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Airman returns home, surprises mom

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An Air Force Staff Sgt. returns home early from Afghanistan and receives some help to give his mom a big surprise! For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn Or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Chad w (7 days ago)
its amazing how much people love government tax funded employees and call them "heros" when there is literally noone attacking us but ones we create
Sam (3 months ago)
This is one of the nicest homecoming videos i ever saw on Youtube! God bless you and your family👍💫😊Greetings from Holland. Sam
Ej Geaugh (7 months ago)
God bless
I am Hassan (1 year ago)
Trying to watch these videos with out tears is the biggest challenge.
Ariel Holm (1 year ago)
Chelsea's cousin Alex is in the Marines and his wife Miranda is Marie nurse she is has one one Sun name Elijah and his age 10 and he wants his mom and dad to be home for good and he was a brother in the sister and this coming Christmas and see if giving you always comes for 17 days and something has to go back and he doesn't come here in this he comes in the summertime when her and her cousin Dallas cool and he doesn't come over Valentine's he stays overseas and Halloween Christmas giving New Year's he stayed for New Year's and in the summertime spring and summer and I know him too and Pastor Rob McCoy Disney to Chelsea Alex and his family and I miss Alex and he's like a big brother to me love you Alex see you soon
RatDaddy3 (1 year ago)
I loved seeing happiness in the Families and I want to Thanked all the Armed Forces and Law Enforcements for protecting our Proud country to be on the Safe side,its is true GOD BLESS AMERICA.Thanks agin Heroes.
James Maran (1 year ago)
So touching...
Accapella MusicMan (1 year ago)
A C (1 year ago)
1 of the best 1 EVER + he can play bb
Steven Hall (1 year ago)
Outstanding God bless all of our servicemen and women🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
booyah2u 2 (1 year ago)
Epic. I love his mother's reaction. Priceless. I love this video. Looks like this family had an amazing reunion. God bless your family.
Sandra Marquez (2 years ago)
Bob Bennett (2 years ago)
Who doesn't love seeing a reunion between mother and child
jackline muragwa (2 years ago)
addicted to this videos so touching
havingfun1968 (2 years ago)
Who the hell would hate this????? BASTARDS!!
Dan Becker (3 years ago)
Sorry ..I love them. what a lovely family ..I am Danish .. :-(
Dan Becker (3 years ago)
I love them ..sikke a lovely family ...
117712jj2 (3 years ago)
If this makes you and me cry, now just imagine the parents who watch this who will never have this happy ending in their life because their kids will never be coming back to them? Oh God please help those parents in their grief and help the soldiers in the battle fields. May all the parents and all the soldiers have this happy ending from now on.
JANE (3 years ago)
Ratna SutaAtmaja (3 years ago)
Make me can't hold my tears😂
(((Soundafek))) (3 years ago)
That was a sweet moment.
Siennaa H (3 years ago)
I really wanna become a soldier or something so when I get back I can hug my mom to death😘I loves 😂my mom
sebtho (3 years ago)
Trey Murphy Surprised mother
sheba1sheba1 (3 years ago)
murica destroying lives all around the world and in muricaso pathetic
Erza Gutierrez (3 years ago)
From searching buzzfeed keith... And I'm here now, full emotions. How the fudge did that happened?
Angel yup (3 years ago)
Libertas (3 years ago)
LOVE!!!!! MOM!!!!!
Firstasfasfa Lastasfasfas (3 years ago)
Not to be a downer, but how great would life be if we treated every person like they were our son or daughter?
i. fanaccount (3 years ago)
John Menyhard (3 years ago)
98 people are losers
Syan TheDragon! (3 years ago)
Was that a Red Sox game?
Syan TheDragon! (3 years ago)
+Mrjlee93 Thanks dude 😊
Mrjlee93 (3 years ago)
no look on the front of the jersey. Boston Red Sox will say Boston on the front. it's still th red Sox just not Boston though
CJFanther (4 years ago)
Punched right in the feels...
Ramfy Acosta (4 years ago)
Her mom sounded like she saw a ghost! Goodthing the son is alive and strong thank god
Nawaf Nawaf (4 years ago)
That is mother real love, I wish happy life for all mothers in the world
Tim Marshall (4 years ago)
It's things like this that puts a smile on my face.
morbius109 (4 years ago)
The love a momma has for her boy.  Words can't describe it.
