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Why Most Orange Juice Comes From Brazil, Not Florida

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In the United States, orange juice is synonymous with Florida. It may come as a surprise, then, to look at the fine print on a bottle of Tropicana and Simply Orange and discover that part of the product isn't from the Sunshine State after all. It's from Brazil. Orange juice is big business in Brazil. After a series of frosts swept through Florida in the 1960s, devastating orange groves, Brazil met that deficit with its own supply, starting with frozen concentrate orange juice. Then, in 2005, citrus greening disease, which had spread throughout the world from China, arrived in Miami. It rendered oranges in affected groves inedible, resulting in a 55 percent decline in production over the next decade. In response, Florida's orange growers raised OJ prices by nearly $2 per gallon, causing bottlers to turn to cheaper Brazilian OJ. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Why Most Orange Juice Comes From Brazil, Not Florida | CNBC
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Text Comments (1405)
U Know it Is Here (15 hours ago)
That is why our whole...I mean whole family stop buying this crap for 10 years now. It's not pure and full of sugar!
Douglas Thompson (1 day ago)
Once again advertising is proven to be pure lies. Not even a remote relation to the truth.
Suzanne Demos (4 days ago)
stop building condos and bring back the farms.
U R GAY (5 days ago)
I live in Florida I'm sad
rob379 (13 days ago)
Carp... we need more warm weather!
Paoby Obounou (17 days ago)
Yet we still consuming that damn orange juice despite all of this
476 Anno Domini (21 days ago)
I love how most Brazilians here are white high class Brazilians who forgot that Brazil has horrible racism and only abolished slavery in 1888
Antonio Costa (28 days ago)
Got it right at last.
Vinícius Reis (29 days ago)
Seriously, Brazilian’s labour law is incredidible tuff, I was surprised with the claim that it is weaker than US’. Its enforcement is not that effective, and there is eventualy cases of analogous to slavery condition, but Brazil’s position has a lot to do with its natural conditions.
Shadowmancer (1 month ago)
This is good news! I'm happy for Brazil!
Cristiano Sousa (1 month ago)
At 3:01 he says something absurd. American labor laws in the US don't even have paid maternity leave. Brazilian labor laws are really complex and it's a myriad of rules making it Har dot layoff people
The big English boi (1 month ago)
Bc us Brazilans know our orange s
Mochii Tsuki (1 month ago)
0:26 is that…the voice from the FitnessGram Pacer test??
Neil Deep (1 month ago)
Orange Juice processed, without pulp is merely a sugar bomb.
sou um Franklin (1 month ago)
Os caras brigando por laranja kkkkkkkkkk😂
Vinicius Almeida (1 month ago)
CNBC please make a fair game and study the case! Brazil don't use modern slave labor. We do use chemicals pesticides but we buy with USA and its a USA demand not ours. American industry have to get down not because cheap labor but market opening. Wecolme to XXI century !
Gisley Alves (2 months ago)
Please! Where and who did tell you brazilian labor law is weak? Are you insane? Do a reseach and find out that in Brazil, imployees have much more rights than in the USA. Besides, Brazil exports not only orange juice to the USA. Brazil has supplied USA with cow, pork and chichen meat, bananas and much more. Greentings from Brazil folks.
Scare League (2 months ago)
Because its not cost effective bruh 😂
F-ZERO (2 months ago)
WTF. ?!?! Willing to cut into Brazilian cocaine production.... for Orange juice? That's a disproportionate fun to health Factor
Stephane Razzon (2 months ago)
I was expecting to hear more about the HLB ('Greening') disease as one of the major factors that are affecting Florida's citrus industry
Michael Kranyak (2 months ago)
Does Brazil use Roundup weed killer?
Carlos Oliveira (2 months ago)
Come on @cnbc. Get the facts right! Using the “slavery” bullocks after another country can beat the so called “Uncle Sam”? 😂
Loser play3 (2 months ago)
_Oh hell yeah its from brazil_
Rauley Shar (3 months ago)
Fake juice AKA Sugar water!
