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Epic 2 Male lions fighting to death (Aug 2017)

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Video by Wairühí W. M Location: Amboseli National Park. Date: 9/25/2017 Music by Terry Devine King - Day of reckoning https://www.audionetwork.com/browse/m/track/day-of-reckoning_34326
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Text Comments (4610)
Alf (2 days ago)
You are a fucking liar.
JUNJA RAM (4 days ago)
Super attacking role
medgasguy (4 days ago)
So both lions survived? Clearly one was bigger than the other, what a spectacular fight.
vvlswapd200sx (4 days ago)
It is click bait...
Birdman Wiz (6 days ago)
Great ground and pound...stand up sucks....had em in full gaurd at one point....one tappes
Ishmad Jasiir (8 days ago)
Unnecessary music
Жуматай Омаров (8 days ago)
Жесточайшие битвы не на жизнь. а насмерть Царей.Помочь слабым никто не в силах: такова реальность нашего бытия.Нам только лицезреть.
N. P. (9 days ago)
Brothers gunning for 1 pooddy cat.
Ali Mad (9 days ago)
Nobody needs to die, that's the conclusion !
Quantum Cosmos QC (10 days ago)
Lions fell for Honey Trap !! These evil Bitches !!!
Roland Gutierrez (10 days ago)
you are like the democrats ! liars , they did not fight to the death !
D B (10 days ago)
STOP it.. Grow up. THEY NEED TO STOP. .
george otieno (10 days ago)
Lioness needs some popcorn
Сергей Игнатов (11 days ago)
I wish they had lawyers and courts to settle conflicts
Zuleika Zuleika (11 days ago)
Wow as soon as the female left the fight ended
Martin Whitehead (12 days ago)
Simba Vs Scar. Battle for pride lands
леди леди (12 days ago)
вот ведь драчуны)все в крови)) думаю и раны будут зализывать сидя рядышком))
animals Lovers (13 days ago)
Natewatl (13 days ago)
Fraudsters offering clickbait. An horrific battle without a winner
N S N S (13 days ago)
Stupid people make write dialogue lol😁
Kier Hasim (13 days ago)
Nice fight like manny Pacquiao but Mayweather is running
f f.k.s (13 days ago)
Very good video
saranya M r (14 days ago)
JMBGames (14 days ago)
It’s the circle of life!!! Oh.
mattybr1 (15 days ago)
Click bait
Rodolfo Duran (15 days ago)
Todo por una hembra!!!
Jade X (15 days ago)
Neither died...
angel santiago (15 days ago)
El nombre del creador es yahueh y su hijo yahsuah
lone wolf alpha (15 days ago)
People talking in backround stfu.
thanos Libyan (15 days ago)
It amazes me the shear power and strength of those truly magnificent beasts ,, it's hard to tell how long the fight was on but imagine if it was a human against one of those killing machine how long it would have lasted,,,ah half a second,,,,
Jah Senor (16 days ago)
You lying fuck you.
AeonKage (16 days ago)
As you can see pussy fucks shit up between males everywhere
Jon Lee - WPIA (16 days ago)
I believe these lions fight so often because of humans encroachment into their territory because they have limited land to spread . No animal prefer cage fighting which is what this amount to over peaceful existence. These so called rangers and videographers know this and should be shameful. They should be given just a stick to fend off vs these lions!!!
December 886 (14 days ago)
This is all male lions do, this is there whole job
lavian wanjara (17 days ago)
Lions cant kill each other by neck bitting The manes act like the protection shields
Jeremy Hess (14 days ago)
Mopongo tribe Kinky tail had his neck snapped and was eating alive by rival males look it up
Jesse Gutierrez (17 days ago)
They both got fucked up
Usup Muhamad (18 days ago)
Mantap good
andi wand (18 days ago)
and at the end, both lions walk away happily f.y.!
frios011 (18 days ago)
silmi tuhfahila (18 days ago)
Picogram (18 days ago)
If lions are fighting and you have a camera, you MUST film. You will never see that shit again in your life.
knuckles black (19 days ago)
Esa pinche vieja deberían de meterle una verga en la boca para que deje de decir tanta babosada
hakimi shafie (19 days ago)
Go and stop them
nighty (19 days ago)
This comment section is filled with people who clearly skipped biology class and it shows.
The legend 27 (19 days ago)
You got a better quality when you aimed the camera to the lions asshole 😂
Steadfastly (20 days ago)
Another lying video. They did NOT fight to the death.
black baby (20 days ago)
That's one fight I don't want to be in the middle of 💯
Tim Auran (20 days ago)
Lioness known as Helion of Troy.
john jus (21 days ago)
Because of one lioness, PUSSY IS TOO POWERFUL
Boo Boo (21 days ago)
For all the sexist idiots talking shit about females and saying she is not worth it, please have ur girlfriend, wife, crush read ur comments then i wanna see if you can stick a penis in her after she reads it....
Anthony Miles (21 days ago)
👏👏👏👏👏That was very intense. The best lion vs lion video I've ever seen. No refs. No standing 8. Both were smart and ended it alive and victorious. I give this video 👍👍 up!
