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First Ever Nike ID!

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Banana Stew Productions - http://full.sc/XFfzAP This is an on overview on the first Nike ID's that I have done on the channel. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching! Rate, Comment and Subscribe! Find Foamie on Social Media! IG - http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter - http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook - http://full.sc/H8txms Music: Jazz Cardin - The Left Side (Instrumental) YT - http://full.sc/1gnDDcj IG - http://full.sc/Pgz9ik
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Text Comments (190)
deep blue (3 years ago)
Late to the party but polar bears have black skin
daejaunte marshall (3 years ago)
I just started watching your videos now I can't stop your just plain dope.
Kade Amb (3 years ago)
You're reviews are funny af just because of your descriptions lol. Keep up the good work
Eddy Alvarado (3 years ago)
Keep up the good work nice vids
Cannon Garcia (4 years ago)
Andrew Cometa (4 years ago)
Sexy yo 
Agent 007 (4 years ago)
Can you still customize air force 1s like that with the cork option?
sasaugebun (4 years ago)
This is nice, real nice....damn....
famousamos94 (4 years ago)
These look like an official SE from Nike or a collab shoe. These are fire already but you should make them 1 of a kind by getting a custom Foamer Simpson lasered on the back of each shoe.
NOT CHIRAQ (4 years ago)
Not only do you get a sneaker review, but a few jokes to laugh at, definitely sets you apart from most of the sneaker reviewer's on YouTube... i love it!
lomna17 (4 years ago)
Did you try to recharge yourself?
cmonteiro86 (4 years ago)
JJ So Wavy (4 years ago)
Jesus those are fire!
Comp3630 (4 years ago)
Very Sexy, nice job.
B Acv2 (4 years ago)
Those came out dope
Hercules (4 years ago)
I know the instrumental is in the description but I can't find it! Can someone link me to a video
Nazty Nate (4 years ago)
never liked af1s but these are FIRE
Anthony De Lucia (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA I was dead by the time u got to the low battery story hahahahaha classic foamie. love these videos man always make me laugh while getting to see crazy heat. keep doin u man this was awesome
AfroNinja906 (4 years ago)
Lost it at Bruce Willis trying to diffuse a bomb
Sole Freak (4 years ago)
Those are sick >.< they are amazing you should do more ids
Rich Homie Juan (4 years ago)
People say you play pro ball, true?
George Swervin (4 years ago)
They took the cork option away?
ogSneaykerS47 (4 years ago)
lmao this was dope
Ram Ng (4 years ago)
these are wayyy better than the Lebron Corks. awesome job!
Perkules (4 years ago)
Ryan Parks. POUNDSDOLLARSEUROS (4 years ago)
Nice design look like a classic, but imo everyone should "iD" them with their own font when making NikeiDs.
Ryan Parks. POUNDSDOLLARSEUROS (4 years ago)
Nice design look like a classic, but imo everyone should "iD" them with their own font when making NikeiDs.
Kiko Javier (4 years ago)
+MR FOAMER SIMPSON  how much are they?
Ben Wilson (4 years ago)
Daisy Monét (4 years ago)
Love this fuckin channel..
Biga173rd (4 years ago)
Good shit my dude. Keep up the great work!! 
Overall Kicks (4 years ago)
James Canepa (4 years ago)
Those are dope. You should make more IDs
caleb law (4 years ago)
Got those same EXACT FLOORS in my kitchen foamie. Peepin that 1974 classic wood
SolesAndSwag (4 years ago)
OGsince82 (4 years ago)
I like the concept. The stitching is a little messed up tho in the front. It sucks nike doesn't try to make the craftsmanship better, especially since these were a custom.
AyoCaay (4 years ago)
Straight FIRE
sharkezzy (4 years ago)
Man I thought they took that cork option off the forces. I was lookn for it lik a month ago... good custom tho
Andrew Davis (4 years ago)
Hey where do you find those on Nike Id?
mcej89 (4 years ago)
Damn them joints are fiya
Ritchie Rich (4 years ago)
Wasn't what I expected, but the more I look at them, the more I like. Your deff. The top 3 sneaker reviewers YouTube. Keep it up
Rhandy (4 years ago)
donros1 (4 years ago)
I somehow lost/or they were stolen my first and only nike ID (lunar flyknit). So dope too. what a bummer.
Sunny Sun (4 years ago)
Are you gonna do the under armor clutchfit drive performance video? Do it pleaseeeee
Sunny Sun (4 years ago)
are you gonna get them? lol
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+Sunny Sun I don't have them.
Jayvee Tabaniag (4 years ago)
sick customs! as expected.
Charlie Lawson (4 years ago)
game winner every time lol
Danny Ramos (4 years ago)
Straight Polar Bear son, damn!!!! Lmao...smh. Keep up the good work!!! Vetty nice, vetty nice!! Lol
Corbavelli (4 years ago)
Check Out My Channel I Got Dope Vids
chris miller (4 years ago)
Very nice man!!! Almost like rockin the niners digs right there.... look nice!!
Chris Page (4 years ago)
Super smoking hot fire FLAMESSSSSSS!
