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Woman Accused of Racism After Calling Police on UPS Worker in Atlanta

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Text Comments (574)
jahfreep (56 minutes ago)
Who else came here to see the comments defending this woman? “No, this is clearly not racism. This is a woman on some sort of substance.” Let’s get it.
BWR Rock (2 hours ago)
Racism is real everywhere. This man should've press charges for harrassment. Anyone that afraid shouldn't be in someone else's face and following them around.
nadine Smith (2 hours ago)
That UPS worker should sue her
ehalljay1 (3 hours ago)
Dis shit crazy
Reign of fire (4 hours ago)
Buddies? Whaaaat
thrive C (4 hours ago)
If someone was making me "nervous" and I was "suspicious" I would stay the fuck away from them. TF!!
Kiia bath & body (6 hours ago)
This is like a SNL comedy skit ...this is unreal that she is this serious .
Justiceorelse (7 hours ago)
strategic services (7 hours ago)
MacKenzie Mitchell (8 hours ago)
I think UPS should partner with their employee driver and file a lawsuit against this woman for harrassment and obstruction of conducting their business and that of their customers and consumers. Class action suit her ass and that should be the best warning to these dumb ass people.
SKYY_GEMS (8 hours ago)
So if you’re skin color isn’t white you’re “suspicious” & make ivory skinned ppl nervous because you have the audacity to exist in their space. Only white ppl act this asinine & bigoted, it’s sad is what it is & why we need more mental health facilities in this country.
Dee Randall (8 hours ago)
She's so nervous, but she's so close... 🤦🏽‍♀️😤
Shaun (9 hours ago)
This is so sad.
MsBaileyLayne (9 hours ago)
Yeah tell me why. Lol I like how he handled it
Tony Velazquez (12 hours ago)
Who’s this woman?
Lambsquad_90 (14 hours ago)
His colleague ain't shit either
Andrew Easden (14 hours ago)
His partner is bogus af I would have called the police immediately and had her put in check. You can't harass workers like that and even bold face lie about the altercation.
winluv winluv (14 hours ago)
He's fucking working you dumb racist bitch. She looks insane it's always the ugly ones always they are unhappy lonely, and want attention. They always lie as well she cursed him.
emanuel rodriguez (16 hours ago)
You making me nervous.... Then get the fuck up out there.see why dont this shit happen to me?! I will end up in jail for fuckin her up.
Johnny Exama (20 hours ago)
😂 the only thing suspicious was the amount of drugs she just used
chupacabra (1 day ago)
It's in their genetics to be pussys
Maxamillian Steele (1 day ago)
trevous32 (1 day ago)
all I want to know is why did the Caucasian UPS driver sit there and talkin about oh he helping me like he's a goddamn Butler, Child or something he work for UPS just like I do that's all he had to say should have kept walking......
Taeyoung태영 (1 day ago)
she was just drunk not racist
wenezz (1 day ago)
if you nervous why you talking him...?
John Jimenez (1 day ago)
Until police begin to do their F job and jail these morons for false reporting, it will continue to happen!
Sheilla Nyakato (1 day ago)
I'm to be calling police on white people right away for crazy white people harassing me, two can plAy that game
cov859 (1 day ago)
Who her weedman
Art Global (1 day ago)
Why didn’t you get her car license plate and address
Dawn McClain (1 day ago)
He does look suspicious because he’s Black....right??? 🤔 And the white guy did not?🤦🏾‍♀️
Jermaine H (1 day ago)
She need to stay in the house when she on that meth. Close your eyes and she sounds like Whoopi but when you open your eyes and see her you like WTF?
Harris (1 day ago)
27 dislikes = 27 racists.
bon bon (1 day ago)
Racism is truly a mental illness. Wooow!
Wait!!!!! what about when they park next to you in daylight at the grocery with ppl around and they activate their car alarm 3-4 times.😂😂😂
Just Marcus (1 day ago)
She sounds like a white lady from the early 1900 not afraid of a black man but as soon white man comes around rape rape rape rape! It's impossible to be afraid nervous etc if you invade someone else space!
Nickat Nite (1 day ago)
She high asf and very paranoid,and you can see "Privilege" written all over her face. Good thing your partner was there. Keep making that money bro, and don't let no distractions keep you from it!
