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Playing Minecraft and spilling tea #4

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Reuben Hartnoll (15 days ago)
I like your hair
Bloom Carrera (18 days ago)
I’m sorry Ryan but that was probably the worst woah I’ve ever seen 😂 🤣
Alexis Myers (20 days ago)
When you get hit by the witches just jump in water and the spells will wear off
Jason Radley (21 days ago)
I just subscribed and turned on notifications andddddddddd liked
PhantomRuby ! (28 days ago)
Eli Dormio (28 days ago)
Alright boys who had this whole thing play when they were sleeping
Annas aNiMaLs (28 days ago)
*oh yay someone asked to stream unbelievable by WDW YASSS*
Precious Osairobo (29 days ago)
You got trolled by bionic
Dillon (1 month ago)
hey poppy
The Swizalers (1 month ago)
“i got water bottles. i don’t know what i could do with them.” hmm maybe drink them? 2:34
Smilinqq dreams (1 month ago)
Why did i fall asleep to this
allison kirbert (1 month ago)
i have the same video on my laptop and my ipad now i sounds like a eco
allison kirbert (1 month ago)
Idk Soo (1 month ago)
Is Ryan trahan
Mystery Hellveta (2 months ago)
I was looking at how long this was and said "who would watch 3 hours of this??" But then I realized I have already watched this before... The whole thing
Solid Spills (2 months ago)
when you play minecraft on a mac XD XD
Cam Coy (2 months ago)
"Baaa", Shutup!
Samantha Kemp (2 months ago)
The simple on the map is you
Samantha Kemp (2 months ago)
I wont to be your friends in mine craft
Let'sArt (2 months ago)
I think it's funny how he literally reads a comment, but is distracted and doesn't process what he just read, and reads the same comment a few minutes later and is like "oh really!?" 😂🤣 Also I just watched Spiderman multiverse today and Ryan reminds me a little of Tom Holland.
kiara shae (2 months ago)
I fell asleep and ended up here lmao. I have no idea how but im okay with it
kiara shae (2 months ago)
I fell asleep watching tana how did this happen lmak
kks army sis (2 months ago)
Lance Lefkowitz (2 months ago)
2017 I’m watching.
Mario Santos (2 months ago)
Azra Cookie crumbs (3 months ago)
Haha you tried breaking that with a carrot
Capalot -_- (3 months ago)
Naw poisonous potatoes don’t kill you 🤦🏾‍♂️
Capalot -_- (3 months ago)
I’m a bum fur watching this whole thing
Trina Myers (3 months ago)
Ur stupid
abbie c (3 months ago)
Where’s Minecraft monday
Megan Rainey (4 months ago)
Lmao the house n basement remind me a lot of pewdiepies minecraft house
Shaye Rouse (4 months ago)
Inara Petty (4 months ago)
Creepers are afraid of cats. So get a cat! I subscribed
Lizzy Kloss (4 months ago)
i wish i was joking when I say that I went onto minecraft because i was feeling ~inspired~ and a freaking water zombie killed me with a trident... literally all ryan wants i got in .2 seconds
Tea Time (4 months ago)
I was playing in creative and went in the water and killed a water zombie and got a trident and killed another and got another one but I got lost from my house and had to go on servival and die and I lost it
kate lolz (4 months ago)
it's been 3 months and i'm still waiting for #5😰
Isabella do Rego (4 months ago)
I liked your video with a rolled up tortilla
Officially Skye (4 months ago)
I woke up at 5AM to this playing on my tv.. I’m not mad
Jasmine Burningham (4 months ago)
i woke up to this playing and i was confused but let me tell you, i went back to sleep to ryans voice and him playing mindcraft. one of the best sleeps and i recommend
Maci Hendricks (4 months ago)
Hi I am eating tost
Satans Life (4 months ago)
Loses half a heart "he is killing me"
Banana Cats (4 months ago)
Some times I wish I could just delete all my minecraft knowledge so I could go back to be as clueless as ryan
Rewani Shrestha (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice that he is on pillager raid 😂
NinnaLinna (4 months ago)
Ok but did he tell her the girl who donated luvs her ??
Natali Patrocinio (4 months ago)
Please Play Minecraft With Haley!
Bibble Bot (4 months ago)
The one thing that freaks me out ab minecraft is that ur supposedly completely alone in ur world
Sky vs Ty (4 months ago)
You should have named a rabbit "Toast"!! It's a cool easter egg!!
