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Van conversion~SOLAR power!

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Check it out ! The solar is all installed on the van. I have 300 watts of solar panels . I have 425Ah of power available at 12 volts. It works great!
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John W (1 month ago)
Great job on your solar! Thanks for explaining it! I just came across your channel and subscribed!
Joe Black (6 months ago)
Nice to know there are other "goofballs" in this world. I've had my conversion van for about 6 months now, (not as fancy or elaborate as yours), and have been on a couple of trips, and have really enjoyed the drives and the freedom to stop and sleep anywhere. Being a retired truck driver, I am used to eating at truck stops, etc., so I travel pretty light and carefree. With the advent of 12 volt everything, plus inverters, laptops, cellphones, etc., it's easy to live in the van for short trips. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do …. maybe see ya on the road someday!! My Ford E150 has Peterbilt badges on it, so I nic-named it "Lil' Pete". Safe journeys HH.
Van Jitsu (6 months ago)
You can charge your phone with the 12v system. Just install a usb outlet to plug into.
John W (8 months ago)
You definitely take a lot of pride in your work electrical system is very nice and neat thank you for sharing!
Van Dwelling Soul (10 months ago)
Looks Great and great explanations. Thank you for a great video :)
Shawn/IO (10 months ago)
lets be honest, what in the world do you need 425 ah for lol
Homestead Handyman (10 months ago)
True,but I had the batteries! Thanks for watching!
EarthCamper.com_Vinay (11 months ago)
is there a inverter?
EarthCamper.com_Vinay (11 months ago)
Homestead Handyman thanks for reply. BTW nice van colour.
Homestead Handyman (11 months ago)
Most of the van will run on 12 volts. I did install a small inverter in the event i need 115v . thanks for watching!
Moofier (1 year ago)
This is the most tidy solar system I have seen. Props to you mate 👍
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Thanks. It is working well!
CincyPlasmaTech (1 year ago)
Well done! A model of excellence!!
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Thanks so much!
The Urban Stealth Campervan Man (1 year ago)
What a fantastic channel really enjoying it very interesting! Lot's of catching up to do.... subbed! If you get a minute or two have a look at my channel and maybe sub thanks Brett
The Urban Stealth Campervan Man (1 year ago)
Homestead Handyman Thanks buddy!
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Will do. Thanks for watching!
james weiser (1 year ago)
I would mount a 6" diameter pvc tube for water to take warm showers or for cleaning dishes, instsll a port for filling water & a valve stem to add psi.
james weiser (1 year ago)
You're welcome & good luck!
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Good idea. I have the room on the racks for one. Thanks!
Pro Vanner (1 year ago)
Great electrical system! Very well engineered, and beautifully constructed. Great attention to detail!
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Thanks ! It is working very well so far
Nannette Battista (1 year ago)
You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from INPLIX .
Sumo's Projects (1 year ago)
Very intelligent be you, it's going to be such nice holidays you are both going to take in this van, great work Don 👍👍👍👍
Rusty Glovebox (1 year ago)
Very nice and well laid out. Looks really good !
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Thanks Rusty! I like things to look neat, even if no one else sees them !
I hear Ya (1 year ago)
WHOOHOO!😬💖🍀 Nice !! You Guys are gonna have a Nice Trail Blazer🤗
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
We are excited to hit the trail!
Rick Ballard (1 year ago)
Looks like it turned out quiet nice, thanks for sharing
Homestead Handyman (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching Rick!