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EMERGENCY Landing gear GRAVITY EXTENSION!!! Explained by Captain Joe

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INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: MY WEBSITE: ------► MERCHANDISE CJ SHOP ◄ ------- NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: ————————————————————————————————— ▼▼My FLIGHT-KIT I highly recommend for you guys▼▼ MY HEADSET: MY SUNGLASSES: MY PILOT BAG: Company iPad: ▼▼The VIDEO EQUIPMENT I use in my studio and outdoors▼▼ MY CAMERA: LIGHTING: IN-FLIGHT RECORDINGS: —————————————————————————————————— Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel! Today we’ll be looking at Emergency Gravity Gear Extension Handle! The Emergency Gravity Gear Extension Handle provides landing gear extension in the event of electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical failure. OPERATION - To put the landing gear down by gravity, the crew must pull the emergency gear extension handle out then turn it clockwise for three turns. When the flight crew operates the emergency gear extension handle, the cutoff valve shuts off hydraulics to the landing gear system and depressurizes it. This allows the landing gear to fall free to the down lock position by gravity. But see how it's done in the video! Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video! Wishing you all the best! Your "Captain" Joe Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels: @Philip Soon @tuberides @RobT Cockpit videos @jemi1210 @ELI COHEN Into Song: Lounge - Ehrling: Outro Song: Joakim Karud & Dyalla - Wish you were here ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ARE OWNED BY FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE.COM ANY COPYING OR ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING AND PUBLISHING ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL FOLLOW LEGAL CONSEQUENCES
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Doggie Squad (4 days ago)
Why he was using a green, red, blue.......and so on we don’t know Me no hapy
t e r I N E E D L E R (5 days ago)
The doors when down almost make the plane look like an owl- a very fast one. But they dangle their legs in flight!
Inflake (6 days ago)
Yeah but let’s all take a moment to appreciate the phenomenal editing in Captain Joe’s videos
Inflake (6 days ago)
Don’t need to go to flight schools with Captain Joe around
VlogsByMaddy (8 days ago)
my dad is is the navy air crew and my brother graduated for high school in Aviation and so do i this is so interesting
Sagichnicht (12 days ago)
6:00 feels like Boing
Guessmyname (12 days ago)
Highly informative video, super great!
Really Now (12 days ago)
Also a lot of planes have pressurized accumulators to blow the gear down
S.S.E-4 (13 days ago)
awesome vid..! great job
Keith _ (13 days ago)
Great Video!
Ben Norris (14 days ago)
love how you dragged this out for just over 10 mins
Peter Sharpe (15 days ago)
LG isn’t held up with hydraulics once retracted, the uplocks do that - they were designed back in the day to hold the weight of the bogie gear so they have reserve strength for twin wheel gear. The MLG and NLG is pressurised down but it moves faster than the fluid so they vacuum a little bit as they move - this is why you need the vent valve if you have NO pressure The reservoir volume change happens due to the rod area volume, because A320 retracts with the full area chamber it has higher fluid level on ground than in flight. Other aircraft like A330 which retract with the annular rod end area are the opposite - the reservoir level is higher in flight than on ground.
Qwerty Qwerty (15 days ago)
i am not a pilot but love flight simulation. tried for weeks to understand x plane 11 but could never succeed. fms is too confusing and finding proper way points also i can't find sometimes and when i do.. when enter into fms it show some other options which i can't understand. Any who faced a problem like this knows solution? like any dedicated discord server where i can clarify doubts or some super fantastic tutorial series?Plz. help
midlaj rahman (16 days ago)
Machaane Modiji AirIndia vittu😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Aidle Mohamed Ibrahim (17 days ago)
M Forrester (18 days ago)
Anshul Sinha (19 days ago)
Hi Joe. Can u make a video on ' What is the reason behind several glitches in Pratt & Whitney engines world wide' ?
Crazy Kat (20 days ago)
Thanks Captain Joe for this channel ❤️I enjoy your videos and you help to ease my flight anxiety which stems from not understanding aviation safety. Thank you so much for all your informative videos 😊❤️
D woodkamp (20 days ago)
Captain... Let it go now you can do it...yes it's just an Airbus, you need to pick yourself up and commit to Boeing planes now.
