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The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

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Real Engineering (1 year ago)
Here's the website: Seriously though, if you want to see more sites like this, and better ones, please consider supporting on Patreon.
Milton Holley (1 month ago)
Stop worrying about GREEN HOUSE GAGES" For one thing there NO SUCH THING" or VOLCANO'S Would've ENDED MANKIND Thousand's of YEAR'S AGO DIMWIT"
NecrOkies (2 months ago)
Look up the other companies Musk owns and how Ultra capacitors will force you to rework this math as acceleration and braking also some of the current math is not factored in as a truck with not engine still hold many parts not needed in an electric truck and that the truck and Trailer can hold the Batteries meaning a truck could in theory swap its trailer and Never stop moving.... (this is the area blocked under the Trailer normally opened up) this is also not looking at the other tech Elon is buying up not just Maxwells
Meso Phyl (3 months ago)
you forgot one thing. Liberals will subsidize the Jesus out of it, like ALL renewable energy systems. Doesnt matter how efficient it is, cause according to AOC we die in 12 yrs . LMFAO
Elijah A (3 months ago)
Hey man i love your videos please continue to do more and more my friend!
Kevin Bergman (3 months ago)
They need my Air Powered Battery it charges it's self with air they are self charging the Battery uses Air to extract it's Charge.
Kaufman Entertainment (14 hours ago)
You got a lot wrong about trucking. Companies don't care how fast you accelerate your 40 ton truck. Companies only care about profit, as they should, and would fire the trucks on used tires and baby seals if it saved a penny. You can't insert a blanket figure for rolling resistance, since there are too many variables, like duals or super single, tire pressure, temperature, weight distribution, alignment, tread depth, and so on. No truck driver gives a the Tesla truck a second look, because its design is totally impractical for actual use in the trucking industry.
Josh McCullough (21 hours ago)
If any car company can copy Tesla and do better, why aren't they?!
Exozik (1 day ago)
The fact that the truck trailer come with a top. Wouldn't adding solar panel would help solve the autonomy problem?
david wallace (1 day ago)
So, how much weight would be required to use the same technology as trains ... you know, where electric motors are run off of generators instead of battarys alone ?
Marshall Kinnaird (1 day ago)
You can't win against the climate because it changes all the time naturally. It's not your man-made global warming nonsense.
ViniByte (2 days ago)
lmao a $300,000 truck
memememe (2 days ago)
Just power the truck with Plutonium-238.
5orta (2 days ago)
From the future here, the energy density has gotten a lot better
Ryan H (3 days ago)
He said Bugatti Chiron wrong lol
Blu3 NTV (3 days ago)
this is the 1 man that will fix our planet... and create cat girls, both very crutial
Gar Leec bread (3 days ago)
The truth is that it's cool as fuck
Mujahid Syed (3 days ago)
5:41 "Tesla leading the way on this technology and ignoring skeptics like me, while risking bankruptcy, for the sake of improving the planet is exactly why I admire Elon Musk so much in the first place"
Mujahid Syed (3 days ago)
"So we know Energy = Power x Time" Me: "Yeah. Ok" "Swap Time for Distance/Velocity" Me: "Yep, done" "Swap Power with this 3 mile equation" Me: *"WHAT THE FU-"*
Brian Critchlow (6 days ago)
It can go 0 to 60 mph towing 80,000 lbs, its max tow load, in just 20 seconds.
Joe H (6 days ago)
Not only are there weight limits but there are limits on each Axle. If you are over one or the other you can get a ticket and in California there are also rules on how far apart the back axles can be from the back of the trailer.
unknown nostalgia (7 days ago)
Perhaps ustise the turning of the tires to charge the batteries?
Yassir Sahnoun (7 days ago)
I love this. Respect for the great content bro.
Kingsley Ajebon (7 days ago)
Climate change is a hoax. A stupid lie by theiving politicians and corrupt colaborative media giants.
