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Wrong Way and Road Rage - Idiot Drivers

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Text Comments (157)
Matt Sandercock (9 days ago)
What is wrong with people!!
2 FAST & 2 LOUD!!! (1 month ago)
What the fuck is with these idiots and stopping facing the same way as opposite traffic ? Is Russians too dumb to know how to drive in opposing lanes opposite direction!!??
chad lynch (1 month ago)
See, this is why Russians never put a man on the moon. They were so busy cutting in front of each other, going in the wrong lane, and arguing about it they ran out of gas before leaving orbit.
Dan McCarthy (2 months ago)
I love those clips where the guy obviously has enough room to get around the wrong way driver if he really wanted to... but he's like "fuck you, you're wrong, get back in line you douche".
Ena Gibbons (2 months ago)
I would not back down either. I would sit there until they moved. Each time they backed up I would move forward, they are stupid to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Maori Tane (2 months ago)
Always one cunt that makes a drama over rule breaking
Beetleything (3 months ago)
The soundtrack tape is backwards.
xc5647321 xc5647321 (3 months ago)
KENNETH LEE (4 months ago)
Hard coded advertisement at the beginning of the video and dubbed in music earns you a thumbs down.
David Hliva (4 months ago)
Russian cars make there own lanes... lol
Rob Williams (4 months ago)
Gets Boring Watching Numb skulls.
Andrew (4 months ago)
So it's a national past time in Russia to drive on the wrong side of the road
Brandin Swim (4 months ago)
The one at 4:17 doesn't really count, There's cars parked along one side of the road so the cars should have taken turns going through the lane
AviMC (4 months ago)
Fucking idiots that when drive on wrong way!
Linda N (4 months ago)
Should keep advancing as they back up so they dont have room to cut in
OakhillSailor (5 months ago)
WTF is the intro? is this channel run by a 15 yo?
Hacker Boy (5 months ago)
they are fucking stupid all the time when on the road...
Andreas K (5 months ago)
Russians: 1) Traffic rules are not of interest 2) Honking removes obstacles 3) I am in the right and do not move a millimeter
Super Pachimari (5 months ago)
Is it just me or are there more Russians that drive like they just had an orgy and are still having orgasms therefore crashing compared to asians? I'm asian so I've had experience but yeah
B.L. Simpson (5 months ago)
I feel the same way and I'll be in Walmart parking lot I'll be in people come down the wrong lane I'll be wanting to hold my ground so bad and you're letting them to move that fuck I do it
Т - И - З (5 months ago)
прошу это видео приобщить к делу - сдал принял отпечатки пальцев)))
Т - И - З (5 months ago)
а у муслимов говорят еще интереснее там вообще нет правил - едешь как на ослике куда надо
Т - И - З (5 months ago)
музыка громче слов
Т - И - З (5 months ago)
вызывайте карму
Kentel (5 months ago)
amazed by those Russian stupidity in driving, and their patience in attending this mofo...
TexanerinLondon (5 months ago)
Herando Sanqui (5 months ago)
For me, stop the car... Get out with a nice knife, if they still don't move well Great! Just stab two of their tires and theyll be there all night, perfect solution. Also those bus drivers need death
mr. fabba (5 months ago)
Only in eastern crap place! I have never witnessed such driving behavior in the western countries.
Felipe Baruch (5 months ago)
apologize, name of the theme of the song that appears in the video 3:30?
ostreds (5 months ago)
Roads are pretty poorly designed however, that doesn't excuse the dumb.
THC CBD (5 months ago)
What's the name of the music track beginning at 7:18? (the one others seem to hate, lol!) thanks!
Paul Walker (5 months ago)
I don't get it. Why is this cammer always driving the wrong way?
William Thomas Ramey (5 months ago)
If people would just stay in their lane, there would be no incentive for the occasional jackass to get out of his and try yours instead. Of course when a jackass does come over, don't creep up on him. Stay where you are and give him the chance to return to his own lane.
