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Bono and The Edge: Why U2 is embracing AR tech on tour

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Bono and The Edge discuss why U2 decided to incorporate augmented reality into their new tour. CNNMoney's Laurie Segall reports.
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Wanda Fischetti (5 days ago)
Michimoto Satoh (2 months ago)
Amazing screens and technologies
Michimoto Satoh (2 months ago)
Amazing screens and technologies
jim dilian (4 months ago)
and all this AMAZING technology is to please the audience.. so we can MAKE more money in every tour.. yeah.. shure.. it is money ... not music. it is a SHOW.. .. business. not music. yeah.. money. what's your next question ? .___
Mariam Velquis (4 months ago)
why they act so much in the interviews ?????????????????????..every u2 interview is an act., no sincerity at all. good ACT bono and edge ¡ again.
B M***s (6 months ago)
Brett Wyatt (7 months ago)
Why has the edge never aged 😆
clayton mars (7 months ago)
satans slaves
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (9 months ago)
The Edge is such a switched on guy. Very smart and well spoken. Can only hope this tour eventually comes to Australia. Maybe in 2019!!
Cougarlover13 (9 months ago)
See ya June 22nd for the FIRST time!
Jay Wetton (10 months ago)
edge takes another beautiful woman round a tour of the stage
duncan w craig (10 months ago)
Stories for Boys and A Day Without Me was peak.
Diss Info (10 months ago)
You didn't come all the way to a rock show to watch AR now did you? Of course you did! Their music has been lacking the power it once had a few decades ago, with the last four or five albums being pedestrian. The 21st Century has rendered the band irrelevant from an artistic standpoint and whatever message they are trying to convey at this time is insignificant. Only thing left to do at this point is continue to make money on their past accomplishments.
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (9 months ago)
Funny how you should accuse them of trying to capitalise on their past accomplishments when in the past they have been clearly reluctant to just rehash the old classics over and over, insisting on providing only new fresh material. It was always the fans that demanded to hear the old classics. And if you think U2 are all about money then you don't know a thing about them.
travpoet (10 months ago)
Ha, that's a really neat idea! I mean, people won't stop bringing their phones to concerts, no matter what you do.....and while other bands are trying to push that idea away, U2 came up with an idea to embrace/enhance it. That's pretty neat. Edge is so well spoken. I always notice that. He speak well - he expresses himself and his ideas so clearly, has a very good vocabulary, and is succinct.
jude999 (10 months ago)
Nix the background music.
karakenio (10 months ago)
Putting music in the background while they talk seems amateur =/
H Kay (10 months ago)
A couple of good tunes on the album but nowhere near as imaginative as they used to be. Still love their prime years.
Brinson Harris (10 months ago)
Because we needed a gimmick. And this is that gimmick.
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (9 months ago)
Sounds like you know what you're talking about so yeah fair enough. It makes me sad to think this might be true and I guess it'll be confirmed soon enough if so. Cheers.
Brinson Harris (9 months ago)
sbarnett37tiger Barnes When I saw my first U2 show in 1983, the “genuine excitement” was about music. Never missed a tour through 2009, couldn’t travel for the shows in 2015. Then Trump wins the 2016 election. For them to pull a finished record and then pimp 30 year old songs played w ZERO passion (I had tickets and gave them away rather than get gouged again for parking while these guys sleepwalked through a concert that was about keeping them in multiple homes and private jets while they retooled the album to appeal to Trumpland) is not innovative, it’s pandering and marketing. Shit, this interview is on CNN Money. They’ve now become official mouthpieces for the Democrat party. A rock band whose motto might as well be “Trust Authority.” Buy our stuff! It’s OK for us to be wealthy because we care. Bono is way past Fat Vegas Elvis. I’ve seen the footage from recent gigs. They’re done. They used to be a lot better—I’ve seen and heard it. They’re going through the motions and it shows. Feel free to part with $ to bask in their presence. My wallet is closed.
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (9 months ago)
That's some gimmick! Maybe they're genuinely excited to use new technology, to create, to innovate and keep things fresh. They have always done this from the very very start, if you know anything about U2 it's that they always have innovated and experimented with new things.
Eddie McKendrick (10 months ago)
Great to see U2 back on tour walk on
Emmanuella Alabi (10 months ago)
Hosoi Archives (10 months ago)
I hate these guys
Christopher Durant (10 months ago)
Hosoi Archives why are you here then?
Nintendo Guy00 (10 months ago)
First time that i see bono talks and make sense of what he actually mean to say
Charlie K (10 months ago)
Why are they embracing  AND promoting legal Abortion in Ireland ?????? Too many Irish in the world ??? Don't think so.
Charlie K (10 months ago)
It might be we have  1too many random Iranian Guys
Nintendo Guy00 (10 months ago)
Charlie K I pesonally give small changes to Irish homeless rednecks almost everyday as Goodwill charity
Nintendo Guy00 (10 months ago)
Charlie K what??? Have you been in America specially in the rural and poor neighborhood of this country Irish american are loitering like cockroaches...... Over 50 million loser Irish illiterate uneducated morons
mary greene (10 months ago)
Mr bono monsanto. He asks in ' lights of home '" oh Jesus am i still your friend ?".
thankyou2532 (10 months ago)
what relevance does that have to this video
Bean she (10 months ago)
Cunts way past their sell by...
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (9 months ago)
Get back under your rock you house of pain. All you're doing here is putting your bitter envy on display for all the world to see.
Christopher Durant (10 months ago)
Why are you here?
