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NASA Astronaut Breaks Down Space Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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NASA astronaut Nicole Stott examines scenes depicting space from movies and television and breaks down how accurate they really are. What actually happens when your helmet cracks in space like in Total Recall? Are the spacewalks in Gravity realistic? Could there really be AI on a space station like in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► Get more incredible stories on science and tech with our daily newsletter: Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Tradecraft. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. NASA Astronaut Breaks Down Space Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED
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vadeepest07 (5 hours ago)
I signed in, just because of how attractive she is and how low key she seems to be. Being that she is an astronaut she is terribly intelligent, but doesn't come off like that.
Christian Perez (8 hours ago)
where tf is the movie the martian
Samantha Izaguirre (9 hours ago)
I remember seeing Armageddon as a kid, and between that movie and Contact, I became fascinated by space. Still am.
Lori-Ann Leavitt (14 hours ago)
Conclusion: (I never cried in space...) Truly though, the top five comments are RESPECT. She's a space hero/treasure. 👍😎🇨🇦 🕊️🕊️🕊️🔎
Ray Wei (16 hours ago)
16:29 Similar things can be said about driving too. Passengers feel faster and more in danger than the driver when driving fast
Keyo (1 day ago)
What? No Star Wars?!!!
PUSSY CUM (1 day ago)
I don't know but she is just really sound (Irish slang for nice humble person)
Kristian Upper (1 day ago)
KamEAleX (1 day ago)
Sounds honest and humble. Lovely episode.
wally grafe (2 days ago)
That's cute this slit thinks she was an astronaut
sam e (2 days ago)
Right right I got it Hollywood is not perfect 50/50👍
HighDayFriday (3 days ago)
what does the blood inside our bodies look like in space
HighDayFriday (3 days ago)
what about the water in your mouth and on your eye
HighDayFriday (3 days ago)
retro thrusters
HighDayFriday (3 days ago)
most helmets are also plated with gold due to golds high density
jalabi99 (3 days ago)
I love how enthusiastic Ms. Stott was when she said "...and this is me in space!" She sure has the right stuff!
Meetup Central (3 days ago)
Interstella Pilot passing out comment: Pilots train extensively on controlling blood pressure with leg exercises and other techniques so blood stays in the brain more. If you remember there were earlier scenes in movie where pilot was in same similar situation on earth.
Sir Sim, Esquire (4 days ago)
"These scenes are just like how we fake being in space!--Um, I mean, these are soooo fake! Nothing like reality!" #flatearthLOL
JavaMies (4 days ago)
I love these break downs! But pleaaase, PLEEAAAAAASE HEAR MY CRY! Do one with and electrician breaking down movies! I'm going insane with all these friggin flickering lights when there is no reason for it! Or when the lights go out in a hallway one by one....
Rachel (5 days ago)
(Okay but 7:16 that salute though) But naw for real, this was amazing, I love her
Foa (5 days ago)
It's so great listening to actually articulate people on youtube
Andrei Taran (5 days ago)
10/10 would smash
Kaynos (5 days ago)
Cuisine Art engines are the best, everyone knows that.
Alex P (6 days ago)
The man who was exposed to vacuum was called Jim le Blanc. He lost consciousness after about 15 seconds, and he was rescued after just under half a minute. That was lucky for him, as 30 seconds give or take is the survival time estimated by doctors.
Ben Conway (6 days ago)
Wat film is that with with George Clooney in?
Warren Pellacani (6 days ago)
This is the ideal sugar mama
Bob Bob (6 days ago)
Cpt. Kirk: "Zero Zero Zero Destruct Zero" President Skroob: "That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!"
Milan Askelievski (6 days ago)
Fake. No one has ever been to space.
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
darbstew s (7 days ago)
oh my god. finally. someone that understands that movies go towards whats more entertaining to watch than whats real.
CAGR DLAMINI (7 days ago)
This was awesome.
INCEPTION 25 (8 days ago)
her children must be so freakin lucky
Cameron Church (8 days ago)
Robotic Arm... Its the ISS MSS also lovingly know as the Canadarm2 which was brought up in 2000 on STS-100. I don't know why it bothered me so much that she sounded dumb talking about it.
lvloneratata (8 days ago)
She seems like a really down to earth person, for an astronaut...
Maxim Golovlev (8 days ago)
what is common between "WIRED Breaks Down" and bukkake scene - applause at the end
Daane Mest (8 days ago)
I am very sad by the commentary here. I came hoping for raging flerfers and moonlanding conpiracists.