Chris 3.1416 (20 days ago)
I always worry that the tires would go flat, they look so small compared to the size of the plane. Why not keep the landing gear on all the time? It would eliminate this very scary problem. The hell with aerodynamics and fuel waste.
Luke Savory (21 days ago)
I love these technical video, and the visual reference content is helpful to get across the point.
KNT 21 (21 days ago)
0:24 Captain Joe spotted again laughing after speaking "Let's get started" 😂
Ahmad Sayyed (22 days ago)
Awesome video captain joe
iamdabhijit (22 days ago)
Amazing video 👌
Meet Kadel (23 days ago)
Can u mail me your no. Plzz joe
Mak - Nic (23 days ago)
@Captain Joe how does a helicopter approach a airfield for landing Thanks hope for this
TIGER TROOP HD (23 days ago)
Do aeroplanes have suspension
Mike P (23 days ago)
The landing gears have shock absorbers.
bzacon (23 days ago)
Every time I learn something about an Airbus, it makes me want to make sure I never get in another one. What kind of dumbshit makes the hydraulic system cutoff irreversible? once the landing gear is deployed, wouldn't any reasonable pilot want to restore the use of that circuit for steering and other functions? what if there is also a problem with the yellow circuit? you have to choose between landing gear or not falling out of the sky?
Taisei Murakami (24 days ago)
What happens when have your rudder to the left while your wheel turning the other side?
wamX0Productions (24 days ago)
So what happens if the landing gear fails to retract or simply punches it's way through the door while in the air? This is my 3rd flight in 3 consecutive weeks where something has resulted in priority landing or a pan-pan (not a pilot, but want to be) be it medical emergency, Engine related RTO, and now L/G mechanical problems. Just how common are problems like this, or am I cursed?
Swirlybox 625696 (24 days ago)
Im about to pick my gcses and i was wondering what to pick?
benjamin ngaruiya (24 days ago)
KING JESUS loves you Captain Joe...
rollvideo (24 days ago)
I remember during my training in an Antinov225 over Russia the altitude control developed a malfunction due to erroneous data. We soon found ourselves 3000 feet outside the ionosphere. Fortunately I’m an incredible pilot with knowledge of every single system and electronic component. I requested the cabin crew to quickly bring me another controller board and swapped it out 45 seconds before total oxygen exhaustion. I finally brought us down to Lhasa in Tibetan airspace and landed in the carpark of a local carpet trader
Luke Hilliard (21 days ago)
rollvideo That’s cap
Porto Alex (24 days ago)
Question about landing gear... What happens if you push back an airplane without putting the pin on the nose gear? Is it possible to do it if you inform the pilot that the pin is not installed?
Alexis Godin (25 days ago)
Can you explain in a video why there's a door that opens on the plane's engines when you're landing, please?
Marc van der Linden (25 days ago)
Question to Captain Joe and other pilots. The cloud base altitudes in metars, are they above ground, or above mean sealevel?
Marc van der Linden (24 days ago)
@Mike P Ok never knew that until it came along in the VASaviation about the helicopter crash with Kobi Bryant in LA. Heli flew special VFR at 1400 ft MSL and metar reported cloudbase at 11 feet. So I concluded that the heli flew in, or above the clouds, which I was corrected on. So something learned here! Tnx.
Mike P (24 days ago)
Above ground level (AGL).
Mj Sortonis (25 days ago)
I want to be a pilot someday but I'm duetan color blind
A K (25 days ago)
Can someone kindly explain the term skidding off runway? Does it happen prior taking off, does it happen when the pilots rotates late?
Sir We Are About to Die (25 days ago)
You need to do a video on how a helicopter pilot navigates through fog and ends up killing basketball star Kobe Bryant. I know you do not fly helicopters; however, flying is flying!
Nelito De Sousa (25 days ago)
What about Air India's a320
OldePhart (25 days ago)
what does it mean to "Disarm" the doors ?
anu kumar (26 days ago)
Joe can please make a video of "do plane engine make the plane to move or the gear moves the plane"
tfortyler 78 (26 days ago)
have you hard of the recent helicopter crash in califoner
DasBreaker (26 days ago)
Can you undo this procedure by cranking the lever counterclockwise? For example to gain back control for the nose steering?
