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Why book an inside room on a cruise

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We get asked all the time if you should save money by staying in an inside stateroom or pay a bit more for the amenities, size and view in a balcony stateroom. Is it worth it to pay extra for a balcony cabin on a cruise? Do I really need a room with a balcony? Here are six of the best reasons to stay in an inside stateroom on your next Royal Caribbean cruise! [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] https://is.gd/p6dgx0 [Listen to our Podcast] https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/podcast [Social Links] https://www.facebook.com/royalcaribbeanblog http://twitter.com/therclblog http://instagram.com/royalcaribbeanblog
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Samiul Islam (2 days ago)
Next video, why you should book a balcony room.
Sharday CC (2 days ago)
I will stick with a balcony cabin. Nothing beats getting out of bed and opening your door to a great view.
Honda_civicguy56 (3 days ago)
I don’t like inside staterooms, first of all you can’t even tell when it’s night or day second of all, don’t you want natural light in your room and natural ventilation? Lastly I’d like to see what’s going on outside and not having to look at a wall when I wake up the entire time. I’d rather pay extra money for a balcony. That’s just me.
P M (3 days ago)
...beacause you don't like looking out at the view.
G (3 days ago)
Sitting on my balcony at 3am, drinking a glass of wine with the man I love while the waves go by is why I get a balcony. If I go without my man then I can totally see getting an inside stateroom...
Allen (4 days ago)
I don’t know why people think they need an outside stateroom. I agree with the presenter that you don’t spend very much time in the stateroom in the first place. Anyone that thinks different is just stupid and generally waste money on useless crap.
beverly a (4 days ago)
Always go balcony. They are larger rooms and having breakfast delivered on the balcony is the best. How about drinks out on the balcony as you watch the light hitting the water = can't be beat. Staying in an inside room you have no windows and its like living in a closet
Michael Wright (4 days ago)
An inside sereem?? On Royal Carrbeooooon! Come up for air!
Irvin Lara (4 days ago)
This should've been called "How to select a room when balling on a budget"
Warring Alice (5 days ago)
Greay ideas...thanks.....
Gen Eel (5 days ago)
As long as I have a bed to sleep in I’m good. Everything else a balcony offers is available elsewhere on the ship. Except privacy but the adult section is almost always less busy.
Epsilon (5 days ago)
Take a shot each time he say"inside stateroom"
Beth Campbell (6 days ago)
No, I did an inside room Once... that was once too many. We stay in balcony rooms from then on.
DarkSouls Dark (6 days ago)
Judging by the comments. Are inside cabins even that good?
DarkSouls Dark (2 days ago)
@Honda_civicguy56 dear lord...
Honda_civicguy56 (3 days ago)
DarkSouls Dark No they’re for not older people lol I want to enjoy natural light in my room.
Devoted Cetacean (6 days ago)
But i like sitting in the port hole and watching the sunrise
Isiotic Mind (9 days ago)
I can sleep in at home! Balcony or bust for us.
Larry Ming (9 days ago)
Whoever you are, Mr. Narrator, you need to slow waaaay down and invest in diction lessons.
Bob Lowry (12 days ago)
Is this guy on speed? For heaven's sake, cut down on the coffee and try enunciating your words...or use closed captioning.
TeamJRob (15 days ago)
The inside rooms are teeny weeny itsy bitsy and ridiculously small.
TeamJRob (15 days ago)
There is no comparison. If you have the money, why would anyone book an inside room? If you get motion sickness, why would you go on a cruise?
Tyrone Branch (16 days ago)
I'm about that BALCONY LIFE!!! 😁👍💯
Paul Siegel (16 days ago)
I have cruised only on princess.  On my first cruise the cost to upgrade from an inside to a mini suite was only a couple hundred per passenger.  After enjoying that cabin and seeing how small the inside rooms are ( particularly the closet, shower, and storage areas), the extra cost is totally worth it.
