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Dale Jarret drives the Big Brown Truck around LMS!

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2008 All Star Race DJ's last race. UPS lets him drive the Big Brown Truck around the track during driver introductions!
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Text Comments (16)
Central Florida Street Cars (3 years ago)
there hasn't been a comment on this video in over 5 years. holy shit lol
Brandon Plummer (5 months ago)
Central Florida Street Cars 3 yrs
Jayshana619 (6 years ago)
5:50 ...or lack of; as indicated by the increasing number of start-and-parks today :(
danielsquarepants13 (6 years ago)
i miss him
ArtStone (6 years ago)
When I think of NASCAR, Toyota is the first thing I think of
UltimateStewartFan14 (6 years ago)
I love how everybody boo'd Kyle Bush!!!
Richard Beacham (6 years ago)
I think it's funny that even on " The Race truck" one of the running lights is out on the front of the truck. What a Shame.
Jeff Riles (7 years ago)
time for a race fed ex and ups truck 500
animalstudios (7 years ago)
I'm sensing a lot of McCain / Palin votes here
Jesus Christ (7 years ago)
these people are retarded.
JimmyDean404 (8 years ago)
I was wondering the same thing haha!
Brock Beard (9 years ago)
Hey, nice capture! That's much more coverage of Dale Jarrett driving that UPS truck than SPEED let us see. Thanks!
internationalnineone (9 years ago)
Inbreeding + NASCAR + meth = the people you hear in this video.
qwerty2700 (9 years ago)
hahahahaha lol good one u seriously made me laugh
NickTheGreatAndPowerful (10 years ago)
KYLE BUSCH is awesome so F you guys
RhondaAnn (10 years ago)
I'm so glad I got to see Dale's lap around the track in the UPS truck. I absolutely hated that Speed cut away from it and only showed the very end. Thanks so much for this clip!