SOGNAMETAL1984 (10 months ago)
Fokkin loser
Doug Doug (10 months ago)
Ham4Every1 (10 months ago)
the absolute best. fantastic latest album, tour is off to a smashing start. great video/interview!
One Love (10 months ago)
There was a glorious period (long ago) when these guys were all about writing and recording great songs. Sadly, their passion for incredible songwriting has now taken a distant backseat to their passion for delivering OVER-indulgent technological performances.
neil williams (10 months ago)
Tim Padleki yep I know what you are on about, embarrassing stuff like that, it’s just pointless and gets in the way of the show, anyway I’ve seen Genesis at their prime and believe me nothing comes close 👍
Tim Padleki (10 months ago)
Remember all that fuss over Aung San Suu Kyi? There I was, watching U2 live for the first time when all of a sudden the show threw a massive curve ball and Bono was telling the crowd to pull out their masks. Then a whole bunch of people walked on stage in a line, holding up masks to their faces and I thought "WTF is this??" Okay, U2 is political. I get it. But I have to say that they pushed the political front to such an extreme that it completely ruined the concert and the whole experience of a rock and roll show.
neil williams (10 months ago)
Zoo tv had a point as it was all new technology but now it’s got to the point of oh ok we’ve pretty much done everything on stage production so I know what’s an amazing idea... let’s climb inside the screen!!!!... I mean fuckin hell who gives a fuck????... it’s pointless and takes away from proper live performances
neil williams (10 months ago)
Tim Padleki exactly mate, that is exactly what I was trying to say to dippy woman above but she has no idea really so I gave up!!! Lol... Bono I used to hate originally around the time of the Joshua Tree as he was so political but the music was great... then they decided to lighten up and along came zoo tv as you know and it was awesome.. Bono became interesting again and was basically taking the piss out of being a rock star and it worked well, I thought at that point he was super cool and influential cause he didn’t care!!!.. now he’s bloody political again and the shows are so polished and become like a a choreographed load of bullshit just saying see what we got and how big and look what I can do with this technical bollocks and has nothing to really do with the songs ... he hardly breaks a sweat now and as to Clayton well he’s so boring and has no feel it’s a bloody robot playing now, Larry is still my favourite as he just kicks ass drumming and the edge... well thank god for sound effects because frankly without it he wouldn’t be able to cope... no I certainly won’t see them again... unless they play smaller venues and cut all the stage stuff
Tim Padleki (10 months ago)
I have to agree 100% with you. U2 has gotten so huge as a band that the passion was left behind many years ago. I saw them on the 360 tour and left the show extremely disappointed. The songs were literally swallowed up by the huge stage production. No passion, no feeling, just the guys on stage going through the motions of another show. The thing is, however, the band is still drawing sellout crowds and raking in the money. They will continue to seek new technologies because they have the money to do it. They will seek the most incredible spectacles regardless of song quality. I mean, if you compare "Live at Red Rocks" to any of these new shows, it is clear that the passion is terribly absent and it amazes me that it's not more commonly addressed.
Inspirational Quote (10 months ago)
What a great idea. Make people watch through their phones even more than they already do. RIP the live rock show experience. I'll start going again when they start collecting all phones at the door.
Christopher Durant (10 months ago)
People bring phones these days so artists might aswell embrace it
SOGNAMETAL1984 (10 months ago)
That's NOT the point, and you still didn't get what Bono is saying.
Inspirational Quote (10 months ago)
So you like going to shows where the crowd just stands there and watches through their phones during the songs. No jumping, no clapping, no waving, no nothing. Well carry on then. If anyone says they didn't have more fun on Zoo TV or Elevation than they have today then they're lying.
SOGNAMETAL1984 (10 months ago)
Clearly from someone who never attended a U2 show, fokkin haters are the same Internet losers
Hallucination (10 months ago)
haha have fun NEVER going to another concert ever you twat.
MIke Caldwell (10 months ago)
when the music starts to suck then you start to embrace this other stuff to draw attention away from the shit album And Bozo is getting uglier and more clownish every tour
Christopher Durant (9 months ago)
Did you not see zoo tv and pop mart? Stop talking shite mate
thankyou2532 (10 months ago)
achtung baby was 1 of the best albums ever
Micheal Lyons (10 months ago)
MIke Caldwell I told you to shoot yourself, waste of space
Nintendo Guy00 (10 months ago)
I wonder if edge wear that hat during hot summer?? I mean when will he embrace his baldness damn it........
D. MC (10 months ago)
Juan Luis. (10 months ago)
Juan Luis. (10 months ago)
Of course I am fan but I never imagine Bono doing that...U2 SUCKS!
not sure (10 months ago)
It's the only song that they do that.. give them a break.. i
Juan Luis. (10 months ago)
Sound check it's when there´s no people inside the stadium before the concert
Bored Progression (10 months ago)
It's called a sound check. Look it up.
Juan Luis. (10 months ago)
hahaha Don´t get me laugh, the AR tecnology doesn't justify the Bono's voice playback because all the concert has AR tecnology and u2 is always playing in live while AR screen is active.
U2 SEM.FRONTEIRAS (10 months ago)
Martin Rossoneri (10 months ago)
See you guys in Dublin in NOV !!! Cant wait....
Lincoln Riddle (10 months ago)
I'm seeing them next month! I bet Dublin will be ROCKING
u2freak1974 (10 months ago)
my heroes! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Micheal Lyons (10 months ago)
Mmm that would be Jon Bonham I think
Sam Thorne (10 months ago)
Mullen Jr is the greatest rock drummer of all time!
Derek o mahony (10 months ago)