David Huang (17 days ago)
I say inside room is the best X. Balcony or ocean view is not worth the extra money
mikebri527 (18 days ago)
Uhhhh....naaaa.... I'll keep my balcony cabin.....thanks anyway....
Leland McKeever (19 days ago)
On any cruise a stateroom is designed as only a place to sleep that is why each time I cruise I always get the cheapest inside stateroom
Bob Edwards (19 days ago)
Cruisers say ‘ cruise inside and cruise more often ‘
M D (20 days ago)
Nah enjoyed sitting on my balcony
localbod (21 days ago)
Why would anyone in their right mind that suffers from motion sickness spend a minimum of a week on a cruise ship?
Tamera Shields (22 days ago)
Won't do it... we're balcony people
robert cochrane (22 days ago)
Wendy Taylor (22 days ago)
We love the ocean view rooms...they are only a little more then the inside but you have the benefit of sunlight and an amazing view...
J. Smart (25 days ago)
Watch this video at 0.75X speed. You’re welcome.
Tony Lee (25 days ago)
These were the stupid excuses for cheap skates. You should stay home if you couldn't afford a cruise. You were the one wearing cheap Walmart t-shire and flip flops. There were tons of advantage to have the ocean view in your own balcony. You liked inside room because it rwas similar to a prison cell.
Jerome Croskery (27 days ago)
Not convinced ...good try ... balcony all the way
Hermit Green (28 days ago)
We stayed in an inside stateroom on our last cruise, and loved it. With the money saved, we booked onto a longer cruise. We didn't spend much time in our room anyway. But on the first couple of days, we found ourselves quite sleepy - something to do with relaxing after the stress of normal life, I suspect. Anyway, for the first couple of days we had afternoon naps, and we found that being in an inside room, turning the lights off at any time of day made the room very dark, like night. This was something we came to appreciate.
Encrypted Ronin (1 month ago)
Inside rooms in the middle of the ship = best sleep ever!
Tacara Jones (5 days ago)
Encrypted Ronin con is I oversleep every time! It’s pitch black and I always think it’s still night time
bigraviolees (1 month ago)
absolute dark is absolute suffocating claustrophobic when you arent at home
sum6bit9 (1 month ago)
Yoruba Harris (1 month ago)
Was that 4583, 4383 or 4283 on which ship.
Ryan Kilosky (1 month ago)
0:49 Travel
TheTechNerd (1 month ago)
How many times did he “Inside Sateroom”.
SC Challenger (2 months ago)
I love eating breakfast on the balcony in the morning.
Matt Kennedy (2 months ago)
I like to smoke so balcony all the way for me
st c (2 months ago)
Dude, learn how to talk before doing your videos!!!
mitotero (2 months ago)
You talk way too fast!!!!
O g (2 months ago)
I like interior rooms better to: 1) save money, usually at least 1/2 the cost of a balcony, 2) as you said, it is pitch black, day AND night and I like to sleep in a pitch black room and 3) I had a balcony on Explorer of the Seas 2 months ago and hardly ever went out there. I have found over about 15 cruises that overall, I like interior cabins better.
Wendell Monster (2 months ago)
Thank you for the info👍
Logan Cory Burns (2 months ago)
I wish this speaker would have slowed down while he was speaking.
Vivianne Bank (2 months ago)
Logan Cory Burns because he can’t believe what he trying to tell the audience :) stay inside room...
D Taylor (2 months ago)
We get inside joint rooms with our kids mainly bc of bathroom issues..cost too much for 2 balconies. Four people sharing a bathroom was such a pain our first cruise especially after sandy excursions. Last year we got lucky and had a balcony connected to an inside cabin on adventure of the seas....however we rarely went out on it. This year for Alaska we did get 2 balconies for the view. We booked 2020 on oasis back again to 2 joint inside rooms.
