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When You Get Stuck in a Conversation | Hardly Working

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Mayday, mayday! I’m trapped in a vortex and none of my social cues are working! Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done. Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Rekha Shankar Lou Wilson Ally Beardsley Raphael Chestang CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Rekha Shankar Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Editor - Sam Geer
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Text Comments (1896)
Bailee AR (1 month ago)
isn't that dude friends with the guy who supposedly drew dicks on people's car in american vandal?
R023 (1 month ago)
This happened to me when I bumped into my teacher on the way to the toilet. She then made me go on an errand. I just wanted to pee
Shehata - شحاتة (1 month ago)
I used this video to start a conversation vortex.
Eldergeek (2 months ago)
Just get up and walk away from the room; or get up and hit him with your laptop.
DwRockett (4 months ago)
Oh no
Lemons19902010 (4 months ago)
This is me at work with a coworker who won't.stop.talking...
yuyuyashasrain (4 months ago)
Literally me at work when old men want a 12 hour conversation at the far end of the restaurant, and i have either a mountain of dishes in the sink or the worlds worst nicotine craving. And if im working my shift alone, they come in one at a time and stay for a literal hour and — *cuts to the restaurant burned down* oh no — i was the chatty one! Directed by m night shyamalan
Moiz Anwer (4 months ago)
Kikai Shinobu (4 months ago)
just say you gotta go to the washroom and leave
Nikolai Rose (4 months ago)
most conversations ... at work
Heika Naomi (4 months ago)
Goodness, I feel this way too much.
Primed Up (5 months ago)
Conversion ripcord
Mia Eloise (5 months ago)
Had a dude pull some shit like this and I stopped him mid sentence like " You talk, like alot, and you're coming on way too strong. Sorry, not interested " and my ass walked off without looking back. When I got back in my car, dude was still standing there looking at me. Was weird af..
Gwenyfith (5 months ago)
Every moment of every day of my life
Sam the cartoon maker (5 months ago)
Me and my social anxiety-
Christopher Gayle (6 months ago)
Lmao, "I actually have to go to the bathroom, so I'll catch you laaaateeeeer!"
StauzLikesMonkeys (6 months ago)
This happened to me the other day at the store with a girl I haven't gone to school with in like 6 years
Ella Stevens (6 months ago)
My family is the fucking worst for this, like i get it, you want to talk to me, but i have shit to do besides listen to you run your mouth about how fucking dumb i am compared to my cousins
PopTheBubble (6 months ago)
Me everytime i have something really important to do and when all fails, i have to resort to the fake phone call. You play a ring tone amd answer it, it's nasty but it has to be done.
Papapingu (7 months ago)
This is when you need the *conversational ripcord*
nocctea (7 months ago)
these kind of sketches make me self conscious. i hope i don't do this. i'm really bad at conversations so i often force myself to say something else besides "yes" or "no". hope i don't accidentally drag on a conversation (but obviously not to this extreme)
KemenyDio (7 months ago)
Is he fuckin' Zeus?
some guy gaming (7 months ago)
really, is this in her consciousness or I'm realitu
A. guy (7 months ago)
is he new?
Ryan Lawrence (7 months ago)
This is the kid that sits next to me in every class
Simon Yates (7 months ago)
This has happened to me more times than I can count
Oy Gratch (7 months ago)
I have a friend who can talk about any subject for hours without stopping. I now hate the band Stick Figure after having to listen to him talk about them for hours for multiple days. And it wasn't even breaking down their music for God's sake. Just talking about how funny they are and some of their songs. It's bad when you tell someone you don't give a shit and they still keep going. I've literally fallen asleep just to get him to shut up, woken up 5-10 minutes later, and he is still talking!
Mindful Moves (7 months ago)
BigHunTraps (8 months ago)
Third world problems
Terilkin Flamewood (8 months ago)
Me when I try to write short stories.
Andrew Maderer (8 months ago)
Oh cool Hardly Working, oh no it's not it's an entirely different series just ripping off the name, nice CH
Maddie Davidson (8 months ago)
This happens to me way too much...
