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Modern home in Mexican plateau revives ancient water harvest

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In the slope of Tepozteco mountain, Meztitla (Náhuatl for “place near the moon”), Casa Meztitla is in a never ending relationship with nature, harvesting/filtering water the way it was done in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Surrounded by subtropical rainforest that remains untouched, its inhabitants believe that what the land gives should be returned to the property. In an area with no public water supply and a rainy season that lasts only from July through September/October, the home uses only the water it can capture and reuse from the property. Water flows through an intricate system of filtration. Two main (or three including the pool) water reservoirs exist: the potable water reservoir covered by the grass patio, and the open-air reservoir (using aquatic plants, fish and a pump) for irrigation which resembles “cenotes”, open air water sources sacred to Mayans. The water system relies on gravity and can store 30,000 liters; it provides enough water for the house all year round. Conceptually, this storm water management captures every drop of rain that touches the property (3800 square meters), uses it in different ways, and does not let a drop out. The result is abundant water and land that is constantly irrigated in a region with seasonal droughts. EDAA Architects- Luis Arturo García: https://edaa.mx/en/casa-meztitla/ Drone footage: Inside cenote: Kaveh Kavoosi www.spectrums.me/10 Cenote wide shots: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVA7eirMKFl84J1wZJpLww Tepozteco pyramid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3_Sf8EGDsM On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/modern-home-in-mexican-plateau-revives-ancient-water-harvest/
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France2107 (7 months ago)
Man they have it down pat. No water wasted at all, it can all be used and reused. The rest of the world could take lessons. Especially those western states that are draining their rivers and lakes and doing nothing to renew them.
Some person dot dot dot (1 month ago)
Huh? America is much better at conserving water when compared to 2/3s of the world... Maybe look at China, South America, India, various parts of Africa, Saudia Arabia, etc. for a more appropiate country to give life lessons too. Your comment is pretty off-point.
Champ1 (1 month ago)
@Someone Just Like You South Americans have great knowledge because of their indigenous rich culture.
M antis (13 hours ago)
This is how we all should live! What a great way to use our natural resources and incorporate it into our lifestyle.
kim kaptwan (6 days ago)
Felicidades que chula casa
Lucho Portuano (6 days ago)
The owners are very very smart. Los dueños de casa son realmente muy inteligentes. Me encantó.
Paula Rodrigues (8 days ago)
Muy hermoso proyecto sostenible. Ha de haber sido mucho trabajo idealizar todo esto. Lo único que siento que le falta es un cuidado de design de interiores. Los muebles son sin chiste.
Angel Morales (9 days ago)
Mire a mi y la casa Armonia a donde se deposita los Elementos Interior y Exterior ke pondria (toda cosa pa salvarme o divesos colores para el reflecto del Sol no kema y ganas
Eulogio Diéguez (9 days ago)
¿Como es que usáis el agua de la piscina para regar si decís que es salada?
arun gowda (15 days ago)
Jesus Garcia (19 days ago)
Parece una prisión a medio construir.
Toribio SAUCEDO QUINTERO (19 days ago)
Que perrisima casa.en contacto con la naturaleza.ecologica,fresca,y sin estres del ruido de la ciudad.calidad de vida para los dueños.felicidades.
dewa khmer (19 days ago)
nice house we could farm anaconda theres
Mariya Hosokawa (21 days ago)
Nice 👍
Harry Mil Chistes (22 days ago)
Esperó que los dueños sean mexicanos y no un estupido extranjero . Fuera extranjeros de México.
Cciinnddhhyyaa (23 days ago)
Best vid ever and such a beautiful and ecological home
Phalair Carter (23 days ago)
I love this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amar Bara (25 days ago)
Woww.. its great. 👌👌👌
Guadalupe Quintero (25 days ago)
El Cazahuate da unas flores blancas muy hermosas y les gusta a los venados 20 años sin ver ur árbol de esos 😯😍😍😍😍 esa casa es un sueño hecho realidad todo hermoso todo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
TheTawakul (25 days ago)
I love how the project respects the nature and makes the inhabitants live with it in peace and harmony, benefitting both. I wish all houses were built that way. What a blessing to live in such a house!
blue jay (25 days ago)
He's the caretaker of the property and the female in red shirt is my guess.
