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Try Not To Say WOW Challenge... (HARD)

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Try not to say WOW challenge! New FAMILY FRIENDLY Merch coming soon! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment if you said WOW! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Watch more REACTING TO Videos http://bit.ly/sssniperwolfreacts Reacting To The SADDEST ROMANTIC Animations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvnojccV0WE Hi I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Follow me: Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf Try Not To Say WOW Challenge... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyfQONK-GLQ SSSniperWolf https://www.youtube.com/SSSniperWolf
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Text Comments (57310)
SSSniperWolf (11 months ago)
Did you say wow??? Also black hair or pink hair?
Rebecca’s YouTube (14 days ago)
I love your hair + it’s my favourite colour wow I love your hair I can’t stop looking at your hair Edit : I just found out I said WOW in the sentence and don’t juge of my spelling
Chady Yaghi (24 days ago)
Pink 💖
Grace Lawrence (1 month ago)
abey babymilksin (1 month ago)
Black hair and no I didn’t say wow
Megan Leyland (3 months ago)
SSSniperWolf pink
Charmian Quinlan (22 minutes ago)
it looks ugly
Lipun Gamer (1 hour ago)
Fawaz Sheikh (2 hours ago)
Yash Shetty (2 hours ago)
Niki Nightengale (2 hours ago)
Wow I hate that pink 🙃
Maaya Maaya (2 hours ago)
Black hair
Mind of Gabineze (3 hours ago)
sushmita karki (3 hours ago)
Black hair
abhinav tripathi (3 hours ago)
I like the Black one😊☺😍😍😍😍😍
Nadeen Maya Tamer (3 hours ago)
Pink har
Nadeen Maya Tamer (3 hours ago)
Pink har
Tia Banerjee (3 hours ago)
Potato GurlGamer (4 hours ago)
Black XD
Alexis Bielik (5 hours ago)
Danika Falanika (5 hours ago)
My no say wow but you said wow one time without marking it I like your black hair better than the pink hair
Jesiemar J Romualdo (5 hours ago)
I choose pink hair
amber cruz (5 hours ago)
Let me give you a tip to "Not" say wow say it in your head
Ashish Gandotra (5 hours ago)
megan cat1079 (5 hours ago)
Black pink
hannah_tamija (6 hours ago)
I pick the pink hair
chacha -roblox (7 hours ago)
i like eden cheese
Hulky-chan ;o (7 hours ago)
I like mozzarella
Maria Shiela Nasol (7 hours ago)
i mean black
Maria Shiela Nasol (7 hours ago)
Joo ping Yeo (7 hours ago)
I didt npt say wow
Cheska Blanco (7 hours ago)
Atif Mansoor (7 hours ago)
Chanthou Sous (7 hours ago)
I like black hair
Niccolò Pau (7 hours ago)
uCarlos Salazar (7 hours ago)
Woah woooooo
Videos by Ashley (8 hours ago)
You said wow 4 times
Owen Cummings (8 hours ago)
Infinite is stupid, I’d much rather not include you with this word, but so MANY people have said this to him: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WOW AND WOAH...Try not to say WOAH, WOW is allowed. Try not to say WOW, WOAH is allowed. End of Story.
Amber Diprose (8 hours ago)
it might be weird but chese is duscusting to me .Hate on me all you want but im not saying you have to
Jaliyah Irie Madrina (9 hours ago)
i like a pink hair
Scott Asher (9 hours ago)
What happens when you say waw
Renuka Dhimal (9 hours ago)
LilyBlossom Plays Minecraft (9 hours ago)
5:54 -she missed one she said wow.
Ben Kalashnikoff (10 hours ago)
Skitzo the bear (11 hours ago)
cookie cookie cool (11 hours ago)
No I didn't say wow
Cesaria Belarmino (12 hours ago)
Pink hair💖 mabuhay😍😍
Kriz Anne Vegamora (12 hours ago)
No need to wear a wig, your beautiful the way you are. ❤️
Michelle Flores (12 hours ago)
Colby jack cheese lol yummy!