DasBreaker (26 days ago)
Can you undo this procedure by cranking the lever counterclockwise? For example to gain back control for the nose steering?
Ryan Manggala (26 days ago)
J L (26 days ago)
Nikola Duduk (26 days ago)
Joe can you film more approaches? Like wjo think same!!🎥👍
Sanju Maurya (26 days ago)
Sir please answer According to your experience you looks like Captain. But acc. To your uniform you seems to be first officer. What actually you are?
Freddy Fe (26 days ago)
Once you have manually released the gear ,can you go back to normal operation by turning the lever to the opposit 3 times ?
the bunker parodie (26 days ago)
I don't know if you'll read this,but in your airbus 380 vs boeing 747 ,you could have said that boeing studied double deck variant of the 747 (and even twin fuselage one). I wonder if you're a modeler since in some of your background,I can see some liner model (I started my collection by finishing my boeing 747 8F from cargolux base on boeing concept,the base is the revell model and I got to sand all the bad paint job I did before and a lot of work to do on the engine ;this wee kend I order one 747 100 for a 747 concept and a 8F from UPS also base on boeing concept model)
PeachesCourage (26 days ago)
I'm picturing Toyota using the extra electricity from movement for magnetic drop if in an emergency landing? Fields need to come from the plane to cushion your landing potentially big job though? If it can happen? Toyota did this with it's cars can' an airplane to soften an emergency landing?
Tyler Durham (27 days ago)
Awesome video Captain Joe I just flew for the first time on an Airbus A321 and A320 it was so much fun what are your thought on the new Boeing 777X?
Czech Airlines Not original just a Fan (27 days ago)
Please add Czech subtitles if possible. Thank you👍
the bunker parodie (27 days ago)
For the people who are like "muh plagiat",it was not captain joe fault(the writer is to blame)
Eyevanvlogs (27 days ago)
3:03 who else got the AIRBUS joke and laughed? x'D
Flightpath (27 days ago)
I always wanted to know who is the captain in newly released aircraft for example the 777x since there are only a few people with a reliable amount of experience after getting a type rating. This has confused me for a while now and there is no answer that I could find. I would really appreciate if you can explain in some context this uncommon situation.
Vincent Mccormick (27 days ago)
Would anything happen if you raised the landing gear while accelorating to take off would the front wheel fold up or is there safety features on this
Vincent Mccormick (27 days ago)
@Mike P ok thanks i gathered there woukd be just one if those what if kind of things i doubt any1 would be that stupid to do it anyway but ya never know thanks for the reply anyway
Mike P (27 days ago)
The landing gear can't be retracted when the aircraft is on the ground. There is a sensor which senses that the aircraft is on the ground.
Aviation Enthusiastic (27 days ago)
Nice. Why does Air India A320 have 4 wheel main landing gear. You forgot to explain why.
yahya ghazal (28 days ago)
Idk if you covered this subject yet but can people with heart disease be pilots?
jack dunn (28 days ago)
Honestly I have lost all respect for you after the wendover thing
the bunker parodie (27 days ago)
the bunker parodie (27 days ago)
@Kitka Kitka
Kitka Kitka (28 days ago)
He's such a puss, he didn't even admit it and just deleted the video. Unsub
Ahmed Izzeldin (28 days ago)
What the problem to go around with gear retracted down?
TheBlueTiger (28 days ago)
Waiiiit if your name is" captain Joe" you should have 4 stripes but you have 3 stripes so your YouTube channel name should be 'First officer Joe'
Mansoor Kc (28 days ago)
Hello captain Joe, I am a 7th standard student. My ambition is to become a pilot like you. But I heard that you should have a good maths skill to become a pilot and I am not really good at it. Pls tell me some tips to get good at maths.☺️
skull dragon gamer (28 days ago)
Also make a vid on the autopilot or ECAM systems
Siddharth Senthilkumar (28 days ago)
Can you do a video on how you became a pilot
Yakov Dlougach (28 days ago)
What has happened to the video about budget airlines?