NAME NAMENAME (8 days ago)
"Hell yeah, look how quickly our truck can reach 60mph, despite the fact that no truck is allowed to drive more than 50mph in most circumstances!"
gera quiroz (6 days ago)
@NAME NAMENAME(THIS IS JUST TEXAS) I flew from Texas to California, to buy a car (the US version of the ampera) drove 2500km and took me 2 day to make it home
NAME NAMENAME (6 days ago)
@gera quiroz I live in Germany. Since we have a truck speed limit of 80km/h (50mph) and most of Europe does as well, I assumed it would be similar in America. I'm surprised to hear trucks are allowed to drive 75mph in Texas, that seems a lot for me. Also, in Europe, every truck has to have a built in speed cap, most commonly at 85km/h (53mph), sometimes 90km/h(56mph).
gera quiroz (6 days ago)
Where do you live? COMMIEFORNIA? Trucks are limited to 55mph. TX has 75mph limits in some stretches of road.
Spider 1 (9 days ago)
Think the truck is good for a Transformer movie to be honest Like the body,look,it fits into a decepticon or a very shiny autobot
Nethaj Ranaweera (9 days ago)
So... no new real information except for speculation and assumptions. Thanks for nothing man!
Thaddeus Lehman (10 days ago)
If you believe in climate change as currently presented by politicians your an idiot.
Patreeko theArtist (10 days ago)
You lost me at 1:20 which is pretty impressive. Raw energy density of petrol is a meaningless metric considering the incredible inefficiency of ICE power trains in converting that energy into forward motion. When folks start comparing real-world attainable miles per weight, then you will start to have a real metric for comparison.
Patreeko theArtist (10 days ago)
You also have a second incorrect assumption which is that energy density alone is the primary contributing factor in determining final vehicle weight per mile. In reality, Tesla is approaching efficiency from every angle. Yes, they make the most energy-dense battery packs, but the motors developed for the Semi (also used for the 3) are smaller, cheaper, and lighter, and more efficient than the ones in the S/X. Thirdly, they've developed one of the slipperiest trucks on the road.
pzkpfw vi Tiger 2 (10 days ago)
My math Teacher is dump can you be my Match Teacher ?
pzkpfw vi Tiger 2 (10 days ago)
This Truck is ugly German and American Diesel Trucks are best
Dahlmasen (10 days ago)
”Metric conversions for the barbarians”😂
Jossy George (12 days ago)
Elon clearly mentions the weight of the truck.
Doug Grinbergs (12 days ago)
1:00 Class 8 max weight 80,000 lbs/*40* tons (36.3K kg)
Volvirth (13 days ago)
1:15 So... _Nuclear Trucks._
K1 (14 days ago)
Elon should mess around with Hydrogen combustion engines. Specifically using Gallium and aluminum to fuel the car. Their only emissions would be water vapor! I mean I think it’s a better idea. You can get the sound of a regular car and limit the amount of natural gasses used.
deltamike33 (14 days ago)
Why aren't we concentrating our investimets in hydrogen veichles? It delivers more energy per kg and it does not take 5 hours to refuel. To my eyes batteries are just too inefficent
Joel Williams (14 days ago)
I'm a truck driver, & I want a gaw'damn Tesla truck! Buuuuut, the Nicoli truck, which uses hydrogen to power it's batteries & motor, seems more plausible in every manner. We'll just have to wait & see, for a couple more decades...
Joel Williams (5 hours ago)
@TheFistOfShadow For the present it is...difficult to utilize efficiently, & safely. But the not so distant future it just may be the best & cleanest method of future mass-transit! One can hope, anyway...
TheFistOfShadow (7 hours ago)
Hydrogen is one of the worst ways to power a car or truck
WGS 323 (15 days ago)
My mans thinks a ton is 1000 pounds
Sircoolman420 (14 days ago)
Everything in the video was in kilogrammes, he meant that 1000kg is 1t, which is correct.
leetNightshade (15 days ago)
Batteries lose effiency over time and have to be replaced, and eventually die and definitely have to be replaced. Having a fully electric vehicle isn't exactly environmentally friendly just yet.