Vlad B (5 months ago)
"THIS IS MY SIDE, fuck off" ....love it
Mick (5 months ago)
I can't wait until I get to do this I won't back down either
GGSTop (5 months ago)
F*ck, I'm late for the Blyat time :-/
devin dunnam (5 months ago)
4:17 this guy is a straight dick you should be generous and give room to pass. going this far to stop people going the wrong way is a waste of time.
devin dunnam (5 months ago)
4:17 this guy is a straight dick you should be generous and give room to pass. going this far to stop people going the wrong way is a waste of time
devin dunnam (5 months ago)
4:17 this guy is a straight dick you should be generous and give room to pass. going this far to stop people going the wrong way is a waste of time
Dave McGuigan (5 months ago)
Asshole drivers
Hotdog Mary (5 months ago)
Most of the drivers on the right side od the road are so petty lmao
Udo Fröhliche (5 months ago)
Welcher Musiktiitel wird von 04:26 min -> 05:15 min gespielt?
Isopsephy (5 months ago)
zorganek (5 months ago)
Nice work ...
Kladenská zpropadená (5 months ago)
Great video. Hello from the Czech Republic (Dashcam)😉👍
Clifton Dean (5 months ago)
Nice that some people have plenty of time to force others to do the right thing. And I suppose if the authorities fail to enforce the traffic laws, someone has to or anarchy exists. I hope offenders learn eventually.
GrandpaVan (5 months ago)
Boring. You can do better.
David S (5 months ago)
What I like about this video is that the people going the wrong way were made to obey the rules of the road, rather than get away with it.
1hourOfLove (5 months ago)
Wow. Lots of SHAMELESSLY selfish people.
Fyzzen [GD] (5 months ago)
Is anyone gonna mention the AMG GT at 3:03?
Bruce Banner (5 months ago)
Lol, these are fantastic. Love how frustrated they get over someone not getting out of the lane they rightfully belong in.
Verdampft und zugevaped (5 months ago)
Captain Quirk Mimimi again. Go to your mommy and cry.
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
The problem is that even when the wrong-way driver "admits" he's wrong and backs up in order to try to re-position his car so he can move into the correct lane, the asshole with the dashcam then *_moves forward again,_* gobbling up the space that the other guy just created, making it so he *_can't_* fix the problem. That's just a dick move and only makes the situation worse for everyone. Sooner or later one of these jerks is going to get shot.
Strive-2-Survive (5 months ago)
We definitely have a lot of wisdom to learn from these foreigners.. for instance who cares if it’s a one-way road goes the way you would like.
Rick D (5 months ago)
The best videos are the people going the wrong way and the drivers just pull up to the assholes!!
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
The problem is that even when the wrong-way driver "admits" he's wrong and backs up in order to try to re-position his car so he can move into the correct lane, the asshole with the dashcam then takes it a step further and *_moves forward again,_* gobbling up the space that the other guy just created, making it so he *_can't_* fix the problem. That's just a dick move and only makes the situation worse for everyone. It's one thing to assert your right to the lane you're in. It's quite another to actively make the situation worse and make it impossible for the other guy to correct it.
Cheshire Smile (5 months ago)
I have the upmost respect for MOST truck/lorrie drivers but these dip-shit douches with the 'I'm in a bigger vehicle than you therefore you must yield to my every want' need to just die.
Shaun Martin (5 months ago)
Dafuq is that shit at the beginning saying
Kieren Moore (5 months ago)
These guys love 'driving' the point home, don't they ... "You're on the wrong side, f*****er; I'm gonna make you squirm/remember this!" :P
heyrod59 (5 months ago)
Apparently Lexus owners are the same everywhere you go.....
CapnE625 (5 months ago)
I don’t get why Asians get the bad driver stereotype when Russians are 100,000,000 times worse at driving.
chaosdemonwolf1 (4 months ago)
Actually, there's crap daft drivers all over the world. Russia and China always seen to be in the spotlight
Bronzo bezo Simmons (5 months ago)
CapnE625 you said a mountain full, instead of a mouthful 👄👄👄👄👄!
Leeum (5 months ago)
What's the song name hat starts at 4:26?
juan molina (5 months ago)
Russian drivers are complete dicks jesus, no need to make the situation worse
chris conrad (5 months ago)
Idk which one has the worst drivers: Russia or USA
Verdampft und zugevaped (5 months ago)
chris conrad The USA of course. They use big heavy cars but are mostly alone in it, in some Towns there are no sidewalks for pedestrians, because they drive the shortest distance instead of just going. And that makes them so fat. 'Muricaaaaa. LOL Russians are mostly poor guys in a Lada and cannot afford better tires then the retreaded shitty ones.
quarry creek (5 months ago)
Places I never want to, ever, go: Russia Russia Russia
Daniel Mores (5 months ago)
HA! I love these!
simonsienna (5 months ago)
I'd also stand my ground with these inconsiderate knucklehead drivers! The reason they keep doing is because they never got ticketed for it and other drivers enable them by going around them! If any of those wayward drivers threaten me by aggressively approaching my car, they will all be pepper sprayed or shot. I'd also let law enforcement know to go to that area so all those idiots get moving citations!
