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Girl Insult The Boy On Road :P Full Time Gaaliyaan :D :D

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Girl Insult The Boy On Road :P Full Time Gaaliyaan :D :D http://www.impactdesk.com/
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (12)
Anish Majumder (1 year ago)
Teri Maa Ki😤
Manish Patel (2 years ago)
Abey..futt kutte ke bachhey hahah
indian drink cow urine cola (3 years ago)
Main hota is gandu ki gand par Lat parta. Yahan har koi Larki ko bura bolta agr in main say kise ki behan ko wo rokta to inki gand main aag Lagti .. Sher ki bachi hai.
Jck Jck (3 years ago)
this is pakistan.....choothiyon...welcome to karachi
Sonu Singhania (3 years ago)
Respect for women
Rahul sharma (4 years ago)
Shes driving a maruti 800 with so much of attitude..Men should learn to give it back..Female goondaism
Kappa Sensei ART (4 years ago)
Equal rights fuck India
Iftekhar Khan (4 years ago)
Mental woman she is full of Shit
Kulsoom Akhtar (1 year ago)
Iftekhar Khan is not her fault, this is only the way get famous easy way to raise money
Iftekhar Khan (3 years ago)
This bitch needs a Slap
ranveer yadav (4 years ago)
bull shitt lady... she dont know how to behave 
Billu sick (6 years ago)
Galia meh mjah bohot attah hey.