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How to make Fried Ribs

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Baby back ribs You favorite bbq sauce Adobo pepper garlic powder Oil All purpose flour Vinegar salt and lemon to clean ribs God bless enjoy
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Cherise Jones (8 hours ago)
Yes Gina your prayers are priceless😊
Cherise Jones (8 hours ago)
You go girl 😋 yummy
Arthur Moore (12 hours ago)
Arthur Moore (12 hours ago)
Arthur Moore (12 hours ago)
james campbell (12 hours ago)
good deal
Irene Cox (13 hours ago)
Gina why you Lying on your youtube channel using Sharon she so faboulous to get rating she don't even follow you she have not mention on her channel you refuse you on. A collab. Now your falsely using her on your Channel to get rating when Sharon and Minx want people to follow them they tell the YouTuber followers the person's name they have never mentioned you on their channels but Sharon did mention a person that wanted a collab with her and she refused which it was you so now you're using her under the bottom of your page Sharon she so fabulous YouTube review this video you're using this for your Channel to get reviews or higher rating when you should learn your own followers not using other YouTubers to get there YouTube show remove you for being an undercover troll and lying about followers or wanting people to follow you using people to gather rating
Antonette Ellis (14 hours ago)
Gina you need your own show on the food network💖💖💖
Big Shticks (14 hours ago)
How come you say to use baby back ribs & not to using spare or St. Louis cut but then you used spare ribs?
Genetta Lacey (20 hours ago)
I love it. Makes me hungry. God bless you.
Laron Simon (1 day ago)
Looks damn good
Gwendolyn Browner (1 day ago)
Yes all the complaining! I worked at a carryout where and the nasty things that went on there would choke a goat. Complaining about dish water in the shot, OMG, how about dish water that was made and used at 9 AM and throughout the day and is also used to wash the dishes at 2 AM. I won't even talk about the hands that made the pizza dough. Just saying it is crazy to complain about cleanliness. Maybe I missed the part where she washed the meat in the dish water? Cook on Sister cook on! Your food looks delicious, bless you too.
gamer girl Z (1 day ago)
Your so calming when you speak and food looks so good.
CaSandra Jackson (2 days ago)
We this for dinner today!!😋😋
sarah vaughn (2 days ago)
Looks wonderful Miss. Gina Thanks for the video and a special thanks for your prayer. So good to know there are still people who pray.
Mary Allen (2 days ago)
Hi Gina I love fries ribs I cook them all the time.thanks for sharing.
bessie Morris (2 days ago)
Lordy you have made me hungry those look delish when you know you know thanks so much for this recipe god bless you sweetie
PI JOE Henry (2 days ago)
Ole time cook!
Granny Evon (3 days ago)
You use if I am correct 2 and a half lemon wedge and you could have use a pan or a bowl or even a colander to rub your meat.But what the difference we all use our sink to clean out mustard greens and other greens.
DIANE BREMBY (3 days ago)
Hi Gina what is the brand knifes you are using?
Mrs. CBP (4 days ago)
Sooo good make me want 2 slap my mama, ur mama any body's mama!!!! ( not for real; don't get testy,Ok) just so dam good!!😋
Shelly Brooks (4 days ago)
Hey hun what kind of pan is that you are frying your ribs in
Rosalyn Blocker (4 days ago)
Lookin good......making tomorrow!
Vercilla Scott (5 days ago)
Zina Taylor (5 days ago)
She done made me hungry!! Lol I have to try this. Thanks for sharing
Charles L Jones (5 days ago)
She is very clean. I'm like her whenever I handle any kind of meat beef pork poultry or fish I always have a sink.full of hot soapy water with bleach in it to sanitize the area and utensils.
Mary Maze (5 days ago)
Andrea Almetha (6 days ago)
Glenn Hudson (6 days ago)
She's teasing me with the eatin'
Kimberly Blade (6 days ago)
Frances Dimbo (7 days ago)
Yes you have such a soothing voice. I have to try some of your receipes
Frances Dimbo (7 days ago)
That fried rib looks so amazing
Kay Dee (7 days ago)
I love your voice! Nice, warm and kind. Keep doing what you do sister. We need this now a days.
SirWegro (8 days ago)
Have never had fried ribs; I might have to try this. 😊
Anonymous user (8 days ago)
Yes but got it from us African Americans
Anonymous user (8 days ago)
That came from us Haitians cleaning our meat with a lemon or lime
Tony Smith (8 days ago)
Hi Gina, can I start out by saying I love love love watching your videos. You are such a joy to watch with your patience and the love you express in your videos. My question is when it comes fried chicken, it coming out done on the outside yet still kinda rubbery inside. What am I doing wrong, as well as when it comes to seasoning should my chicken be completely dry first?
Yolanda Jackson (9 days ago)
The price of whole lemons are very high can you use lemon juice as and get the same
Yolanda Jackson (9 days ago)
I meant to say since the prices of lemon are so high can you use lemon juice instead and get the same effect
Shavaras Daniels (9 days ago)
You did good thanks like your nice attitude too
Geraldine Duncan (9 days ago)
I never put food in a sink and cook it and eat it that's unsanitary
William Armstrong (9 days ago)
Looks delicious, I’m trying those tomorrow. And giving thanks to Lord !! 😇🙏🏼
Denise Wilson (9 days ago)
DAMN Girl! I wish I had YOUR mouth!! LOL I'm going to the store NOW to make this recipe. Lmao WOW!! Thank you for this recipe. I'll be following You from now on...lol you made my Sunday. Hugs!
jarvis rmoore (9 days ago)
Those "Bad Boyz" look GOOD!!