William Wallace (15 days ago)
Plutonium 238 is the answer, the doc was right
Jeremiah Ponce (15 days ago)
1:46 i thought my powerbeats died
Matrix Jonah (16 days ago)
But what will you do with all the batteries, when their old? To produce, recycle or throw them away is not much better then Diesel. And you have to consider the fakt, that diesel trucks have a much longer lifespan than the electric truck🤔
John Obmar (17 days ago)
Add this truck to the rest of Elons dreams, like the Hyperloop.
Josh McCullough (21 hours ago)
His timelines may be off but he comes through in the end.
John Obmar (17 days ago)
CO² as greenhouse gas is a Big Lie. Water vapor is more a greenhouse gas than CO².
Bojan Bojovic (17 days ago)
You can say many things about Elon Musk and Tesla, however as you said we should admire him for doing something that is not very popular today, changing people's habits and world views fro making this planet a better place to live. Reminds me on Nikola Tesla.
Carl Groover (18 days ago)
your "tesla is just a well marketed brand" thing is total BS... absolute crap. no, no other company can copy what tesla is doing... if they could.. believe me. they would.
Star Boy (18 days ago)
Ideally this gets semi-truck manufactures investing into EV's wanting to protect their market shares, thus improving EV design and technology through competition.
Evil Fluff (18 days ago)
In the United States the max weight is 80000 pounds the battery in the Tesla truck weight is 26000 pounds the truck I’m in right now weight 26000 without the trailer full fuel. On flat road the range is about 1600 miles this truck with trailer it can hold 46000 pounds. 2 axles on the trailer can weight 34000 that is it the back 2 axles on the truck can weight 34000 that is it the front axle 12000 pounds a pound over can cost you the driver $0.50 in fines. This semi truck front axle starts at 11000 pounds before you put a loaded trailer on this truck right now axle is 11900 pounds if I slide the fifth wheel up I add weight. If this truck is out of balance in some gets in a wreck in someone dies guess what happens to the driver ( hint jail or lose everything or both) if the truck is yours you can pay millions out. A truck and driver MUST BE LEGAL AT ALL TIMES ON THE ROAD. So please tell me how a Tesla Semi Truck is going to be safe for the people the fuel in a semi trucks is diesel about 40 octane you can put out a cigarette in it and a match to with bio diesel ( soybean oil ) if a Tesla truck damage its batteries and a diesel truck spilled its bio fuel what one will do more damage to the environment? Trucks do catch fire by tire fallers and brakes. A lot of car and trucks have electrical fires as well. Clearing trees to put up solar power farms and wind power farms ( bird blenders) and most solar panels last ten years at best. Solar panels are good and better than cutting down trees to put up power line poles to your cabin in the sticks. Nuclear power is a lot safer by power out put than anything else yes and in all of the radioactive death in the world by power plants it is still lower. And if you look at England power use if they should go all solar 25% of the land in England would have to have a solar panel on to that is with the cars and trucks they have ( not all electric cars and trucks) if we go all electric cars and trucks how would you make all the electric power and the United States power grid can not handle it as well. Mr Musk is not thinking straight. But in the future with a new power grid better and lighter batteries and safer as well. If a newer fuel don’t come on the market electric cars and trucks is the best way.
Stumpy (19 days ago)
The fact is that we need to switch to carbon-less emissions no matter the cost, yeah its expensive right now, but the faster we start using this tech the faster it will grow and the faster it will reduce in price to manufacture.
Sunita Dixit (6 days ago)
Thats now how the world works kid
John Doe (10 days ago)
no matter the cost.. lol this is the kind of lunacy that produced a president trump
cool roblox fan (20 days ago)
3:15 he's waffling
Dave Berels (21 days ago)
Your Average speed assumption pf 50 mph is way off. That would be extraordinary for highway only driving considering truck speeds and traffic.
Garski (21 days ago)
optimus prime gotta be recharge, when it runs off battery
Mr Filmora (21 days ago)
That the worst truck I've vere seen
Mr Filmora (21 days ago)
It looks like ass
Ryan Baker (21 days ago)
But how long will it take for that to charge? Truck drivers need to be able to refuel in a matter of minutes
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
they are aiming for 30 minutes, so between mandated brakes, they have recently patent a charger plug head that is liquid cooled that will handle suspected 3 Megawatt charger.