Isabelle Lengling (12 hours ago)
chad blackburn (13 hours ago)
Colby cheese is my fav but I’m just that girl I’m the state that LOVES. Cheese like it’s life
Cool kids win (13 hours ago)
Manuel Felix (13 hours ago)
Doina T (13 hours ago)
* I like black hair a alot more. *
Nikkie Bickham (13 hours ago)
pink hair
kalani Thomas (14 hours ago)
Download so satisfying whoa
Jojo Parsons (14 hours ago)
I’m love chicken nuggets loeve jo parson 🦎yasssss
phoenix lane (14 hours ago)
U said wow and didn’t take a point
Amani Martinez (15 hours ago)
She said daddy
Melanie Yap (15 hours ago)
She said "Wow" at 5:46 and she didn't notice she said "Wow that's really cool" so yeaaaah
Eric Trevizo (15 hours ago)
hector jimenez (15 hours ago)
Fotimaa Boisovaa (15 hours ago)
I said no beacuse I was not talking
Jumpstart gaming. Gaming, Tutorials and more (15 hours ago)
6:11 you said WOAH! Instead of wow so that’s not a life off
William Calloway (15 hours ago)
Colt Hooten (15 hours ago)
I did on the last one and pink
xxkate_loverdogscatsEOwOxx meep (15 hours ago)
Zac Daws (15 hours ago)
Ninja Cat 25 (16 hours ago)
my favorite cheese is parmesan 🧀
Anil Moktan (16 hours ago)
I don't say wow
Jsjxnoxie Nsn (16 hours ago)
I only said wow 1s😇😇😇😆😆😆😁😁😁😀😀😀😂😂😂😃😃😄😄😄😅😅😕😢😉😉😉😴😴😴😉😉😇
Edgar Ruiz (16 hours ago)
best girl demi and jordan 123 DJ (16 hours ago)
cristian carchi (16 hours ago)
The Musical Science Kitty (16 hours ago)
1:49 I’m a boy and thinking if she was a he and hit the rope harder ouch
Jaylene Salazar (17 hours ago)
Pink and black hair
Star Gamez (17 hours ago)
Black looks more natural and beautiful!
Kelly Olivier (17 hours ago)
Hey am I the only one who didn’t say wow
Groria Bravo (17 hours ago)
Oh and I prefer a pink hair
Groria Bravo (17 hours ago)
I hate cheese
Dani Vargas (17 hours ago)
Pink hair
Kloey Cottongim (17 hours ago)
Kloey Cottongim (17 hours ago)
Amber Burns (17 hours ago)
What-in the world
Libin Yusuf (17 hours ago)
I also have a black hair but when I get older I’m gonna make it pink because I am only seven
Grubb Lumber Grubb Lumber (17 hours ago)
5:55 SSSniperwolf: WoOoW Me: ShE sAiD WoOoW
Melba Rodriguez (18 hours ago)
You said wow not wow
Sandra Miho (18 hours ago)
Pink is soo cutie
Sandra Miho (18 hours ago)
Rashid Mashaan (18 hours ago)
I love your hair 😍❤️❤️💙💙❤️😍😍😍❤️😍
Victor Army (18 hours ago)
How in the world did she not fall
Crystal 9000 (19 hours ago)
Hmm......let’s say *_woah_*
Dominicmon111 Gaming (19 hours ago)
July iOS (19 hours ago)
Belle Delphine?
Alrick James (19 hours ago)
gacha cookie (19 hours ago)
Black hair
Princess Ridha (19 hours ago)
Zureenah Dongo (19 hours ago)
I love you lia You are my inspiration and my idol❤️🤩
CooLidea (20 hours ago)
I did say well a tiny bit
Ava Tablet (20 hours ago)
Mot Reynolds (20 hours ago)
My favorite cheeses Parmesan cheese
Mot Reynolds (20 hours ago)
I want your hair to be pink
Jemma Lewis (20 hours ago)
aaron wood (20 hours ago)
My fave cheese 🧀 is mozzarella
aaron wood (20 hours ago)
Pink hair 👍👍👍👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻👩‍🦳