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What's the Longest Drivable Distance on Earth?

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Text Comments (5663)
Triple B (1 minute ago)
0:30, HAI, Do You Mean "Afro-Eurasia"?
David T (4 hours ago)
Should I put fastest route or shortest distance into my sat nav tho? 🧐
Hiyuke La Vie (11 hours ago)
Does it have to be a straight line Because if not, then technically a roundabout would be an infinitely long drive
Michael Horton (19 hours ago)
Damn i was going to say go infinitely on a roundabout. Sht.
Hearth (20 hours ago)
kenyér 69 (1 day ago)
In Australi is the most longest road
t3hb0ss (1 day ago)
theyre connected by land, so you can drive it.. right? *WRONG, BECAUSE I LIED* >>top 10 anime betrayals
Ali Charfedine (1 day ago)
Yellow countries are almost 99% Muslim This is a mystery of the universe Those who share my opinion call for me to leave this yellow area in the direction of the Green Zone and I am conservative of my religion
avtoban1 (1 day ago)
Hasan not Khasan
Me Meagain (2 days ago)
when I have to pick up my mother in law from the airport..and we only live 2 miles from there!
The Real Naz (2 days ago)
Dubai - Not impossible city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7ibPvwEZs
The Real Naz (2 days ago)
Dubai - Not impossible city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7ibPvwEZs
Fanisen AEK (2 days ago)
VIDEO GIVES WRONG ANSWER . The right answer is from CAPE TOWN , Sourh Africa , to ANADYR Russia . Via Suez canal bridge.
Marie Katherine (3 days ago)
Hmmm, I’ll keep it in mind for my next vacation road trip.
Roy (3 days ago)
I'm confused by why you discounted Africa. You said the 'almost all' the routes take you up the west end of Africa, but that must not mean all?
John West (3 days ago)
As long as there is a "drivable" bridge, then it is connected and hence drivable. Just because we dug a ditch to float a boat through, doesn't mean the continents are not connected anymore!
cehaem2 (3 days ago)
In reality, this will be more like three weeks..
Just A Person (4 days ago)
For me maps says 14 319 kilometres, not 13 000 and something
Ken Saber (4 days ago)
Skip to 3:45 to find the answer. All else before it is just filler.
Stephen Gregson (4 days ago)
You’re gonna need to get an oil change about 5000 miles into the drive and make a lot of fueling stops. I’d be afraid to drive a car for more than 2 days straight without letting it sit for a few hours to cool down.
Nathan Marco jacobs Jacobs (4 days ago)
it's the nile river
Nolan Games (4 days ago)
Funny you put it in the title
DangusPrime Gaming (5 days ago)
You have to stop for an oil change halfway through
David Martin (5 days ago)
ccl : en theorie tout est possible, en pratique jamais.
shobhit mishra (5 days ago)
I beg to differ...Please check the distance between Kanyakumari (India) to Sagres (Portugal) through Moreh (India), Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, kazakhastan, Russia, and so on... A map on this site might be helpful https://adventuresoverland.com/fixed-departures/road-to-london-2020.html
francismartinevans (5 days ago)
What about Sagres, Portugal to Ola, Magadan Oblast, Russia? 15,157km 7days 14hrs
HAMZA .R (6 days ago)
I can just circle around with my car and i get the longest drivable distance on earth....
James Ford (6 days ago)
fuck this miles, use S.I. animal
Nikola Radmanovic (6 days ago)
Heisenberg on 1:38
Cal Ven (7 days ago)
No way in hell could you drive 8,726 in six days and 19 hours. Due to the fact, there would be slow mountain passes and other obstacles. Don't know where the maker of the video got his stats.
Kunal Mazumdar (8 days ago)
Finally I knew where is the Panama canal! I knew about the Suez canal, but confused about the Panama one.
Philip Bryan Adamos (8 days ago)
It amazes that I watched the video without it's audio but it manage to understand.