Tom Robertson (22 days ago)
My empty weight is 30,000 letting a 50,000 payload . Not being a perfect world, any payload over 40k is looked at with suspension. I head for a scale I have measured the distance between my frame rails. I estimate I could fit 10 model s battery packs between and under the frame At about 2000 lbs per pack that would be about 20,000 lbs . Taking the motor and tranmissio out would save about 5k lbs So that helps the equation somewhat
ChrisBrengel (22 days ago)
3:26 "...and another lad who needs less syllables in his name." LOL!
Pedr bont Bont (5 days ago)
Saw comment at same time lol
MusiXificati0n (22 days ago)
"Conversion to Barbarian Metric". Nice :D gotta love you engineering trolls
Sandy (23 days ago)
Why in God's name would a green movement want less greenhouse gas? Morons everywhere.
Sandy (23 days ago)
Yeah, CEOs across the country want 40% short interest, a Junk rating, and $10B in debt to make payroll for a total lack of sales.
Sandy (23 days ago)
Tesla is a scam.
Melnikov Jacob (24 days ago)
why has no one mentioned that it can be very useful if you need for example take of load off a mountain and in that way you will charge the battery on the way
ARJUN SIROHI (24 days ago)
Governments should increase weight limits for e trucks
Marek Otreba (25 days ago)
Heavy load doesnt mean more money. I am a freight broker, unfortunately you don't know anything about this industry.
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
it does mean money when shipping light cargo such as for amazon and Walmart, they would much rather prefer lower operating cost then selling I-beams.
Matthew Madruga (25 days ago)
Listen person, You are using TODAYS technology on a truck that will come out in 4 years...... The battery density has already changed, making this entire video pointless
Prabij Shrestha (26 days ago)
Salesman : blah blah blah.... Me : just tell me it works or not and how much miles it goes. How much profit will I be able to make from this ?
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
its still testing loads, it gets about 500-600 miles at 80,000lb GVW,
Kevin Fowler (26 days ago)
You would think it would cut greenhouse gasses. Did anyone ever think about the electricity produced from fossil fuels? How about the disposal if the extremely toxic batteries that are only good for a few years?
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
yes tesla has addressed these and has worked on chemistry and technologies to reduce waste and use of toxic metals, they bought solar city so their cars could charge off from the fossil fuel grid and from commercial or residential solar installments.
carlos guzman (27 days ago)
Soon yall will see teala school buses
david bleh (27 days ago)
Riker Reinhart (27 days ago)
Is there a way to recycle Lithium battery's?
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
yes, cost money though.
owenswamp (27 days ago)
No one would use a quick 0-60 in a truck? You ever been behind a truck while merging onto the highway?
David C (28 days ago)
it always boggles my mind when videos about electric vehicles and range/cost/efficiency concerns dont talk about putting methods for the vehicle to recharge while still driving, like put solar pannels, small wind turbines, and in-wheel magnetic generators in/on the car to increase your range
Habib Osman (22 days ago)
You can not put wind turbines on top of cars to "gain" energy. It costs more energy than it produces. With solar i'm not sure. The problem is the extra weight and drag. Same thing for in-wheel magnetic generators. If physics worked like that, the world would be filled with perpetual motion machines :D
Bloodline Gaming (28 days ago)
I dont find it secretive at all on this one, not only can they remove the engine from the machine, they also can remove the gearbox, and the transmission with all the added weight from the unneeded style. When you really think about it, it would be silly to even consider that elon's semi would be heavier than a diesel lol. Batteries take up a lot of weight, but a full undercarriage assembly in a truck weighs lots more.
Hans Bauer (28 days ago)
Deutsche Überschrift, der Rest in Englisch 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ty Guy (28 days ago)
Cars are responsible for less that 30 percent of pollution. Look into agriculture pollution that’s responsible for more than 50%! Unbelievable that people still look at vehicles as the main perpetrator.
asaf deri (28 days ago)
פאק you
Henry Kolberg (28 days ago)
I think the reason all the people at the reveal were screaming was because of the financial gains shareholders will make through the next 10 years
xdsmastermia (28 days ago)
you're an idiot going up to challenge musk. uhhm give us real world info. moron!