J Asd (26 days ago)
He is a guardian of nature
J Asd (26 days ago)
This is very very ecologic, more house this please humans
CC P (28 days ago)
Love this house the owners are very conscious of the environment and are not draining the earth of it's natural resources, everything is recycled saving water which pretty soon the way we are destroying this planet water will be more valuable than gold already there are millions of people that are not able to have drinkable water.
Jessica Hicking (28 days ago)
mitooquerer (30 days ago)
Anybody knows the composition of the filters at 6:22?
peter (1 month ago)
Don't you have a screen? I'm scared of all kinds of mosquitoes and bugs.
Spencer Yancey (1 month ago)
electroin p.c (1 month ago)
Pero si vas a Guanajuato vas a ver cazahuate por donde quiera.
Canal CueRvuM (1 month ago)
Muy bueno el sistema de aguas y el cuidado y agradecimiento con la naturaleza
Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela (1 month ago)
Now that you are in Mexico, It would be nice to see more work from Tatiana Bilbao. I love her style.
Gabriel Morales (1 month ago)
Señor lindo diseño me vendes la casita
ayotochtli (1 month ago)
Dude what is cazauate, its cohzahuatl, grows the most delicious mushroom I have ever eat...
Monica 77 (1 month ago)
Esta muy bien pensado la reconexion de agua y su utilizacion Felicidades. En cuanto al proyecto arquitectonico estilo barragan, en general se ve un proyecto minimalista: La vista aerea se ve integrado con la naturaleza, pero la vista interior hacia el exterior no me gusto: la sala si la tienen integrada con la naturaleza con la puertas abatibles al jardin, etc. el pasto esta muy pegado a las ventanas por los insectos etc. hubiera puesto un espacio intemedio como un deck para pasar a la area verde. No me gusta que los espacios interiores como recamaras y cocina sean totalmente cuadrados con techos altos, teniendo la vista de la naturaleza hacia arriba, con ese detalle arquitectonico los espacios pierde esa integración total con la naturaleza, haciendo unos cuartos totalmente cerrados. Hay gustos para todos.
Thailand Thailand (1 month ago)
Nice+good. Home
Liset Bernal (1 month ago)
Muy buen sistema de captura de lluvia
Samira Meni (1 month ago)
Awesome 👏🏽
giovanni centino (1 month ago)
omg! I want a house like that but need internet and a pool! love the glass walls
Iluminada Williams (1 month ago)
This is an ECO-FRIENDLY HOUSE 100% SELF-SUFFICIENT! Excellent architectural design. Love it!
JESUS MEDINA PEREZ (1 month ago)
Wow every one must to do it a house like this
Velson Simte (1 month ago)
Beware of king cobras
artemisa art (1 month ago)
Preciosa casa, hermoso pensamiento de los dueños, pero estoy totalmente encontrá en las construcciones en bosques y selvas por más amigables que se han estás.
roberto saol (1 month ago)
Que belleza, mas propietarios como ese, felicidades
iLindahLIFE (1 month ago)
tourism is vile.
Ajay Mehta (1 month ago)
I'm an architect from india and I really appreciate and thank to the owner for water reservation by using excellent method. thanks to the architect also. as the guy say in the last we should give back to nature as it has given us😊👍👌💐
claudia mares (1 month ago)
Excelente casa, debería ser obligatorio captar agua de lluvia y respestar la naturaleza
ivan m chavez (1 month ago)
Sustainability is life; I'm a mexican architect with a master's degree and speciality in sustainability, so I love this kind of houses and bioclimatic design
DrGrinsp00n (1 month ago)
Fuckin amazing build
JoseitoEdlVodao (1 month ago)
Can I get the design charts? This is awesome. One of your best ones yet.