Eddie Crous (21 days ago)
The 1st world war began because of a fight over a woman.
oumarou Sidiki (22 days ago)
Henrique Vasconcelos (22 days ago)
If was a Tiger, on the first paw it will be running till today
Joe III (22 days ago)
Even from that distance you can still see a good amount of blood on both of them. That was a brutal fight. Never seen a fight as spectacular as that.
Anthony Johnson (23 days ago)
No deaths but absolutely brutal! Far better entertainment than UFC :-/
JORGAISGAMERXD_ :v (24 days ago)
Esa mujer que habla toda mielosa,echa a perder está batalla épica...
suraj bhandari (24 days ago)
Thanks for lying ...
rsb512 (24 days ago)
The skinny male lion took a pummeling but he got in his shots too. While it was not a fight to the death per se they did a lot of damage to each other.
palansa palansa (25 days ago)
Berebut betina ?
Francisco Guerrero (25 days ago)
Good video, but you are a lier, nota fight until the death!
SSDom Smith (25 days ago)
Come on bro all becaz of the pussy.
GeorgeAyodele (25 days ago)
The smaller lion looked really bloodied. Surely won't survive those injuries without human help
john raponkus (25 days ago)
I used a judo throw on a lion once, while rollerblading across the Seregeti !
A RS (26 days ago)
So they both die?
Woodier Aunt2244 (26 days ago)
Lions don’t fight till death they fight till they both gain respect of each other.
nighty (19 days ago)
Woodier Aunt2244 No. They fight for breeding rights.
Florence Masule (26 days ago)
If two nations are fighting time will be consumed. Great lions ....
farhantam chen (26 days ago)
very very very strong animal
anwar athikavil (26 days ago)
Fight is Not untill death... untill 'The end of video only.. 🤣
Tub Kevin Xiong (26 days ago)
No one dead fool. Lie ass
MyCall Megatone (27 days ago)
I can dig it. Young buck (lil king) was well dazed n couldn't even walk straight after getting dragged for most of the battle. He was obviously more interested in getting on with life than finishing his worthy opponent. .. MyCall
5th Majingilane (27 days ago)
They are asking where is the fight to the death when we see 2 prime male lions fight for 6-7 minutes....
5th Majingilane (27 days ago)
One of the best videos and so stupid comments....
Trindade dos Santos (27 days ago)
Brigas de Leões https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNaIEpjaCs8
نواف اهلا بكم (28 days ago)
Bobby Powell (28 days ago)
Someone should explain rock paper scissors to them.
Tornado M (28 days ago)
That's good
Doesn't matter (29 days ago)
Next time people, get closer don't be fucking chicken. You have balls for everything els, the least you can do is get closer to the lion. They don't bite..... Much.... haha hahaha hahahahahahaha. I give this video a C grade.
Samsung J4 (29 days ago)
Hugo Flores (29 days ago)
pinches leones parecen viejas de la calle a puro rasguños y cachetadas🦁🦁
Ziggygoloco (29 days ago)
Dk Dk (29 days ago)
After the fighting ... Lion 1: why r you still alive ?🦁🤔 Lion 2: why r you still alive ?🦁🤔 Lion 1: where's your ears ?🦁🙄... maybe i ate it 🦁😄 Lion 2: where's your ears ?🦁🙄... maybe i ate it 🦁😄 Lion 1: what ! ... no ears 🦁😭 Lion 2: what ! ... no ears 🦁😭 Lioness : 🦁😄🦁😄
Василь Гетцко (29 days ago)
Василь Гетцко (29 days ago)
nocturnal gamer (29 days ago)
Tigers fight to death
Bobby Johnson (1 month ago)
Bull shit vid
Md Jawed (1 month ago)
Md jawed
Nomad Lone (1 month ago)
Even though that one kept taking top position, he was getting his face dragged to hell by the others hind claws! Sure looked red when he kept pulling away. Ouch! No female is worth all that. No more than a male is lol Tigers don't endanger their lives like that. If the bitch isn't easy, they keep it nomad and moving 😎
Salah Matak (27 days ago)
Happy GetAways (1 month ago)
Camera man is a stupid .. shaking the vedio and not capturing the fight
MRJOHNSANO (1 month ago)
Male Lions do not fight to the death. So I've been told.
phillip smillie (29 days ago)
Have you ever seen the mappogos documentary? They definitely do!
Abu Ahmed (1 month ago)
Really you are so stupid and cruel mother fuckers....
FTG_Wolfee (1 month ago)
John Wilson (1 month ago)
Ahu MƏLƏY m (1 month ago)
Jade12568 (1 month ago)
Its not just the females they fight over but territory for the pride. THey fight so they have land that is safe for their cubs. Hate to see it, but I did watch the whole thing. Amazing display of power when you think each of those animals weigh around 500 lbs.
Hannah Smirnoff (1 month ago)
Stupid lioness sitting there just watching the fight. She could have ended the whole thing.
Robbie 1957 (1 month ago)
The One (1 month ago)
I regret the decision i made to view this video! 🙄😏
jagan 1 (1 month ago)
Sounds is irritating
Wesley R (1 month ago)
Azz Zaa (1 month ago)
Fcking adds adds adds
احمد سنكالي (1 month ago)
Je pense qu'ils sont son frère parce que les combats ont été longs