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Subaru's first US model was a disaster

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In honor of Subaru of America's 50th anniversary, we look back at the company's first model, the Subaru 360. The tiny 360 was so "cheap and ugly" that Subaru literally marketed that way.
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Text Comments (22)
erich84502ify (1 month ago)
Dont want to hit something big
Mike Hydropneumatic (1 month ago)
Come on it is a little car.
The Chrysler Crew (1 month ago)
I learned to drive in my dads 360, about 10 years ago, at the age of 12... Terrible as it may be, there’s not many cars that get as much attention in a high school parking lot!
Junkerbunker (1 month ago)
The only words we associate Subaru with are rust and cracked heads😂
Dana Vixen (1 month ago)
Ironically the 360 is very much a collectors car now and an expensive one at that
Robbie R. Esq. (6 months ago)
So funny!! "About as close as I've ever seen Consumer Reports come to cursing." Lol!
Kevin Jones (8 months ago)
I own 8 of these. Love em. I drive one to work on good weather fridays. I've restored it over the past 5 years. It still needs painted but It's a solid little car. 4 of my 8 360s will see the road again. The others were bought for parts needed to restore 4. I've had a 68 VW and yes they are a little more confidence inspiring, but no more over powered than the 360. Hippie is my next closest to finish restoration project, was restored in the early 80s and driven to HS and 4 years of college. 48k miles is on the odometer. It was the previous owners first car. Still runs but needs some body repair and brake work. I drive it in the yard to keep it lubed up. The other two are very rare 360s one dune buggy and one " Yacht car" or "Jolly". It's one of 24 or 30 made. It needs some mechanical work but then will be driveable. The dune buggy actually was pre importation and was a joint venture between an indy car driver and Penny's department store. It was a project that was abandoned in the late 60's. Penny's wanted to get a piece of the dune buggy craze of the southwest but settled for a more go cart proposal with a brigs and straten motor. I also have modern Subarus. The difference between the 360 and the flagship STI I've driven for 174k miles is indescribable but the little 360 mechanicals aren't as shoddy as consumer reports led people to believe. I know one man who has driven a Subaru 360 van since the 1970 till just a couple years ago. Find one their a great project. A blast from the past.
Art Vandelay (7 months ago)
hey kevin: i've owned a ton of them myself going back to the summer of 70 when i was a kid and bought my first used one for $100. all of mine white with red interiors just like the one in this vid. notice how the one in the vid is incredibly original? must have been a barn find of sorts. loved mine and never had any major problems other than tedious oil pumps.
Серж Шуляченко (8 months ago)
The service Storyline, created by the Belarusians, received 770 thousand dollars from investors, including the American accelerator Boost VC and the founders of MSQRD Eugene Nevgien and Sergey Gonchar. This was announced by the head of the service Vasily Shinkorenko on his Facebook page, reports belmir.by.
David Lloyd-Jones (8 months ago)
There's some sort of genius of publicity at work here. I've been hearing and reading about that first Subaru sold in California for years now. Over and over and over. 57 miles an hour. Rusted even in California. Utter failure. I guess it's the Donald Trump rule: all publicity is good publicity.
Abdulbasit Ahmed (8 months ago)
Woow good
Raymond Espedido (8 months ago)
looks like a toy 😍
John Winger (8 months ago)
If you have one, you could probably trade it for a Corvette.
Wendy Alexander (8 months ago)
That's ugly. Great review
Nu Duo (8 months ago)
Asia copies everything Europe and America do.
Geri Jokub (1 month ago)
That's how civilization works dumbass, Europeans stole things from Persians and Egyptians a long time ago, everything from the latin alphabet you're using to the mechanical clock that you used to wear has originated in the Middle East. Same with Asians now, except that they improve things.
Dana Vixen (1 month ago)
Japan came up with cars that were reliable, leaked no oil and often lasted a very long time between engine overhauls... cars of Europe and America didn't do that for quite some time. there is a reason why Japans car industry has done well and to write it off improvement of an existing idea as purely "copying" is laziness at its best
Nu Duo (8 months ago)
Unknown User - noodle is the best you can come up with??? I guarantee you the plastic material they are packaged in these days, including the machines were all invented in the West. Again, China copies everything with absolutely no shame. Don’t be lazy like them, do some research.
Unknown User (8 months ago)
Nu Duo yeah, like Noodles...oh wait
thatcoolkidjoey (8 months ago)
Thanks for not telling me the price
Recovering New Yorker (8 months ago)
Unsuitable for the United States. But in the urban congestion of Tokyo in 1969 it would've been perfect.
Prince Ataya (8 months ago)
Interesting car and review 👍🏿😊