J Pena (4 years ago)
shit looks like a freddy kugar kinda thing too
Meow K (4 years ago)
Killing animals aint no joke tho.... watch "Earthlings" on youtube.
13kj22 (4 years ago)
Nice shoes and I don't even fuck with forces nomore. I got to pull the trigger now on some Nike dunk low premium id's.
Uncle RawRaw (4 years ago)
Goddamn these is fire foamie. . Dope dope id
systemdownbeeeeeeep (4 years ago)
joe Black (4 years ago)
Those are sick AF. Fools always sleep on the AF1's. I still have love for those comfy kicks.
joe Black (4 years ago)
Those are sick AF. Fools always sleep on the AF1's. I still have love for those comfy kicks.
Archer Cillian (4 years ago)
You on a winning streak bro. I have seen plenty of NikeID fails. Not today. No sir. The two tone cork and battery red, I need that in my life. Saving this video for a near future NikeID build. : )
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+Archer Cillian good looks my dude!
forkster187 (4 years ago)
Look doper than an official colorway, nice
William Ruelos (4 years ago)
Those are dope!
davidoff4031 (4 years ago)
These are FIRE maaan !!!
Justin T (4 years ago)
Damn that cherry red is crispy. Great looking iD Foam
Julio Perez (4 years ago)
Nothing but fire like that burning building with two kids on the 8 floor, but those superman red bottoms come to the rescue, and then he heads back to the crib when he's done to a nice bottle of 1945 Italian wine with that sun glazed cork... FIRE
Doug the Dunker (4 years ago)
Cork isn't really my style but still cool and very unique. Air force ones are always awesome.
Sinister_Sahi (4 years ago)
bang bang it is sirr !
Eclezo (4 years ago)
is the cork option available on NikeID anymore?
Jon Stimmell (4 years ago)
Awesome color choices, like how you kept it simple. Seems like Id's can be dope, if you keep simple and don't push it. I want to make a pair of ones now!!
Goon Gaming (4 years ago)
Is the cork option gone?
jat102491 (4 years ago)
I like these is the cork option still available I'm getting my first nike id's in a couple weeks did a pair of air max 90s can't wait for them
DRU623 (4 years ago)
A Foamer vid never disappoints.
Brian Doan (4 years ago)
That two tone sets it off just right!
JAMES ARROW (4 years ago)
AF-1s are so classic!!
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+JAMES ARROW yessir!
Rayne9298 (4 years ago)
Truly amazing shoe man. *Slow Clap* dope vid.
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+Rayne9298 thanks broski.
That1GL (4 years ago)
very clean, sleept on that cork option was going to create the highs with cork.
Stringer (4 years ago)
Miss the longer more in depth videos
SavageSzn (4 years ago)
these are dope i think they wouldve been sick with some hints of green
Daniel Olivares (4 years ago)
Low battery status
andrew lampp (4 years ago)
Is it really made out of polar bear thats sad
Andrew K (4 years ago)
+MR FOAMER SIMPSON polar bear skin is black anyway but the analogy was dope
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+andrew lampp no, I was joking.
Jimmy Lam (4 years ago)
i probably would've ordered a few instead of paying resale price for jordans if they didnt take a little over a month to arrive
Kerns Ferm (4 years ago)
hahaha polar bear
PeeK Giddy (4 years ago)
No offense but to me they look kind of like school girl shoes
PeeK Giddy (4 years ago)
Thanks.I do like the id color choices though, it's just the shoe in itself that I don't really like
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+Fulmalo no offense taken...
Cantalope Drank (4 years ago)
I've come to the point where before I even watch the video I give thumbs up. Too dope and your killing the sneaker reviews. People can't hang with FOAMIE.
MR FOAMER SIMPSON (4 years ago)
+Cantalope Drank appreciate the love my dude.
Dwayne Stewart (4 years ago)
these shits is dope!!!
E Morales (4 years ago)
How you gonna do the homie Mr. Polar Bear like that man? hahah Great vid though!!
McHarpinGaming (4 years ago)
Is the cork option still available bc i cant seem to find it.
L Dupree (4 years ago)
Your videos never fail to impress . But hey anything else would be uncivilized .
Dello TheDJ (4 years ago)
Christina Flores (4 years ago)
Tito Manoustic (4 years ago)
polar bears have black skin though
TheSmartSneakerhead (4 years ago)
These r sick bro
Sneaker Stork (4 years ago)
These actually look pretty dope. Was hating on that cork option but these came out niceeeee
Zeb White (4 years ago)
Yo! +MR FOAMER SIMPSON  check some vids on my channel i got some sick on foot vids
TheMRrikyc (4 years ago)
damn these are dope
2deepcomedy (4 years ago)
holy shit. that shoe is so dope.
Khalid Abdilahi (4 years ago)
Do a giveaway with another shoe
Rock Marz (4 years ago)
Haha right when u said red low. Battery my fone just in to red
QuakA Oats (4 years ago)
Fuckin crazy nice
John White (4 years ago)
Those are dope!!
219toChi (4 years ago)
Great vid Mr. Simpson. Have a glass of good wine with those.
Jose Fast Boats (4 years ago)
Magic way of words foamie very nice quality vid those af1s are fire