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How UPS Irregular Packages Work

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In 2005, UPS delivered 3.75 billion packages and letters. Learn how they do it in this behind the scenes video.
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Text Comments (41)
kaadauwgg (5 years ago)
Like the automated rollers,,,they're not at every door & we move irregs by a type of train.This is one of the newer hubs eguipped w/ wider & stronger belts to support the heavier & odd shaped or unboxed packages.Like tires or non corrugated boxes.
AGtheKING (5 years ago)
Irregs at my hub are not sorted like that at all. That must be the hub ups shows on tv or to outside viewers. I wish that was the way it was done... this video is false advertising to future employees and to customers.
joss whedonsghost (5 years ago)
Here's how iregs work, Ups tells you they'll only make you lift up to 70 lbs, yet when you get the job you find packages weighing up to 200 lbs on a daily basis. And they expect you to not team lift it also........ Do yourself a favor if you work at ups, QUIT, the injuries to your body aren't even remotely worth it.
Mister Cello (6 years ago)
Well, they probably didn't throw a heavy package on top of it, because that would have crushed and killed the whale. This is what UPS did with my cello that they can't figure out how to pay for in 4 months. Uh, let's see-the declared value was $3000, the appraised value was $3000, the replacement cost is $3300, and UPS figures $1000 is pretty much fair! That is some really crazy math, UPS! Only adds up on your calculator!
Nathan Sisler (6 years ago)
@lovefromzoo % of caring: -.02%
Molly C (6 years ago)
One time when I was working at the UPS Store we shipped Janis Joplins front door...someone had bought it at an auction :P
lovefromzoo (6 years ago)
poor whale. It shouldn't have to suffer in such an environment :(
Stilesda (6 years ago)
The most famous irregs were the Terra Cotta Army warriors. That happened just a little after this video was made, I believe. I work irregs, and the equipment shown here looks like Louisville, not just any irreg sort at any old UPS hub.
FadeTM (7 years ago)
Since when did we start using those irreg platforms? I've worked at UPS for 5 years and have never seen one of those...
Richard Cruz (7 years ago)
foo we call them BULK
defpixel (2 years ago)
Sups call it that at my hub too and I don't understand why. They're mostly overweights and irregs loaded in a trailer. Wouldn't bulk imply that it's all one shipment going to one place?
Keith Matsushita (7 years ago)
@BuzzEnvy81 agreed. everyone has to complain about something nowdays
Jose Suarez (7 years ago)
@mrjroc318 in this contract. in the 2014 one they want to get rid of new hires benifits all together
mrjroc318 (7 years ago)
@doogrisa You didn't mention it takes a FULL YEAR for benefits to kick in. SMH
Sam Stone (7 years ago)
@music2bmurderedby do you think that maybe shipping the some odd 3.75 billion packages damages and claims MIGHT occur. None of the carriers are perfect but UPS is damn good.
darkazer451 (8 years ago)
wow they shipped a whale :o? i hope it didn't rip open and break like my packages i got with ups
Brandon Butcher (8 years ago)
Isnt that the truth, i tell all my family and friends to not ship UPS because of what i have seen in the past year
MYChemicalLyrics (8 years ago)
0:27 its my dildo! 0:53 he says hwales! like cool hwip
Vadim Stetsyuk (8 years ago)
Whats with all the UPS hate? Uut of hundreds of times I've shipped or received something from UPS Its been perfect. I've only had 1 minor problem and it wasn't with the package. Ether the Seattle area UPS rocks or you must have made a enemy of your UPS guy.
SaluteBass (8 years ago)
@NETWizzJbirk XD
NETWizzJbirk (8 years ago)
They should have lost them for two weeks, found them half dead, dropped them from 20 feet, and offered to pay $100 each on the insurance like they did my package.
thephatone1002 (8 years ago)
@20chvy06 I used to work at Fed Ex distribution center...and that job was by far the best one I've ever had. We had to meet a daily quota each day, but the managers were awesome and the money was good, too.
