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Canadian Seabreeze 7172-A

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VegaBass25 (3 months ago)
The original Seabreeze Cool Sweep! They still make them here as well as a heater with the same feature. Dried out rubber components is usually what causes the mechanism to fail in these, But its hard to tell what yours is missing. Either way they are great fans with a great sound. Excellent job on the restoration!
Will's Adventures (4 months ago)
I saw the modern equlivant at ACE a while back. It was 2 speed but felt cheap and airflow was super weak. It's oscillator was also busted amusingly
Trance88 (4 months ago)
Such a neat fan! I really hope you can get that oscillator system fixed!
Lemont (4 months ago)
Cool fan and i like the way the blade is designed super cool i enjoyed the video
Lake Nipissing (4 months ago)
Well isn't that something... others commenting here are correct, they still make this... but the controls are on the front on the new version, instead of on the top like the older one. Take a look here at the history of the company: They have a parts section on the web site. Maybe you can still get parts for the old version. I remember SeaBreeze wood case portable record players with vacuum tube amplifiers were another common item as a child's record player in the 1970s. They mention in the company history about starting out making phonograph motors.
Lake Nipissing (4 months ago)
Hey Harley! If I find another one of these over here, I will send it to you for parts. I'm not sure what was supposed to be there, since this fan has been like this ever since I had it; the oscillating vanes never worked, but I thought something was just slipping and not gone altogether.. These fans were pretty common in the 1970s and 1980s here (I remember being in homes of several families with fans like this as a kid), so I will watch for one of these to turn up in a thrift store.
force311999 (4 months ago)
cool looks like a TV on one side and a plane prop. on the other
themaritimegirl (4 months ago)
Seabreeze is a really interesting company. One or two of the fans they still make have been in production for 40 years! And, aside from the content itself, their website is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago!
The Fan Universe (4 months ago)
That blade design kinda reminds me of the Windy pedestal fan i made a video of several months ago..
D. B. - Vintage (4 months ago)
I've seen some Seabreeze fans on eBay, they're not common.
thebombyall76 (4 months ago)
the blades are wicked! very cool fan.
craigsclocks (4 months ago)
Cool fan and that blade looks really neat. I hope you can fix the oscillating part. Thanks for the video.
Nikyjim Gaming (4 months ago)
They are of a mid 70's vintage
Jason JJ Cruz (4 months ago)
Very cool vintage fan
matthewbestdfghy (4 months ago)
The motor is in front of the fan. I have never seen that. I guess a good way to cool the motor.
force311999 (4 months ago)
lots of reversible fans are like that to keep the motor dry when the fan is in a window
Emerson Collie (4 months ago)
Wow, never seen one of these before. Very interesting design.
AMDRADEONRUBY (4 months ago)
They are still made in canada. Including space heater.
VegaBass25 (3 months ago)
+Lake Nipissing They are still around making this fan. Its still pretty decent, But not as good as this original. Heres a video on my 2017 model--
Lake Nipissing (4 months ago)
Are they? Is SeaBreeze still around? I thought everything was made in China now. Maybe Harley can get the part which is missing?
Nikyjim Gaming (4 months ago)
ive got the exact same one i picked up at value village!
ToryTheFanMan (4 months ago)
Thats an interest fan. Has a neat blade on it. Nice to know im not the only US collector with a Canadian fan now lol