Danish Basri (6 days ago)
@Luis Diaz sad truth
Luis Diaz (26 days ago)
Maybe was a "external" pressures, you know it.
MAHMOUD TAHA (28 days ago)
You're an absolute ideas theif You stole wondover productions' budget airlines episode and you didn't even change a letter.. Time to unsubscribe
the bunker parodie (27 days ago) you need to read this
Sejal Gohil (28 days ago)
Hie Joe I'm from India and it's literally been a dream for me to become a pilot and I'm currently studying for it so just wanted to thank you for all those motivating videos you've uploaded for becoming a pilot Also wanted to ask a question that in which country are lady pilots given more jobs??? Please do consider my question
Nitai Shah (21 days ago)
Otto Von Bismarck she’s a girl herself
Otto Von Bismarck (24 days ago)
What's the point ? Is to avoid flying in this country ? Or to go find your future soulmate there ? ;-)
James Martin (28 days ago)
So why is "Captain" Joe wearing only three stripes? Is captain joe a fraud and is really an FO?
Vasanth Maarie (28 days ago)
8:02 "The good old days of Captain Joe"
Jojomojo 288 (29 days ago)
Hi, I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I can remember and I was just wondering if you have to go to university to be a pilot and what grades do you have to achieve??🙂👍
Henry Freeman Hank’s Detailing (28 days ago)
Mike P ah ok thanks for the clarification.
Mike P (28 days ago)
@Henry Freeman Hank’s Detailing - Of course you need a pilot licence. The high school diploma is the basic education level needed for the airline pilots, after that you must have the flight training to get the pilot licence. You need to have a commercial pilot licence with multi engine and instrument rating, and you have to complete the written test for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. You also may need the Multi Crew Coordination Course, and Jet Orientation Course. But when you have your commercial pilot licence you can apply for a job at an airline if you have a high school diploma, because the airlines in Europe require that you have graduated from high school.
Henry Freeman Hank’s Detailing (28 days ago)
Mike P shit that’s kinda scary. What training do they need?! I thought you need a pilots license?!
Jojomojo 288 (28 days ago)
Thank you, that really helps
Mike P (28 days ago)
In Europe it's not mandatory to have a college degree to become a pilot, you can become an airline pilot when you have a high school diploma.
Clzys (29 days ago)
Why are you calling yourself “Captain Joe” when your a first officer? The reason why I know is because: 1. your sitting on the right seat in the cockpit, 2. You only have 3 stripes on your epaulets. And 3. The Q/A about the most frequent asked questions about airline pilots, you answered half of them wrong.... so please explain that.
Mike P (28 days ago)
Joe began to fly in 2005 and in 2010 he started to fly the A320, so he already seems to have experience.
Clzys (28 days ago)
Mike P lmao
Mike P (28 days ago)
"They’re obviously not experienced pilots" That was hilarious.
Clzys (28 days ago)
pirozig zigwam sure then, my dad is the captain of the B737 so you can’t talk. 1. Chemtrails aren’t a thing they”re a conspiracy theory. 2. Passengers aren’t allowed to land the plane. 3. Passengers can’t go into the cockpit when the plane is airborne and tons more. They’re obviously not experienced pilots. So.... explain that please. Oh and btw I never said I was a pilot, I just know more things than you do about aviation.
pirozig zigwam (29 days ago)
Clzys what did he answer wrong then I’m a pilot and he was pretty spot on actually Are u a pilot No? What a surprise
MattCProductions (29 days ago)
So are tools like this tested every so often? After a given amount of time, a landing must be performed using this system to ensure it is working properly?
Steven Mayhew (29 days ago)
One thing I realized as an airline passenger: I have witnessed by watching the wing mechanics how pilots routinely test all the flight and other systems just to make sure that the plane is still flightworthy. That's a safety precaution. However, the only mechanics which pilots can never test while still aground are the landing gears themselves. The reason: they bear the weight of the airplane and therefore have to remain deployed until takeoff. But once airborne, if a mechanical failure does occur during attempted retraction or deployment, tough luck! I saw on the news how it happens to airliners and private planes alike.