Ian Hollis (2 months ago)
Cuts off awfully suddenly at the end there ~
Shell Sharpe (2 months ago)
You wanna know what the me of the day it is...All you.have is the Tv and a cell phone with no window with lots of rocking
richard none (2 months ago)
i have been on 18 crusies i will tell you the room is to sleep shower use the toilet and thats it i have been on 4 of my cruises inside no issues on some ships the size is the same and on some its even bigger carnival inside is 185 square feet sometimes the difference is very little a problem with balcony is there are always people out on the balcony bullshiting all night long
MaLeah Galvan (2 months ago)
So for carnival cruises you have to have someone over 25 in the stateroom to book if someone is under 21 unless married.. booking our cruise was a bit of a headache. I’m 20 and my s/o is 22 so with Royal Caribbean would it be the same scenario or could we book as normal since he’s over 21?
John Mehaffey (2 months ago)
Can't see the reason why people pay a lot of money to get seasick and be herded around like cattle
Christina Aaron (2 months ago)
Cruise ships according to the people that work on them. "The staff is hammered most of the time and humping like bunnies."
tom spud (2 months ago)
The ONLY reason to stay inside is because of budget, period. The best cure for motion sickness is being able to SEE the horizon moving, so the information on this video is very misleading and terribly bad information to be giving potential customers. Being able to get up first thing in the morning and open up the doors and/or sit on you balcony for some peace and quiet is worth every single cent extra. Sounds like a hidden agenda here to sell inside Cabins.
youknowwhatflav (2 months ago)
I need to see what's going on what if you get trapped down there
terastarship2 (2 months ago)
Nah, not really cheap
Peter Mascilli (2 months ago)
I thought you said there’s nothing better than sitting on your balcony
Larry Quisno (2 months ago)
Non titanic
Larry Quisno (2 months ago)
Others have a cruise time tooo costly
Colleen Bazyn (2 months ago)
Can you slow down when you talk, wow!!!!!!
cafsixtieslover (3 months ago)
We did it once on our first cruise.  Never again.   We didn't know if it was light or dark.   Now we always get a balcony.   Love sitting on it away from the noise on the rest of the ship.
Will Ferra (3 months ago)
Every time I booked a balcony cabin the noise from the neighboring balconies was unbearable. Doors slamming,balcony sliding doors closed violently,loud chatting etc etc. From loud music to drunken singing and couples fighting or rowdy children at all hours of the day and night. That happened in all the cruise ship everywhere so it is NOT the price but the comfort.Lower decks seem quieter and more appropriate particularly for first time travelers because seasickness is less prevalent. Many cruises start in a cold climate so the balcony is out of the question for a few days until reaching warmer areas. My last cruise was number 294 cruise and my first one started in 1942 so believe me it is not lower price but practicality and comfort .
google user (2 months ago)
Claustrophobic need a window to see daylight. I had a inside room before didn't like it at all.
helfenst (2 months ago)
Claustrophobic won't go on a cruise
don dfactor (3 months ago)
Interior rooms, def not for the claustrophobic
volene werely (3 months ago)
I got motion sickness when I was in an inside room. It is per choice
judy hobday (3 months ago)
Two trips to Alaska told me one thing for sure. An inside room is a real pain. A balcony is so much better I will never do an inside room ever again. Period.
R G (3 months ago)
I like the idea of a virtual balconey 3:10 and a less costly inside room.
J LT (3 months ago)
When I cruised with RC I booked an inside room. I only slept in there. You feel motion sickness when you get home.
Walter Reid (3 months ago)
Inside cabins on Anthem are gret with the virtual balcony and plenty of storage. The ventilation system thermostat worked well so we could cool it off at night and warmer in the day.
Daisy Beagle (3 months ago)
Slow your speech down!
quartytypo (3 months ago)
I stay in my inside cabin the entire cruise and cry my eyes out.
google user (3 months ago)
I couldn't stand it
adjuster57 (3 months ago)
Interior rooms suck! Private balcony is the only way to go.
Rob Morcette (3 months ago)
Sometimes I like an inside cabbin . I love to sleep in the dark and I don't like spending much time in a small room . I love being out on the decks .