I Am Buttdix (9 days ago)
*sees thumbnail* I hope she has something nice to say about interstellar, Chris Nolan is one of my favorite directors
its yeshua not jesus so get over it (9 days ago)
She should tell us how they get past the dome 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁😁😁😁 she was impressed by the cgi lol and could barely get the next sentence out because she knows it was a lie.
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
I just wonder what did you have to edit in this comment of yours?
Justin Reilly (9 days ago)
The one thing that always strikes me when I listen to astronauts, is just how laidback, calm and intelligent they are. Astronauts like Chris Hadfield, Tim Peak and this fabulous astronaut Nicole Stott, they just always come across so well when speaking, a joy to listen to!
Fletcher Del Valle (9 days ago)
7:26 flat earthers triggered
Philippa (10 days ago)
Again no name in the title
Lil Pop (10 days ago)
Disappointed that they didn’t show WALL-E
Patrick Joseph (10 days ago)
I'd love to see a breakdown of The Expanse...
H2Dwoat (10 days ago)
Hi, have you ever been asked to consult on a film about space.
Kevin Karbonik (10 days ago)
It's called the Canadarm space naut.
MacElroy Family (11 days ago)
You must be surprised how I got this many likes
bobdole57 (11 days ago)
I do like to see Tim Robbins frozen.
Maddy from spacecamp (12 days ago)
I was a victim to the MAT... AND I LOVED IT!
Philipp Void (12 days ago)
567 Flatearthers dislike
Griff Stridemoor (12 days ago)
I wanted to see if Matt Damon really could "fly like Iron Man' as he did in The Martian!
Ryan (12 days ago)
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
Dio Brando (12 days ago)
I got so annoyed at the gravity scenes that i just stopped watching. Most unrealistic overhyped movie ever. Abort! 1second. yea bye.
Dylan Craven (13 days ago)
That awkward moment when you realize you've been scrolling through the comments section for over 20 minutes and still haven't seen a comment about Apollo 13.
Agnes K. (13 days ago)
Apollo 13 better be here.
jack larkson (13 days ago)
of course interstellar is good,amazing...its a masterpiece.
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
jack larkson (13 days ago)
real astronaut breaks down fake moon landing would be good video.
gabeft95 (13 days ago)
She's lying, the earth is flat
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
Chim Richalds (13 days ago)
I was disappointed to find out spaceballs was not realistic.
MAYBOI BEATS (13 days ago)
Where's interstellar ...
Ankur Chakraborty (14 days ago)
You missed out Ridley Scott's - The Martian
Manu Rodriguez (14 days ago)
13:43 Interstellar
Russ M (14 days ago)
NASA astronaut: "Hole in window in space, you'll get sucked out." Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist) : "Hole in window in space, you won't get sucked out." Me: Yea, sorry Neil, I ain't taking that chance lol.
Muckytuja (3 days ago)
She said if the hole is big enough... 1 bar of difference isn't huge. You can put more pressure difference in a balloon and able to hold it shut. Think, before you comment!
Paint bucket (15 days ago)
Robotic arm? No that right there is the Canadian Arm.
Nyctea - (15 days ago)
Forgive me if i’m wrong, didn’t they do this video with a different person?
Dan Age (15 days ago)
So would my eyes blow out of my head or not? Lol her response to that one was annoying... she didnt compare the movie to reality she just talked about how it's unlikely to happen...
Michael Gans (15 days ago)
Of course they will look the same. They both use the same technology. #everythingyouknowisfake
Thunder 221 (16 days ago)
She kinda looks like Jennifer Anniston
John Michael Kintao (16 days ago)
Not enough interstellar there😑
Alycia Marrison (16 days ago)
I like Nicole Stott's down to earth responses to these sci fi film's nice to hear a proffesionals opinions.  Thanks so much!
Alex Flockhart (16 days ago)
The robotic arm in LIFE is known as the Canadarm. As a Canadian, I have a duty to never shut up about it.
Dylan Craven (13 days ago)
Nicole: We have a grabber arm. It's very useful and it's fun to use. Canadians: You're welcome, NASA.
ucheucheuche (16 days ago)
How do astronauts know what happens to a body exposed to space? How do you test that?
