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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma #4

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Text Comments (745)
Kris Junior (8 hours ago)
Рашкосвиньи во всей красе!
Laz s (1 day ago)
I understand (don't condone) break checking someone tailgating you. Back off! Road rage, and retaliation road rage. Why would anyone speed up to swerve in front of another driver, and break check so hard to cause a wreck, then continue to DANGEROUSLY slow down to a stop.... WTF Europe? (Russia tbh?)
Игорь Нежура (1 day ago)
Питух,рекламируешь контору наёбщиков!!!
Константин Кропин (1 day ago)
Все бы ничего, но реклама кидаловной конторы 1хбет отбило все желание подписываться на канал
DeS Bes (2 days ago)
Kak liudi ne ponimajut,pocemu ix ucat!?esli ty edes medlenno po levoj polose,to ty mesaes dvizeniju.sprava edut medlenno i vy kak loxi,tolko slevo.i kak vas obognat?
вася петечкин (2 days ago)
мне одному показалось что CC tube это пропаганда фашизма типа Войска СС
Rusel Richardson (2 days ago)
Надеюсь этому пидору на первом видео ноги оторвало, что бы он педали больше не смог нажимать и выходить из машины!!!
Helen Jackman (2 days ago)
This brings back my five days a week round trip drive to and from work to Los Angeles Calif. memory, yuk, double yuk. Some drivers are soooooooooooooooo STUPID that it should be a crime for them to be on any Highway.
Dr. Etzor (3 days ago)
9:56 Congratulations idiot brake checker, now your car is covered in shit and everyone laughs at you on internet for being an idiot.
Dr. Etzor (3 days ago)
7:09 At worst case this kind of collision can cause paralysis and you'll never walk again, the force of the impact is so great that it whips you so hard forward that it can damage your spine. Which, for an idiot like that guy is rather good punishment for being an, well, idiot.
_ Prem _ (3 days ago)
7:04 what does the police say in this case?
Nadia N (4 days ago)
Some of these mofos don’t deserve to have a damn license 🤬🤬🤬
Nadia N (4 days ago)
If someone ever brake check me (hopefully not) I’d set their car on fire
Aivan Hohol (6 days ago)
Rysish dolboioben esti vezde!!!
Вася Пупкин (6 days ago)
рекламируешь букмекеров = пидар ебаный
Павел Рахманин (7 days ago)
Надо брать рамник и таранить таких мудаков
Александр Усенко (7 days ago)
Дальники! Вы их еще жалеете. Добавте газу! идиотов надо учить! Кто сам не знает правил; еще учит других, надо наказывать! Иначе не поймут. Они же всегда правы. Тупатьня. Машина крутая, денег дохрена. Все можно.
Cassie Alyse (7 days ago)
People are so STUPID. What do you expect to happen..
Андрей Петренко (7 days ago)
Страна ждёт героев но увы п***а рожает идиотов
Виталий Ермак (7 days ago)
Ебаные черти ебаште таких не жалейте а есть возможность по еблу бейте
VEGO#### BARADA###### (8 days ago)
7:18 что с датой на видео регистраторе ???? какой там год ????
Maxboon Boon (8 days ago)
this video title is a lie and the video sucks sorrie that's my opinion pls dont take it personally. i use adblocker so i left a comment for you. Greetings,, Kitty.
jennifer wellman (8 days ago)
Do the words following too close behind, mean anything to anybody?
mutlupb (8 days ago)
What the hell is that last truck carrying? Mud? Crap?
Bugz Murphy (8 days ago)
Oboy. More Rooskies screwing up the highway.
AYDIN ATAMAN (9 days ago)
мне нтересно в россю живут люди или все живетные?
Антон Стенькин (10 days ago)
в задницу засунь эту лохотронскую кантору 1xbet
Kotarian (10 days ago)
lmao all you gotta do is point to the dash cam and the look on their face is like a child getting caught
Lannis31 (10 days ago)
I never understood why these people who are being brake check stay behind the car doing it to them.