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
Don't be surprised if YOU are the one who ends up getting shot.
Gaylord Buzzard (5 months ago)
Back 'em down. Nobody gives an inch in good old Russia.
The Car Crazy Guy (5 months ago)
I love how these people in the right don’t back down. A job done well!
Mobius Klein (1 month ago)
The problem is that he is not always in the right he frequently exacerbates the situation by entering a restricted road (parked vehicles etc) that another vehicle was already negotiating before he ever arrived. He also makes it more difficult for other vehicles to extricate themselves by aggressively moving forward to restrict their manoeuvring room The driver is a bloody minded twat.
Stevie Nicks (2 months ago)
This kinda happened to me last year, I was in a crowded parking lot and had just finished backing out of my parking space and was pulling forward and turning my wheel to drive out of the lot and some dick head pulls in as I'm trying to leave, yes, I was initially on the wrong side, but was trying to get out of everyone's way and he just made it worse by inching as close as he could to my front bumper so I had to back up AGAIN to get out of his way. Except I didn't, I stayed exactly where I was and LAID on my horn. Old man decided to start yelling at ME saying I was blocking his path...really dude? Who's the one inching forward so I can't get by??? I still think about this incident to this day because I'm still shocked at how fucking rude people Are!
The FemAlien (5 months ago)
alantonix213 You must be proud of yourself
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
I didn’t say it was an honest mistake. And I’m not saying that they should be allowed to proceed as they originally intended and cut in front of everyone else. But we need to keep things in perspective. All I’m saying is once the guy starts backing up, don’t be a prick and *_continue to move forward_* and block him in and make it impossible for him to get out of your f*cking way. Because then you're being even more of an asshole than he was.
GeekinTexas (5 months ago)
Nope, make 'em back up to where they broke across to the wrong side of the road. Kudos to the right-way drivers that force them to back up. The idiots didn't "mess up" and accidentally go into the wrong lane. They intentionally cut over there to bypass all the other people waiting, because they think they're better than everybody else. I applaud people that don't allow that to happen.
Jeremy Pike (5 months ago)
Man these cammers are determined to make a bad situation worse.
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
sher taylor-lambert (5 months ago)
As always great vidoes! Thank you.
Servus Bratans und Sestras (5 months ago)
Whats the Name this Song ? 6:25-6:35
hobonickel (5 months ago)
What is wrong with keeping the original sound? I mute the added, annoying music when I watch your videos.
Celtic Whisper (5 months ago)
This video makes me feel frustrated!
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! (5 months ago)
5:40 was that Eminem's Berzerk in Russian?
Know Nuthin' Archer (5 months ago)
English version.
Azan Ali (5 months ago)
this gais is crazy
Mikeys Garage (5 months ago)
Wow, some of the cammers are just complete arseholes, yes the other guys are in the wrong, but there's no need for driving right up to them so they can't turn into the correct lane, and if there's room to get past, just get past them, drop a copy of the footage at the police station and let them deal with the idiots.
The FemAlien (5 months ago)
Captain Quirk I think what you describe is the grown up version of "but he did it first!"
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
But that's impractical and in most cases unsafe. Forcing another motorist to drive in reverse for long distances in heavy traffic, especially around curves, is likely to result in a fender bender, impacting innocent people. Just *_grow up_* and *_let it go._* You've already made your point by stopping his forward progress and requiring him to back up to try to maneuver his car over to the side or into the correct lane. You don't have to be a dick and keep pressing forward and force him to drive backwards all the way to the beginning of the block or beyond. At that point you're just being an asshole -- perhaps an even bigger one than the first guy.
GeekinTexas (5 months ago)
They can right their wrong by backing up to where they cut out of the proper lane of traffic. They can right their wrong by backing up and wasting the same amount of time they would have saved by passing everybody else illegally.
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
It's not your job to "punish" other drivers. Nobody appointed you to be judge, jury and executioner. It's one thing to prevent someone who is cutting in line from going forward. But aggressively getting all up in his face and blocking him in and preventing him from righting his wrong, is wrong in itself and only makes matters worse.