Miinite (8 months ago)
Why didn’t Raca just say “I need to go to the bathroom.”?
Kylei Quiñones (8 months ago)
me and my roommate lmaooo
The Steak (8 months ago)
The most relatable sketch i've seen yet
ali khamraev (8 months ago)
What's with the Illuminati symbol in every single video?
A Tinity (8 months ago)
I actually can tell whenever I'm making people uncomfortable, but I get so nervous I can't stop talking. It's scary when you realize that the other person doesn't find your story funny or interesting, you feel like there is this huge spotlight on your head. Then you have to stop the conversation because you feel so bad, but you can't just stop talking mid sentence. At this point, you are so panic-striken, that you don't have any coherent thought in your head, so your story turn into a utter nonsense and that makes it harder to try to figure out a way to end your story in way that is quick and neat. After 10 minutes of word salad my friend is trying to give me an out. Like that he's late or he's gotta run. I am relieved. I respond by saying how I should skedaddle too, because <blank>. That turns into a story about all the things I was planning to do that day. I realized I started talking again and I can't stop. I don't even know what my mouth is doing, I just keep thinking "Why can't I stop?!". Finally I just scream "OKAY YEAH I GOTTA GO", run home and don't talk anyone for days. Social anxiety is too real sometimes. I miss Katy.
TheFiendishBeatleBug (8 months ago)
This happened with me and one of my old roommates a handful of times. We barely ever talked to each other, but the times we had an actual conversation, she'd trap me for at least half an hour with stories. The day I told her I was moving, a few days before I actually moved, she told me weird, depressing, and traumatizing stories about her life for two hours, including a time in which she almost pulled a girl's nipple right off for pulling her hair and then the next day or so the girl was caught with a knife at school supposedly with the intent to kill her. I kept trying to get back to my homework but she'd just start up another story that was slightly related to whatever story she'd told me before. Needless to say, I'm so glad to be out of that room.
Tarkus (8 months ago)
Well this is where i unsub, CH just isn't what it used to be.
Rafael Stephen (8 months ago)
Wow, she's fucked
Water Melonea (8 months ago)
damn...this is relatable
Pets 101 (8 months ago)
Same!!!!!! Her expression and how she acts is exactly how I respond in these conversations!!!!!!
FGV Cosmic (8 months ago)
I just realised i am the other guy, who keeps talking....
iSham2044 (8 months ago)
I can never really understand how people like him exist. Like how much stuff can you stretch from 1 lousy dialogue about refrigerator for an example?
9_ten (8 months ago)
Detox (8 months ago)
Damn this happened to me yesterday
Krshwunk (8 months ago)
natsuki Chr (8 months ago)
This never happens when because I have no friends
Queen.of.Queer (8 months ago)
Hey, how are you? Good! I’ll see you on Monday? Yeah! So excited! Totally, me too. See y— So what are you going to wear? It’s like a velvet zip up dress. Oh, cool. Ok, bye! See you! But uh... before I go... [MAY-DAY, MAY-DAY.] Sorry, can we just talk then? Yeah, sure. Sorry. Bye! You KNOW... DUDE. NOT. NOW.
Jasdeep Singh (8 months ago)
Damn, the weeknd really let himself go
Samuel Pérez García (8 months ago)
The subscribe part with her asking for help matches the sketch perfectly.
P R little B (8 months ago)
This is exactly why I don't start a conversation with anyone.
Sam (8 months ago)
fit shirt or tit , i literally get my mom to help or i just run xD
OtraChicaDeYoutube (8 months ago)
You forgot the part where they start leaving, but they keep talikng so they come back.
10k subs no videos Challenge (8 months ago)
*Built like a speedbump*
Samuel Johnson (8 months ago)
This is how I feel when my Mom talks to me, 'cept I can't I tell her to leave because that would make me a jackass.
