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Kimi Raikkonen Upset in Ferrari Garage Australia 2017

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KimiRäikkönenVids (1 year ago)
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John M (2 months ago)
Leclerc in the garage too
fastmclaren71 (3 months ago)
False title again.
fastmclaren71 (3 months ago)
Asking a question about the car. Not angry.
annoythefish (5 months ago)
Could you imagine having to deal with a bunch of greasy spaghetts every time you wanted to go fast? I feel you kimi
Gustavo Javarini (6 months ago)
0:09 The guy behind Kimi is Leclerc?
Wiley E. Coyote (11 months ago)
Both Ferrari and McLaren mechanics have reportedly said he is excellent at giving feedback on the car. Kimi is phenomenally talented and quick. Still. His only weeknesses are that the car has to fit him absolutely perfectly and that he is not as dedicated overall (comparatively speaking). The fact that he only values wins is his strenght and weakness I believe. If he is not happy with the balance, he sometimes settles for 95% effort. There are drivers that can more easily adapt to a race car that does not suit them, or is not quite set up correctly. But with a car that is on point for him, he is just as quick if not quicker than Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso,... And every driver has weaknesses. Interesting caracterfor sure.
ruddersmoke (11 months ago)
OMG! OMG! OMG! I have never seen ANYONE FREAK OUT LIKE THAT!!!!! Shame on you Kimi!!!! That is such an embarrassing tantrum! I have never seen an adult act like that. Shame on you!!!!
Alain Chouinard (1 year ago)
Kimi is a winner and its really easy to undersrand why he his annoyed by the stupidity around him........
ysleeves (1 year ago)
I've never seen Kimi or a Fin for that matter talk so much!
Andrea Layton (1 year ago)
abandoned places
jstanbury61 (1 year ago)
Forza Kimi
F1 F (1 year ago)
kimi we know Vettel broke the gentlemans agreement to hold positions as they were before the pitstops.. he did it to Webber too... now focus on winning all the races and piss all over vettel and Hamilton. we need that 2007 fighting kimi back!!! FIGHT!!!
Marco Rigliaco (1 year ago)
Ice man
János Szabó (1 year ago)
My gosh, he's lost his mind
Wolvy (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Tarpinian (1 year ago)
kimi never gets angry ..he´s the fuckin iceman...the one and only !!! cheers from a brazilian great fan !!!
Ali Mirza (1 year ago)
When Kimi doing some inspection..
ProximityX (1 year ago)
Upset? LOL Not really. That's just Kimi being Kimi.
reon barrett (1 year ago)
Ferrari not nice they using him ..not going to stop never liked ferrari .. because they are crazy people theses really no rules
niteshmurti (1 year ago)
"Vittu Sataana! I said I want an ice-cream button on my steering wheel. I don't see any ice-cream button on my steering wheel. Do you guys even listen? Bwoah!"
Arch Vile (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! XD I tell ya man, mina rakastan Suomea! From Canada, kiitos! :)
Horse From Hell (1 year ago)
Why can't he perform like vettel with the same car? Not trolling actually serious?
Dugland Jean Michel (1 year ago)
end of career ... :/
Oli (1 year ago)
Whoever wrote this description I hope you drop dead
Jed Alaoui (1 year ago)
he somehow reminds me of nicki lauda
JarniDeGarza (1 year ago)
115.000 views for nothing
Hans mullen (1 year ago)
misinformation from YouTube posters
DAGATHire (1 year ago)
that's Kimi's quota of emotion used up for the entire 2017 season :D
jambomambo (1 year ago)
DollarDiego HD (1 year ago)
Kurro olimpero (1 year ago)
last champion with Ferrari.
GSA (1 year ago)
Kimi is a loser hahahahah
hannu ainsalo (1 year ago)
GSA yeah bc losers wins champions.....
Spinie Haca (1 year ago)
Melinda Vveen (1 year ago)
kimi you're not you when you are hungry... here have an snickers icecream
KimiRäikkönenVids (1 year ago)
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Mr RoyalGard (1 year ago)
lee coates ja du virka jævlig lur lissom for en taper
lee coates (1 year ago)
translation for the english the car said broom broom hahaha
Mr RoyalGard (1 year ago)
If you cannot see the CC/Subtitles in the video then i feel sorry for you
KimiRäikkönenVids (1 year ago)
Subtitles on what? His lips?
