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BREXIT - Jacob Rees-Mogg warns Theresa May Brexiteer MPs 'have not gone soft over Christmas'

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned Theresa May that Brexiteer MPs have 'not gone soft over Christmas' and are preparing to vote down her Brexit deal. The Eurosceptic rebel ringleader said that he expected more than 100 Tories to revolt against the Withdrawal Agreement when it comes to the crunch Commons vote this month. It comes amid reports that Tory activists have effectively gone on strike - refusing to campaign or raise party funds - amid fury at the PM's Brexit deal. Theresa May had hoped that her mutinous MPs would calm down over the festive season and return to Parliament ready to compromise on Brexit. Theresa May has insisted she will go ahead with a crucial vote on her Brexit deal amid growing speculation that it could be delayed. The prime minister said she was seeking further clarification from the EU to address the concerns of MPs, as well as specific measures relating to the backstop on Northern Ireland before the vote in the week beginning 14 January. She also said she would look at giving parliament a greater say in how the UK’s future relationship would be negotiated, but refused to say exactly what that might be. But Mr Rees-Mogg - who led the failed bid to oust Mrs May as Tory leader late last year - insisted that Tory Brexiteers are in no mood to back down. He told The Sunday Express: 'This strength of feeling ought to be responded to by the leadership of the party and not stamped upon.' The North-East Somerset MP added that 'the backstop on its own is an intolerable failure of the negotiations'. Mrs May had to postpone the planned vote on her deal last month, admitting she would be defeated by a massive margin. And No10 is understood to be considering delaying the vote - currently planned for January 15 - again as they push for last-ditch concessions from the EU to get it over the line. MPs are back to work in Parliament tomorrow after a two-week break, but Remainers and Brexiteers are already gearing up their battles to derail the PM's deal. Video: Statement by Jacob Rees-Mogg on 10th September 2018, at House of Commons.
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Text Comments (738)
DefinitelyNotDan (1 year ago)
International Law??? Beware of that term, folks. It is a trap because international law does simply not exist and is a trick of the tongue to trick nations into submission to international laws that strip states and nations of their sovereign rights. Think of it this way, do you have a friendship law that you are required to stick to even if it means your friends get to abuse you because it’s “law”? Of course not, you simply leave and make other friends. But what happens when you subjugate yourself and accept “friendship law” … you lose your freedom and liberty. It’s a trap and should be rejected at ALL instances.
DefinitelyNotDan (1 year ago)
It’s utterly insane to offer foreigners the same rights of citizens. There’s no point and purpose in citizenship then. Let’s just get rid off Mogg’s rights in parliament and give equal rights to all who wish to speak on his behalf since nothing means anymore. I’m curious how many of his employees would be effected. Full disclosure would be important. And I like him otherwise, but he is being quite generous with other people’s money and opportunities. Maybe if “immigrants” are made to pay higher tax rates to compensate for the theft of what Mogg wants to give away, which isn’t his to give away.
undercrackers56 (1 year ago)
I am not sure that I would want him as Prime Minister, but one has to admire his intellect, reason and eloquence. I can't fault any of his points in this video.
Robert Farnell (1 year ago)
I can not for the life of me Why Jacob Rees Mogg is not the prime Minister (His quality of diction, wealth of Historic knowledge and his devotion to the truth) qualify him greatly
Aled Long (1 year ago)
Bleating Brexit wankers!
Love London (1 year ago)
When is the government going to recognise that we the people want to leave the EU, even with a NO DEAL.  We can see the corruption and want no part of it - the golden hand shakes - are trying to break the people.  Don't they realise that the EU will punish England for daring to vote to leave.  They will make us pay for the next 20-years if we broker a deal under these conditions - we need to leave NOW and consider a deal in the future that best works for us.
cavey davey (1 year ago)
How can anyone admire this man? He is absurd. Aaalllways remember that Mogg has never suggested a workable solution to Brexit. Gulliver tied down By the Lilliputians? This shows that Mogg think the UK is bigger and better than all of Europe combined. He is deluded and desperate for a return to 'make the world England' which can never be.
Jez J (1 year ago)
The question that always bothers me is "Why would selling out your sovereignty be so attractive in the first place?". I'm perplexed to say the least.
