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UPS man

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Day 3 in stranded in the woods. I grow hungry, so I snuck into civilization to film this sketch and steal some tomatoes from this mans garden. GatoGravido you've unwittingly sent me on a vision quest, there will be more to come.
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Text Comments (129)
LE0NSKA (3 months ago)
the last shot makes it.
Value Select (3 months ago)
Much love brother
Justin E. L. (4 months ago)
Our old UPS man used to wait until someone opened the door so he could say hi.
David Davidson (4 months ago)
Old man had a tiny part to play without any lines and he still manages to fuck it up by looking directly at the camera when he opened the door.
Value Select (4 months ago)
My dad really is an IDIOT
Paul (4 months ago)
is this travis jr. from reno 911
jigsaw jigsaw (5 months ago)
Big facts.
Isaiah Streblow (5 months ago)
As a UPS deliveryman - can confirm, knocking on doors is terrifying also I have no knuckles left please send goat butter thanks
Value Select (5 months ago)
Thank you for this strong testimony
CodexKnife (5 months ago)
Almost to 100k baby. Next stop 1 million.
Brie (6 months ago)
Imagine if this was a house with those security/surveillance cameras and it just filmed his breakdown
Eistee Pfirsich (6 months ago)
90K only 10 more to go!
Eistee Pfirsich (6 months ago)
+Value Select 0:00 “You got this!“
Value Select (6 months ago)
So close!!!!
Ella Jameson (7 months ago)
Okay, look. If you don't make a merch shop, I am making my own bumper sticker for your channel.
Value Select (7 months ago)
I've got ONE shirt design, I need to make some more merch!
MrTheAmorousPanda (7 months ago)
This is incredible, I'm watching evey video now
Value Select (7 months ago)
MrTheAmorousPanda good luck on your journey brother
theorangecrusher (8 months ago)
I wish this was funny
Simulaton God (8 months ago)
you've got nice buns man I'll give you that
Value Select (8 months ago)
GOOD LIVING my brother
Colin Lancaster (8 months ago)
Dat ass tho
Value Select (8 months ago)
I've been informed that HE THICC
Elke H. (9 months ago)
reddit 50/50 anyone?
-Arbyboi- (9 months ago)
50/50 reddit sent me here
Kiabeta (9 months ago)
reddit 50/50
Maospock (9 months ago)
My socially anxious ass relates so much
Value Select (8 months ago)
Be safe brother
liansenpai (9 months ago)
this is funny i got here from reddit because of 50/50 i think i got the better side; screw the puppy and his bird and hamster friends.
Value Select (8 months ago)
Ashton Lunn (9 months ago)
Anyone else here from r/fiftyfifty
Value Select (8 months ago)
I live here!
I change my name a lot 2 .0 (9 months ago)
igot7 forever (9 months ago)
Searching for Morgan Lemons Justin's already here n o i c e
Gucci Mendez (9 months ago)
He low-key kinda thicc
Gucci Mendez (9 months ago)
No problem
Value Select (9 months ago)
This is the first time I am hearing this
Daniel Head (10 months ago)
Am a UPS driver. This is accurate.
Gregorio (10 months ago)
This is really fun but the reason they dip so fast is to get to the next stop as quickly as possible. To Ups, "every second counts"
Value Select (10 months ago)
Gregorio I am well aware my friend, just making some goofs and gaffs!
Aoi Yuki (10 months ago)
Why hello mr ups man. You should have left our wives alone. Now lets go for a drive.
