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PT Walkley gets around. He fronts NYC band The Blue Jackets, scores films and writes hip ad jingles. On January 27, he makes his formal solo debut with the album Mr. Macy Wakes Alone, on Frisbie Records. A decadent collaboration with insider stars like Sean Lennon and David Campbell, Mr. Macy is a storybook of songs — following a gothic narrative of music industry greed, love, art and sanitariums. --- Sundance Channel and DELL (PRODUCT) RED present the DISCOVERED emerging artist series — a sequence of short vignettes highlighting independent musicians on the rise. Experience each vignette here on the Lounge, and get familiar with DISCOVERED artists before the rest of the world does.
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Text Comments (5)
Lu Sleiman (8 years ago)
Qmalvadore (9 years ago)
this is one of my favorite songs.
walkerblu (10 years ago)
wonderful to see the full orchestra! did you see PT's Springsteen cover? love it
Joan Blair (10 years ago)
AWESOME! Congrats on your success!
walkerblu (10 years ago)
best song i've heard live in a long time. the blender theater release show was legendary.