Leonardo de Albuquerque (3 months ago)
Orange farming employs more than 50.000 Brazilians only in my state, all of them with full work rights and government social programs! Please stop this BS and admit you just want Monopoly and protectionism!
REM (3 months ago)
Whos eating a orange?
Mr.Unknown Cali-Life (3 months ago)
My boss sales oranges to Florida from California crazy they lie to customers
Brian (3 months ago)
Couldn't just leave the report about oranges had to drop that last dig in at the end
M Y (3 months ago)
Orange juice is NOT healthy kids, eat the fruit and stop it with all these juices
ricardo rodriguez (3 months ago)
It is cheaper to produce in brazile. Thats all
forigatoTV Games (3 months ago)
Brazil porra eu gosto do suquinho da xando, nome estranho nn sei pq man
Veia Investidora (3 months ago)
Fun Fact: Only Brazilians can say something negative about Brazil otherwise they will massacre you. Thank you for you attention!
Luciano Sampaio (3 months ago)
Brazil's labour rights are much weaker than in the US?!? You guys don't get vacations or 13th salary or paid extra hours! I won't even talk about healthcare...
izmayil_aldgn (3 months ago)
1:14 as bayrakları as
Phil Lin (3 months ago)
Phil Lin (3 months ago)
Watch Out Donald Trump OJ May Cost Your Presidency
Vitor Fernandes (3 months ago)
At least something good from my country! kkkkkkk
minimalismu (3 months ago)
suco de laranja
Sabrina R (3 months ago)
It’s funny cause we don’t have orange juice in brazil
TheZchristina97 (3 months ago)
The Story of OJ
Alberto Braga (4 months ago)
Fake news!
FRANCISCO aligherie (4 months ago)
I live in Argentina and mostly of the oranges are from northen Argentina, the brazilian orages are in the market also but the flavor is a little more sour compared to the argentinian but im from Perú in the southern coast where we have oranges, those are sweet like honey because we dont use the pesticide its use in other countries. The only bad thing is we only have those delicious oranges in June, July and August for us. Then we get oranges from the Peruvian jungle or northen of Perú but flavor is not the same.
Gustavo Menezes (4 months ago)
Facts about what is being discussed here: - Our crops are modern. There is a lot of technology on it, and that is the main reason why we produce a lot. - Modern slavery in Brazil is also real. Who is saying it is a lie, is lying or doesnt know the reality of our population. It happens specially in the inner of Brazil. If you google it you will find a lot of news cases that show up every now and then. (But now, with the new government, the Ministery of Labor, that was the responsible to analyze and investigate complaints about slave labor, was closed. The government says that the fields of competence from the old Ministery of Labor were assigned to other Ministeries, but probably new cases will stop showing up. YAY! Now we dont have it anymore! lol)
JPGK 2016 (4 months ago)
Brazilian OJ production system is a "Modern System of Slavery" ??? What ??? When you can`t compete, you have to invent this kind of lies...
Gustavo Braz (4 months ago)
Brazil doesn't have slavery workers on poor conditions! That's a big lie!!!! Almost all orenges comes from farms that uses machinery to harvest the oranges. Brazilian workers are incredibly watched by the government. Stop lying!
Fleisbester (4 months ago)
PROPAGANDA! Brazil is more competitive than U.S, not because of the "modern slavery" but because they can produce orange the whole year.
ricardo oliveira (4 months ago)
O suco vai pra lá, e o bagaço fica aqui , que bom
Colmp (4 months ago)
The Orange President has spoken
James (4 months ago)
Oh! Wait.. isn't Julia Louis-Dreyfus the heir (sole heir?) to the Louis Dreyfus company?
leonardo899 (4 months ago)
Slavery or 3rd world wages, same thing.
J. Montrice (4 months ago)
Louis Dreyfus does that have anything to do with Elaine from Seinfeld? (I know we’re all pretty smart here I’m making a joke lol)
Angela Kindness (3 months ago)
J. Montrice (4 months ago)
I could careless Orange Juice makes me feel sick for some reason unless it’s fresh squeezed
L.L S. (4 months ago)
America will remain a debtor nation as it loses exportable products.