Value Select (10 months ago)
mike chavio (10 months ago)
That has got to be the stupidest shit I've ever seen!! 💩💩💩💩
Value Select (10 months ago)
mike chavio that's what I keep trying to tell everybody!!!!
mouse squad (10 months ago)
wow this was not good at all we don't act like little kids trying to ding dong door ditch aka I work for ups get it right my man. please and thank you...p.s the vid was still funny tho
Value Select (10 months ago)
mouse squad hahahaha I have UPS friends, I know they're just saving time, just making a goof here
Svetty Lombardi (10 months ago)
Glad to see you blew up man. Keep working those fingers to the bone my friend and I’m sure you’ll make it. Value select lifestyle is for me
Katrina Yakimuk (10 months ago)
Oh my gosh I work as a Canada post letter carrier and this is actually too real for me. 😅 I think I'm getting flashbacks
Value Select (10 months ago)
I honestly had no idea it was so stressful! I thought I was just bein a goof! I'm learning so much hahaha
D Voss (10 months ago)
chem trails are real and so are your skills
D Voss (10 months ago)
Value Select UPS man gets roped into a job to save his family. The clock is ticking. All new episode tonight on PBS kids.
Value Select (10 months ago)
Callen Koester (10 months ago)
Did this one hit /r/youtubehaiku? That's how I found ya!
Value Select (10 months ago)
It's lookin this way!
Blood1erthanyou Gaming (10 months ago)
This is what my papa would do on my birthdays 😢
Value Select (10 months ago)
Blood1erthanyou Gaming PEP PEP COME HOME
Jordan Collier (10 months ago)
I just found this channel, instantly subbed! Incredible stuff!
Value Select (10 months ago)
Love to you! Hope I'll hit your funny bone at least 7 times out of 10
Parker Miller (10 months ago)
A continuous inspiration
Value Select (10 months ago)
Parker Miller love to you my brother
Arek Moczulski (10 months ago)
Value Select (10 months ago)
Arek Moczulski theeeese are the paaaarty DAAAAAYS
TilesAce (10 months ago)
so proud of you, big fella. we're all gonna make it.
Value Select (10 months ago)
TilesAce I know that we can, and we will 🙏🏻
Justin Y. (10 months ago)
Dude just uploaded real footage of a UPS man
Henry-Bart (7 months ago)
_bambi. ambie_ (9 months ago)
Dude what the hell
jazzykat (9 months ago)
of course this bastard is here
Fly man J (10 months ago)
Why are u everywhere
Vicious Saito (10 months ago)
except upsers aint thinking about whatever it is you are crying about..they dont have shame because they have a real job that aint making youtube vids degrading people for a living..
ReplacedByDrumbot (10 months ago)
So much story and emotion in 30 secs. Here, have all my internet points.
Value Select (10 months ago)
ReplacedByDrumbot internet points received!
fayk472 (10 months ago)
ups to you to man
Value Select (10 months ago)
fayk472 were growing
neato (10 months ago)
Dr Disrespect got a new job and a haircut
MassHero (10 months ago)
Poignant and relatable- the two qualities I always expect from a Value Select video.
Value Select (10 months ago)
MassHero good to hear from you as always my friend, your profile picture stands out above the rest, and warms my heart to see
pilms (10 months ago)
I had a big crop of gourds this year. Don't know what to do with all em. Is there an address you want me to send these to?
Value Select (10 months ago)
pilms find me near the mountain tribe stronghold, sunrise
Everybody90 (10 months ago)
haha nice
Value Select (10 months ago)
Everybody90 thanks my man
aphrosu (10 months ago)
I actually feel proud and excited every time one of your videos gets lots of views, good man
Value Select (10 months ago)
aphrosu love you man, I don't want to ever lose you. I hope I can always read your comments and reply, I don't want to be separated from the OG boys due to an influx of trendsters.
Huskehn (10 months ago)
I'm an Amazon delivery driver and I do this so I don't have to speak to the person who opens the door
Nathan Crowell (10 months ago)
Dude this video has gotten an extra 2,000 views in the time it took me to write a comment, wtf is even going on lol
Eistee Pfirsich (9 months ago)
It hit 50'000 views!
Value Select (10 months ago)
Nathan Crowell we're attaining strength in massive doses!
x d (10 months ago)
I think it's floating on /r/youtubehaiku/ somewhere
RockBottom (10 months ago)
At least this UPS man knocked. Mine just leaves the no one is home note on my door and drives away...when I'm home.
