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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma #4

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Text Comments (481)
#1 Nets fan (26 minutes ago)
Russians don’t have road culture! It hasn’t developed yet! 🤷‍♂️
Davel Foote (5 hours ago)
Brake cheching should be illegal. ... oh, wait ;-)
Skachi (7 hours ago)
With GIPSY LADA braking :-D :-D :-D
crispyspa (9 hours ago)
People who break check should be denied their license for life... And if they cause injury, put them in prison without the possibility of parole. These people are just too unpredictable to live in society.
Juan El Aleman (18 hours ago)
brake checkers are assholes and the right treatment what they deserve is in 1st and last video
Алексей Фролов (1 day ago)
В конце прикол!)
Paul J (1 day ago)
Ok, I'm not watching this anymore. 4 clips in a row of just brake checks not actually resulting in anything.
Carola White (1 day ago)
theirs a reason why theirs 13 million more females than males in Russia
Jay Jay (1 day ago)
Crash for cash insurance scam . If these fools really wanted to check their breaks then you do it at home before you get on a main road or motor way . The sad thing about this whole scam is these idiots don't stop to think the people they try to get to bump them could have their kids in the car with them at the time. God forbid if this ever happened to me and I had my 5 year old kid in the car with me I swear i would drag that son of bitch out his And beat the dog shit out if them. You don't play these kind of games With A vehicle as it can course death or at least serious injury. Luckily these guys have dash cams to prove their innocence.
James B. (1 day ago)
Repent in the name of Jesus Christ, and be baptized in the eternal fire, as faithfully by the hell-bound Tupac Shakur. Repent now, for your sin of bad driving.
A JAAY (1 day ago)
3:40 This made me LOL. Learn how to put your car in park when you want to try and be a tough guy jumping out of your vehicle. I sincerely hope his insurance company got ahold of this video and dropped him like a hot potato!
Android22 (2 days ago)
А крепко у черножопого на к316 ун подгорело. Наверное перчик маленький и девки не любят. Да и ЛЮДИ в общем то тоже. И вообще пидоров никто не любит... Ну а лысый на 198 нк прям кончил, глядя в регистратор. Что ж этих извращенцев столько развелось, экология что ли так влияет...
PieMan001 (2 days ago)
3:42 😂😂😂😂😂
Snakehad95 (2 days ago)
most of these clips arent gone wrong...
Baby Taz (2 days ago)
I would love to drive a big truck and hit one of these assholes in the ass. I'd floor it. They wouldn't do it again. Respect the truckers and they will respect you back
Razors Max (2 days ago)
In malaysia wpeople do something like this {breaking without reason} definitely regret after that..
Steven Bruce (2 days ago)
That last one was beautiful!
Mepp (2 days ago)
Yes. Stop in the middle of the highway for any reason other than your car is dead. Smart idea. Definitely not how people get rammed or your car gets demolished by a semi-truck. Seeing all these posts about legal stuff and crap like that, when that's not fair. with clips like these, they can get in trouble just from the owner of the Cam reporting them to the authorities. No further action has to be taken.
Denny Tidwell (2 days ago)
Fools all.
Dead Hand (3 days ago)
3:50 так тебе и надо черт )))))))))))))))
Friend Wilkins (3 days ago)
3:08 Smile for the camera.
Идите тихонечко (5 days ago)
В последнем ролике, жаль что не навоз вёз!!!
петр ваха (6 days ago)
дружище реклама в середине реально бесит поставь в начале что ли....
scorosnik (6 days ago)
фантазер, ты меня называла))
Aziz Ryskulof (6 days ago)
Интересно дальше чё было😐😐
Светояр Машенцев (6 days ago)
В первом случае хорошо досталось тормозу, надеюсь, что на глухо его цепануло.
Honesty Forever (6 days ago)
9:37 Never brake check a manure truck.... LMAO....
Honesty Forever (6 days ago)
3:09 GOTCHA !!!!
Nik Murphy (6 days ago)
Enough with the Russian video clips. There is literally nothing thrilling about people driving like autistic donkeys in that country. It's normal.