Lauro Africa (4 months ago)
Jesus CNBC is only about FakeNews. Us brazilians easily notice the lies of this journal.
Ashley Sutherland (4 months ago)
I thought oranges mostly came from California
Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr (4 months ago)
There are at least Four orange trees for every person living in Florida - the Third most populous state in the nation. So where's all that juice going??
Andre Abreu (4 months ago)
American journalists are very STUPID!!! It is fake news!!! Our Brazilian agriculture is more modern, there is no slavery.
JUNIORFAKE (4 months ago)
Brazil have the most advanced agro productions, cashews, Orange, brazil nut, beans, rice, cotton, coffee, jabuticaba, bananas, coconuts, etc and the list goes on, we have a lot of things that we massly produce and export, using tech and all. Forgot about the cow meat, daries, chicken, pork etc. Just FYI, São Paulo alone, produces 30 percent of all Orange juice in the world
Wendell Alves (4 months ago)
I am from Brazil, and I have seen many whole trucks delivering orange and lemon totally spoiled and rotten to Coca-Cola.
John Lupo (4 months ago)
John Lupo (4 months ago)
Mark Batarina (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who laughed when they showed Donald Trump on a Orange Juice video?
E Pena (4 months ago)
Is this video a lobby against Brazil? Florida OJs are disappearing because it cannot compete anymore. Land in Florida is better suited now for housing, resorts or golf courses that orange plantation.
JD Perini (4 months ago)
Chuppppaaaaaaaa!! I mean, drink it!!
14uu (4 months ago)
huehue brbr
Gilberto (4 months ago)
I have never heard of slavery in Brazillian orange fields, and I live in Brazil. Where did you get that from?
Bruno Henrique (4 months ago)
A modern system of slavery? Such a nonsense!
Fernando (4 months ago)
Brazil rules the world
Bruno Ferraz Donati (4 months ago)
We have Queiroz... that's what makes the OJ cheaper than US... isn't slaves....
Udaya Kyasa (4 months ago)
David Lima (4 months ago)
Brazil's labour rights aren't weaker than US ones, but in some industries such as agriculture, the inspection may be harder to do, especially with the ruralists' lobby in Congress pushing the government to weaken the inspection departments of the Labour Ministry.
PizzaSuica ¿-¿ (4 months ago)
Só vim ver brasileiros comentando
Antione Berry (4 months ago)
I need real american orange juice🍊🥃!
Al Bert (4 months ago)
American people literally think the world revolves around them. This arrogance is purely embarrassing. I guarantee you at least 80 percent of American’s cannot point out Brazil on a blank map before they watched this video..
Ygor (4 months ago)
do you know anything about brazil? "brazil labor rights are much weaker than the us" lmao
ShwolfOfficial (4 months ago)
this video is all bullshit. in brasil workers have the way better rights than most countries (granted the min wage isnt the best). and yes ofcourse workers arent paid in weeks, here in brasil workers are paid monthly not weekly like the US. SO DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH YOU YANKEE
ESSE (4 months ago)
OJ is full of sugar anyway. People shouldn't drink them except once in a while
Lucas Universe (4 months ago)
in Brazil we call Queiroz orange
Andre Alves (4 months ago)
Im from brazil , americans dont drink brazilian Oj or any other food from Brazil, its heavely contaminated with poison, also the OJ you drink in america its imported frozen, sometimes you drink a 1 year old juice its discusting and not fresh
Nevasca (4 months ago)
que orgulho da nossa fazenda país
Rodolfo Borges (4 months ago)
I worked in the Brazilian Agro Sensus and modern slavery is actually a thing.
