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Brown Bailout.!!!

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Brown Bailout.!!!
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ErickLazcon4 (6 years ago)
whyhatestrangers (7 years ago)
umm i'm sorry, but fedex has no room to whine like little pussies about this shit... if i'm not mistaken, the post office is run by the feds, and FedEx is in their pocket. everyone knows that the most reliable and cheapest way to ship something is the post office, USPS, and the only way you can overnight something through the post office is to use FedEx. so seeing as how they are sucking the feds balls, i don't see why they are crying so hard about this, which btw isn't even close to a bailout.
xdassinx (7 years ago)
Ayuh,,, not a bail out. Use your google machine to see what the real deal is. Your first clue that this is ad is BS is that UPS has big fast planes too.
BossHossGT500 (7 years ago)
Fuck off, John Travolta.
Bilbo Swaggins (7 years ago)
@EcuPirates198 1:06, "Brought to you by FedEx Express."
TaylorxJustinx (7 years ago)
i fucking hate this ad when it pops up
ETexSanta (7 years ago)
@fourknuckle put on your logic cap and buckel it down tight. Why would FedEx spend millions to NOT be put under the Fair Labor Act?
ETexSanta (7 years ago)
@chubstheclown That is all UPS is asking for. If your not moving FedEx off the Railroad act , them put UPS on the Railroad Act. We are doing the same thing we should have the same advantages the the Fed's give FedEx.
chubstheclown (7 years ago)
@Obamaturd His hair is a copy of the guy's in the UPS ads.
chubstheclown (7 years ago)
@ETexSanta If Fedex opposes this, then it must add cost for them. If it adds cost, it means shipping becomes more expensive for all of us. Why not level the playing field by lifting the regulations that appear to be stifling UPS? I haven't heard any complaints about the way Fedex does business thusfar, so why change anything other than to lift the burden from UPS?
chubstheclown (7 years ago)
@Norm50cal Incorrect. Capitalism is another term for the free market. When government plays favorites in any way, you have corporatism, not capitalism.
ETexSanta (7 years ago)
Brown doesn't want a bail out, it wants a level playing field. FedEx began as an airline. That is why they are under the Railroad Act (which covers pilots). They have since bought out Roadway Express (now FedEx Ground), American Freightways and Vicking Freight (now FedEx Freight) and recently Watkins Freight (now FedEx National). Sounds to me like they are are a trucking company. Hummm, I wonder why they don't want to be covered under the Fair Labor Act?
Watermark0n (7 years ago)
The fact that FedEx is running this campaign is embarrassing. Due to some obscure loophole, FedEx is governed under different regulators than UPS (even though they do the same job), which allows them to more easily suppress labor unions. Now they're talking about equalizing the regulations and putting each company on a level playing field. FedEx has decided to throw a temper tantrum, and I certainly won't ever be using their services again.
Nick Brown (7 years ago)
never mind i wasn't thinking what i said basically is the definition of a monopoly.
Nick Brown (7 years ago)
is it just me or does it sound more like UPS is taking advantage of our government to take out the competition (Fedex)?
EndNoble (7 years ago)
"They have planes that go real fast" I'm not fucking retarded,I know that.Every time I see this ad on a YouTube video I feel myself getting dumber.
truebluegem (7 years ago)
FedEx wants to prevent a union from forming. There is no "bailout", except for the one that allowed FedEx to operate under different rules for years. Sorry you are so anti-worker rights that you have to come up witht his smear campaign, FedEx.
Chaulklet Dogenut (7 years ago)
@EuphoriaMusicSession more like cm punk from wwe!
CombatArmsPivot (7 years ago)
its says brought to you by fedEx ?
flaffl (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you think the guy looks WAYY too much like bob saget
Scott Barrios (7 years ago)
Instead of financing a massive - and stupid - ad campaign (starring JOHN STAMOS), FedEx could've looked into why they are so intensely disliked (most of all by their own employees). Also: in the interest of public safety, they might consider upgrading their air fleet from 40 yr old 727's.
EuphoriaMusicSession (7 years ago)
@AXXEEntertainment lol i had no idea this was a parody of another commercial. but i still think he looks like bob saggot with a mullet!
EuphoriaMusicSession (7 years ago)
i seriously wanna punch this guy. stupid pre-video ads. this douche looks like bob sagot with a mullet!
FMAiscool (7 years ago)
these commercials aren't loading on the youtube videos i'm trying to watch...so the video never loads :'(
Obamaturd (7 years ago)
His hair needs bailing out.
harrysmyhomeboy (7 years ago)
I didn't believe him, until I saw how greasy and shabby his hair was.
Philip Rose (7 years ago)
This video is the biggest piece of propaganda garbage I've ever seen. And that's saying something, since I watch Fox News on occasion.