Darrell Campbell (10 days ago)
If you want fried pork just use chops. The reason bbq ribs are popular is because they're better that way.
Andre Ross (10 days ago)
I gotta try but I loved your video and I been subscribed to your channel !!!
Fee Allen (11 days ago)
This was awesome!! She was so clean throughout.. Dishwater wss there like Grammy taught me..
Zane Smith (12 days ago)
That looks so delicious I am so hungry watching this! And you need to Stop it! With the sounds while tasting the food.. Lol!
Joseph Gilbert (12 days ago)
Show you to have a massive hard attack, come on
hot sauce (12 days ago)
Omg firstime viewer love you and yourvoice and words are beutiful. I am mex american my dream is tofind a clean and beutiful in the inside and out gal that can cook.
Rosa Thomas (12 days ago)
This is Food Porn😋
Carl Harvey (12 days ago)
Aww looks so good m .gotta try this soon.
Big Trizz (12 days ago)
Now that's how you CLEAN YOUR MEAT!
Cheryla Garrett (13 days ago)
This seems to be good just hearing you talking about it🤗?
Jeremiah outcast (13 days ago)
I just LOVE her voice! Just like so 😉
Katie Browner (13 days ago)
I love all of your recipes. The food looks delicious thanks so much for sharing
Amar Lindo (13 days ago)
Ieashia Green (14 days ago)
Did anybody try this ? How did it taste
MsPeeWee (14 days ago)
Tried your recipe today very GOOD
Grantus Maximus (14 days ago)
I love your voice and delivery!
Pearl Madison (14 days ago)
Mrs.Gina where are you from? Love your voice...
Money Train402 (14 days ago)
Damn u making me want u😜
Money Train402 (14 days ago)
Damn looking good
Lamar Henry (14 days ago)
Great vid
MsPeeWee (14 days ago)
Looks delious
Alei Leota (15 days ago)
Amen let’s eat🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alei Leota (15 days ago)
You sound like one of my co-worker from NorthBridge if this is you I will hunt you down to enjoy all your good food 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐖🐖🐖🐖
RookieHookSets LT (15 days ago)
This makes me so hungry 😋
pensive69 (15 days ago)
Oh heck yes GIna... You made some good eating enjoyment sounds after the ribs were ready. We happen to like the hot sauce as a side dip too. Great video.
Devin Jeter (16 days ago)
Loretta Devine....."look her up!". Her directions are so precise and mothering. I cant wait to make this recipe next weekend!!!!!!!!
J Dolo (17 days ago)
Looks like big fried gizzards
C Brown (17 days ago)
You take too long. Should have it measured already.
Wendy Fuller (17 days ago)
I make fried chicken like this it is so bomb dipped in Bq sauce I never thought of doing ribs.like this wow 💕
Zekeboy43 (17 days ago)
That soapy dish water is real distracting...
money keep it real (17 days ago)
Can i use lemon salt to clean them ?
money keep it real (17 days ago)
I've never made fried ribs but today imma try. I hope they be good .
Yvette Melancon (18 days ago)
Silver skin. What video is that?
istillbetalkin (19 days ago)
I dont really eat pork anymore but I feel like I want to try these.
Pockets Oliver (19 days ago)
It's almost like I can taste it and smell it omg stop it gurl u making hungry gooood cooking gina
Maria Martinez (19 days ago)
Amen thank U very much for sharing this with me, Especially ur prayers AMEN
Obey sleep (20 days ago)
Fried pork definitely will give you a Heart attack
Kim m (20 days ago)
She makes my day! 💘 her.
Jorge Davila Sr. (20 days ago)
shadale martin (22 days ago)
But what type of batter and cooking oil do u use to fry ribs in?
Family/Fun/Life (22 days ago)
Looks so good!
Carmiski Brown (23 days ago)
Corinne Sanders (24 days ago)
I have ribs in my freezer now. And guess what I'm going to do with them. Only thing is, I cook for my mother also and she likes her ribs falling off the bone. So I will par boil them first for her. Yours looks yummy😋😋
William Grainger (24 days ago)
Ribs look delicious ! But, where is the bread? Great video girl!
Afif Khan (24 days ago)
One thousand thumbs up mam, Stay Blessed
Phillip Wright (28 days ago)
Looking delicious.
mick deeds (1 month ago)
you is one nasy bitch if do food on top of the Stank
Mako Mako (1 month ago)
So much talking lol!
Rick King (1 month ago)
I knew that it would come to me you sound exactly like judge Hatchet to me I've been scrambling my brain and that's it totally.
Ray Reasons (1 month ago)
I keep a sink of hot soapy water with a little bit of bleach in it while I cook so that I can clean as I go and so that I can wash my hands frequently as I cook.... Jus sayin
Jackie Musgrave (1 month ago)
New sub
Paul Anderson (1 month ago)
I did that for our church BBQ contest. With BBQ sauce and took third place took first place with my oven bake ribs
1kinu T (1 month ago)
what do you do with the oil between uses? Do you leave it in the pot and just cover it well? Do you do some sort of straining it to get rid of any bits? How often do you replace the oil?
Gerard Reed (1 month ago)
I love the sanitizing, very important. Love the preparation, love the presentation. You know it's good if you almost forget the sauce dip. End result YUMMY!!!
Tammie Russell (1 month ago)
That prayer was everything and those ribs look delicious!! I'm making them today!!
stokely418 (1 month ago)
Do you eat like that all of the time??? 🙄 I thought for once you wouldn’t say “Like so” 😜 The ribs look amazing.
Vickie Nolan (1 month ago)
Gina what is the purpose in cleaning the meat with the lemon in the salt and the vinegar, I'm not understanding