CombatOZ (1 year ago)
Boring massively overrated sport, he who has the best car wins
WimsicleStranger (1 year ago)
CombatOZ So...literally every sport? The soccer team which has the best player(s) wins. The team that has the best equipment wins. I don't see why this is a surprise to you seeing as that's literally how very single part of life works.
Nicola Sarsano (1 year ago)
Yes yes yes, now go to watch football.
Mark Karinz (1 year ago)
CombatOZ Now go watch the champions league again please.
rod928s4 (1 year ago)
He may not even be mad!!...as others have said, maybe it's so noisy there that he's just explaining his issue with his car over the noise.
Isra Depailler (1 year ago)
John Johansen (1 year ago)
Kimi: "I ordered herring for lunch and they sent cod! Cod!! Savages...."
Gazza31112 , (1 year ago)
he couldn't find his ice cream
bracikmen (1 year ago)
ok so where is he upset?
RyuChief (1 year ago)
It's a shame what they are doing to him. Focussing on Vettel so much, they easily could've had 2 cars on the podium in China. They finally have a good car again, and they still manage to screw it up big time. Worst thing of all, they are too arrogant to admit it and blame Kimi for it.
Ascender2306 (1 year ago)
Why are you complaining? Kimi knows in what situation he is. Maybe he does not want to be #1. He could find another team if he wanted. But he stays with Ferrari, knowing that he will be the #2. He has fun in driving the car, and do some racing. He doesn't like pressure that much. The focus of the world press is on Vettel. Raikonnen has become father. Also he is like a mentor for Seb. And he earns a lot of money as well. There is no reason to complain about it. I believe Kimi gives no fuck about it. He does not care at all.
Wez Marauder (1 year ago)
No, Ferrari has been having a clear 1st driver/2nd back-up driver ever since the days of Alain Prost/Nigel Mansell in 1990. Prost probably lost the title because Mansell refused to be number 2. A lot of tension in the team. Thus when Schumacher was hired they made sure they got him team mates that had never won anything and had nothing to lose by joining a top team and work as his back up. Irvine, Barrichello and Massa were nobody's idea of potential champions and none of them had won a race before joining Ferrari. Even when Ferrari DID have the best car by far, like in 2002, they still didn't allow Barrichello to race him fair and square. Austria 2002 comes to mind. Even though Schumacher had a *huge* lead in the championship and Barrichello had had 3 retirements with technical issues the team still spat him in the face. When Massa was Alonso's team mate he too had to accept he wasn't allowed to race seriously. In the German GP of 2010 he had lead 40 laps and was within the reach of victory when the team decided he should let Alonso pass. That broke his spirit following his serious accident in 2009 and his loss of the title at the last lap in 2008. Sorry, but while McLaren allowed Button to race Hamilton in 2010-2012 and Mercedes allowed Rosberg to race Hamilton in 2014-2016 you will NOT see Ferrari allow their two driver to race each other - *even if they had the best car* . This is why Alonso will never go back to Ferrari as long as Vettel is there. There won't be a snowball's chance in hell he will accept to sign on as back-up for Vettel and neither will Ferrari accept two drivers within their team "stealing points" from each other. Ferrari isn't a two-driver team. Hasn't been that in over 25 years. One driver gets all the focus and the other just has to make do with whatever is left. Proof? Notice when Schumacher was injured in the 1999 season. Suddenly Irvine became the lead driver and all focus was behind him. He came within 2 points from winning the title. For those of us who remember Barrichello's car always having minor technical issues and some strange "bad luck" whereas Schumacher's car always was in tip top condition this is nothing new. Kimi needs a racing engineer who understands his input and his requests. He won't drive around the problem or adapt to something he doesn't like.