Emre Karacigerツ (9 days ago)
With traffic: 7 days or even 8
robnhood (10 days ago)
wow im bored
Christopher Mcallorum (10 days ago)
Fuck know why your are pronouncing route the way you are 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤯🤯🤯🤯
T w (10 days ago)
there are two endless roads around many cities one going clockwise and one unclockwise. there is even more fun if you replace the 'way out' signs by 'no way' ones.
ElementEvil (11 days ago)
brazzaville - is that where they make porn?
Madina Dawood (11 days ago)
Mr engine I don't fell So good (vomits out all the gasoline )
PR0 G1RL (11 days ago)
The only reason the Australian highway system isn’t longer is because everybody drives on the left
Brian Swope (11 days ago)
Can you just get to the point already
CrazyInWeston (11 days ago)
This video cheats, because it goes east, but for the final last bit, it heads south/southwest. I know he said you could use a roundabout to drive indefinitely but he also said said you could use continuous tarmac... So you could then go 100,000 miles going east, north, east, south, west, south, east, north etc zig zagging across the whole African/Asian or the Euro/Asian countries.
slav dude (11 days ago)
the longest is actually from sagres to magadan
E. Smyth (11 days ago)
1:45 * pauses video * * googles Darien Gap* * resumes video *
Austin Botelho (11 days ago)
You’d have to refill a 10 gallon tank at 40MPG about 22 times throughout the route
Henryy Mukasa (12 days ago)
Point of collection. It's possible to drive from Cape town ( South Africa) through East Africa to Egypt and then Asian and Europe. The journey will start in Cape town South Africa through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, south Sudan, Republic of Sudan, Egypt. In Egypt you will have to use a bridge on Suez canal and then through Israel......... But if you just google it sometimes it's hard to understand it.
Ahad Rahman (12 days ago)
What is miles?
WebDev (12 days ago)
Sorry the longest route is in Boston, MA with the constant road construction causing numerous detours..
antonio703 (15 days ago)
Por qué mencionas Sagres y no Algeciras? ¿ no es más larga la distancia desde Algeciras?
Srikar 09 (16 days ago)
1:38 HEISENBERG is into Panama ??
MarquisX (16 days ago)
Damn that's one hell of a Uber/ Lyft ride. And the driver only get $1000 😞😞😞
Penguin Gaming (16 days ago)
idea drive across the berling strait when it is frozen!
Vharun Siva (17 days ago)
HAI: Eurafricasia is the largest road system Also HAI: Circles Ireland cos you can drive across the celtic sea...
Fionn (12 days ago)
U mean the irish sea?
byteme9718 (17 days ago)
That's nothing. In Texas they drive 8726 miles just to get to work and the roads are so wide air travel is used just to cross them.
Алексей Б. (17 days ago)
To be honest there is no roads in Russia. Those which we have more like frikkin Mars shaped asphalt lines of death. Thats just simple true. And to be honest secondly, roads aren't the biggest problem. As we usually say "There's two problems in Russia. Morons 'n' roads". Lulxde
Dopravní Poradce (17 days ago)
You haven't done your homework well, if you play a bit with the route in Google Maps, you find out that you can avoid any boat from Cape Town, SAR to Khasan, Russia via Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mobo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mundri West, South Sudan and Ejlat, Israel. This way you don't ever embark a boat and drive all the way on roads. The full 28 445 km / 16 days of continuous driving of it. Prove me wrong.
B W (17 days ago)
Kazan is located in the middle of Russia. You are misleading people
- Ginny Yoyo - (19 days ago)
i learnt so much more than in one day at school today...........
TheFsandt (19 days ago)
Earth is flat!
byteme9718 (17 days ago)
No, there are lumpy bits.
sisyphus purged (19 days ago)
What would the longest cycling route be ? Find it for me and I will bicycle it !!
Ива шЭвсмпааас (20 days ago)
I am Rasian
Ива шЭвсмпааас (20 days ago)
Не чо не понял
Ива шЭвсмпааас (20 days ago)
Хех я русский
Kamil S. (20 days ago)
Which Used ~10 years old car up to 10.000$ you would pick to this mission :)?
3567676373156767976976976 (20 days ago)
The Mongols almost did it.
