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Douche-Ups! Funny Commercial

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Ladies, experience a new way to clean your couhe! Rinse, dip, douche and say ah". For more funny videos clips visit http://www.videospills.com
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (21)
Patrick Nabors (1 year ago)
What happened to Joey and David?
Queen_Of_Domination (1 year ago)
Fuck those smelly ass douches....they’re nothing but yeast infection magnets.
Marissa Molina (7 years ago)
11 people must have smelly vaginas LOL
jasonkingj69 (8 years ago)
I"m a guy and now I want one
Fitness Model (9 years ago)
"Clean your cooter?!!!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
bearchewtoy75 (9 years ago)
DLFlyCub (9 years ago)
It's all fun and games until someone gets squirted in the eye!
Lilla Badics (9 years ago)
"Totally new way to clean your cooter!
DontBeFakeToMe (9 years ago)
Kooter? Is that American. So us women have hooters and kooters now.
Holly Clark (10 years ago)
Again.. no more joking about Holly clark an the Liberator Commercials.. no way.. wow.
thelindsayrose05 (10 years ago)
lol sooo wrong
chase gardiner (10 years ago)
ahahahahaha how can they show this on t.v kids watch this stuf ahahaha
BoomSaw (10 years ago)
Oh no you dint!
MrHiddenMan (10 years ago)
yeah, a sence of humour
memcwhoDave (10 years ago)
i dont find it funny, am i missing something?
Mike Mcfish (10 years ago)
edesir (11 years ago)
This was filmed across the street from the Fed Reserve Building most likely on a early Sunday morning cause no one is around.
TheGameroomBlitz (11 years ago)
Oh man, this is the funniest thing I've seen all day. I hope this gets the hits it deserves!
guyinthetrenchcoat (11 years ago)
Grape and lemon lime, nasty, hahaha.
nicksuxs (11 years ago)
Keshen8 (11 years ago)