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Grayson Dolan DENIES James Charles Dating Rumors After Fans Speculate

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews There’s been some dating rumors surrounding our fav YouTube pals Grayson Dolan and James Charles so Grayson hooked up to a lie detector test to clear the air. The 18 year old twins teamed up with a famous lie detector administrator in the YouTube world to ask the reeeal questions fans want answers to. After answering ‘no’ to a question about dating fans, and ‘yes’ to a question about whether he thought he was better looking than his brother, Grayson asked a question that came directly from James Charles. The beauty guru asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ and even though Grayson was quick to reply, ‘no’ the lie detector test wasn’t buying it! But after the two laughed it off Ethan was sure to clarify saying QUOTE, “Alright, we don’t need to make that rumor any bigger. Should we just say that Grayson and James are obviously not f*cking dating? Should we just say it?” Grayson replied QUOTE, “Right. I mean it’s pretty apparent.” On the topic of fans assuming Grayson’s sexuality, he answered succinctly and truthfully! TOSS: https://youtu.be/r071nVMlTKw (7:24-7:31) And if you’re wondering if Ethan addressed the rumors that he is dating fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, get ready to be disappointed. He was asked if he had a crush on someone, and when he got uncomfortable and said ‘no’ the lie detector determined that was a lieeee. But when Grayson rephrased the question to “Is Nicki Minaj your only crush?” Ethan replied ‘Yes’ which was deemed as being truthful which would also, in theory, debunk that dating rumor as well! So there you have it y’all. Grayson and James are NOT an item. Are you glad to have gotten confirmation or are you bummed the ship has been squashed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And then click over here to see another new video and don't forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/avagordy
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Text Comments (1398)
judôê Flutā (1 day ago)
You know both of them can pass the lie detector test? By answering questions calmly?
hairydirtysoul - (4 days ago)
hairydirtysoul - (4 days ago)
people get mad when people assume he’s gay or bi but reply with “he’s not gay. stop assuming” LIKE ISNT THAT ASSUMING AS WELL? like smh being gay isn’t a bad thing. chill out
Dolan _ Editzzz (5 days ago)
Tbh I’ve never really shipped James and Grayson. And because I’m pretty sure he’s straight.
Malea Leann (9 days ago)
Let Grayson live wtf 😂💕
Sohft Nymphet (10 days ago)
Tbh its pretty kewt, but like they're not dating. I have a similar friendship with my friend and WE ARE JUST FRIENDS.
zE_Gxlaxzy (10 days ago)
Awww I wanted James and Grayson together they sure look cute together am I right?
Minerva 2017 (11 days ago)
And this is why gay guys feel like they can't have stray guy friends, because ppl start questioning the str8 guys and it ruins the friendship. It's unfair on both sides.
Warfstash King (11 days ago)
sister disappointed
Flavored Chapstick (12 days ago)
Ok first thing is first I love your hair and Grayson is looks way better Ethan
Your Dad (13 days ago)
Thank god because I don’t really like gay relationships
Jimin Xo (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who ships it
Mollie Playz (16 days ago)
I think they are not dating but they might like each other
Kayra Too! (16 days ago)
Eric Jimenea (16 days ago)
Why are people so upset with Grayson and James not dating they're just great friends end of story.
Tori Leann Tackett (17 days ago)
Lol he has kissed a lot of boys but not james
No Name (17 days ago)
Can you juggle me like that
Christina Penzes (17 days ago)
What the fuck are people telling ,,Ethan and Emma are dating,, ,,Grayson and Emma are dating,, ,,James and Grayson are dating,, ALL WE WHAT IS THEM TO BE HAPPY,WHO WANT TO KNOW THAT,YOU ALL NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!THIS IS TOO MUCH EVEN FOR ME,OVER 100.000. VIDEOS OF THAT CONSPIRACY THEORYS, PLEASE STOP WITH THIS
Xander X (18 days ago)
Running out of stuff to talk about I see
Chloix (18 days ago)
im honestly sister sad
angelina24 (19 days ago)
Grayson never said what he is but, he always talks about dating girls. So we know that he at least likes them. i think that he got uncomfortable with James question because, that is his friend and he doesn't want the rumor to get bigger. over all i think that he loves his friend as such. they just joke around like many of us do.
Icky Soli (20 days ago)
Smh this fucking fandom is so stupid
Superwenji1 (20 days ago)
Gay people are retarded
What For (20 days ago)
When you need views
CharlieCab (20 days ago)
Gay or not, James Charles is so undateable. He’s so awkward lmao. Love him though
Hannah Sykes (20 days ago)
Nethmi120 (21 days ago)
These fans really need to shut the fuck up smh.
