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Instant Bridge: Time-Lapse Construction of Park Bridge

211 ratings | 53568 views This time-lapse video is compilation of photos taken from a web-camera during the construction of the Park Bridge in the Kicking Horse Canyon, near Golden, BC. This video shows the construction from the girder launches all the way through to completion of the 405 metre long bridge that sits 90 metres above the canyon floor.
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dony bu (1 year ago)
Woww Amazinggh
Suzie Q (2 years ago)
Wow!! Impressive to say the least!!
I B (3 years ago)
Excellent work!
CG Account (3 years ago)
At the current pace of highway construction they'll have the highway twinned to Alberta in 100 to 200 years! Snails pace to say the least. Even many of the the easy parts aren't twinned yet. At least this section has barriers separating oncoming traffic. Many of the new bridges have no median or barrier. Shameful they don't have a safe standard for new roads in BC.
MinistryofTranBC (3 years ago)
In response to your comments about the Trans-Canada Highway, please be assured the Province remains committed to increasing four-lane sections and replacing aging infrastructure along the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) to improve safety and ease traffic congestion for all highway users. That is why we have invested over $700 million to widen the highway since 2001 and will continue to invest into the future. Under B.C. on the Move, the ministry’s new 10-year transportation plan, the Province is committed to continuing to work with the federal government to fund priority projects on the Trans-Canada Highway, with a goal of increasing the total investment to over $1 billion over the next 10 years. With respect to your comments about the timeline for this work, projects of this magnitude require significant engineering and construction resources and must be carried out over the long term. Hope that this helps.
MinistryofTranBC (3 years ago)
The Kamloops to Alberta Border four-laning project includes some of the most challenging terrain in the country. Here's a link to more information on how we are working to improve this road for all travellers:
Raymondj Wissing (3 years ago)
Hobluj23 (7 years ago)
Kicking Horse?
MinistryofTranBC (7 years ago)
@ck15001994 Isn't it? We especially like how the girders slide like train tracks into place. Stay tuned! We are working on gathering more time lapse video of our projects on the go.
MinistryofTranBC (8 years ago)
@joemchang Thanks. More are definately on the way. Stay tuned.
joemchang (8 years ago)
cool! you should make more of these
Scott Hiddelston (8 years ago)