Carlitox b (1 year ago)
RyuChief come on that's an excuse Ferrari is giving them both the best they can but the truth is that Seb is way faster than kimi with this new car
todaek9 (1 year ago)
He's just saying "look at the pathetic small brakes...I want bigger brakes, your data log shows shit" lol
Amir Rad (1 year ago)
He is right to be pissed! Ferrari are not treating him well, and now the boss is giving him bollocks for his performance in China!
The Stig (1 year ago)
Bwoah he must've been having a shit.
Fishlips (1 year ago)
His last year with Ferrari, too bad.
Marcos Larini (1 year ago)
Ferrari sabotage kimi's car every time
The Big Boi Succ (11 months ago)
Marcos Larini where is the logic in that?
Jraybay (1 year ago)
Marcos Larini Lol give it a rest
Final00Exit (1 year ago)
Marcos Larini This is ridiculous. They would lose championship points (therefore money) on what purpose? Rolly101 Only a little percentage of team radio messages is broadcasted during the race.
YoshiKillerz (1 year ago)
why would they?
Rolly101 (1 year ago)
I was begining to think this is the case also. It seemed aparrent during this weekends Chinese GP anyway. The section of race where he had Vettel behind him, he was on the radio furious..asking why his car keeps suddenly losing torque/power everytime he exits turn 12! Never heard him get a response though.
Kimi Räikkönen (1 year ago)
Bwoah whaat da fuq
deinar37 (1 year ago)
Kimi Räikkönen
Rouni (1 year ago)
If somebody is thinking why he is mad or upset its because he thinks hes car bottom plate is either damaged or broken or some other part back of the car what is affecting car downforce is damaged. So he was complaining about that with hes racing engineer and the commentator said that hes racing engineer can see on hes monitor if he has lose some downforce of the car or not. But we don't know if it is actually damaged because we cant hear what they are saying, but that's what the commentator said.
TheHB'STech JZ (1 year ago)
if hes talking then hes mad (useually)
tohtorigyro (6 months ago)
*gets one letter wrong* BRUH DO YEH KNO ENGRUSH!?!?!?
Assootosh Motah (1 year ago)
hossahunter22 (1 year ago)
I think he was just yelling to be heard
Harold Peña (1 year ago)
Taht guy should be in F1 until he Dies!!!! i dont care
André Santos (1 year ago)
muhd akib mohd fuad (1 year ago)
why is he upset?
muhd akib mohd fuad (1 year ago)
Ohhh thank you
Rouni (1 year ago)
muhd akib mohd fuad Commentator said that Kimi is probably complaining about the car bottom plate and thinks its broken or damaged and if it is, it would affect the car downforce so he asked about it from hes race engineer because they can check it from the computer easily if he has lose some downforce.
Gary Clifford (1 year ago)
Is that Kovalainen commentating?
MrPaska78 (1 year ago)
Ossi Oikarinen was also Arrows, BMW Sauber and FERRARI employee.
Rouni (1 year ago)
In fact they sound pretty similar. I would guess Kovalainen also if i didn't already know who that commentator was :D
YouthEnergy (1 year ago)
Kovalainen is currently racing in Japan. Won a championship, I believe.
Mitja Kananen (1 year ago)
Gary Clifford It's Ossi Oikarinen, former employee of Toyota F1 Team.
Bap Gia (1 year ago)
Let's Gaming (1 year ago)
This is for everyone who thinks he doesnt work that hard. Here he show's that he does and wants to know everything about the car. and that he is a perfectionist.
Ovidiu Diumea (1 year ago)
His lap before Vettel came out in front of him was 1.15.5. His lap after Vettel came out in front of him, 1.17.7. He knew he couldn't pass so he coasted.
M2orNot (1 year ago)
It looked like he sort of gave up and settled for 2nd. It was either because he thought his team screwed him over or because he wasn't willing to risk a 1-2 or because he had team orders.
Andre Garcia (1 year ago)
You are right. Still race pace after he lost the lead was strange to be serious. He lost so much to Vettel after the undercut. Why??
M2orNot (1 year ago)
Bumping this thread as Kimi proved he still has it this weekend in Monaco.
Fonzie (1 year ago)
He got redder than his car