. Where Christmas started, in Jerusalem, it’s not even cold at Christmas. It’s only a thing because of N America
Stekta Zuccinin (27 days ago)
Je suis.
Peter II (27 days ago)
Why is jesus white tho?
Lord MuffinTop (27 days ago)
How is grant not in a professional production! He’s so brilliant at acting!
Evie McCain (28 days ago)
It's over
Steve Holmgren (28 days ago)
Religion + Jesus + Superstitions + America + Religion again + More bullshit = Retarded. Science = True.
Hayden Lawrence (28 days ago)
"comedy writers"
Steve Holmgren (28 days ago)
Christmas has nothing to do with religion anymore, and that my friends, is the most beautiful, logical, progressive and ironic thing. That is why I love Christmas! It shares no religious idiocy, hypocrisy and blind superstition. The holiday has culturally transformed into a day of family, love and friendship. Things we can't live without. No religion needed
A White Male (28 days ago)
The True meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ.
Ernest Pierce (28 days ago)
The true meaning of Christmas is making a mess that you'll regret in the evening. Tinsel, Wrapping, Lights, and Dead Spruce Needles.
Cross panther (28 days ago)
The sun is a deadly lazeerrr!
Cross panther (28 days ago)
The sun is a deadly lazeerrr!
Jack Human (28 days ago)
Wtf is college humor talking about we all know the true meaning of Christmas is ham