Simon West (1 year ago)
It's great that chaps like Lord Snooty are deciding the fate of the UK. A man of the people, he knows exactly what it's like to balance the weekly shop and paying the bills and make sure the kids are clothed and fed. What a fantastic wheeze it must all be for him.
Andy Turfer (1 year ago)
JRM for PM!
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
Rahul Nair (1 year ago)
Britain is really a super power !!! It is time for Britain to show it's own strength with out any help ( EU ) . Britain has the capability to stand on its own !!!!!
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
He is pompous but I agree with most of what I hear him say.
Jack Ryan (1 year ago)
One of the few decent people in that building.
Chris Reynolds (1 year ago)
My 'pretty little head' can't think about fluffy kittens any more for worrying about the open power we have handed to the ECJ to make far-reaching, UK impacting laws without it going before the UK parliament for debate and vote. It is unbelievable! May's Brexit deal is unbelievable. But I think Remainer May has got her way over Bexit....game, set and match...it isn't going to happen. There is no point in voting anymore, we live in a non-democracy, a tin-pot country where if the powers that be don't like the majority outcome of a vote - they can just overturn the result and do whatever they want.
georgina elsmore (1 year ago)
JRM is an absolutely great politician - what a great pity we do not have more like him in the House. Most of the current MP's are just softbrained rabble. Jacob has insisted that he is not interested in being PM - but he would make an excellent minister in any department any future PM would care to give him - Chancellor or Home Secretary. Just love the man.
SaltyMc BoatFace (1 year ago)
I'm quite happy to live under world trade order rules instead of paying 39 BILLION to the E.U.S.S.R & having my laws dictated by a German that our ancestors died fighting for!
Ran with Angels (1 year ago)
These remainers talk about another referendum, i mean are they so stupid, now people are much more aware, the vote be far much more for leaving the EU. They want a referendum then on the deal. We voted for exit , meaning there is no deal, we are leaving and you get jack shit. Would the government give their own money to the EU rather than take our tax paying hard earned monyt, better well spent on the British economy to boost jobs and wages, so our people can afford to buy a house to live in rather than live with mum and dad till a ripe old age.
Bykermann (1 year ago)
Jakob Butt-Plugg.
goharik jones (1 year ago)
JRM is the only man who talks sense in this parliment.
Seenolie 7 (1 year ago)
d k (1 year ago)
He's a smarmy rich prick. No wonder you guys love him.
Dave Barker (1 year ago)
The UK can stand alone despite all of the scare tactics by the remoaners... Leave and don't look back 🙏👍
peter dollins (1 year ago)
On the preparations to park tens of thousands of lorries et al for a no deal quit.  I voted in 1975 with 66% of the Electorate to Stay for ever not to be a Quitter. This vote did not have Benito Trump and a octopus of billionaires in other countries or hostile powers as Adolf Putin overwhelming the internet with 'fake' propaganda. See Philip Green's the Devil's Bargain on Trump's involvement in distorting the vote. It was also no mere advisory referendum as the 2916 one was but for all time. There has been no greater perversion of our democracy EVER. Be a Stayer not a Quitter. Peter L. .
Russell Hawkins (1 year ago)
love this man so much and dreaming of him being our new prime minister
Xia Pete (1 year ago)
Hit the nail on the head .Afraid of new laws being made by the E.U. He’s scared of the E.U. bringing in legislation which will affect the City of London Corporation.So what is hidden underneath all the pomp and ceremony of this City within a City ?with its own police force and Lord Mayor .Not to forget own laws.Where a lot of the major banking of the worlds business are .Business which includes offshore tax havens .
Glenda Kirby (1 year ago)
He is right to say that the law that we take back from our time with the EU must all be scrutinised and passed by Parliament,and certainly not left to lawyers.Watch America if you want to see how a judicial system can be corrupted to the point that they will act as judge jury and executioner without bothering with a trial,or conversely, and more usual protect high ranking politicians by not investigating or prosecuting at all.Our institutions are topped off,especially the Law by EU globalist trained lawyers promoting globalist theories,they won't disappear overnight.'Common Purpose' has been the flagship for everything.Trump has consistently weeded out law enforcement in Washington, but they are still there in an endless succession.Don't assume ours is any better, just more secretive and less leaky.Swamp clearance is required.