Jorge Lopez (10 days ago)
😂😂 @7:05 that bitch deserved it lmao
To Infiniti and beyond!!! (10 days ago)
Lots of these ppl take it in like a pussy
Vitor Gonçalves (10 days ago)
I not brake😏😘
cat tropical (10 days ago)
i dont understand why ignorant people do that????
No comment No coment (11 days ago)
This is just people asking for someone to crash into there bumper it’s hilarious how they get mad right after it happens
WILFRIDO NaGa (11 days ago)
Parecen animales
Candace Baughman (11 days ago)
These peoples attack of stupidity. Amazing.😑😶
Крымчанка (11 days ago)
9:59 👍
Tven ## (11 days ago)
нафига вы останавливайтесь толкайте и едте дальше у вас же регистратор.
James Sina (11 days ago)
The first 2 clips were the best. They got what they deserved. Though I wish the agression in the first clip would have gotten hit by the silver car.
Aintnuttinbutathang Homeycheeseslice (11 days ago)
Dar some crazy white people !
Алексей Соловьев (12 days ago)
Последний эпизод бомбовый.... Ну что обосрался и уехал. Хороший цемент ни хрена не отмывается...))))
Жека Евгенич (12 days ago)
Ублюдки неполноценные
Friendly Pup (12 days ago)
Lol that douchebag who got out of his car in traffic to start some shit and his car started rolling away. Instant karma indeed. 🤣
Meghan Mcgrath (12 days ago)
Wowwwww that first clip! That moron who stopped could have gotten the person behind them killed. I don’t even blame the person who rear ended the cammer, they’re going fast on an interstate and some tard decides to try and commit insurance fraud
JEN W (12 days ago)
#1 Well deserved
HaMpU_01 (13 days ago)
Some of the ones recording are idiots themselves...
Конрад Михельсон (13 days ago)
На 0:20 и 4:05 - просто ЭПИЧЕКИЕ КЛОУНЫ...
Jose Gonzalez (13 days ago)
Euro trash are pussies. You pull that shit in the states, you end up in a fucking ditch.
MaddoX Emporio (13 days ago)
10:00 ахахахаха
Doug Montgomery (13 days ago)
I am amazed that someone will deliberately stop in someone's path, or swerve to strike another car, or try to run someone off the road...off course, I cannot assume that person is sober when pulling such a stunt.
Hiroshi Murayama (14 days ago)
Механик (15 days ago)
на россии всегда дураков хватало
Механик (4 days ago)
+Сан Саныч лечи свою хохлофобию,заебали подобные тебе мудаки,Я РУССКИЙ И ЖИВУ В РОСТОВЕ а то что моё мнение тебе не нравится так можешь просто пойти нахуй
Сан Саныч (9 days ago)
Вот как так можно, только рот открыл, а уже чесноком, да пуканными шароварами завоняло.
Oleg Zaremba (15 days ago)
Видосы тырите друг у друга ! хуета
Ильдар Гареев (16 days ago)
9.15 что а в лицо слабо жто сказать все вы смелые за спиной говорить
СЕРГЕЙ КАТ (16 days ago)
Blu Wølf (16 days ago)
In NJ if people drove like that, next thing you know the Semi Truck is crushing everyone cause we don't have to for bull.
Алекс Мицкевич (16 days ago)
На ягуаре яркий долбоеб
pipespb (17 days ago)
Жаль, цементовоз не достал последнего... В половине случаев - не пидо-гоги, а просто идиоты.
The Gaming Mack V (17 days ago)
I hope the first fucker got his legs ran the fuck over.
Gustavo Jimenez (17 days ago)
Dumbass Russians
Terry Dorsey (17 days ago)
Truth be known the lane stoppers are Democrats against America destroying it a car at a time ♤ come on that's funny
Tequila (18 days ago)
В очко себе засуньте свой хуиксбет ебаный
Андрей Хусанов (18 days ago)
Лично моё мнение как водителя тяжёлых грузовиков , к таким водителям учителям простое . Я их считаю за дерьмо, не традиционной сексуальной ориентации . одним словом пи@орасы .
criminallyvulgar (19 days ago)
Ohmygod. I would be so annoyed with that little white car that kept changing into my lane
Defer Payment (19 days ago)
I dont like Russians.
