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Jump Trampoline Park - Charlottesville, VA

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First of all apologies for the vertical video orientation, I didn't film it so not my fault :( A great day out at the new Jump Trampoline Park in Charlottesville, VA. I couldn't have done this 6 months ago - i'm still a big dude but being 40lbs lighter it was so much fun to be able to get out there with my kids :) https://www.facebook.com/JumpCville http://jumpcville.com/
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Text Comments (5)
detroitforever (3 years ago)
Dude...what the hell happened to your other weight loss videos?? Seriously, you got me hooked along with many others and now nothing. I hope you met your goal and you stay mind strong. Remember..mind over matter! Stick with it!!
Stephan Prégent (3 years ago)
When is your next vid?
Alyssa Owen (4 years ago)
That was the best day ever. It was so cool 😂😎
nicholas amodei (4 years ago)
Don't stop. Keep going!
SavageGoku (4 years ago)
Subbed. Keep up the weight loss brutha