Darryl of Sussex (1 year ago)
Nobody voted for the ERG. The choice given was to leave or remain, not to leave on a randomised deal which nobody could know the contents of. Politicians are instruments of ideologies and do this to ensure a wealthy retirement and are therefore traitors to democracy. Nobody voted for May or any other PM, Cameron did a runner and dropped the whole country in this mess and May bought the DUP, who refuse to support her. This will end with another referendum being held and Britain will remain in the EU as a more divided entity.
Nanny Robinson (1 year ago)
What a totally different position we would have been in if true Leave MPs had been allowed to conduct our withdrawal negotiations. May has allowed the EU to walk all over us - embarrassed our once great country and worked to ensure that we do not leave the EU. May is a disgrace - she has no shame.
A voice In the wildernes (1 year ago)
Remoaners were soft in the head before Christmas after Christmas and even next Christmas.
Andy Baker (1 year ago)
good points , pity your leader is not so smart , and only talks for the eu not uk
Leon Dyer (1 year ago)
At least Jacob admits he has vested financial interest in making our own laws so his money is protected 🤔
Alan C (1 year ago)
can you imagine if Mr Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins got together. What a powerful combination that would be.
Reg Munday (1 year ago)
And Rees-Mogg is still soft in the head.
Joe King (1 year ago)
He should be PM.
Watches Rolex Claus (1 year ago)
Stay calm people , you are not going to leave the eu 😂
squizza28 (1 year ago)
So we find this evening that the remoaner mps won their little stunt vote tonight, effectively stopping the government from spending on no deal. So please can you make a video NAMING those mps who voted for this, so we can tell those constituencies they must crowdfund massive campaigns at the next election to oust their sitting mp? I believe there are 303 of them who defied the will of the people tonight. TRgeir names will be recorded somewhere.
Dave Dogge (1 year ago)
I think Mogg is an outstanding statesman, why there are these barriers to getting him to No.10 is beyond me. The Conservatives should be falling over themselves to try and get him to the Prime Ministerial position.
Gemi Brexit (1 year ago)
No deal WTO is the ONLY Brexit. We voted Leave !
hunkgod (1 year ago)
Who is the "we" that invited a horde of poor people to rape our benefit system..Citizens get citizens rights, no one else.
Gagan (1 year ago)
🇬🇧 Jacob Rees Mogg for PM 🇬🇧
The Pagemaster (1 year ago)
that one guy saying "here here" thats my dude.
wayne wentworth (1 year ago)
May out and Jacob in
Dogday1000 Afternoon (1 year ago)
We have been milked for long enough & no matter what happens now our eyes have been opened to it, And aside from this an EU army will be very dangerous in the present times & the UK would be best out of it. Leave asap with no deal & spend some money on defense before it's too late. JRM for pm
Dean Beck (1 year ago)
The people voted to leave deal or no deal we have already voted we didn't vote for keep voteing until you get the ancer you want ... That's corrupt
Stalker (1 year ago)
May should be held for TREASON.....🌋🌋🌋
L G (1 year ago)
All MPs in parliament who vote to stop brexit and even a no deal brexit are traitors to democracy and should be thrown out , the traitors on both sides
Phil B (1 year ago)
People working here sending money back to their home;and do not contribute to our own economy.
rob gratis (1 year ago)
After a tax deduction that is
Geoff Crowley (1 year ago)
Must be a popular speaker, many listeners listening to him!
Alice Grant (1 year ago)
LEAVING ON WTO TERMS IS FAR BETTER THAN MAY'S ABYSMAL DEAL. not only are we already members of The World Trade Organisation but fundamentally, THE BRITISH PEOPLE BELIEVE IN FREE TRADE!
Ironhide (1 year ago)
He couldn't even get rid of the worst PM in my adult life. He's utterly toothless.
ALAN BROWN (1 year ago)
We Germans are finding all this most amusing but we are angry too! How dare your Labour party try to vote down the deal we gave you and your pathetic people, nobody can expect to insult us and get away with it, we will destroy you and your puny country!!!
harry wissink (1 year ago)
What century is this relic from?
Larissa D (1 year ago)
Women like this one should stay home
C (1 year ago)
Why is it so quiet and orderly in that room?
kitemanmusic (1 year ago)
We need to find a way out of Theresa's Maze. Bit of a poor turnout in the HoC.
