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FedEx vs UPS vs USPS, Shipping War

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Who's Winning the Shipping War? - Evaluating UPS, FedEx and USPS for package tracking, delivery time and shipping costs. This video highlights a real-world study comparing the top three U.S. shipping carriers on tracking scans, delivery time and overall shipping costs. Download the free white paper:
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Text Comments (59)
BargSlarg (4 days ago)
well that's not an accurate cost because the USPS is also funding with taxes
douglas787 (2 months ago)
This video was made by stamps.con. They are clearly biased towards usps. Once you go above five pounds, the cost will be lower for fedex and ups. Ups is slower, and they are a bit harder on packages than fedex, but they can deliver 150 pound boxes. Fedex is faster than ups, and they tend to be more careful with fragile items, they rarely lose anything. Usps loses packages and is pretty hard on boxes, they break stuff a lot. Once you go over five pounds, usps gets more expensive than fedex or ups. If you can fit a heavy item in a usps box, then they can be cheaper. UPS and Fedex cost about the same in almost all cases. Fedex will change the price a little bit after delivery and say their price is only a estimate, somehow I've never been billed less than what they quote, always more. I've been a online seller for ten years.
Len k (9 months ago)
Usps seems cheaper because its subsidized by your tax money
Alejandro Pina (4 months ago)
Len k USPS is completely self-funded. No tax money goes to USPS.
Mithindis (9 months ago)
I hate FedEx so much, I've lived here for two years now and 5 out of 5 FedEx packages weren't delivered to my address, but rather my grandma (the landlord). I live in a trailer park and my trailer is right next to the road. Meanwhile UPS and USPS have never messed up a single delivery.
Rusty S (10 months ago)
Don’t know if they still do but usps express packages flew on Fedex planes
t diz (10 months ago)
This is a biased report as it is general knowledge that the postal service(USPS) is almost always late, UPS is sometimes early, and Fedex is always on time or late!
Science Militia1 (10 months ago)
BULL FUCKING SHIT!! USPS is late every time. I ordered a bunch of shit from Ebay on monday of this week. Fedex delivered two products from California and had it on my front porch Wednesday at Noon in Wisconsin. Its 8pm on Saturday right now. STILL NO PACKAGE FROM USPS, and they were shipping it from Albany New York. I had two packages being shipped by fedex. I had 3 packages being shipped by USPS. Fedex had BOTH packages here in 2 days. 6 days later and NONE of the packages from USPS have showed up. This video is fake as fuck.
Frederik Saraber (11 months ago)
They all suck, save your money and go to Hooters.
Calvin Hodgson (11 months ago)
I have shipped many packages through USPS either via First-Class or Priority Mail. A few times, First-Class and Priority Mail are delayed. In extraordinary cases, they get stuck and I have to call. Eventually, they are found and moving again. Never had a package lost yet. Tracking has improved but still not on the level of the other two. No scans between the destination unless it is "In Transit to X." Free insurance is worthwhile especially if you have Commercial Plus Pricing which gives you $100 for Priority Mail at no additional cost. FedEx Smartpost is pretty meh but good for low value packages that weigh a lot. Price is what has kept me away from UPS and FedEx unless it tips the weight scales and is cheaper than USPS. Decent tracking and generally on time or at least doesn't get stuck for weeks. The $100 insurance included in the price.
Chuck Storey (11 months ago)
This commercial brought to you by the USPS
Kerza AG (11 months ago)
Can you stop ringing that damn bell.
bro and sis gaming (11 months ago)
FedEx delivers most of home delivery packages for the USPS 😂 I know cause I deliver them lol
zack leffue (1 year ago)
whenever i order with fedex it is guaranteed to go over estimated days towards delivery even when im shipping in state with smartpost 2-9 days it takes 9 days0
The Drive Inside (1 year ago)
Nope wrong I have no idea where to even begin on this
Abner Hernandez (1 year ago)
USPS hasn't failed me yet with delivery times and cost. UPS takes too long if you want the cheapest option. and FedEx is in the middle, a bit faster when you get the cheapest option than UPS. this is all in my online seller experience.
Richard Blanchard (1 year ago)
Mr. Veritas (1 year ago)
This is bull crap. I've had the best experience with UPS hands down.
respinoza89 (1 year ago)
What about items over 5 pounds
Geeky gamer (1 year ago)
FEDEX is so unreliable
Mikgwerd (2 years ago)
Face it. All three can suck in their own unique ways. USPS wins for me(barely)...unlike the other two, they actually called me back to issue an apology for misplacing and delaying an express mail package!
Alex J (2 years ago)
I don't see how they can talk so good about USPS they are always delaying my packages 5-10 days. I live close to houston and the scan is always in houston then days later after its delivered it will post delivered. Why do you think amazon wants to use air prime cause they are tired of putting up with USPS.
Rick Alex (2 years ago)
+non yobussiness I read recently that UPS was having trouble getting seasonal employees for the holidays. Maybe they have alot of full time.
non yobussiness (2 years ago)
I know for UPS they have a shortage of workers. no one is applying. it might be the same for all three. if you know someone that needs a job and is willing to stay around, that might be a good career for them.