Scadoofle Cakes (21 days ago)
Grayson could be bi or he could be straight with exceptions he could even be pan
Katze B (23 days ago)
It’s not right to assume a celebrity is gay and put them in that position. It’s an asshole thing to do and they always hate when it happens. He knows he is straight, and his fans think they know him better than he knows himself. What a shame.
anne wolfhard (24 days ago)
I’m seriously wondering if this is a joke or if people seriously think they are dating
UmbranxCrisis (24 days ago)
Yeah as a gay guy im tired of “fellow sisters” forcing heteros to play this part of a “maybe” and eventually villianize them. Let straight guys be straight
Kiana Ghaderi (24 days ago)
this is just stupid and rude
Malley 1 (24 days ago)
Beautylover 196 (24 days ago)
What a bunch of fucking assholes. It's fucking 2018 going on 2019! Let him be! Jeez it's like ur pushing him to be something that he has clearly stated that he is NOT.
elano doll (24 days ago)
18???????????????? i gagged and regagged they look 25 lmao
Pixel Poro (24 days ago)
A straight guy can be friends with a gay guy with out dating why is this even a topic .
It’s Just Mitchell (24 days ago)
aw let a girl dream
anton herz (24 days ago)
Filed under: why fandoms suck
piercexoberlin (24 days ago)
funny how yall so quick to say its rude to assume somebody is gay but stay silent when the gp assumes everybody is straight and makes straight the default lmao
Bri Emeralds (24 days ago)
Just because Grayson won’t marry him doesn’t mean they aren’t dating🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 This was meant as a joke lol
Amiyah Hubbard (24 days ago)
Look I understand that he doesn't like James. I don't ship it that much but y'all assuming that means he's straight. He could be Bi or pan. Like 🤔
taniah napier (24 days ago)
I’m all down for the shipping, but if it makes them uncomfortable then it should stop or at least stop though into it at them and stop bothering them
Lacrimosa Requiem (24 days ago)
gays are so pathetic, they claim everyone is gay. if he says i'm not then f*ck off even if he's gay. First Shawn mendes now Grayson omg just leave them alone.
rootbeerlovesme (24 days ago)
Ethan would get uncomfortable about a question involving Emma Chamberlain because she is still 17.
Mariam Koyate (25 days ago)
Omg like its a joke
lēāh (25 days ago)
the fact that this is even a video😂
Mahdia Kiani (25 days ago)
he obviously isn’t dating james You could tell how uncomfortable grayson looked when that question was asked.
paige ngawhika (25 days ago)
Woops try again shishter
Candelle Waxx (25 days ago)
Neither of the dolans are straight, but they arent dating and we been knew
Jhenaro (25 days ago)
edgy kid (25 days ago)
Jesus, the squad must be feeling so uncomfortable with everyone shipping who and who, I think it’s affecting their friendships. So people stop assuming things and let everyone be. 😂
Kleynia McKnight (25 days ago)
Love how they said “Denies” like okay B he was hooked up to a LIE DETECTOR TEST and it was proven that he was STRAIGHT and NOT dating James. I just needed to get that off my chest
Eme Vlogs (25 days ago)
Omg James is so thirsty and he’s the one flirting because he’s lonely!
ANDREA A. (26 days ago)
Nicky minaj is plastically sexy AF her SMILE tho.
Saif Subedar (26 days ago)
Nicki Minaj is bae
Dion Geter (26 days ago)
This man is not gay okay....just because he doesn’t judge people or bully them just because of there sexuality....and are cool with what there doing and who the choose to be doesn’t mean he’s gay.......he just a nice guy who’s kind to everyone no matter what or who they lay down with.....end of the story....have a nice day✌️
Crystal Hancher (26 days ago)
I never shipped them
Dolan twins Bitch (26 days ago)
The only reason it came up as a lie is because he was probably uncomfortable and even if he was gay or bi it doesn’t matter it’s his life smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
Jair (26 days ago)
He’s fucking that sister hole
Ally (26 days ago)
Well duh
Kylee Dunlap (26 days ago)
Hell no #ethma and #grayames is forever
ril's and friends (27 days ago)
Okay now Camila and Lauren please
Will (27 days ago)
I ship the bromance, but I don't think they're dating 😂😂
Ay Mi QK (27 days ago)
When this chanel turns into Youtuber/Beauty Gurus Drama videos !