Dylan Craven (13 days ago)
That's a great question. The key to the answer is to realize that space is not actually doing anything to the body. There is nothing in space to affect the body at all, really. What happens to the body when exposed to outer space is easily determined by what space is lacking, an atmosphere. Without an atmosphere, there is nothing to keep oxygen contained, meaning it will disperse in the near emptiness. We know what happens to the body when it is deprived of oxygen by studying the effects of drowning, as well as high altitude. What also occurs without an atmosphere, or more accurately a planet to act as a heat sink, is there is nothing to capture solar energy. Therefore, in the near emptiness of space, your body heat would leech out of you and there would be nothing to warm you up. Again, something easily tested by studying life at high altitudes and seeing what happens when the body's internal temperature is too low (hypothermia), which often happens when a person is immersed in freezing water. Keep asking questions and keep learning, there's lots of knowledge just waiting to be discovered!
Beneko '11 (17 days ago)
5:26 - *ludicrousity analyzing*
xNFR (17 days ago)
13:55 god i love hans zimmer another fact about interstellar ALOT of scientists worked on that movie to make it as plausible as possible even with the black hole how it would look like in real life. (not the inside)
Matt Smith (17 days ago)
The one thing I never understood in Armageddon is wouldn’t it be easier to train astronauts to run drill rigs instead of training oil drillers to be astronauts?
Venus Flytrap (17 days ago)
just watching this makes me nauseous
Eoin Harrison (17 days ago)
Doesnt even say the Canadarm's name.... :(
Tori G (17 days ago)
why driver passes out later: knowing if u pass out u die would flood system with adrenaline keeping u conscious longer
hydrolito (17 days ago)
Also if could even survive at light speed which might be impossible, would take over a month to reach it without g forces killing people on space ship.
Barbara Danley (18 days ago)
The Martian. The movie doesn't explain the science in as much detail as the book, but I still think it was pretty logical.
Spongebob (18 days ago)
Next time on WIRED: russian spy breaks Down spy movies
cata lina (18 days ago)
NASA-- means DECEiVING in ebrew . think , not yet ilegall , hahahhaahhaahhahhhaaha
ckj1103 (19 days ago)
She's hot.
Rfcdgaf (19 days ago)
15:42 Feeling the load
Dro'Jafin (19 days ago)
That would suck floating away into space and not being able to come back to your shuttle
Hootilicious (19 days ago)
No Apollo 13?
TacticalTactics (19 days ago)
I really wish she did an analysis of some of the launch or docking scenes in First Man
ImperfecT (19 days ago)
Best thing about Interstellar movie is it's Music!!
Elohim (19 days ago)
Well at least all the movies are more realistic than anything NASA does/have done. Never. A. Straight. Answer.
Elohim (3 hours ago)
@TacticalTactics what I'm saying is they are both science fiction.
TacticalTactics (8 hours ago)
So you're saying flying to the moon and launching satellites into orbit around earth and other planets is less realistic than astronauts on/around mars taking off helmets, astronauts getting denied access to parts of a spacecraft by AI on a trip to Jupiter, and even a trip to several planets orbiting a black hole? That seems like a stretch.
DRBGRINDHARD (20 days ago)
15:39 "feeling the load" Giggidy
Sweytank Srivastava (20 days ago)
I'm here just for Interstellar 😂
ChillCosmos (20 days ago)
This is one attractive astronaut
Art Donovan (21 days ago)
My vote for the best and most enjoyable video of the year! Astronaut Stott should most definitely have her own NASA science channel.
Edi Fišer (21 days ago)
What a load of nonsense ... no one was ever in "space" ...
wayne G (21 days ago)
I can't get over how someone on Earth would be tracking a fist size piece of debris flying near a space station or shuttle and then warn the astronauts but asteroids and meteors do fly bus and crash through our atmosphere yet not public broadcast is announced.
S Anderson (22 days ago)
The destruct code is 000...? They have to keep things simple for some Presidents.
Lion Bear (22 days ago)
and what exactly are the thrusters pushing off in the massive vacuum of space again?,,, and with one truster. how exactly did the LEM steer again? and why wasnt any lunar dust kicked up or displaced on the moon? and who filmed the landing and take off that LEM? wait, apologies, liars do not tell the truth. ill stop this is utter BS
Lion Bear (22 days ago)
utter BS
qayyum marz (22 days ago)
hoping to see more of this very humble astronaut. really love the way shes commenting and explaining on the scenes. such an inspiration
Purpleraven (22 days ago)
Such a badass
Justin Mingus (23 days ago)
The Martian?!
Randolph Taylor (23 days ago)
Thought you had to have perfect vision to be an astronaunt. She has glasses? Maybe just got older or flat earth theory...