Алексей Васильев (21 days ago)
1xbet для долбиков!
Alexis Beuve (21 days ago)
4:32 ? Why This is in this video ?
Claire Cosme (22 days ago)
I have no words😦😱😡 The last one was my favorite, they just drove away with all of that mud on their car😂
goplanit (23 days ago)
Where's the karma and road rage? Most of these are simply someone braking then driving off, pathetic.
VOODUU PRIEST (23 days ago)
Fuck this shit, most of these were just brake checks, not brake checks gone wrong... get your head out of your ass.
Paule Panzer (23 days ago)
Russians are jerks
Shanell Pittman (23 days ago)
Im 32 and don’t drive and this is why my nerves can’t this BS. But after watching this can u blame me
rofaga Тюн (24 days ago)
Сергей RUS161 (24 days ago)
Подборка херовая
Rudolph Guarnacci (24 days ago)
I hope all these mother effers shown on tape pulling this crap insurance rates go up.
Owen Janssen (25 days ago)
I never knew some truckers can be so pussy. If someone breaks down in front of you just ram him full in his back. He will pay the damage
Valerie T. (25 days ago)
People did this shit at bumper cars and made me get kicked off of the entire thing
Farina Marcina (25 days ago)
@7.30 well done, they deserved that
Farina Marcina (25 days ago)
These cunts deserve a good hiding
Farina Marcina (25 days ago)
@5.30, ram the cunt
Farina Marcina (25 days ago)
These people need a bullet to the brain
Farina Marcina (25 days ago)
Fucking idiot english pigs
Alex Grady (25 days ago)
3:08 the face of regret
Melodica (25 days ago)
I want to see more with the "instant karma" - like the brake-checking idiots being flattened by a semi, boxed in, a cop stopping them, the driver of the cam car beating their ass... something! Too many of these jerks get away with this kind of crap.
Kyle Trimnell (26 days ago)
The first video...I hope that dumb bitch died. Would’ve served her right. Sounds cruel but you don’t brake check people on the highway and then stop and get out of your car to start beef. How fucking childish are you??
Felipe Calderón (26 days ago)
People in Russia has no respect for rules and think drinving is a joke
Amal Alshmais (26 days ago)
So basically 99% of that is in Russia
Эдуард Пошелюжный (26 days ago)
Надеюсь на последнем видео везли навоз?!)))
dw coop (26 days ago)
I drive truck and I don't touch my brakes for assholes 👍 I ram them then show cop video and they are charged with careless or dangerous driving and have a smashed up vehicle.. its awesome 🖕
BomberTheGreat (27 days ago)
3:08 The face you make when you realize your scam was videotaped
wkruit1 (27 days ago)
Brake checking and even stopping in the fast lane. That’s beyond stupid!!
Kristine Guetschow (27 days ago)
Clue for the clueless: If you are traveling at 90 mph, and the driver immediately ahead of you is traveling at 80 mph, you will ultimately climb his a**.
Ashton Rodman (27 days ago)
Literally only like 5 got "instant karma"👎
yuha jansen (27 days ago)
this video is more called how to be a douchebag on the road
dups97 (29 days ago)
Two things these always show. Horrible driving habits and speed never a good idea. Bunch of idiots
American Guy (29 days ago)
Why do that??? It makes no sense at all
dingaling (29 days ago)
6.27 was clearly getting a taste of his own lane hogging.
Diewott1 (29 days ago)
3:40 wtf was that guy doing?
VIRGELEY P. (30 days ago)
7:48 when I was learning to drive or began to drive, if I had to go slow because of the weather I would put both signals on so the vehicle behind me would know to slow down.
Seisman 75 (30 days ago)
That is why I drive an old clunker. You want to brake check me I will end your day with my clunker.
INDIAN OUTLAW (30 days ago)
If somebody brake checks me like that wants to be an idiot I'm taking they're life. To many people in this world anyway