Scott Barrios (7 years ago)
FedEx CEO Fred Smith recently suggested that labor unions were partially to blame for the BP oil disaster. really?? maybe he should write scripts for the Hannity program ..
Tim (7 years ago)
I'm glad that this message was brought to me by FedEx, a company which has never once done anything poor, and is taking this opportunity to tell you how terrible UPS is.
bcharville (7 years ago)
It's a pretty serious issue, and I inherently dislike the government. But that still doesn't change my opinion on UPS. Which, in my experience, provides much better service than Federal Express.
pfs13189 (7 years ago)
@GBraddock Except that unions got spoiled, went way overboard, and sent labor costs skyrocketing to crippling levels for many corporations, such as GM (though they have a multitude of problems). While they have done a lot of good for the very reasons you state, unions are now assisting in the destruction of the US manufacturing industry. American corporations are now finding in very difficult to compete on a global scale, and are now outsourcing jobs to cut costs.
Scott Barrios (7 years ago)
wow, John Stamos has fallen on hard times !
Noel Santos (8 years ago)
Is this video trying to strike a nerve to UPSers and Teamsters? I applaud the entertaining video with false information. Nice try FedEx.
Scott Barrios (8 years ago)
FedEx saves money with their fleet of 40 year old planes (their 727's are louder than a Dinosaur Jr show). Are they dangerous? sure. but going toe-to-toe with Big Brown means cutting costs wherever they can.
Fritz Stork (8 years ago)
When did Andre Aggasi start doing commercials??
msamericanpatriot (8 years ago)
I would love to know who the actor is in these segments. I find him attractive.
innHD (8 years ago)
UPS CEO pockets bout 600,000 a year and does not fly a private jet. Did you know that?
innHD (8 years ago)
And UPS survived their first depression because they are a very organized company
innHD (8 years ago)
@new01 Its not a bailout
Daat Keter (8 years ago)
Also the likely reason UPS "needs" a bailout in the first place is because of the unions bankrupting them, just like with GM. It's hard enough to have competitive service/products but it's even harder when you have workers that know little about economics and business management dictating the business. They don't own the company, they should shut their mouths and do their job or leave.
Daat Keter (8 years ago)
Yes but that is going to translate as a cost to the consumer. Plus unions are largely unneeded this day and age and just cause so many problems. Instead I suggest deregulating UPS and allowing them to leave the union if they so choose.
innHD (8 years ago)
for the brownbailout channel comments were disabled because they know they r full of shit and people see through it
innHD (8 years ago)
If FedEx has to comply with the same labor laws that UPS does for the same type of job that means they would have to unionize. FEDEX is threatened because it would cost the company alot of money, That's it. They don't want to unionize. It is not a brown bailout... It's survival of the fittest on a level playing field that's what UPS wants. If their product is so great what the hell R they afraid of?
caitlinski (8 years ago)
Calling this a "bailout" is just fear mongering, and is deliberately playing on the current fears about corporate bailouts. This is not a bailout of any kind. The bill would give Fedex Employees rights shared by all other workers in this industry. The fact that Fedex feels the need to spin the dialogue to attract uninformed people to their position shows that they are in defense mode, and are fundamentally on the wrong side of this issue.
360kingsfornone (8 years ago)
please continue....
360kingsfornone (8 years ago)
your funny
360kingsfornone (8 years ago)
Please read the NYTimes-Campaign Against Rival Could Haunt FedEx
FullMetal-JackSquat (8 years ago)
AND THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD STAY~ once a TRUCKING COMPANY ☻always a trucking company- once a AIRLINE ☻always an AIRLINE ~ The BAILout ►asshole◄ is the 230 words UPS had the union ballsucking senator ADD to the FAA part of the BILL. BAILING UPS OUT ? - of what ? YOU AND EVERYONE ASKS? of having more UNION pricks in the MIX.! anyone clueless ? READ ABOVE -
joeraysp (8 years ago)
UPS isn't a private corporation. UPS is in no need of a bailout. FedEX is in need of one because of all their debt. They only made this commercial because they're trying to attack UPS. FedEX is mad because their drivers want to unionize, and they feel that it's UPS's fault because UPS workers are all under a union (except for supervisors, managers, corporate workers, HR, etc).
itweety21 (8 years ago)
WTF! what bailout? Fed EX is just trying to go after their workers who want to have union. Is not bailout is a "freedom" to choose. No matter what FED EX put out there it is going to happen sooner or later. it is looking really bad right now for them.
OlGreyWolf58 (8 years ago)
No where in the Constitution does it give the Government the authority to do this.
krayzewolf (8 years ago)
Here is a fact, government has no business bailing out private companies. If a company is failing, it is up to the company to stay afloat, not taxpayers.
Michael Jerome (8 years ago)
Find out the facts before you post your comments!!!