Lightshockie (6 months ago)
Last week the UPS man showed up as I was leaving. So I waited for him to get out of his truck, I pointed to my place and gave him the "hey you got my package Amazon says you got for me?" look and he gave me the "no fuck off" head shake and walked to my neighbors. Instead of leaving my package at my door like they do every time, he left me a sticker saying I had to go across town to go get my stupid fucking shit. Fuckin' guy
Louie's Loops (10 months ago)
That guy looks like Jeffrey Tambor
Jwallison (10 months ago)
I saw my very first UPS store earlier today, then I see this video, what a coincidence
Jwallison (10 months ago)
Value Select it was a crazy town called Scottsdale AZ, and it was hot, but no truck in sight
Value Select (10 months ago)
Jwallison no flippin' way, where were you traveling about my friend?? They're always tucked within some hidden nook I find
Joseph Nickson (10 months ago)
What a man!
Jazen Jirza (10 months ago)
Value Select (10 months ago)
Jazen Jirza indeed
KetchDw (10 months ago)
It’s so accurate!
Value Select (10 months ago)
KetchDw ❤️🙏🏻
IchBinEin (10 months ago)
Oh man, this brings back memories from high-school. If i got 5 minutes late for class, i would spend over half an hour panicking and trying to prepare myself to enter the classroom, which of course made everything worse, because now i missed half the lecture, and people are wondering why i was 30 minutes late for no apparent reason. :/ Sometimes i ended up completely skipping the class entirely...
Martin (7 months ago)
I used to constantly skip classes because I was just 3-8 minutes late. That ridiculous anxiety ruined my grades so badly.
google plus is terrible (8 months ago)
jesus dude. i had to walk into an exam hall 15 minutes after everyone had started their papers because they'd decided to *start early without me* for no reason. A massive hall filled with hundreds of people, completely dead silent until i literally burst open the doors. it was honestly traumatising
Value Select (10 months ago)
IchBinEin love to you my brother. Take strength! I hope the passing years have eased your worry by experience, you will be in my thoughts this night. 🙏🏻
Steven Hollinger (10 months ago)
I like it
Value Select (10 months ago)
Steven Hollinger I like us
roachdogJR (10 months ago)
Ups man more like piss man
Value Select (10 months ago)
roachdogJR NICE
Muhmbler (10 months ago)
Another form is to knock once and leave quickly with package saying recipient wasn’t home
Wildcard 777 (10 months ago)
you try to tell your dad that you gay
Chew Lockhart (10 months ago)
knock knock down down left right left right B A START
Jwallison (10 months ago)
Chew Lockhart have ya tried gameshark?
Chew Lockhart (10 months ago)
can i have minus 30 lives
Value Select (10 months ago)
you got thirty lives
Final Marauder (10 months ago)
I feel this actually happened to you
Value Select (10 months ago)
Final Marauder it is an issue for most, I pray those who suffer can find power in this expression and carve their way toward strength
Nadera Mahmoodi (10 months ago)
Me when I have to interact with coworkers
Nadera Mahmoodi (10 months ago)
Value Select yes I will. Hope to see you!
Value Select (10 months ago)
Nadera Mahmoodi HEY! Will you be at school back in the fall??
Alex Miller (10 months ago)
YES MY LEIGE I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR WORK I'm so very happy to have been a part of this and I'm excited for the socially anxious FedEx-man
Value Select (10 months ago)
Alex Miller I would have never had this vision so clearly if it weren't for you my friend, I thank you many times 🙏🏻
The Lizard king (10 months ago)
The trials of man
Cheetyo Games (10 months ago)
Dont worry, we all get nervous in the beginning, i believe in you. Have confidence.
Cheetyo Games (10 months ago)
Value Select thank you, i feel honoured.
Value Select (10 months ago)
Cheetyo Games 🙏🏻 you bring me joy
Moratti (10 months ago)
Holy shit this is hilarious 👌👌👌high quality stuff
Value Select (10 months ago)
Mack Moretti much love Mack, my friend. Max to Mack.