Tony Inserra (4 months ago)
Omg I found a trident first try
sarah frances 223 (5 months ago)
i tried to jointhe live streaand idunno how to llol
Sofia Fiore (5 months ago)
I got 4 tridents 🔱 on my first day of my new world
Keira Da 2nd boss (5 months ago)
ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅʟʏ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟᴀᴄʜʟᴀɴ (ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ᴘʟᴀʏs ғᴀʀᴛɴɪᴛᴇ
Isabella Molek (5 months ago)
Addison Tanis (5 months ago)
these videos gove me so much stress
Jess Healey (5 months ago)
who else watched all of thisssss
Tony Inserra (5 months ago)
I have milk I’m not scared of you lol 😂
Jasmina Ritchot-Leon (5 months ago)
_wack_ (5 months ago)
i love "water zombies"
500 Subs No Vids Challenge (5 months ago)
I though i was watching pewds to sleep
Alejandro Moino (5 months ago)
You can get an anvil and repair your items
PROBLEMATIC .exe. (5 months ago)
If you feed the dolphins they lead you too the treasure
chingmui Kwok (5 months ago)
this is the first 3 hour stream I've seen!! p.s.:great videos!!
Tianna F (5 months ago)
10:55 the person who said stream unbelievible is my new favorite #limelights
logan smeltzer (5 months ago)
It is 4:00 am for me right now
Ryan Quillinan (5 months ago)
Any1 remember when furnaces and any other block wouldn’t touch there would be a gap in the middle
SAMURAI GAMER (5 months ago)
if you cook wood with charcoal than it will create more charcoal
Major And me (5 months ago)
I'm playing Minecraft right now and I said oh my goodness right when he said it 😂😂❤️😱
Sickly Daemon (5 months ago)
Someone said to name his dogs Drew and Danny, but they’re the same person, so he should just give one dog two names.
B H (5 months ago)
what if tfue wanted to leave and he told them and they wanted to get clout so they told him to sue him ?😂😯
Sam 101 (5 months ago)
I used to play minecraft like every day on the weekends and I would always get lost and it would take like 30 minutes to find my house but my sister literally like knew the way to everything and it's like she memorized the map
c w (5 months ago)
are his donations for something or is it just like money for him
stella nelson (5 months ago)
nobody: ryan: this is INSANE
WAKE_TIDE YT (5 months ago)
4:17 I was eating a hot pie and I was taking the Smallest bites cause it was so hot Then Ryan said be brave so took a huge bite I instantly regret that decision Yeah now I have a burnt tongue Hahaha
Luke Punneo (5 months ago)
You should make a podcast
Awesome Animates (6 months ago)
ryan,witnesses his dogs death then moves on,kills a llama"i feel so bad:("
Holly Davis (6 months ago)
It's 2:52 am eastern Australia time, or something like that. It's WAY past midnight.😂
Holly Davis (6 months ago)
R.I.P Thanos & Llama del Ray. One like equals one prayer for Thanos & Llama del Ray. Omg this is annoying me so much! It Llama del Rey not Llama del Ray. Ok sorry lol. I LOVE you much Ryan!! Keep up the amazing and inspirational videos! Sat here and watched the whole video, it goes for over 3 hours!❤❤xoxo
Jack_ Attack (6 months ago)
A cactus is a safer trash can btw
William Winther (6 months ago)
Name Them Jing and jang
Alica Matthews (6 months ago)
The pour dog :c
mikayla (6 months ago)
stream unbelievable by why don’t we
lilfugo1 Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Emma Lou (6 months ago)
It’s funny I just stoped playing Minecraft and now I’m watching in LOL
Pranav M (6 months ago)
Ben Rogers (6 months ago)
dose chorky mean chunky yorky
Skye (6 months ago)
I came for the tea
Alyvia Wolford (6 months ago)
You must pick up egg and throw egg to spawn more eggling
69k with no videos challenge! (6 months ago)
Llama del Ray isn’t actually dead! Its that glitch where your animal will disappear. The same thing happened to pewdiepie when he thought Joërgen died the first time. LIKE SO HE SEES THIS!
D G (6 months ago)
Burninroses (6 months ago)
god all the idiots in the chat saying "its too late" when the raiders haven't even entered the village
Brooklynn Boyce (6 months ago)
no one: literally not one person: not one soul: ryan: ArE wE gOnNa FiNd TrEaSuRe
Payton Kennedy (6 months ago)
250 Swedish is about $26USD
Kate S (6 months ago)
I just watched far from home today😂🥳🤩💀🤯💀🥰😂it was so good tho
Gabby (6 months ago)
I left and you had no idea what you were doing I come back today and you’re a Minecraft master ???? Who helped you
Allie Lewis (6 months ago)
I was SCREAMING when he kept missing the $259 donation like DUDE
Calculated Disaster (6 months ago)
The breathing of the desert Zombie kinda reminds me of the big breath in the song radioactive lol
rachel (6 months ago)
someone said in the live chat that you look like Brian from the breakfast club and now i can't unsee it
phil cheese (6 months ago)
les· (6 months ago)
spit on me before you go, minecraft sadness. edit: it’s a lana del rey song btw .
Some One (6 months ago)
If u put a fortune enchantment they are more likely to drop a trident 🔱 btw👍👍
ed flugrad (6 months ago)
More minecraft streams!!
madeleine taylor (6 months ago)
33:42 wow what a pretty dolphin