Madison Hardy (4 years ago)
My mom said that my brother can't be in the army, navy, air force, marines, stuff like that. But then she said that he can be in the coast gaurd.
Dr. Love 1987 (4 years ago)
Seeing something like that never gets old.
Cjekt (4 years ago)
Cjekt (4 years ago)
that was amazing
Cecilia Brea (4 years ago)
Mom loves is priceless!!! God bless your airman!!
X_Confusa X_dawg (4 years ago)
God dammit I should stop watching stuff like this around people cutting onions shit ..
Alex Johnson (4 years ago)
He must have beat megaman
Cecelia joness (4 years ago)
Mr.Toyboxes (4 years ago)
All I have to say is: ♥
EZ Case (4 years ago)
83 people hate their lives. 
anne 20 (3 years ago)
Monzaii (3 years ago)
+Taylor Jiha 107
Miss Jiaa (3 years ago)
AyyItzFlame (3 years ago)
Tyo Anomo Sukiyo (4 years ago)
+EZ Case 96
Sharine Merizier (4 years ago)
i love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MegaJacko555 (4 years ago)
Hes home for good, did he quit.
Helen Eschenbacher (4 years ago)
I guess "MegaJack" stands for mega jackass.
Ramses the Great (4 years ago)
Was that a fucking question?
owusu21h (4 years ago)
A mothers love. A sons life
David Rice (4 years ago)
nOW THAT WAS PRICELESS!  Did you see the look on her face??
Nova Lutiont (3 years ago)
+Pasta Ahaha! omg, I wish I was on my comp just to thumbs up
Pasta (4 years ago)
@David Rice yup all 240p of it
David Rice (4 years ago)
@jeferson vera No doubt
jeferson vera (4 years ago)
@David Rice True love, love of mom
lisacalli1 (4 years ago)
I crude
Juan Rivera (4 years ago)
Someone hates on soldiers, saying they're baby killers blah blah: Its your opinion thats ok Someone talks about God or Jesus: SHUT THE FUCK NOONE LIKES YOUR OPINION KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND STOP SAYING STUFF LIKE THAT!
Eillo Alfa (4 years ago)
This is supposed to be a video capturing a happy moment to put smiles on people's faces. Don't put negative energy in the mix like that. Everybody has an opinion. But it doesn't mean you should blab it to the world about bad stuff in a positive atmosphere.
NIALL HORAN (4 years ago)
She second like my little grandma when she is crying when someone in our family past love u grandma with all my heart
Macy Sharp (4 years ago)
That is my number 26
GBS (4 years ago)
Cut up onions all over the place today.
josgn (4 years ago)
Juan Milla (4 years ago)
Lmao. 0.20 Trey Murphy - Surprised Mother
Hetaliawillliveon (4 years ago)
This is so sweet
Khalid Dahye (4 years ago)
Nothing is better than surprising ur mom. oh god I love my Mom very very much.
Bob Schneider (4 years ago)
who cares.
loansomelove (4 years ago)
About 2 million people
randy ott (4 years ago)
evellyn  moris
randy ott (4 years ago)
evelyn morris
Florin Cojocaru (5 years ago)
This  kind of videos make  me  go in Iraq and  come  back  just  to see my mom  happy ! :((
Troy Young (5 years ago)
How on earth can people vote down a video that shows a mother's love for her child?  On this earth, there is no greater love that that of a mother toward her children.  Yes, I know there are a few exceptions to that, but for the most part, it is true.  I, for one, am glad to see such a happy momma. :)
Umer Baloch (4 years ago)
@kaki hole
Kaki Hole (5 years ago)
voters down had no mothers
Yaya Sorensen (5 years ago)
Oh sweetie that's easy to answer. It's because their A**holes. Just smile and know karma will get em!  :)
us3south (5 years ago)
Loved the slow recognition on the brother's face.  Thank you for your service, Sgt. Murphy and to your family.
Charlie Robles (5 years ago)
Look at the guy in the purple shirt,he was surprised as well.....
Robert Patrick (5 years ago)
Airman ??? The Air Farce is funny.
Veron PB (5 years ago)
I am so amazed for these people who really value these profession. so lucky people. my daughter is an airwoman but in my country we don't really do like this...i wish it was.