C Stew (1 year ago)
Rees Mogg is a great bloke! For politician he seem genuine. I would like him to be prime minister (too be brutally honest I would abolish the whole of it) but as this doesn’t seem too be possible he would be the next best thing! He’s loaded he doesn’t need to be a politician from his own hard work/his knowledge! This shit isn’t his bread and butter! So that show he’s not in for the dough! Although the 100 Grand a year comes in handy.
Stanislaw Dunlap (1 year ago)
No, they haven't gone soft. Their brains did though
Mike Mikeson (1 year ago)
Mogg is the greatest political mind of our generation & is totally wasted as a back bench MP. If he were in charge of Brexit negotiations it would be a better world for everyone in the U.K. & the eu
Alan Marr (1 year ago)
Mogg certainly wants a no deal because otherwise he won't make as much money!
maria610421 (1 year ago)
Facts, WAR is only Great when you were not the ones who died in the folly of uncivilized behaviour, what intelligent person believes he can rule the world, when most people cant even control their own children. Cecil Rhodes hated Black people to the extent all the Money he looted Africa for, he left via The Rhodes Schollars to ensure Blak people remain in Poverty on a Global scale. Education denied to Blacks on a Global scale. As Blacks regardless of where they are on the Planet, must not be allowed to survive in freedom and the persuit of happiness. Oxford University is their Touch Stone of Racism and Fascism.
maria610421 (1 year ago)
Every man should have a Country of his own to find sanctury, a place he can not be questioned about his right to be there, its your home and a place to be free to express yourself and debate and discuss the meaning of your own existance and how we can improve the existance of others who want to grow and promote harmony in soiety. A place we can agree and disagree and find new ways to improve our lives in Harmony and peace and sensible discorse. No body should be forced to join any Religion becacuse Religion is based on what others want people to believe without fact or evidence to substanciate their agenda. If Religion is designed to deceive the people then I say it should be BANNED ASAP. We can not have a Free and Open Society believing in foolishness, and make it Law, while people are killing each other based on a Myth, thats witchcraft, it must be Banned for all TIMES. The only way we can grow as a civilized society to to Ban all these False Religions. The Roman Catholic Church needs to be abolished, the Child Trafficking, and Child Sexual Molestation is the first reason it should be Banned for all TIMES, enough is enough, Islam, Judaism Banned all their LIES has been proved to be foolishness, with no facts or evidence. If people turned up in Court and Lied and said Jesus said theyu can kill people based on Race, when we all know its a lie, its the reason many Black people was Lynched in America, and People Put into Slavery in America because the Jews claimed it was Lawful based on the olour of people and their race. They are doing the same thing in Plaestine, killing and stealing what is not their to have and claim God told them to terrorise whole Nations.
Aber Cass (1 year ago)
Does the fact the Deputy Speaker was visiting War Graves rather than holidaying in France enable him to claim the trip on his expenses?
bob cmac (1 year ago)
May is a disgrace , just leave with no deal.
MegaRockstar48 (1 year ago)
Mogg is a tipical Tory. Corrupt and self serving, unfortunately the public get fooled into thinking he's bothered about normal people.
Barbara Lerner Spectre (1 year ago)
Theresa May and parliament is allied with the Barbara Lerner spectre EU and George soros UN :)
Kevin Ripley (1 year ago)
What i dont understand is,Mogg is a supposed Brexiteer,and harks the herald joys through his trumpet about all the good thats going to come from Brexit...............Then he backs May on her chequers deal......is mogg a tory turncoat ?
jakiiboi8 (1 year ago)
This man is disgusting can't believe he is all the leave vote has left. This country has no democracy when this man is the only one defending you and your people.
Chrystal E (1 year ago)
VOTE 1 Jason Mogg.
Mark Barker (1 year ago)
there are too many 'bots' commenting on these debates. Vladimir rules! Mogg will not suffer under a no deal Brexit, he is too rich to know or care, the ordinary people will suffer. Notice how few people are there in Parliament listening to him.
