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Vettel & Räikkönen | Formula Rossa | Ferrari World Abu Dhabi's 5th Birthday!

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Watch the Scuderia Ferrari drivers dare the world's fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa! #FerrariWorldAD #YasIsland
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Text Comments (79)
Jay Dobbins (13 days ago)
Lol, Kimi is such a stiff. Lol.
Steven Alush (23 days ago)
Kimis care factor = 0
Nx Doyle (1 month ago)
Kind of a walk in the park for them really.
Mid Noob1 (1 month ago)
Alonso and massa faces were funnier
Cbr 3 (1 month ago)
Meh, kimi is just half asleep
Crido1500 (1 month ago)
Cbr 3 bwoah!!
Karthik K (2 months ago)
Kaisa (3 months ago)
That speed isn't new for anyone of them, but Kimi.. he is just like *no reaction* :/ U R AWESOME!! 😂😂 oh btw 0:02-0:04 Kimi u look cute xdd
Simple girl18 (3 months ago)
Kaisa Your gonna be my best friend Ques: are you a fan of kimi?
That Bearded Guy (3 months ago)
kimi is like ''this was boring 5 years ago. yep, still boring....'' xD
lllllllllllll (4 months ago)
What's the song? It is not Alias.....
Marc Allué Gisbert (5 months ago)
Kimi what a legend XD
Billy Mulhern (6 months ago)
Kimi is my hero
Simple girl18 (3 months ago)
Billy Mulhern ikr
Lourdes m Erazo m (7 months ago)
Razqi Draft (7 months ago)
look kimi
mikyruna (7 months ago)
hahahahahahaha Kimi is really the best
Unknown Soldier (8 months ago)
Kimi was not impressed at all. Hahaha
andrewman83 (8 months ago)
Kimi love Bwoahlacoasters!
P. Kjærgaard (9 months ago)
Kimi gives zero fucks
Rendro Schifolli (9 months ago)
Kimi Iceman
Adam Dombrowski (9 months ago)
Deep down inside he's like holy shit this is soo much fun! Ok ok but seriously I must remain cool 😎
Rudy Vanmeerbeek (10 months ago)
The Iceman will never melt! Kimi is so cool, move over, Chuck Norris.
20braissiarb05 (10 months ago)
vettel:😁 Räikkönen:😒
Fammiscrivere (23 days ago)
20braissiarb05 and now you understand why Raikkonen is called the ice man.
AirEdin (10 months ago)
0:31 Kimi thinks: So what am i´m doing here!
LumpyHTF (1 year ago)
Iceman :D
Olivér Varga (1 year ago)
2 gay
siddarth venkatakrishnan (1 year ago)
0:40 once a thug, always a thug, like, LOOK AT HIM ADJUSTING HIS SUNGLASSES!!!!
Rhino ZR (1 year ago)
kimi is such a badass
Liam Ward (5 days ago)
Simple girl18 'badass' isn't an insult :) we all love Kimi here
Simple girl18 (3 months ago)
Marcio Antonio Alvarez Baldelomar Don't judge a person for who they are
Simple girl18 (3 months ago)
Rhino ZR No!!!!! Don't say that!
Marcio Antonio Alvarez Baldelomar (5 months ago)
more like bad driver.
Ketan Swaraj (1 year ago)
Kimi is such a G!
TheRomanRuler (1 year ago)
Kimi has never had more fun than that. You can see it from his face.
lick'emFTW (1 year ago)
149 mph...
Maxbaileyuk (1 year ago)
I just love how little fucks kimi gives 😂😂😂
Nadiya kim (1 year ago)
I rode that roller coaster twice and nearly died from heart attack ..😱😨😭
RCT3 King (1 year ago)
I wonder if Kimi has his sunglasses on in his drivers licence picture...
appelpower1 (1 year ago)
I would've loved to be there when his picture was taken. 'Smile, Mr Raikkonen!' 'Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!' 'But sir, you have to smile for the picture' 'You don't have to remind me every ten seconds!'
salqhtiest (1 year ago)
Kimi looking at the rollercoaster like "oh no not this fuckin' thing again"
Reinhard Schindler (1 year ago)
No! Kimi had really big fun! It was near to a smile! I like this guy...
Diana Rudenko (1 year ago)
Next time I'm in Abu Dhabi I'll definitely try Formula Rossa (last year I arrived there right after a good dinner so it was quite risky, lol). Great place!
ravindra nabiel (1 year ago)
whos standing on the left of seb in the picture?
theo10008 (1 year ago)
esteban gutierez
PlaysForFree (1 year ago)
oh i ll take that
IXm2unvrz (1 year ago)
Kimi's expressionless face, he's better than The Stig I guess
Paoutoubag Bag (1 year ago)
ly yiu dove ninine seuse
Aaron Schulz (2 years ago)
Is Räikkönen the Stig? Certainly he is in spirit!
Jaime Brown (3 months ago)
Kimi doesn't give a fuck at all.
NandoAlonso2011 (2 years ago)
kimi is not impressed
S.Vishnu Vardhan (7 months ago)
at the end seb is like "the acceleration gave me a heart attack" and kimi is like "yeah yeah....."
Katiuscia Andropoli (2 years ago)
che tatuaggi raikkonenr
Andrea 12 (2 years ago)
Reaction kimi:-D
akx (3 months ago)
More like non-reaction Lol
vegeta (2 years ago)
Kimis like if something hapens to my sunglasses somebody is going down
Leonardo Bruzzone (2 years ago)
... Still waiting for Mission Ferrari to open.
Jorge Anzola (2 years ago)
Kimi is not impressed.
Jari Juhola (2 years ago)
Iceman is not in vain smile
Dima Volkov (2 years ago)
Next time Kimi will take an ice-cream
Myntza (2 years ago)
Song name?
Lorenzo KS Valerin (2 years ago)
Do you know which music track this is? Love it!
Kei Kuroi (2 years ago)
Alias - Pokaso (Original Mix)
sota59 (2 years ago)
Kimi will die and he still has sunglases on his head.
Simple girl18 (3 months ago)
sota59 don't say kimi will die! Your so rude
Davi Fernandes (2 years ago)
+sota59 and then he will wake up and take it out...to reveal another pair of sunglasses
Alejandro Marquez (2 years ago)
Kimi don't give a fuck
Tommy Kee (2 years ago)
0 fucks given for kimi
Tietokone102 (1 year ago)
He honors the traditional Finnish way of showing no emotion in any situation. A true rolemodel for the children of this cold country that is Finland.
andric au (2 years ago)
Literally ZERO fucks given. I have nv seen anyone who gives less fucks than him
Gar Farm (2 years ago)
That's why they call him the Iceman.
sorsa14 (2 years ago)
Please Seb, do NOT put that flat brim cap on your head again.
sorsa14 (2 years ago)
+YTNG MTT I know he wears normal cap usually, but that just looks terrible.
Matt Romanes (2 years ago)
+sorsa14 That shot of Seb with the flat brim cap on was at the start of the year. This is the end of the year, and he's wearing a normal cap.
TMOD18 (2 years ago)
+sorsa14 he looks like a child :D
lac1x (2 years ago)
0:31 - 0:51 Räikkönen! :D So funny! :D
Jason (2 years ago)
Forza Ferrari!