Sasha Romano (2 days ago)
Sasha Romano (2 days ago)
Oh she's straight up senile XD
but she wasnt suspicious of the white guy at all even shook his hand
EcClair Mayo (2 days ago)
If he is making you nervous, then why are you talking to him? If I was nervous or afraid, the last thing I would do is follow a suspicious person or have a conversation with them. This woman is nuts!!!
sondreika Landry (2 days ago)
If this bitch dont go sit ha mfkn ass down......tell jason gt tf on his job n check dis hoe. Wtf...i got tats all over n work fa ups....so i look suspicious...bitch gt tf...n yet....the one in doraville, ga. She trippn....yep its gotta b crack
Kimberly Williams (2 days ago)
She drunk!! She woke up on the wrong size of the bed and started to see black people. DRINK Betty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Houston (2 days ago)
I'm sure the local police know her by name. Please support alzheimers and dementia research.
Karyna Smith (2 days ago)
Lol yes 😛give her Her Meds maybe you have some in your boxes lol Omg 😳😳😳😂😂😂😂
55vcarlos (2 days ago)
In her defence he does fit a description!
Brittney Mobley (2 days ago)
Not "you and your buddies" tho .. super racist and she said he was cussing her out lmao she's lost her damn mind .
Roman Mekonnen (2 days ago)
I like the way....... he said this is creazy.
Cheese Beef (2 days ago)
I love White people I honor them I stand for they flag I pray with them we got love everybody.
J Kelley (2 days ago)
She said she was nervous ....:since when do we walk up to people and her as them if they make us nervous
Minding My Business (2 days ago)
I'm sooooo pissed.....yall complain about black people needing to get jobs but then complain when they're doing their damn jobs....she used all the white women buzz words "threatened" and "scared" to say this man would come back with his "buddies"....these are the type of white women who get people hurt....I hope she is shamed into obscurity, funky looking ass.
forsenCD (2 days ago)
Not trippin, racist. Its only because he is black that she finds him "suspicious" if he was a white worker she wouldn't have even stepped out
Jay H (2 days ago)
Classic show me your papers boy or else. Wow they really trying to go back to tht. SMFH makes me so angry
edward gutshall (3 days ago)
she was so nervous yet close enough to blow you...makes sense...her daughter must be dating a black guy and shes still not over it
Twenty Faces (3 days ago)
It's time black behave in the same way.
Daiz Camacho (3 days ago)
Give her a tranquilizer She's nuts.
Wise Womans Worktm Apothecary (3 days ago)
I'm convinced white ppl are demons are black ppl are in hell. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 📢 I SAID WHAT I SAID.
grega1972 (3 days ago)
What's the address Homie ????
shaquille Dorsey (3 days ago)
Y'all will see. It's gone get worse
Luis Dominguez (3 days ago)
Why is it that almost everytime this happens Theres a white person in front of the screen and a black guy recording?
Love that all we need. (3 days ago)
he/she is probably mad cuz you didn't knowledge that she is a transgender woman.
Rozigo (3 days ago)
Its shit like this that makes the world crap. Treat people with some respect. If your Ups guy/girl is showing up at weird hours, sneaking around the property, mouthing you off, or just being creepy: THEN call the police. Fuck this skin color bullshit. Its the middle of the day, he's in uniform, and he was being rather nice about this. Don't try to say "He's recording it though" as an excuse. If anyone should be uncomfortable or worried for their safety it the UPS guy. Cops are generally even worse with racism. Glad he had a buddy to come diffuse the situation though. It's insane that so many people are like this. Hope this guys alright.
JAY (3 days ago)
Person makes you nervous? ....so you thought *hmmm let me approach and engage them*
travon Stephens (3 days ago)
So why the other guy didn't get the same response as the guy with camera.
Bob Massey (2 days ago)
As a delivery driver who has been called in on for doing exactly what this guy was doing, I would say that the difference was clean language and a professional attitude more than anything.
Justin Madballz (3 days ago)
This is so dick racist like a cock
Tracy Thallas (3 days ago)
UPS dude should have called the cops on her for harassment.
emanuel rodriguez (15 hours ago)
That statement is yet another ignorant thing white people say. Like what do u think the cops were gonna do? If he calls the cops he will most likely be the one getting arrested or worse he can get shot.the cops are the enemy. With all the shit outthere on cops shooting unarmed black men and you think he can call the police? A white person may be able to do that but not us
Cha Chapman (3 days ago)
What's sad is that this type of behavior and thought process gets black men killed all of the time. People are quick to believe the concerned white woman, yet she's instigated the entire situation. If she was scared or felt threatened she wouldn't be standing out there with him ALONE and most definitely would not point out where she lives. One minute she told the black guy "hes cool, the neighborhood has just been vandalized" but when the white guy walks up she discusses how she's been threatened and worried the guy will bring his friends... and that hes been cursing her out. Hes just out there working and minding his business, while being black. For all of the people who continually say racism does not exist, this is a prime example. You're guilty because of your skin color. You're suspicious because of your skin color. You're threatening because of your skin color. Just because you dont always see it happening doesn't mean it doesnt exist.