Mels Lenstra (28 days ago)
The gear is visually inspected for abnormalities or obstructions by the pilots before each flight though. And I believe the whole airplane is placed onto support structures during periodic maintenance so that the landing gear can be serviced and tested thoroughly. This obviously wouldn’t be feasible to do before each flight. Compared to flight control surfaces, a gear failure is much less likely to lead to death or serious injury. Pilots are well trained on how to perform gear-up landings and many airports have the equipment to spray a layer of foam onto the runway before the plane lands to prevent fire.
Phyde4ux (29 days ago)
In your thumbnail it says, "What to do when this happens" Short answer for most of us: Nothing.
ஆகாஷ் - AKASH. SIVAH. (29 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the last point. But you could have explained it since many people may not know the reason behind it!🙂
xXx (29 days ago)
Cristina Cojocaru (30 days ago)
🌟🙂_🌟 Good and informational video!🌟🛬🛫👍👌
Paulo Macedo (30 days ago)
Can't you use independent thrust to steer the plane even if landing hidraulics are off?
Paulo Macedo (25 days ago)
@Yakov Dlougach yeah and I forgot that the plane's wheels might not turn if hidraulics are dead...
Yakov Dlougach (28 days ago)
I would expect you can still do differential braking and steering with rudder (like on small planes), but the radius of the turn would be too big.
Michael Amare (30 days ago)
Hey Joe. Can you please make a video which explains about Boeing Dream lifter because, the front of the aircraft looks like 747. Did they (Boeing) change one of the B-747 families to Dream lifter or are they two different aircrafts? Also your videos are absolutely fantastic Joe & they are very helpful to get information related with aviation. They helped me lot to know about aviation🛫. Keep it up Captain! Wishing you all the best.
shi01 (29 days ago)
It's just a modified 747.
Plane Expert (30 days ago)
Cool videos or as I like to say kutgw (keep up the good work) have a nice day
Maya Boulhares (30 days ago)
What I like this most in aviation is that everything is thought, studied and measured in details.
Maya Boulhares (30 days ago)
You become already an instructor
skull dragon gamer (30 days ago)
Joe make a video on inboard and outboard elevators
skull dragon gamer (28 days ago)
Or autopilot
skull dragon gamer (28 days ago)
Also make a video on the ECAM and other computer systems
arwasairl (30 days ago)
Could you talk about the CPDLC?
Priya Anandasorupan (30 days ago)
I have one question why do they sometimes say 767-300ER when they call B767
Mike P (30 days ago)
It's a one variant of the B767. There are also other variants like e.g. B767-200 or B767-300F.
JUVENTUS IC (30 days ago)
Hi Can you make a video about how you get your flight schedule and if you can cancel any flights. Thank you
Shadow Coyote (30 days ago)
Shadow Coyote (30 days ago)
What does landing gear have ANYTHING jn common with a waterslide trapdoor OR A COFFE GRINDER!?
Fabian Figge (30 days ago)
Why planes with an emergency return to the airport where there takeoff even though there are many airports closer to the plane?
khanage360 (1 month ago)
Not sure what hes talking about but I'm sure its interesting
ylxzys (1 month ago)
I like to watch these to think I’m something big, and go to different places
Matevs (1 month ago)
It would be great to see these procedures on other aircraft models.
stephen njora (1 month ago)
Hey Capt Joe nice vid very informative..... I see the cargolux 747 every day at Jomo kenyatta international Airport..... How often have you come on this route.... Nairobi that is
Anselmo Sales (1 month ago)
Piloto foi muito preciso nesta hora.
DCS,Plays_austin Major (1 month ago)
Once he get done with his YouTube carries all of us will know how to take a plane apart and put it back together and fly it
iiAmCorgii (1 month ago)
Funny, because captains have 4 stripes on their arms, why do you only have 3 and call yourself the captain....?
Charles Turnage (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on side slipping? What is it? How/When do you do this maneuver? Thanks Charles
Justin Weldon (1 month ago)
I wish Joe would reply to me☺️ Great video