Verdampft und zugevaped (5 months ago)
They made a forbidden thing and now they have to deal with the consequences! That helps them to don't do it again.
bill smith (5 months ago)
That music sucks
Lari52289 (5 months ago)
wrong side of the road, and we see russian videos....not a suprise at all...
1iquid5nake (5 months ago)
Just a bunch of dumbass assholes with dash cameras
protocole zulu (5 months ago)
Shaking my head During the whole video.... They are so dumb. Good compilation as usual !
FRED ROGERS (5 months ago)
mrt57rn (5 months ago)
I would do the same thing in this situation. I'm retired so I can sit there waiting all day for them to move.
Aiman A (5 months ago)
5:20 Russian Eminem
KREON 13 (5 months ago)
Обочечьники и встречники-отдельная каста пидоров!
Technical World (5 months ago)
Superb video bro..😄
DjIndomixing1 (5 months ago)
The first clip just go around...
Verdampft und zugevaped (5 months ago)
DjIndoMixing1 Never go around. The asshole in the wrong lane will think it is ok to do it and will not have a learning effect.
David Davi (5 months ago)
Ya russian win from spain luf it
Unsecurable (5 months ago)
Look, I know the drivers going the wrong way is in the wrong, but some videos, the driver with the dash cam obviously has space to move around lol. Just let the driver know, and move around them. Stop being a dick and keep driving forward to the point they can't even go left or right, just backwards.
GeekinTexas (5 months ago)
Those are one-way streets. Try to pay attention.
GeekinTexas (5 months ago)
If people allow them to do it and they get away with it... If people ignore it and go around them... In other words, if their dickhead actions have no consequences and they actually save time and get to shit on their fellow drivers... Then of course they're going to continue to do what they're doing. My guess is most of the cammers have had this happen on a daily basis, and are sick and tired of it.
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
Sasha, nobody is saying that you have to yield to the other guy who cut in line. We’re only saying that once the guy starts backing up and trying to get out of your way, LET HIM. You shouldn’t be an even bigger dick and aggressively force your way forward and box the other guy in and prevent him from getting out of your way.
Ghoskull War (5 months ago)
Yea I agree....glad to found this comment because I was probably think a same thing as you think. Some of it, the left lane driver need to trough a little bit in the right lane because there a lot of parking car....then is it their fault..? Lol. For example, look at 4:10 and 6:07
chocolatewheelchair (5 months ago)
One of the most passive aggressive videos on YouTube.
Captain Quirk (5 months ago)
Or just plain aggressive aggressive.
TWENNY (5 months ago)
Literally all i can gather from these videos is that Russian people are legit Mongoloids.
Loki2600 (2 months ago)
Russians are the n*ggers of the white world.
Т - И - З (5 months ago)
Rigor Mortis (5 months ago)
In soviet Russia,water drinks you
chocolatewheelchair (5 months ago)
This is a war of wills.
Boli420 (5 months ago)
Did not finish this one. Really boring shit.
Kasim Sadikovic (5 months ago)
Gr8 video as allways
Aschtad1409 (5 months ago)
Why was there so many people on the wrong side of the road on the first video
Phil Jones (5 months ago)
If he drives around them it will encourage them to continue to drive on the wrong side of the road. Its the drivers deliberately driving on the wrong side to avoid queueing in traffic that are a danger to everyone else on the road. I'm guessing that passing a driving test must be really easy in this country judging by the number of dangerous impatient assholes on the road.
Sasha Mkai (5 months ago)
Because they are doing something really stupid. They are trying to pass vehicles so they can get to the front of the line. On a good day this is just stupid and annoying. On a bad day there will be crashes and people will get hurt and some may even die. This is all for the glory of being in front of people.
chocolatewheelchair (5 months ago)
The driver was being stubborn ache coulda just drove around like everyone else
Krabumb Gaming (5 months ago)
Welcome to Russia xD
Wisco Mitch (5 months ago)
Love your videos! I could watch all day!
Eddie Webb (5 months ago)
Funny Russians
Háłłïē B (5 months ago)
Russians are idiots
Mahesh Odedra (5 months ago)
Osam video
Rick Morty420 (5 months ago)
Mahesh Odedra awesome*
Perfectly Awesome Dude (5 months ago)