EVIL KIRK (3 days ago)
That fucking worthless bitch is straight out CRAZY! If that crazy BITCH would have touch me I would KNOCKED HER THE FUCK OUT QUICK!
Banky Biggs (3 days ago)
Bad co worker partially threw him under the bus and shaking hands with a RACIST BITCH.
Carlitta howie (3 days ago)
Smoking crack, you know what 😭
Intricately Tangled (3 days ago)
She didn't ask white dude for his i.d. smh
WHAT DO YOU DO (3 days ago)
black folks need to start calling the police on these white crazy motherfukers when they start approaching them talking about you're making me afraid you came out your damn house but you are afraid of me I'm making you nervous but yet you came out the house lady what sense does that make I make you nervous you come out your house so now what you want me to attack you this lady is on some type of drugs!!
WHAT DO YOU DO (3 days ago)
Her story enhanced once John came on the scene. Smh
black stars (3 days ago)
African American women like this are poisonous creatures I prefer African women they're easier to interact with
Lopez Hamilton (3 days ago)
I'm more concerned that John validates her wrongheaded, racist feelings by undermining his employee's basic humanity. I wonder if UPS deals with all issues of harrasment that same way? If this was a female UPS worker getting harrased by a drunken man, would John feel the need to apologise? What if it was a white female employee?
Butterfly_ Kisses (3 days ago)
She don't understand why he's wearing his work uniform walking around delivering packages 🤔 you look suspicious but I live right there 👉 and my car is is right there 👈 😂😂
Cathy Warner (3 days ago)
Happy Sad (3 days ago)
I wish I happened upon this whole situation. I would have knocked her out cold and kept moving. On second thought I probably would have kicked her teeth out of her mouth and then kept moving.
chillchi (3 days ago)
Is this Trumps sister?
Saadia ahmad (3 days ago)
She has mental issues!
Looks like she is on drugs !!!!
1st of all this woman is racist and the cameraman needs to stop repeating everything she says it is very annoying
space ghost (3 days ago)
She should have been arrested and fined for misuse of 911 and police services.
lary Raines (3 days ago)
What a retarded bitch😂
Lexie Overman (4 days ago)
Poor man! Let him deliver those Christmas presents!!
Chrystal Powell (4 days ago)
This is just disgusting and wrong.
Anita Coker (4 days ago)
She just lied and lied and lied! That white privilege hits again! White woman are just demons!!! Yep! I said it!
Voodoo Ray (4 days ago)
Lol@UPS Ursula!
Jason Gardner (4 days ago)
Ups Ursula
Ashton Espinola (4 days ago)
Delivery Debra or Mailbox Malory??
Samuel Bolden (4 days ago)
Good crack...💉😂
AmadahyCatori (4 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sad reality in United States
Fadumo Duale (4 days ago)
He is funny and calm.. i be chocking her racist ass up since she interrupted and racially profiled while minding my damn business
T Cla (4 days ago)
Ok, so the white guy is ok....not suspicious
Tony Velazquez (4 days ago)
Why would the white boy apologize or why
Al ROCHA (4 days ago)
Delivering while black is now a problem , she so should have been giving a fine for wasting taxpayers money.
belin lug (4 days ago)
She's acting drunk and suspicious, and he makes her nervous.
Brandon Clark (19 hours ago)
I agree. She acts creepy
ALBIZURES (1 day ago)
She is acting like a trumptard
Holy-City-Picker (4 days ago)
Honestly one would think that after all the news coverage on all the folks that have harrassed other fine upstanding citizens just doing their job/having a good time trying to eat some good bbq... that they would have learned the difference between a real criminal and someone whose not... the most unforgivable part of this is not the out right racism( cause let's be honest its the reason we are all here to watch this train wreak that is so glaringly apparent) but the fact that she tried to further justify it by rambling off a series of unfortunate events that have nothing to do with the gentleman just trying to do the job he was hired to do... what a shame... what a miserable way to live your life...seeking joy from bringing others pain...Sir you are the real MVP.. you kept your head about you...I wouldn't have!
George Castillo (4 days ago)
Let me take a guess at who this lady voted for🧐
Realjayrome (4 days ago)
This shit doesn't happen in NYC, white people know their place.
R3d33mingFir3 (4 days ago)
Obviously she's off her meds.