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Kawasaki ZXR750 - ZXR750R Documentary

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A documentary about Kawasaki ZXR750/ZXR750R models.
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Text Comments (15)
Royalbigness (1 year ago)
why upload a worldly video if 99% of the world don't freakin' understand. ????
vaw power (2 years ago)
Where's my p3 model lol
perezmaximus (2 years ago)
some close caption would be nice because I don't understand sh*t what she is saying!
thomas zambelli (1 year ago)
lol me either,I do not speak japanese...
BeardedBaby Teenagejesus (2 years ago)
Very sucky motor
BeardedBaby Teenagejesus (2 years ago)
If you say those words very quickly together with a small amount of anger you can imagine sounding like a proud Japanese Kawasaki engineer describing his mechanical creation. Certainly didnt mean the engine sux. Had one myself for awhile
Initial D (2 years ago)
Ronald Hurtado (3 years ago)
zxr 250 1996 ..!
Jeffrey Jose Badilla Alvarado (3 years ago)
zxr400 89? jeffreycr1@gmail. com
hector munro (4 years ago)
imagine your wife sounded like that jap bird.....jeezuz christ man how long would you be able to put up with that voice ????
mr m (2 years ago)
Becuse she like to sucki
Manuel Varela (4 years ago)
NTA (5 years ago)
Nice one !!!
sbuschi (5 years ago)
I have one of this....great "old school" bike that I take on the racing track ;-), the engine is a lot of fun. Got a honda hornet 600 for everyday....ZXR750 not that great to zoom around in the city ( overheats, cramp sport riding position, can't manouver in traffic like any modern naked-roadster bike). Learn how to ride hard on one of "this oldies but goodies"on a track then you take one of the modern bikes, you will feel like you are riding a ultralight missile with a BIG SMILE on your face.
Davide Simonelli (5 years ago)
A real dream-bike!