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UPS Whiteboard - Delivery Intercept

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Stop, reroute, or hold you package while in transit.
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Text Comments (26)
#1 Ravens' Fan (6 months ago)
That man needs a barber. He would totally get his ass kicked looking like that.
Whiskers & Dog hair (1 year ago)
While this guy (?) is creative, this will go down in history as one of the biggest advertising mistakes in UPS history. This guy came off as a total dufus. I was embarrassed for UPS everytime someone brought up these ads. And they enforced appearance guidelines for us as drivers, but if you are making crappy commercials, you could look as unpresentable as you like.
OhNoAwBear (2 years ago)
Holy fuck, I somehow stumbled on this video and remember seeing this commercial on tv wayyyy back in the day
Sener (5 years ago)
Lady wigs.
14534 (6 years ago)
This is actually a really great concept. I'm happy business owners now have the option to use delivery intercept
chltmdwp (7 years ago)
Cyndi W (7 years ago)
Its not just delivery, its digiornos
jordythegreat (8 years ago)
I still remember the SNL parody for these ads. Haha.
1ovinghater (8 years ago)
Why am I watching all these UPS ads lol O_o
lelizzylu (8 years ago)
A man in a lady wig.
Emily Laux (9 years ago)
"oh good the cherry blossoms are out!" hahahahahhahahah.
jazzmcCool (9 years ago)
I could have sworn he was gonna say "It's Dijorno."
Princess A (9 years ago)
The man in the EPIC lady wig! :D
lilbonez21 (9 years ago)
this nigga is so talented. he nice as shyt
ikeleet (9 years ago)
guy with lady wig ftw
amishbros (10 years ago)
these commercials are mesmerizing
chimapalooza (10 years ago)
well UPS has spent over 30 million for this new approach.
Morrice Kennard (10 years ago)
he draw good
Th3DevelsLettuce (10 years ago)
i like this ad the most cuz he makes the logo =] 5/5
Andrew Nuss (11 years ago)
no you are the dumb one especially since your name is based on a nerdy ass movie and you spelled 'what are' wrong and you didn't put an question mark... you are dumb and by the way he doesn't actually do it it is a green screen
JustlikeAmber - (11 years ago)
Andrew Nuss (11 years ago)
i dont think he is actually doing it... how can you make that straight of lines?
PhillyWild302 (11 years ago)
smooth...he made the logo lol
Da_kid (11 years ago)
His name is Andy Azula. He designed this creative advertisement for UPS and he also stars in it as well.
hubbajuba (12 years ago)
hubbajuba (12 years ago)
ya. lov song, do you know where it's from or is it original?