Pedro Balastros (4 months ago)
Americans are so ignorant about the rest of the world 😂😂😂
Lucas Cavalcanti (4 months ago)
Slavery? you guys should study a little bit more before making these low quality informational videos. Brazil's agriculture is better than most countries in the world because of the most obvious reasons, which don't include slavery: 1) plenty of land 2) proper soil 3) technological expertise (sure sure, Brazil's know-how in most areas is not advanced next to other countries, but that's not the case in food production). The Brazilian farms that produce for international trade don't rely on human work force as they rely on high tech machines. Slavery (or slavery-like labor) is NOT the reason why Brazil is better in food producing (or orange producing) than most of the other countries. You guys seem to reason like "if they do better than the US, then they are 'cheating' ". ALSO: the woker's rights in Brazil are FAR more advanced than in the US. In other words, there are more and better labor rights in Brazil than in the US, and that's just a fact. The problem is that these rights aren't enforced as they should be by the State. Regarding wages: the Brazilian paychecks are certainly way lower than those in the USA. HOWEVER, the way that you talk about it in the video neglected the currency difference, which was a dumb mistake: the ratio between the Brazilian currency and the US currency is something like 4 BRL : 1 USD;
inform all (4 months ago)
why does everything have to end in a political statement
Daniel de Siqueira (4 months ago)
Cheap labor in the US: Fresh fruits, broken bodies
criuth (4 months ago)
Because US quality is crap and US people are lazy. Trumps tariff doesnt help either. Enjoy the reality.
Smg Playz (4 months ago)
Ummmm Its A Orange Juice Yarn
Tom Jormungandr (4 months ago)
Sounds like more irresponsible globalism from the school of treason economics
Angela Kindness (3 months ago)
Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guar (4 months ago)
Duh more oranges come from their they have the biggest farms
Doug 9000 (4 months ago)
ya, free markert when we are in the head, slavery in other countries when we lost relevance. okay...
Weldon Teixeira (4 months ago)
Brazil is the best producer! Modern slavery is the biggest lie!
Luiz Lianza (4 months ago)
Some research would be nice. Brazil has slavery, kind of, here we call slavery analog job, because slavery is a social condition per se. Anyway, that slavery happens mostly in northern states, near the Amazon forest, and involves mostly cattle, illegal deforestation, latex extraction etc. Note that, those aren't confirmed nor acquainted by the government. That exists because of disinformation and poverty. Now, if you are talking about a southern production, South, Southeast and Northeast regions, regions that are heavily industrialized, slavery couldn't happen at all. No one would manage to pass through the legal system without generating problems. They even wouldn't find anyone willing to do that. Those are, once again, heavily industrialized regions. Although with high inequality, no chance for slavery. Now, let's talk economy. USA is the top GDP in the world, is highly developed and their population wouldn't work for low paychecks. This is possible in Brazil because here you don't need as much as in Florida to live, except for large cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo (city, not the state). It is important to understand that dollar gives the financial backing for the world, almost. And it is a really strong currency. This is great to import, it sucks to export, and, if you are that strong, even imports from other countries would be more competitive. This is free market, is normal. Florida naturally would adapt, investing in another area. So, is quite normal that most orange juice is Brazilian and not from Florida. It is just the economy.
Luiz Lianza (4 months ago)
Also, would be more correct if the accusation was for social dumping and not modern slavery. C'mon... Social dumping... maaaaybe, I don't now. Modern slavery? No way...
60nascar (4 months ago)
You forgot about the 1998 wildfire
Caio Alves (4 months ago)
What? Check the real informations about brazilian labour laws. You can check it at a whole number of international rankings, like doing business.
nelsonta00 (4 months ago)
Nothing better than a fresh squeezed Brazilian orange LOL
Jose Baschiera (4 months ago)
Slavery? Our workforce is cheaper because we're poorer. Come here and see for yourself the high technology we have applied in Orange farms.
Vinicius (4 months ago)
Fake news over Brazil now?
pph1L (4 months ago)
This video looks like lobby from oj industries in USA. Brazil's workers have more rights than in the US and the labor here is very expensive duo to those rights.
Diego Caldas (4 months ago)
Brazilian work rights are leagues ahead of US’s. In Brazil you can’t simply fire someone as you can in the US without compensating the worker for being fired. This video is full of BS.
бот (4 months ago)
Eu mando todos os gringos enfiar laranjas no cu!