Jessica Teague (21 days ago)
Get off my land before I put up my nuclear war fare
Jessica Teague (21 days ago)
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333Columbia (21 days ago)
1 customs checkpoint* no checks between belarus and russia
Théodore Lavilotte PODOLOGIE et REFLEXOLOGIE (22 days ago)
Very interesting, I would like to drive on a so long road with a van.
Tim Pennings (22 days ago)
@mrbeast should drive the longest road
Alexandre Albuquerque (23 days ago)
Sagres is not the most extreme driving point of Europe. That point is located in Cabo da Roca near Lisbon
CNVideos (24 days ago)
Cape Town, up the eastern side of Africa, across one of the Suez Canal bridges, then across the Middle East up into Europe, then over to Russia, then across China and Southeast Asia, and end up in Singapore.
Ray Mak (24 days ago)
You'll change your life after driving this route
stanglova86 (24 days ago)
Do this 10 times and your car is roasted
darth vader (24 days ago)
Just found out via google maps that if you went from Figueira Da Foz in Portugal to Cafe "Laryukovaya" in Russia it is exactly 7 days 4 hours drive (or 115 days walk) 14,423kms. By the way it's 7 days and 12 hours from Tarifa, Spain to Magadan, Russia. Distance? 15,047kms!
Daniel rdo (24 days ago)
A fucken Portuguese person would probably try this even if they have no money and a 25 year old car
Ragnok123 (24 days ago)
6 days and 19 hours. Multiple count of days by 2 or 3, because in Russia ways are funny
maria fe (24 days ago)
Sagres, Portugal – Khasan, Russia that's the answer
mehak batool (25 days ago)
1:43 heisenberg 😂🛢
SLONGEST KONGEST (25 days ago)
The longest drive ever is finding your keys
fffhh ggbjj (25 days ago)
U mean canada and south america ,or i can just say canada and southern canada
Sophie Songbird (25 days ago)
Stuff like this fascinates me so much lol I once sat in a bus in Istanbul and there was a sign “welcome to Asia” Crossing Asia via Europe is so amazing
bboris3 (25 days ago)
False...the longest road on the earth is from my work to my house when mother-in-law is inside
piraat6666 (25 days ago)
Raquel Ramos (26 days ago)
The longest drivable distance is 15.143 km from Sagres (Portugal) to Magadan (Russia)
David Parker (25 days ago)
That came in for me at 7 days 14 hours
TheTshen (26 days ago)
Hm, and what about the Kolyma road from Yakutsk to Magadan? It is +2000km. Are you sure that the road to Khasan is bigger than to Magadan?
Jacandra Haser (26 days ago)
No the longest road is when is tomorrow
FlyHigh2019 (26 days ago)
Where is the great wall of china
dr evil (26 days ago)
Wish this idiot would stop saying rout instead of route
Daniel CH (27 days ago)
What about Sagres to Singapore? That's over 16,000km.
Merciful soul (28 days ago)
Reallifelore isn't happy
LSPG (28 days ago)
But why can't you cross the suez canal? You even said there are bridges. On Google Maps it is possible.
Up North Yooper (28 days ago)
You got the number of days wrong no matter what a computer says. I have driven truck for years and the best you can hope for on a long trip is a 50 miles an hour average.
Canada (29 days ago)
Why did you say Canada Canada
ambross mbunga (1 month ago)
I’ll take it. New adventure begins
Phil M (1 month ago)
Carpool karaoke with James Corden takes on: Russia
Brandon Wint (1 month ago)
South africa to argentina
Alexander Guryanov (1 month ago)
A mistake! The final point of the longest way is not Kazan but Vladivostok! Dear Author, study geography before making such videos.
Itz_LeoYT (1 month ago)
Now, calculate the “Are we there yet” it would take to get there
Игротека 90-х (1 month ago)
Actually, one custom, because there is no border betweern Russia & Belorussia.
What's this switch? (1 month ago)
There is. Why do you think there isn't?
Chen Lih Wei (1 month ago)
Why can't we just start from Brazzaville and get to Khasan with the existing roads?