GURU (6 days ago)
Сразу диз за лохотрон внутри ролика!
Mas Antok (7 days ago)
Russian car crash: too much vodka Merican car crash: too much moron
tlw2585 (7 days ago)
I hope that was shit all over that van at the end.
Paul K (7 days ago)
#2 & #3 in the wrong lane.
a man of many parts (7 days ago)
The one in the 1XBET advert was the most blatant attempt at 'crash for crash' I've seen. Then the moron cuts across the inside lane *without checking if it's clear* and ends up parked only half way onto the emergency lane! That car needs to be crushed. With the driver still inside it.
Tomboy Doll (7 days ago)
2:08 why do they do this??
M 2018 S S (7 days ago)
Good job Mohammad
M 2018 S S (7 days ago)
ابقا قوي حبيبي حمودي
Дмитрий Трофимов (7 days ago)
В последнем видео водитель обосрался на джип , кайфа... )))))
Анна Маслова (7 days ago)
Мы, работники ритуальных услуг, очень любим дорожных педагогов! Спасибо вам за то, что вы есть! Вы кормите наши семьи, наших детей!!! Больше уроков, больше педагогов!!!
Андрей Синицын (7 days ago)
кончиты вы там все
Вадим Антонюк (7 days ago)
Robert Holloway (7 days ago)
LMAO 3:45
J (8 days ago)
Greased Lightning (8 days ago)
Vadim381zv VAd (8 days ago)
Только пидары подставляют свою жопу
Nishiwakiayaka (8 days ago)
Can someone explain.. what is the goal to stop on highway or road , after overtaking?
Christian Loh (8 days ago)
Clickbait just like most of youtubers nowadays. Nothing happened in more than half of the clips.
stain1980 К (9 days ago)
штраф в 250 тр и лишение с пересдачей быстро этих пидорасов и сосалок успокоят....
Omar Mahardika (9 days ago)
Idiot dude on gray jaguar is so hillarious hahaha
GHOSTRIDER-67 (9 days ago)
Whoever makes a brake check, deserves to be divided into pieces with his fucking vehicle :/
dhunley1 (9 days ago)
Where are all the "gone wrongs"?
dhunley1 (9 days ago)
That first guy needs to be shot.
harvat (10 days ago)
говно рекламу дома у себя рекламируй помойка
Semere Tes (10 days ago)
I've never seen any of this crap happen here in Texas. I drive for a living (8-10 hours a day) and people out here just mind their own business. I wonder why... It probably has something to do with the glock in my glove box.
Semere Tes (9 days ago)
+jonesy fh lol, I also know that they have a glock or a shot gun in their center consoles. Would I still fuck with them? Nope.
jonesy fh (9 days ago)
Yeah they all know you have ghe glock in your glove box so they stay away from you. But you're number one driver
Halo Archivist (10 days ago)
Can you like find shit in English?
Steve Holstein (11 days ago)
Why are most of these videos always from Russia?
Angel Midzumi (12 days ago)
Этот хуёрик вышел при поддержки 1xбет . что за лажа .
Mercmad (12 days ago)
The end is a classic. Was it wet mud or shit?
Fernando Silva (12 days ago)
Everyone that does this shit! To cut off the other drivers like a assholes should be put on prison and should be fuck in ass by a bull every days until the end of the sentence
Sergey Sokolov (12 days ago)
зацени видео пользователя Sergey322 - вот так долбаебы ездят)))))))
Sam (13 days ago)
3:07 Father gw bangsat ya kalian
User26 _ (13 days ago)
If someone brakechecks me for the purpose to purely be a dick you better hope I’m not in my beater car cuz if I am I ain’t slowing down
Dmitry De Berger (13 days ago)
армяне дебил.
Mick M (13 days ago)
Give a commie a car and let the entertainment begin :D Love it.
Андрей Фома (13 days ago)
ЛАЙК ЗА ФАНТАЗЕР ))))))))))))))))
Алексей Шумилов (14 days ago)
Рекламу вырубил началось все в 1994играют в волейбол продолжу пришли братки отобрали мяч отьебали баб дали защеку пацанам и теперь в 2018 мы пидоры крутые или я реально рекламу не посмотрел?