Inna Anja (1 month ago)
Wooooooooow me encanta la forma en que cuida em agua y la reutiliza, que super cociente !! 💕💕💕
Tlahuicole XIII (1 month ago)
5:59 🤣
janobotano Apellido (1 month ago)
Estagua. Jaja No niegas la Cruz de tu parroquia jajajajaj
Alejandro Mireles Rojas (1 month ago)
Gran diseño ambiental
1234qwer (1 month ago)
Mmm this is confusing the mountain you mention is in morelos and at the start of the video you showed yucatan peninsula... Theyre very far from each other???
Jose Torres (1 month ago)
Bonita innovación, solo que las culebras se animan x montón dentro del inmueble
Dar Candelaria (1 month ago)
The sound of the water is so relaxing 😍 sometimes I wish I lived in Mexico where i was born. I'm Mexican but sometimes i feel like maybe I belong in Europe somewhere because of my European blood aswell. As a Mestiza woman my dna is scattered. I don't think there's one specific place in the world where it will trurly feel like home because I'll always be missing another part of me somewhere else. It's a weird feeling I can't explain.
Sexy S (1 month ago)
this is the most beautiful house i have seen... but can't help thinking about snakes, bugs and other small or big creatures ...and yes did i mention snakes
tamcon72 (1 month ago)
The house is impressive in its aquatic self-sufficiency, but am I the only one wondering what happens to the villagers in this water-poor area in times of drought? Did the obviously affluent owners of this residence send some of that modern filtration know-how to their fellow ancient techniques-using residents, if they had need of it? Maybe I missed information about water sharing or filtration technology sharing, but I sure hope it happens here; we can only laud construction like this if the methods can be applied to a larger region given consistent conditions. One self-sufficient house makes a good prototype, but it ought to be a starting point for scaling up, if feasible. Thanks for posting this!
Héctor CM (1 month ago)
Me parece que están invadiendo área ecológica. Este señor no $e cómo $e coló, porque ni $iquiera e$ autóctono.
miguel blanco (1 month ago)
Ese tipo de casa es imposible construirla sin robar a alguien IMPOSIBLE.
M B (1 month ago)
Que bonita!
los dias de D I (1 month ago)
orale, casi se parece a mi casa 🤣
Nahual Fuego (1 month ago)
Siempre los extranjeros o los más ricos se apropian de los lugares más lindos de México 😓 no es justo!!!
ISAAC SAAL (1 month ago)
tienes razon pero en mexico podemos hacernos ricos. y muchos no lo intentan. otros se van al usa, y cuando se hacen ricos reniegan de su pais y se quieren quedar alla. y no regresan a invertir en su pais.
Karmen Urio (1 month ago)
En Morelos México los esperamos con los brazos abiertos. Vengan y disfruten de este estado mágico de nuestra república.
Karmen Urio (1 month ago)
Tengo la enorme fortuna de tener un terreno, justo a lado de Tepoztlán!!!
TESLA369 (2 months ago)
Que no es esa la casa de mausan??
Elephant In The Room Sahib (2 months ago)
awesome look at water conservation and nature. I have a question. How are the mosquito situation n bug? my skin is an uber magnet for mosquiotes
SO Sum (2 months ago)
So much beauty and knowledge ❤❤
Blessed American (2 months ago)
This is such a fantastic use of natural resources, Another great video!
santiscorpius77 (2 months ago)
Incredible! Genius!
Juan Herrero (2 months ago)
Un jacalito así quisiera chingao!!!
María María las rosas son hermosas (2 months ago)
6:00 niño se cayó 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Bruneau François (2 months ago)
C'est fou qu'il n'y ait pas d'eau courante au Mexique. Il explique qu'elle est livrée par citernes et que ça coûte mucho dineros, très cher! J'espère pour lui qu'il a un bon laveur de vitres... Les toilettes sèches et la récupération des urines ça simplifie tout mine de rien... Son circuit de filtration de l'eau de pluie est trop consciencieux quelque part... Cette eau profite à la nature, elle ne peut pas être mauvaise pour l'homme. La maison rappelle beaucoup les volumes de Le Corbusier.