M-A-G-A (5 years ago)
64 scumbags voted down.
geton mylevel (5 years ago)
How can people dislike these video's?  I say we send the 62dislikes over to war and see if they still dislike ofther.
Kate DePew (5 years ago)
I remember the time my brother came and surprised me and my family when he got back from Iraq its always a special time to see your family you don't normally get to see
micaiah brown (5 years ago)
I tried so hard not to cry but it didn't work, maybe I should move these onions
Robert Marsh (5 years ago)
And she surprised and well you get the picturr
Emily Miller (5 years ago)
Only in the USA, airman coming home and baseball. How can it get more patriotic? We'll done!!
Hydra Lino (5 years ago)
Cai (5 years ago)
so weird that we associate crying with sadness
Radhames Gomez (5 years ago)
Nice surprise! And I love baseball tell you that was a nice coming home surprise!!!!
scarto inmorton (5 years ago)
Incleible, el amor de madre es lo maximo
Daniel Garcia (5 years ago)
(I swear I love these videos and this one it made me cry and then laugh and then cry again)
Emily Tenniswood (5 years ago)
and now I'm crying
phtevlin (5 years ago)
Doin' the "mom thing"!!  Never get tired of seeing it. 
NHL Moments (5 years ago)
That feeling when you're son from the military comes home...must be a nice feeling. Nice little act there. 2:04 of the third-best video on Youtube (the others were related)
Sean Dietz (5 years ago)
Whoever dislikes this has no heart XD
FYoOpinion (5 years ago)
I need rehab!!!  Swear I'm addicted to these videos!!! 
outdoorgames (9 months ago)
@ALEX ARTHUR His mom got some sexy fake tanned arms and a nice rack lol 1:57
ALEX ARTHUR (1 year ago)
FYoOpinion me too brother!
Challenger Bryan (1 year ago)
FYoOpinion lol
vikki hope (4 years ago)
FYoOpinion (5 years ago)
@furrantee I understand!!!
jalynn1596 (5 years ago)
So sweet! (,:
George Klimes (5 years ago)
Nice to see. Hopefully all will come back soon - and safe.
VipMss (5 years ago)
JESUS CHRIST IS GOD, that's clear. He said: I and the Father are one. Seek JESUS CHRIST and get saved - JESUS CHRIST IS LORD
outdoorgames (9 months ago)
@us3south That dude's mom is a fake tanned hot MILF haha
Juan Rivera (4 years ago)
 lol someones like "soldiers are baby killers false wars, they should die, came back from from killing innocents" blah blah blah, noone bats an eye, someone talks about God= Instant hate
us3south (5 years ago)
@Jackie Estacado Wow....you seriously don't know Jesus well.  Jesus WAS God on earth.  God IS the SON, the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT.
نبيل القوم (5 years ago)
NOthing in this world like MOTHER ! <3 <3 <3
Irati Salvarrey (5 years ago)
Yes maya i am hahahha
Frank Garrett (5 years ago)
Ok this YouTube marathon comes to an end now.
Scottishrule (5 years ago)
Somebody punch me!
Tunde O (5 years ago)
Good on you!!
Candi Oates (5 years ago)
Yep :)
Maya Silber (5 years ago)
Anyone else on a marathon of watching these and crying every time?
chaseward (5 years ago)
Great video
Karlie Beaudet (5 years ago)
Ok who brought the onions!
Ferruzza 22 (5 years ago)
I love this video sooooo much!!
Jake Jones (5 years ago)
Definitely a Kodak moment....
emi nem (5 years ago)
you are a true muslim..
Rhino h (5 years ago)
media has many americans fooled that muslims are the enemy when theyre not. You are just trying to live the same as us and be left alone but the amount of control through media and every facet of our lives has had us tricked. I know I was after 9/11 and it took me joining the military to realize the truth. Thank you for being peaceful. I love you brother or sister and all of you good muslim people. There are bad in every group but you can tell a good person when you see one. With love from U.S.A
Rhino h (5 years ago)
Exactly brother. I am prior military and Im ashamed of how our politicians got us involved in bringing down muslims because from what I saw none of them wanted us in their country. Even when us troops were genuinly trying to help the mess those before us created. We the people need to stick together and take the power from the criminals that run this world. Were all just trying to live and these assholes have us fighting each other and if we dont we rot in prison forever. Sickens me. Plus the
disney dyson (5 years ago)
awww that was great tears in my eyes