Frostii (3 months ago)
Unless your spending a lot of time in your room, get an inside one. Its worth saving the money over having a view you can see from the top deck anyway. The only way a balcony room is better is if your staying in your room, but who does that?
John Jackson (3 months ago)
Slow down brother,it might register,did you demonstrate in shopping malls or sell carpet cleaners before this?
google user (3 months ago)
Dan Sherman (3 months ago)
Dude, slow down. You're not an auctioneer. Geez Louise.
Mark Baker (3 months ago)
Sounds like the majority of you never took a cruise. I’ve been on 17, not one with a balcony. Save a lot of money to spend elsewhere since you will not be in your room that much
Frank Devitt (3 months ago)
A room with a virtual Balcony, Forget that BS!! What if someone moved a chair next to the V/Balcony and it got broken. How would a person report it, Call the Staff and say that they Broke the 'View'
Mark Walters (3 months ago)
How do you spell Titanik?
google user (3 months ago)
javier19932011 (3 months ago)
family interior stateroom
javier19932011 (3 months ago)
2:17 royal carribean what room is that going with wheelchair
Gerard King (3 months ago)
70% of the time the sea is rough though they won't tell you that. If you can see the horizon and keep your eye on it you'll be ok. However if it's rough for a few days you won't have the stomach to maintain watching the horizon.
S In Texas (3 months ago)
I’ve never heard anyone talk So fast !
Susan Allen (3 months ago)
I’ve been on 5 cruises, always stayed in a inside state room. They have been all great,don’t spend any time in the room anyways. There a great way to save a little money. Spend it doing other things on the ship. Who needs to sleep on a cruise anyways.
Kathleen Egan (3 months ago)
Dude you could just say "room" instead of stateroom since it seems to be giving you some trouble.
Rozlin313 (3 months ago)
I've been on 23 cruises and agree inside is fine unless, Alaska, and Hawaii so far. We aren't in the room. Had balcony 4 times and virtual balcony 3 times. We just enjoy cruising😃
12Agonzo (3 months ago)
23 year Naval Officer. I would never book an inside stateroom for the following reason. If you have a fire on a cruise ship I would question the crew's ability and desireability to FIGHT THE SHIP........Are they going to fight the ship to put out the fire? I've looked at these crews before and I question this. I want to be in a spot where I can get outside and air.........
hywl916 (3 months ago)
On Alaskan cruises, I prefer the inside cabin due to the long sunlight hours in the day. As the video says, great for sleeping! I've also enjoyed balcony cabins but it's more pricey especially as I travel alone.
chunky monkey (3 months ago)
How many times do you need to say "inside state room" in one 4:39 video?
furballami (3 months ago)
No preference at all. Inside room is fine. Had some good rooms
Lee Rene` (3 months ago)
One of your main reasons for an inside cabin is....it’s really dark ?. Don’t other cabins have curtains ?
tom kent (3 months ago)
Like staying in an hotel room without a window!
Brad Thompson (3 months ago)
I was stationed on a US Navy destroyer. We NEVER got the choice of balcony or not. Wait a minute... we never had windows either!!!
Aaron Hill (3 months ago)
Great point. I was on a carrier. Slept just fine.
Stephanie Mac (3 months ago)
I’d rather do inside and use the money for other things. Balconies don’t impress me, there are always assholes smoking out there.
Shurti Singh (3 months ago)
Dang I got a balcaony
Brad Nadeau (3 months ago)
I only sleep in the room so the balcony was a waste for me. The only thing about the inside room is you can’t tell if the suns up yet.
Christine Kent (3 months ago)
I've only been on 7 cruises .... one being in a balcony room on my 6th cruise. I did not go on my 7th cruise for 3 and half years. All the other ones were spread out every year and a half. So that is why I'll stick to insides from now on until kids are no longer coming on our cruises :-).
Teresa Fraher (3 months ago)
How fast can you say "inside stateroom"? Jeesh! 😆