CPU Pulse (29 days ago)
I believe you mean Carbon Monoxide not Carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide plants need in order to survive and something we humans breath out for them. There is no green house has that is harming any environment. That was started by politicians in order to push their carbon tax.
JenRaj Sebastian (1 month ago)
I'm confuse should i order 500 mile Radius or not ? I have 2005 Peterbilt 387 Empty weight 23250 LBS JUST THE TRUCK without Trailer WITH FULL TAKNK OF FUEL 300 GALLON / 2268 LTRs OF DIESEL.
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
its 500 miles at GVW of 80,000lbs.
Alex Rodriguez (1 month ago)
All the dislikes are Elon Musk workers
Wonderpolice's Channel (1 month ago)
We need this guy in Jakarta
Moritz Dürholt (1 month ago)
Why are you never talkinf about the damage caused by the mining of Lithium for the batteries. If you consider this, you would say that even though the hydrogen is less efficient, it is the best concept to fight pollution
Miguel lopez (18 days ago)
you know it takes oil to make hydrogen? also everybody talks about the effects of mining.
David Vonch (1 month ago)
He looks sexy getting outta that truck. Do it again. Dave's wife here
Ken MacKenzie (1 month ago)
the 0-60 speed will positively affect traffic in any given city at every traffic light. Those trucks will better flow with all the traffic.
funny videos (1 month ago)
When Tesla semi launch in India
John Doe (1 month ago)
Release pushed back to november; 2019. Lol. Announcing it 2 years before it's 'released'.
Little Mo (1 month ago)
Sorry laddy buck it’s 40 tons, i just happen to drive one of those vehicles
Matthew Boyd (1 month ago)
If gas prices go up (especially with a carbon tax) the return on investment would be much quicker. I wish I could figure out what that would look like.. like if gas was $4 or $5 per gallon. At what price would a diesel powered truck become a bad investment?
diddlydankmemes (1 month ago)
Let’s just make both one with More battery’s more payload
SteelJM1 (1 month ago)
Whatabout electric trains? I think economy of scale would work in the favor of trains, and any capacity shortfall could be mitigated by pulling grid power through caternaries which is an already very well established power source for locomotives.
Soufian Attar (1 month ago)
Would you give a link for the paper plz ?
Miyuden (1 month ago)
That's why Tesla bought Maxwell.
Jim Rr (1 month ago)
White folk sure get all excited about electric vehicles and saving the planet and stuff. Don't see no brothas in a Prius Googoomobile with a COEXIST sticker .
Walter Baltzley (1 month ago)
A Better Option is the Nikola Hydrogen Electric Semi...
smart guy in a hoodie (1 month ago)
Will it *actually* produce lower carbon emissions? I don't think so.
AndroTech Gaming (1 month ago)
It will obviously do..burning regular fuel releases much more carbon... But no fuel is burned here. In fact it doesnt even emmit carbon
Dan Orr (1 month ago)
Here in Australia we have B doubles that pull about 50 tonnes so Elon's seemingly over powered truck would be perfect. The pri movers here are more like 15tonnes and need that weight for traction. So while range is probably a bit to low more battery weight is not the problem, only price is. But since we pay around $1.50/ litre for fuel here Elon,S truck is a massive game changer. Just try to imagine a big trucking companies monthly fuel and lube oil bill and imagine how much money they will pay for a truck they can recharge at their own depots while they are loading it.
ジュン (1 month ago)
Exactly I just saw 1 in my neighborhood it's so awesome.
Joao Inacio (1 month ago)
Gostei do modelo
Joao Inacio (1 month ago)
E um belo camião
mikedfelix (1 month ago)
What other YouTube channels are similar to this? I believe I saw something similar but with different niche
Jezú Con Z (1 month ago)
Does anyone else think this guy's vids are so fucking great?
Sublime D (1 month ago)
They should use hydrogen... wait... *mushroom cloud*...
Janagan S (1 month ago)
Venkatasubramanian viswanathan. .!
Attila Banovits (1 month ago)
Far away from happening.