Jason Camacho (3 years ago)
Aaron L. (3 years ago)
I call bullshit. USPS destroys or loses a good 30% of the packages I get through them and I am currently holding a package from them that their "tracking" still says is in Kentucky... I live in Michigan. They are fast and that is about it. I would rather wait an extra day to actual get my packages intact. Half the time I have to hunt my packages down at the local post office.
Theft Tv (2 years ago)
for me its UPS who destroys my shit! USPS rocks where I live, don't know how well fedex is though
FGOKURULES (3 years ago)
SOOOOOO. let me let you all in on a SECRET that this video doesn't share. You ever wonder why you don't see any planes with USPS on them? guess who sorts all of the mail being flown around? yep you guessed it UPS/FEDEX both have contracts to sort and fly the USPS mail to the local post offices. So why does it get there faster for UPS and FEDEX/UPS are the ones actually moving it??? Because that's how they WANT IT!! no one would use USPS if they didn't have some advantage..... It's all planned trust me
Jake DiClemente (2 years ago)
+FGOKURULES you have any type of proof for me? I want to believe you...but i need proof
non yobussiness (2 years ago)
WeKnowTheTruth2012 (3 years ago)
USPS in the US is my favorite I always get my package in abour 3-4 days and i live in california even if ship from florida or south carolina rarely over 5 and i also get free saturday service and it gets here by 8am instead of 10am on weekdays Also its waaaay cheaper :)
Finder 22 (3 years ago)
all depend on where and what. Some pervious comments state that USPS is so international. what most of those people don't realize or chose to negate is that USPS hands off the package when it gets to the destination country. at that point service changes and delivery times can slip. There is only so much USPS can do with this but most of the time there are no issues. domestic packages where i live USPS always wins. they rarely damage packages and they are prompt. of course there are the occasional shipping delay. i have found out because UPS & Fedex drivers are under so much pressure to deliver they are more likely to leave door slips in areas of population density (aka lots of apartments) this is fact in Los Angeles. large international package Fedex is the clear winner. Although i personal almost always ship usps because their checkout system is hands down the fastest and best which fallows their service for the most part. just so happens they have the lowest cost.
The Amchair Philosopher (3 years ago)
USPS is the best for smaller packages less then 5 LBS. Anything above that go with a private company that is competitive and of good quality.
Delonte (3 years ago)
Fed-Ex is the best with experience. UPS is absolute TRASH. and USPS can be good some times and TRASH other times. UPS has the worst customer service they have no fucking people working the phones, (they do but its a complicated process to get to them they have no direct number)
John Panera (3 years ago)
Plus considering UPS and Fedex both save costs by handing off their packages to the US Postal Service for final delivery they still aren't saving enough to pass the savings to the consumer apparently. US Postal Service all the way.
Memphis Metal Fab (3 years ago)
At my business we ship and receive many packages both to and from business and residential addresses. FED EX is by far the most dependable and cost less than UPS. UPS is a far 2nd and USPS is dead last! USPS is only used to mail out letters that are not important. WE have nothing but problem with USPS delivered packages to the point where I will no longer purchased products that will be shipped via USPS. I always pay for FED EX.
Dien Nguyen (3 years ago)
imo usps sucks but if they go out of business, who's gonna deliver my daily mail? UPS and FedEx don't want none of that. lol
Hern Chen (3 years ago)
Noticed that UPS was holding packings (if necessary) so they don't deliver package before expected date.  The USPS tracking now works (It was a joke before) and they deliver quickly and they deliver on Saturday (even saw a Sunday delivery).  However, they give a wide expected delivery dates.
John Accardi (3 years ago)
USPS is soooo unreliable
Scott Z (3 years ago)
I call bullshit, usps has the worst delivery dates when they say 2 day delivery they really mean 2 weeks, and likely damaged goods upon delivery. 
RoggyTheGamer (1 year ago)
FedEx is really good in my area and so is UPS. I like both but I prefer ups
Teletrip (3 years ago)
That sounds more like UPS and Fed Ex. If I order something from the west coast it will DEFINITELY get to me on the easy coast in 3 days via USPS. If the package was sent via Fed ex or even worse UPS it would take a minimum of 5 days. If I wanted the package delivered faster using UPS or Fed Ex I would have to pay a substantial amount more than I do with Priority Mail via USPS.
Bonnie Banotah (4 years ago)
USPS is the worst when it comes to international shipping 
megaleadjp (4 years ago)
Thank you. My new company learned a lot. I thought usps would be last.
Michael Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Yea I used USPS priority shipping before, it still took them almost about a week until I got my package, never using that again
jim Jimm (4 years ago)
I ordered a volume pot for my guitar from the fender store online, they used fedex ground, this order was sent last thursday 5/22/14 it has taken 6 days for it to show  at a transfer station in PHOENIX, AZ  from BLOOMINGTON, CA and my delivery date from fedex is still 5 days out, the weight of the package is 0.3 lbs so your telling me fedex isn't snail mail the USPS would have had it here in 2 to 3 days for a lot less money (fender charges for orders under a certain amount) , I could have rode a bicycle to Bloomington Ca. and back to Vegas faster than fedex ground ships, I mean really it's a 3 1/2 hour drive in a car, whats up fedex. This isn't the first time I've had problems with fedex being so dam slow if I had the option I would have told fender to ship it UPS or USPS.