David Buschhorn (14 days ago)
It's amazing how when some people screw up and get honked at, they feel like they're being wronged somehow and need to get retribution. They nearly cause an accident, get honked at (which stops the accident from happening) and they lose their minds.
BeatStreat JB (14 days ago)
Thank God I am not a Russian
bababooey7576 (14 days ago)
More like brake checks gone right... kind of disappointing.
Ajina (14 days ago)
Okay but 6:00 was just flashing the brake lights to get the following car off their ass. Ever heard of safe distance?
Outcast Trooper (14 days ago)
I just call the cops and tell them the person was aiming a gun at me. Give them the plate and there is not much the person can do. Except go to jail
Ed Evans (14 days ago)
All these Mental Retards are welcome to engage with my Steel Cow Bar made from billed , channel ,pipe and RSJ. These arsewipes would be very sorry they were born let alone dream of shit like this.
Steve Lauer (14 days ago)
Poor Russian drivers. They’ll never take over the world if they don’t learn to drive.
Mercmad (12 days ago)
You do not need much in the way of Courtesy when driving a tank.
Cliff C (14 days ago)
3:06 Look at the sticker on the back window. "BABY ON BOARD" The pic looks like a little THUG TERRORIST. LMAO hahahahaha
Stang5.0 killsya (15 days ago)
The first moron... What the fuck did you think was going to happen stopping of a freeway, you fucking retard!
Своё имя Фамилия (15 days ago)
Лечится пиздюлями
Igor Abolinsh (15 days ago)
Автоматический минус в репу мразям рекламирующим казино!
SeDjEmAsH (15 days ago)
Eternal offended
ПАВЕЛ СТРЕЛЕЦКИЙ (15 days ago)
за x-bet дизлайк
Luke Glanton (16 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with these people???
Бампер АК 74 (16 days ago)
Последний ролик вообще , класс!!!));
Pravilnost (16 days ago)
конец классный
TwisteeTheDark1 (16 days ago)
If someone brake checked me I'd just flat out hit them theyd be paying for the repairs AND a replacement vehicle for the time being lol.
underwaterbubbles (16 days ago)
In most cases it was break checks gone right. If these brake checking idiots want to put lives and their own vehicles in danger then they get what they deserve.
Федя Крюгеров (16 days ago)
Идите на хуй вместе с иксбетом
Harry Potter (16 days ago)
Russia has probably the worst drivers of the world. You have to have a deathwish if you wanna drive there
Matthew McGinley (18 days ago)
Is there not one Russian driver who has ever had driver's training? Do they all just get to drive for free, no qualifications? Unbelievable. Anybody who stops on the freeway just to vent deserves to be packed off to Botany Bay and refused any keys to any car. It's not enough to take away their license, they need to be denied access to anything that gets electrical current to the starter motor.
Олег Казаков (19 days ago)
к316ун82 ты ищещь 317 хуй в свою жопу? Съебись с дороги пидарас!
Aerosvision 0 (19 days ago)
some of those arent brake checking .. people just dont know where to go
Giacomo Ferrario (19 days ago)
Giacomo Ferrario (19 days ago)
Арсен Болатчиев (19 days ago)
Иди на хуй икс Бет)))
AZCobraman (20 days ago)
Lord...please let that first asshole in the gold car have lost his fucking, idiotic, stopping-in-the-road legs...
Christian Freund (20 days ago)
I dont need to drink coffee anymore. I just watch one of these videos and my pulse is up again. ;-)
Albertus Mahendradata (20 days ago)
why so mana asshole there
BEASTMODE GAMING (20 days ago)
why are some of these even on here like the one at 6:50 its not even gone wrong its just a car coming to a stop in front of another car i dont get the entertainment value unless the brake checker gets some shit done to him.
Falcons174 (21 days ago)
Старо всё,как гавно мамонта
Sebastian Biały (21 days ago)
3:08 i takie o kurwa :)
when your t0ters are ready (21 days ago)
If ur a semi just ram them.
Semen Borisov (21 days ago)
Эти аварии по заказу 1 икс лет)