Tim g star (1 year ago)
Mogg spot on like always !
colin minhinnick (1 year ago)
thank goodness for ppl like JRM ... how on earth Theresa May could be so treasonous or inept is baffling... leaving the UK under EU rule is treason
Daniel Liljeberg (1 year ago)
"UK is leading by example"?... hmmm... most people I talk to in Sweden from all parties, except the Sweden Democrats (started by people with Nazi connections and to this day riddled with racist outbursts from representatives on all levels of the party), look at what the UK is doing with big question marks in their face and wonder what on earth they are doing. To have these discussions NOW, months before the date of leaving when years have passed since the vote is amazing. But ending up here when most of the campaigns focused on things which were not true isn't actually so strange. Within those who voted leave many did it based on beliefs about how the future would look that is incompatible with that of other people who voted for the same thing since they were all told different things about what leaving would mean. Now when you draw closer, these differences will ofc make themselves heard.
Stuart Hall (1 year ago)
This man always talks sense.
dont bother (1 year ago)
You will be the only country without any deal. Zero and you still clapping for a no deal brexit. Wow. What do you think will happen? All the great country's come running to you to make a great deal? Do you know how long it will take to make trade deals? Just because you want to be free? By the way... you trade primarily with the eu. Good luck I guess
what the flying fuck ... (1 year ago)
Some say Brit have style ... Why is Rees-Mogg always wearing huge suits from the last century? ... Broke?
Jim Head (1 year ago)
what the flying fuck ... it hides the evil robot body parts?
Guy Reece (1 year ago)
Expect VAT to rise to pay for it all
Guy Reece (1 year ago)
Maybe the rebels should wear yellow vests in parliament.
Bo Soerjadi (1 year ago)
Rees-Mogg is similar to the guy who violently abuses his neighbour's children and then accuses the doctors of incompetency for not being able to cure the kids from the sustained brain damage.
Jackie Cooksey (1 year ago)
the only way to restore free speech in the uk and democracy in parliament is to vote for a ukip landslide in the next election. a riot is the voice of the unheard
Valentin Condeescu (1 year ago)
Brexit means ...more exactly :dog(England) go to master(U.S.)😂
Bob Smith (1 year ago)
Completely wrong. Brexit means the British rule themselves again. Brexit means freedom.
Jim Knight (1 year ago)
However, they should have no, right to vote in the UK. The only way they should get that privilege is when and if they apply for the privilege of British citizenship. We should also start removing the paedophile terrorist death cult from the UK.
Ninian MacMillan-Keith (1 year ago)
Brilliant oration. No one else like him in the commons
Benjamin Peters (1 year ago)
I didn't vote to do a deal I voted to leave.
Freda Rounthwaite (1 year ago)
Leave mean't leave, Mrs. May. We did not vote for ANY kind of deal. How unintelligent can these peoples representatives be, not to understand this. If they are not unintelligent, the only other explanation is they are under orders from the corporate cabal who wish to uphold the collapsing E.U. which would be one of the dominos to fall, which was mean't to bring about the NWO with the U.N. as the actual leaders with the help of Nato and the Paris agreement. Once President Trump restructures the federal reserve, the cabal run central banks will collapse. All these main parties are controlled, especially the green party with their blatant lie about climate change, when 72,000 scientists say we are at the beginning of a mini ice age. This is just another scam by the 1 percenters to rip us off with more tax, which literally means they are taxing us to breath the air that they are poisoning with their chem trails. The sooner it all collapses, the better for our children's futures.
FARGO GEMINI (1 year ago)
I don’t remember inviting all these EU dole ponces
GREMRED (1 year ago)
Orbsrealm (1 year ago)
I think the thumbs up to the thumbs down gives a clear message 👍🏻🇬🇧🙏🤗
Boudicca (1 year ago)
Most people don't have a problem with invited, legal immigration but there needs to be parity between citizens. What concerns me more are the millions of UK citizens living/working in EU & non-EU countries. Little being said about that yet millions of lives hang in the balance. Traitor May should have been ousted years ago. A slave to the elite/Muslim brotherhood/EU & Saudis. Fine words Mr Rees Mogg are lovely to hear but we need action - and fast.