Chief Jaime (8 years ago)
strangest irregs we get at our local sort are frozen sperm barrels on a regular basis.
platinum9898 (9 years ago)
show respect to get respect , no body scared of ur lil b*** ass, that may work in ur lil suburb u in but not fo dem hood niQQas in hartford, CT come and transfer i DARE you! lol punk B****
platinum9898 (9 years ago)
lmao i dunno what hub u work for but ur b/s won't pass in da hartford, ct hub u would get shot for talkin to niggas ova here like dat. "management runs da company" haha keep dreamin i be havin dem punks on they knees all day ova there UNION workers RUN ups. on sum real shyt stop being like all dem management pieces of shyt dat only care bout dem selves.
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
You are correct in the fact that you cannot be terminated for not working fast. Thats not my point. If you are not working fast, I will do a methods evaluation on you, when I do that methods evaluation on you i will find things you are doing wrong, when I find things you are doing wrong I will instruct you to correct them and when you don't, because NOBODY does everything correct all the time, you will be progressive discipline for FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Understand that a little better?
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
for 35 years, not the ones who are only 35 years old. You are probably a 35 iyear old inside full-time employee who was too lazy to go driving or either went driving and got disqualified because yes, management DOES run the company, and you couldn't cut it. If you want to have a debate about how the company really works you let me know, but at least don't lie to me. I will about around for a lot more than 5 minutes...you still didn't let me know what giving me your employee ID was gonna do...
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
What?!?! You're a feeder driver? I thought you said you were laid off and then went into a hub and worked? I know exactly what you are, a liar...If people like you and the union ran the company, it would have been out of business a long long time ago. Even if you were telling the truth about being a feeder driver, there is no way that you would make anywhere even close to 120,000 a year. Trust me, i know what they make. 90 to 100 at ABSOLUTE TOPS! And those are the old men who have been around
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
One more thing, if you can't get your point across to me, that is one major sign of being an unintelligent, uneducated douche. And by the way, what in the world would giving me your employee ID do? Do you honestly even think before you talk?
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
Guess what? I am a "college kid", 22 buddy. I'm not on any power trip, and yes union employees will work at the pace that i think is acceptable of they will find themselves out of a job. If your supervisors don't hold you accountable to the amount of work they need out of you, you must have a pretty sorry group of supervisors. My manager would never let us get away with that. One word for people like you, LAZY. Unions propmote mediocrity, and if you are ok with that, i feel sorry for you...
Christopher Guild (9 years ago)
lol....i'm a supervisor at UPS and you are totally wrong. If you are not working at a pace that i think is acceptable, there will be hell to pay. and yes, i can tell you to work faster and you WILL do it or i will get you on methods or safety because even you don't do everything right. Warning letter, 3 day, 5 day, TERMINATION!!!
dangflo (9 years ago)
you fail.
dangflo (9 years ago)
"paided more" hahahahahahaha. dude they should demote you to washroom towel rack.
dangflo (9 years ago)
Update: it has been discovered that the beluga has brain damage that was caused from ups shipping and their handling of the package
komokaziboschetti (9 years ago)
I've been working at ups for about 2 years and I'm making 12.30 an hour...
kriegdouch (9 years ago)
haha, irregulars. God everytime in my trailer i get 1 or 2 manakins, then i gota call jermy to claim his girlfriend or girlfriends
Evan Braden (10 years ago)
that happened at my hub once, 4519-T sharonville OH :-)
karthal (10 years ago)
"once you get felony, your ass get out of UPS. " Not true, it depends on the kind of felony. "hate these irregs comin' 2 my pick-off" Do you work at a smaller hub/center? Most larger hubs don't send the irregs down the belt, but have a seperate system for it.
ThresherV (10 years ago)
What'd they do, tattoo the whale's tracking number to it's ass? Boy I hope that sucker scans....
kdmq (10 years ago)
a whale??? omfg!!!
hategoogl e (11 years ago)
I hate the wooden irregs the most. I get splinters. Oh and one time I accidentally touched a fucken bull sperm!