César Pulido Aguilar (2 months ago)
Muy bien ahora para 1000 casas... No es rentable hasta disminuir la población. Dejen de parir vivan mejor
rodrigo Ibañez (2 months ago)
¡Qué maravillosa casa! ❤️
Ooh My (2 months ago)
I love this one . Where in stares can I buy or plans to build. Thank you. Case study
We the People United (2 months ago)
Rainwater Harvesting will soon be illegal in all the US states greed
We the People United (2 months ago)
Beautiful and intelligent home design. My only upset is in the Mayan times they didn't need 250 filters and reverse osmosis to drink rainwater.
Luz MARIA Sosa (2 months ago)
Y que esa casa no es de un político ?digo por que ellos son de los que tienen las mejores casas en México?????
KIKYO Del Toro (2 months ago)
Cierto de un político corrupto
Rafael Garcia (2 months ago)
Omg Beautiful
osho dorado (2 months ago)
I Love Mexico!!!
Greg Popovich (2 months ago)
why didn't he show the secret underground lab
Greg Popovich (2 months ago)
4:40 Owner: (talking to kirsten) "This wood here, is so we don't step on the roof to keep it clean....so we can use the water." 4:51 Kirsten: (steps on the roof)
Yaret Rojuche (2 months ago)
Cual es el nombre del arquitecto?
Luiz Oliveira Wanderley De Menezes (2 months ago)
Duas palabritas Buena solucione
Taurean Spaniard (2 months ago)
Yea deport me ❤ to Mexico
Gabriel Ruvalcaba (2 months ago)
All it takes is... Ten women in their period
Sarah B (2 months ago)
So if I buy a land and build a home the Cartel will not bother us.?
paul smith (2 months ago)
Wow the opening scene of the giant Cenote took my breath away! I really love the grand minimalist style of the house which seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings.Beautiful camera shots and editing. Kudos to Luis Arturo Garcia,who shows his intimate understanding of this unique part of the planet thru his water use system design. Respecting this valuable resource in a chemical- free manner. One question. Did they incorporate UV light in the salt treated pool? ¡Wow la escena de apertura del Cenote gigante me dejó sin aliento! Realmente me encanta el gran estilo minimalista de la casa, que combina a la perfección con su entorno natural. Hermosas tomas de cámara y edición. Felicitaciones a Luis Arturo García, quien demuestra su comprensión íntima de esta parte única del planeta a través de su diseño de sistema de uso de agua. Respetando este valioso recurso de una manera libre de químicos. Una pregunta. ¿Incorporaron luz UV en la piscina tratada con sal?
L C (2 months ago)
Who owns this property?
Francisco del Barrio (2 months ago)
Excelente trabajo, una casa así sin ruido de autos 🚙
Hermaphrodite Doro (2 months ago)
i live in mexico and i,ll stay here forever
Hermaphrodite Doro (1 month ago)
@Tlahuicole XIII ohh i live in guadalajara mexico,
Tlahuicole XIII (1 month ago)
What part? I have a house in Jojutla Morelos
John Yeung (2 months ago)
Increeeeedible and so inspiring!
2112 Bangkok (2 months ago)
Best keep that man on staff as he knows everything needed to make the house function.
Araceli Jácome (2 months ago)
Muy interesante!! Maravilloso
Claudy TheArtist (2 months ago)
Beautiful landscape and conservation... Outstanding segment... Thank you.
Charles Dawson (2 months ago)
Beautiful. I want to live there.
Rahul Kumar (2 months ago)
MihalisM Kickyourass (2 months ago)
what about the bugs buddy?
Thanos (2 months ago)
Thank you for this I will this year stay at this home using Airbnb and my wife and me will be naked all day making babies
rapier1954 Farrell (2 months ago)
What about mosquitoes coming in if you open everything up?
Ashutosh Jha (2 months ago)
This looks like heaven to me