Nizar Abboud (4 years ago)
After 4 very disturbing experiences, I cancel every purchase that is going to be delivered by Fedex. The problem with them is not only the staff are liars... i.e. they say we did not find you home when you have been waiting for delivery all day,but also that the delivery office staff are rude and aggressive. In one incident I had to go back home twice to bring in evidence that I am who I am. I would not recommend Fedex to my enemy. It is repulsive.
David Vick (4 years ago)
USPS sucks don't use it you have to pay extra for insurance. Ups and FedEx both come with insurance default
Calvin Hodgson (11 months ago)
The "free" insurance is bundled in the price with FedEx and UPS. It is only $100. USPS comes with at least $50 for Priority Mail with CBP or $100 if you have CPP.
Teletrip (3 years ago)
but they are sllllloooowwwww
Call Me Witcher (4 years ago)
From my own anecdotal research and use. . . Here's my rundown of each category. Before I get started I've used all three for 15 years. . . from shipping and delivery . . . The below sequences are from best to worst, I've shipped over fifteen thousand packages and received twelve thousand since 1999.  These are my own figures and rough estimates. I also added a few of my own categories.  *Price:*. . .  USPS, UPS, FedEx. *Delivery speed from all preferred speeds shipped on same day on a Monday:*. . USPS, UPS, FedEx. *Tracking/Scanning from every type of shipping type(s):*. . . UPS, FedEx, USPS. . . these pertain to accuracy in tracking/scanning, updating in real time, etc. *Damaged Packages and Structural Integrity:*. . .  USPS, FedEx then UPS. This pertains to package delays from damage, receiving the package damaged or patched up from damage. *Customer Service:*. . . UPS, FedEx, USPS. . . I've had many problems with USPS customer service from local/municipal locations and online/phone customer service ranging from nine states. . .  Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, California, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Oregon. . . involving shipped and sent packages. To brief USPS has been the best overall and i commend them. . . UPS however has a tenacity and a vigor that makes them unique and tied in my opinion with USPS, lastly FedEx. . . Moreover all three of these companies help each other in various ways and the pro's and con's of each are vastly different making them all acceptable given the situation. . . None of my opinions and information is biased and comes from a genuine source. All information was collected from my small business and own personal use of these three companies.    
Cher Park (4 years ago)
what about international! USPS blows with first class and priority (4 years ago)
Hi Cher, USPS has the lowest cost options for international of all carriers using First Class Package International Service (up to 4 lbs.)  It's great for lower cost items.  Also, they have added Delivery Confirmation to 14 countries.  For higher value items, Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International also is good.   Thanks for the comment! Eric,
Indu Singh (4 years ago)
I also Agree USPS shipping speed is excellent and cost is fordable. Problem is only that USPS customer service is not good.We have to wait very long to catch them. we have to wait long to talk with them. Specially In East Brunswick,NJ post office. Online claim does not work. We never got any refund when we have applied.So USPS needs to improve to their customer service. FedEx and UPS customer service is excellent. (4 years ago)
Hi Indu, Thanks for the comment and glad to hear the USPS is getting your packages delivered quickly for a low cost! Eric,
Jason Kuehn (4 years ago)
I agree that USPS is going to be by far the lowest cost for SMALL packages.  This is the sole reason I use USPS at my business.  However, USPS still has some major drawbacks they need to work on if they want to compete in the big leagues.  I've found that there is a much higher chance of a package getting lost with USPS while it is almost unheard of with Fexex/UPS.  Second, I have to disagree with the tracking part of this video.  USPS tracking may sometimes work for express packages, but it's almost useless for priority mail.  The tracking info is often not even updated until long after the package is delivered.  Third, if anything does go wrong, their insurance is almost totally useless. knows this, which is why they offer their own insurance.  Finally, USPS doesn't even know the meaning of the words "user interface" or "workflow".  Without doing this work for them (and doing a good job with it), no business would ever use USPS at all.
Kevin Becker (4 years ago)
Although this is from, who has a vested interest in USPS, my company is finding that for residential addresses, USPS is significantly less than UPS for small packages. UPS adds $2.90 to residential addresses. This is about the difference between the two. And we have had similar experience with them for delivery. And yes, many packages get delivered faster with Priority Mail over UPS Ground. (4 years ago)
Thanks for the comment Kevin.  You are correct in that we ( do have a vested interest in this study, since we print postage for the USPS.  But our hope was to show large companies and small business owners who have currently do not use the USPS that they are missing out on a great option for e-commerce packages (most are under 5 lbs. and going to a residence).  Companies will always have big and small packages, so a mix of carriers will probably be the best option.   But we hope with USPS providing speedy delivery and the lowest costs, online retailers will have an advantage competing for the customer.  Cheers!   Eric,
Terri Balagtas (4 years ago)
That's all well and good except USPS won't deliver to all the addresses that UPS and FedEx will.