Oscar Cordova (27 days ago)
Ryland Adams is back at Clevver? <33
Lindsay Sasiela (27 days ago)
I don't really care if Grayson is straight or not I just want James to have someone that he can love and be there for him
Ay Mi QK (27 days ago)
Me too
Storytalker (27 days ago)
they are
DN K (27 days ago)
The problem with the twins video was that they didn't show us what lie detector was saying ... go and watch shane's video and see how he shows the diagrams while questioning the answers
Elijah Miller (27 days ago)
Sure he doesn’t have labels , but he does have interests...
Mi mi (27 days ago)
This guy will be dating Shawn Mendes in 10 years mark my words.
Scoutie Willis (28 days ago)
Even if Grayson was gay or bi etc. I would still support him the same way and love him the same. Nothing would change tbh
anony mous (28 days ago)
honestly its not emma bc its james
Xochitl Mendez (28 days ago)
I all ready noo
precious torrez (28 days ago)
Aren't they 17
Пробел Ц (28 days ago)
Celebrities or just people in general should be allowed to sue people who keep attacking their sexuality. Although I ship many guys together, if they’re clearly uncomfortable and personally said that they’re straight why even bother. Keep your little fantasies to yourselves thank you very much.
Karissa Lucero (28 days ago)
It's really annoying how a straight male can be so accepting of a gay male,and people are quick to call him gay. Then they wonder why it's so hard for straight males to be so open with their friendships when it comes to gays.
Maddy Claire (28 days ago)
I still think there dating and everyone can fight me on that...nah I’m playing but that’s just my opinion
Ace MongJi (28 days ago)
Why people only assuming he's straight or gay ? He can be pansexual or bi too, but whatever
yanviish (28 days ago)
bro it’s just a video WHO GIVES A FUCK YO. y’all upload a video every time eth or gray breathe in james’ or emma’s general direction 🤦🏾‍♀️
Marleny Martinez (29 days ago)
You guys need to stop saying he is gay he said he would marry james bc he rich 😂😂Just stop
Jaelyn Caliz (29 days ago)
I'm so glad james is not dating grayson
*Once you rapmon you cant rapoff (30 days ago)
Am i the only person who doesnt find them attractive? Their faces look like bicycle seats honestly
Catherine Padilla (30 days ago)
I'll understand if their friendship ends🙄
Selena Fierro (30 days ago)
I see Grayson Dolan in the title I'm clicking
Princess kayla (30 days ago)
There not fucking dating
scarlet-mae x (1 month ago)
Maybe there was a problem coz he felt uncomfortable
Ruqayah Aleid (1 month ago)
The might not be dating ... but !James clearly has a crush on Grayson
Ayanah Dashay (1 month ago)
Why does everybody want everybody to be gay nowadays? Like cmon, they’re just friends and even if they were dating, they wouldn’t announce it because they’re just not about putting their love life on blast like that. Seriously like fans of the twins are so quick to ship the four together just because they hang out a lot does not mean a thing! And in case y’all forgot, Emma is 17! So if she and Ethan were dating he could go to jail.
Sister Squad (1 month ago)
Now Ethan’s a thing, but no. Not Grayson and James lol
Khyan Fuimaono (1 month ago)
I love sishter james. I also love sishter dolan twins
Toy Reviews with Melia (1 month ago)
This isn’t even related to the vid topic but... these stupid videos and “fans” are the reason couples can’t live in peace (Pete and Ariana) because when someone does the slightest thing like, oh look They farted on a chip... 2 hours later “is so and so now dating a reported chip?” I mean as a person I understand the need to want to know more but could we please leave a little room to grow and give them a break for once?
Lyric Crook (1 month ago)
We all know that grayson is straight just bc James Charles said will u marry me doesn't mean anything everybody who watched this video obviously herd Grayson HE DOESN'T WANT TO
Brenna (1 month ago)
still ship
Sharen Emanuella (1 month ago)
I ship ethan n emma soo hardd 😭
Asu Kazi (1 month ago)
Brush would u pls leave them alone. So what he said that. Just leave em alone. What can I say all yous want is views
Saryna Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Omg way to ruin his life 🙄,dont start this rumor.
Roxy HURIWAI (1 month ago)
CAN Y'ALL FUCKING CHILL! its actually rude to assume his sexuality plus he admitted that he's straight so you need to understand that! If you're reading this comment i'm actually talking about people in general so yea
shane (1 month ago)
wtf is she wearing
itz laurabee (1 month ago)
they did it again
Kennedy Bellerose (1 month ago)
Emily Diaz (1 month ago)
clever news more like unclever news