Paul Higgins (1 year ago)
Are public servants think they can stay in some how because they all loss their jobs in EU meetings The people wish to leave the EU Corporation now the public servants have their orders now for fill that what the people require
dashercronin (1 year ago)
Brexit serves the people who want to squirrell the UK's departing flight of wealth post Brexit in offshore trusts at the expense of the UK working man. Rees Mogg's Somerset Funds do this in Singapore and his newly created Dublin based EU funds have been straegically created so that his company can capitalise on the mess he is making of the UK. Morover, during the post Brexit period, while lining his pockets, Rees Mogg can watch the country go to the devil economically and politically and Rees Mogg is just one the people we know about. Its amazing. The biggest robbery in the history of nation states and nobody can see it! The Referendum was a flip of a coin decision to stay or leave the EU. Is that how you decide to deal with an issue of this importance? Is that how you end a marriage of 46 years? End the debate on the peripheral issues being debated here. Stop the rot, go to the country and let the people vote on the real issues and decide to stay in the EU or leave, knowing why they are leaving or staying for the right reasons and not be held to ransom by Rees Mogg and his self serving Tory rump, the ERG, who want to create a vassal state with no laws other than illusory WTO rules and non existent new markets.
jean raines (1 year ago)
Could have held this in a garden shed .Save on energy
Mark Dyer (1 year ago)
I notice that 'BEXIT' is so vital to these entitled cretins that the House of Commons is absolutely packed! I am even growing bored with the gentlemanliness of Jacob Rees-Mogg. We KNOW that the problem is Parliament: where 'Remainers' outnumber 'Leavers' by approximately 2:1. This contrasts with the view of the British People who voted, in 2016, to LEAVE the EU. Thus, Parliament no longer represents the PEOPLE; not only THE POLITICAL CLASS. Its illegitimacy to be a 'representative' body, has been exposed by the 2016 Referendum. HOORAH! At last, the People have learned the lesson that Parliament is NOT representative of the British People; but remains the tool of the 'entitled elites'.
frank brown (1 year ago)
Where are all the politicians ?. Surely it should be a matter of, "NO SHOW....NO DOUGH". That would get them back in there in droves, hangovers or not.
Loosecannon Recordings (1 year ago)
What could be the consequence in a no deal Brexit for brits living or wanting to live in the eu .. eg Spain Portugal France ? Thanks ✌️
wap2uk (1 year ago)
This is an old statement but a very good one
Loosecannon Recordings (1 year ago)
Hi , would our currency , the sterling , be changed to the euro if we did remain?
Brent Showers (1 year ago)
Oh yes the same mogg character that’s been advocating to lower food standards in the UK so he can make trade deals with America and can only Do once the UK is out of the EU. Cheap shoes for the peasants at the expense of quality and safety standards. Mogg is a piece of shit and grifter. That’s all this leave campaign was really about to the leadership of this movement. To become a client state to America. And I’m not saying this flatteringly I’m a American. This isn’t about sovereignty no matter how much you heard that line from men like Nigel farage for years
John Brougham (1 year ago)
what does America have that the UK might trade with ? Nothing.The good ol' USA cant even prop itself up,hence the US shutdown,laughable.
andrew30 (1 year ago)
The government has already agreed that the £40B is owed for the current commitments already made to the EU before leaving, he’s just promising more rainbows and unicorns without actually having a plan. We know what your against, RM but what is your plan for not breaking and international peace treaty and not turning Sunderland into a ghost town, when I’ve heard him speak it waffle based on it’ll be fine ie nothing
Louis Apple (1 year ago)
It’s a lot easier to say no deal is a better deal because it’s not written down on paper, the fine details have not been carved out. The facts go unchecked. A simple explanation on what we’re in for if we crash out the EU with no deal. WTO: we will have to negotiate WTO agreements. Going from being the second most influential member of the biggest market in the world, to being a plucky single country isn’t going to be as smooth transition. Every other country will be looking to raise tariffs of Britain’s exports and skyrocket their cap on imports. So Argentina and Brazil (our two biggest importers from outside the EU) can tighten their grip on the market. 50% of Britain’s imports are currently going to the EU and 40% of imports. We can expect the profit margins to significantly drop, why because WTO!! We will now be held accountable for boarder checks. This means all goods will undergo scrutiny that they simply did not, making trade slower and more costly. There is so much more to unpack and really think about instead of burying your head in the sand and hoping good old Britain’s going to be better off without the 60 trade deals that the goblin faced prime Minister has secured.... old Reece Fake it till you make it Mog is going down with the ship, fair play, lets move on and make a Brixexit worthy of seeing through. TLDNR. Trade deals mean better rates then WTO, duh!