Lord MurderKitten (9 months ago)
That being said, nobody really does view Lew Wilson as a real person, seeing he hasn't been up on many of the videos on CH. Just as proof, you probably didn't even notice I spelled his name wrong. It's "Lou".
Sharon Oshai (9 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 Lol!
Theo Carter (9 months ago)
Republican title agency gbmqfhx fight visible grace willing foot they beef eastern frustration request.
Shasha Anulie (9 months ago)
She was a girl hog, she was also a girl hog, can I make it anymore obvious?
HarmzJr (9 months ago)
She got man ears bruh 😂😂
RecklessMojo (9 months ago)
I think I just got caught in a drawn out skit vortex
Lancair W (9 months ago)
Oh no a conversation!!! Said every plugged in ❄️
Carol Ross (9 months ago)
“May Day! May Day! The signals aren’t working!” 😂
Carol Ross (9 months ago)
Omg I often feel like I’m stuck in a “conversation vortex”! This video captures the feeling so freaking well!! Wow!
Alessandro Torres (9 months ago)
This is what its like to interact with a narcissist
Kodjo Swole (9 months ago)
I have coworkers like this. Lol
- Zuwugibunny - (9 months ago)
like don't interrupt her she is working
- Zuwugibunny - (9 months ago)
Nofxthepirate (9 months ago)
This describes everyone in my family except me, and it has possibly cost me more time in my life than sleeping.
Dorien Foroutani (9 months ago)
Just say he has to shut up
TPJ XVII (9 months ago)
OH MY GOD, SAME!!!!!!!!!!!
Symbol Guy (9 months ago)
Imemealot ye (9 months ago)
Just say you got diaherra
Imemealot ye (9 months ago)
and get out of that shit
Adam Gawlowski (9 months ago)
Where he talks when she's on her headphones, that's me. Oh my god, so whenever people near me stuck in earphones, they no longer wanted to listen
ndclub67 (9 months ago)
Good luck exiting these conversations with your wife
Whole Food Plant-Based Man (9 months ago)
I want to push this fat guy down the stairs.
Anmol Thakur (9 months ago)
Rekha is sooooo sexy....
NINJAPLAYSMC Braden (9 months ago)
I hate it when this happens
Mark Allen (9 months ago)
Air lift me out!
FallenGod8997 (9 months ago)
Reminds me of my buddy mike ill say bye like 15 times before he finishes lol
Michael S (9 months ago)
And that is why i dont go to parties.
Nat McGregor (9 months ago)
Why didn’t she use the conversational ripcord
ChirpTheOwl (9 months ago)
omg I literally started playing a piece mid-conversation with one of these people, and he STILL did not get the hint.
Gear Tester (9 months ago)
144p viewers What am I saying no watches this in 144p
Ehtisham (9 months ago)
this video must be an editor's nightmare
Sugimation (9 months ago)
"Modern re-telling of La La Land" lol
Muimui Kambinda (9 months ago)
This shit always happens to me
Jericho Beach (9 months ago)
Jasper Spencer (9 months ago)
scientist commercial tendency announce pursue receiver reliable trait weapon publicly.
69me247ifuwant2 (9 months ago)
Fuckin goddamn motherfuckin ads!!!
St-Haven13 (9 months ago)
Is it ruder for her to make him aware that she's legitimately busy, even if she has to raise her voice, and continue working, or for him to feel like he needs to hear himself talk despite the fact he notices someone trying to be productive?
andie ette (9 months ago)
Well if he's not anyone shed want to date...ever. There is always the...well I have to go change my tampon...id really like to hear what your saying but I just felt. It overflow...or if you wanna be less graphic "don't wanna die of toss."
NotchMath (9 months ago)
What the heck? Why am I notified now?
Adam and Zach (9 months ago)
um im viewer number 666,666 ... rip me
Anthony LaBate (9 months ago)
Rowan Cech (9 months ago)
Actually cringing
KoshVader (9 months ago)
New guy's kind of hot. :)
D’meach da peach (9 months ago)
The Ark-Ham Sandwich (9 months ago)
is this guy transitioning? dem tittays