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2014 Best Set Top Box S18 DVB-S2+IPTV DLNA 2000 Free IPTV Channels PC Edition Basic Function

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Same Solution DVB-S2+IPTV Tonomac S18(ip-Box8) is available on Aliexpress to buy online: , Call/Wechat: +8613613051907 QQ: 39102538 Skype: wpy9988 Email:
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Text Comments (48)
LAND & SEA ADVENTURE (2 years ago)
hahahah a lot of channel but not one work ..don't waste you money
Daniel D (3 years ago)
do you ship to Belgium, where is the product to be found, the link does not give me the detail on your company website
mike p (3 years ago)
@MrCricket2756 I have file
mike p (3 years ago)
hey dick head  update it ...big rip off
yasser MBM (3 years ago)
svp comment je telecharge les chaînes iptv sur ip-s2
mike p (4 years ago)
when is there going to be an update for this box
wing wong (4 years ago)
your usb  for sale ,
wing wong (4 years ago)
where can I get the USB ?
Majdi Basheer (4 years ago)
mike p (4 years ago)
have this box and it doesn't have turbo 8psk,,witch means wont connect to hd//it has 8psk..but you need turbo 8psk or the new dish requirerments
MrCricket2756 (4 years ago)
Hello, I have this box and it is stuck on the boot logo for a very long time. Can you please help me?
Alex Souza (4 years ago)
Porfavor mim ajuda colocar no modo isk
tfaraj (4 years ago)
i have an  HDLINE HD200S, it's good receiver, with a free server and iptv 
izri1 (5 years ago)
does it have all  Bein sports HD channels? And Aljewzeera sports HD channels? And Fox Sports eredivisie (that is the dutch Fox sports) HD channels? And all the Canal plus HD channels? If you can promise and prove it, maybe i will buy one
mohammed almohammes (5 years ago)
كل هالقنوات تبغاها وفي الاخير يمكن تشتري ههههههههههههه صح عليك
Gianni Gorgoglione (5 years ago)
Hi! This works well! FANTASTIC!  It is a bit difficult to start with it since instructions are poor or not well exposed. But I can swear that it works well so far you have a fast internet connection!!! The all you need is to add iptv links to your S18 box. You can preview the channels links in a VLC media player before to transfer to the s18 decoder.
Everton Daniel (5 years ago)
I live in Brazil, but I want to watch tv channels from the United States, which receiver should I buy?  And where and how to buy?  And as a matter of Satelite, to which I point the antennas?
mike p (5 years ago) BEWARE
George Conde (5 years ago)
where can i get one ???????????
mike p (5 years ago)
becareful when ordering this box,,that you get what you ordered...mine is missing usb port in front and the pvr doesnt work...and make sure if you do a factory default that you write down the information for the iptv or it will be gone,as i did and they wont help you(my iptv dont work very few channels to none) also having problem with scanning certain sattelites  and getting the right channels some tps only give you non english channels of that channel...
blooduhz (5 years ago)
Thanks for telling us the feedback. Yes we need to be very careful when buy cheap electronic products from China. Alot of them claimed the products they selling are good. My brother bought tablet from Aliexpress. it is said to be the clone of Samsung galaxy tab. When we got it, it is so pain in the ass to use with horrible battery life and the screen was greenish. We threw it away the next month. For your iptv, I suggest you google, research and read up xbmc (now known as Kodi). Yea you need to read a lot and testing testing testing. there always tiral and errors. Hopefully your tv box can install new xbmc and got channels you wanted.
winston Harmon (5 years ago)
So were do I buy this from because this link is not working or this no longer out for sale
Bongjo K (5 years ago)
180 us dollar anuual fee
Maria Rosa Dos Santos Ferreira (5 years ago)
kann ich mit dieses IPTV  Portugiesische kanal ZB :Vom NOS und MEO empfange 
Sailor Mars (5 years ago)
does it have any US channels?
Gavin Gan (5 years ago)
请问要每年交费吗? 还是一次付费
SON YENİÇERİ (5 years ago)
I want to buy 1
Sirnawaz Chaudry (5 years ago)
were i can bya this box ??
王璟華 (5 years ago)
Marshal Wang (5 years ago)
Marshal Wang (5 years ago)
Now the same solution DVB-S2 + IPTV Combo [Model: Tonomac S18 (IP-Box8)] is Available in Ali Express:
MrCricket2756 (4 years ago)
Hello, I have this box and it is stuck on boot logo for very long time. Can you please help me?
Can I watch all Russian and USA Satellite  HD channels >>>
Dodex Samforna (5 years ago)
Are there any Filipino channels on this IPTV?
Mourad FARHAT (5 years ago)
Pass: 3399
Maryan Yanushev (6 years ago)
also bei mir wahr  jedenfalls  die 1111 ich hab das auch durch Zufall heraus bekommen habe mit 0000 angefangen ; )  
Maryan Yanushev (6 years ago)
hii tasci900 normalerweise 1111
tasci900 (6 years ago)
I have at the numbers given epg 1111 and nothing happens, I ask for help
tasci900 (6 years ago)
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tasci900 (6 years ago)
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service taho (6 years ago)
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Amit Kumar Krishnan (6 years ago)
HI .. Where can i Get this in Melbourne
Yudhy Lay (5 years ago)
Chư Pưh Thành Phố (6 years ago)
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Amange Shoejaeyfar (6 years ago)
5:45 did he just say "if you wanna watch youporn"?
Mathis Briand (6 years ago)
MC1989 (6 years ago)
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Lennerth Asante (6 years ago)
How can I get in USA