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The deep ocean is the final frontier on planet Earth

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The ocean covers 70% of our planet. The deep-sea floor is a realm that is largely unexplored, but cutting-edge technology is enabling a new generation of aquanauts to go deeper than ever before. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.trib.al/rWl91R7 Beneath the waves is a mysterious world that takes up to 95% of Earth's living space. Only three people have ever reached the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. The deep is a world without sunlight, of freezing temperatures, and immense pressure. It's remained largely unexplored until now. Cutting-edge technology is enabling a new generation of aquanauts to explore deeper than ever before. They are opening up a whole new world of potential benefits to humanity. The risks are great, but the rewards could be greater. From a vast wealth of resources to clues about the origins of life, the race is on to the final frontier The Okeanos Explorer, the American government state-of-the-art vessel, designed for every type of deep ocean exploration from discovering new species to investigating shipwrecks. On board, engineers and scientists come together to answer questions about the origins of life and human history. Today the Okeanos is on a mission to investigate the wreck of a World War one submarine. Engineer Bobby Moore is part of a team who has developed the technology for this type of mission. The “deep discover”, a remote operating vehicle is equipped with 20 powerful LED lights and designed to withstand the huge pressure four miles down. Equivalent to 50 jumbo jets stacked on top of a person While the crew of the Okeanos send robots to investigate the deep, some of their fellow scientists prefer a more hands-on approach. Doctor Greg stone is a world leading marine biologist with over 8,000 hours under the sea. He has been exploring the abyss in person for 30 years. The technology opening up the deep is also opening up opportunity. Not just to witness the diversity of life but to glimpse vast amounts of rare mineral resources. Some of the world's most valuable metals can be found deep under the waves. A discovery that has begun to pique the interest of the global mining industry. The boldest of mining companies are heading to the deep drawn by the allure of a new Gold Rush. But to exploit it they're also beating a path to another strange new world. In an industrial estate in the north of England, SMD is one of the world's leading manufacturers of remote underwater equipment. The industrial technology the company has developed has made mining possible several kilometers beneath the ocean surface. With an estimated 150 trillion dollars’ worth of gold alone, deep-sea mining has the potential to transform the global economy. With so much still to discover, mining in the deep ocean could have unknowable impact. It's not just life today that may need protecting; reaching the deep ocean might just allow researchers to answer some truly fundamental questions. Hydrothermal vents, hot springs on the ocean floor, are cracks in the Earth's crust. Some claim they could help scientists glimpse the origins of life itself. We might still be years away from unlocking the mysteries of the deep. Even with the latest technology, this kind of exploration is always challenging. As the crew of the Okeanos comes to terms with a scale of the challenge and the opportunity that lies beneath, what they and others discover could transform humanity's understanding of how to protect the ocean. It's the most hostile environment on earth, but the keys to our future may lie in the deep. Check out Economist Films: http://films.economist.com/ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEconomist/ Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeconomist Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeconomist/ Follow us on LINE: http://econ.st/1WXkOo6 Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@the_economist
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The Economist (11 months ago)
The latest episode of Oceans is available here: https://goo.gl/4GT6wo. Can conservation save our ocean?
andrew whitehead (2 months ago)
Nice try except you were talking about harming our planet not saving it
tyler echavez (2 months ago)
Fuck all of you
Khalid Oppa (22 hours ago)
"Balancin act" well fukk dat. Do it just for the money.
click slide bang (23 hours ago)
There has to be a cure for cancer down there. Or maybe its in our face already and we dont even know it
Carolina Rønquist (1 day ago)
The mining industry better not ruin the ocean more than we already have. Exploration is cool, exploitation is not. Leave the deep alone.
Master Ed (1 day ago)
The center of the world is the frontier
Jack Winterheld (2 days ago)
No. I've seen enough Subnautica to know what kind of treasures wait down there. That's a definite, absolute nope from me.
M Yyp (2 days ago)
As amazing as it is, please stop. You can hurt the nature by doing this
Kalash Operator (2 days ago)
Hopefully Aquaman is down there chilling and will attack those submarines
Fenkell Boyz (2 days ago)
8 meter shark
leftbrosfpv (3 days ago)
This is disgusting. Greed, greed, greed!
Joanna Johns (3 days ago)
Alexey Kulikov (3 days ago)
I wonder if i could do without that oceanic gold....🧐 Guess I easily could...
Eva R (3 days ago)
2019 anyone??
Christianee Jezreel Berbes (4 days ago)
ugh greedy creatures. you do research just for you to destroy it. gosh, why dont you all just observe the wonders of our nature and leave it as it is. because destroying the land is not enough right?
Elaijah Carbonell (4 days ago)
This is why I hate Beach's
jhunski bananas (4 days ago)
disguise as sea explorer, but the truth is, they explore for lost treasure, gold, silver whatever the spaniards and germans leave in the past. modern day pirates, in a legal sense.
Lou White (4 days ago)
You can't protect profits. Good bye Ocean.
Milton Yong (5 days ago)
Explore. Found something. Mine it. Forget about the cute Dumbo octopus. Poor guy.
Nkosi Rooms (5 days ago)
Wow we build under water cities and extinct our selves quicker. We're so smart. Man kind.
Mayuresh Gawade (5 days ago)
Modern thrash is everywer
Csuka Csaba (5 days ago)
Fckng humans! Dont desteoy for money!!!
Moaning myrtle (6 days ago)
No gold, silver and cobalt are not essential for humanity. The ocean your destroying is essential for humanity
socks (7 days ago)
how many football fields is 50 jumbo jets?
bob bill (3 days ago)
What? That was a weight/ pressure comparison not a distance one. They said the pressure down there is like getting crushed by 50 jets.
Blip That throttle (7 days ago)
For fuck sake leave the sea alone .Was great until the mining bit 👎
뿌잉 (7 days ago)
한국인 손..
Sunset Vlogs (7 days ago)
Why did this have a weird vhs effect
Donna Duvall (8 days ago)
Oh my Fucking God!! You want to be REALLY depressed?! Watch this video. Deep sea mining. Just look at the monster machines these human monsters are designing to tear up and destroy the ocean environment and all that lives within it. And you all talk about your impeding destruction and exploitation of "the final frontier" with pride and Glee...and narrate the video as a fucking marketing tool. Can't you find something less destructive and exploitive to do with your life. I hope you fail miserably.
Donna Duvall (8 days ago)
"The benefits to humanity"!?! Who are you kidding? Humans exploit and destroy everything they "discover".
Fish For Thought (8 days ago)
Conservationist: "hey uh... Can you please stay out of our oceans?" Scumbag mining company: "SMD"
The Federal Farmer (8 days ago)
They say they've gone where no man has gone before, but really they've come back from where no humans have come back from.
Nath my problem (8 days ago)
But... Who video graphed them?!?
Debbie Henri (8 days ago)
Looking at the comments below, unsurprising to find that the vast majority have the same reaction as myself: disgust at finding modern trash and horror at the thought large-scale mining is being considered - no, it's actually being 'advertised' openly by someone waving the idea around that there's so much submarine gold and mineral wealth investors will be able to buy entire countries. Who cringed when they saw those highly destructive mining machines waving their business ends around in the cameras? I suppose the real question is - how to stop this realm from being exploited? Who can make the laws to protect the sea bed and police it properly? I heard something, ages ago, about a high amount of some rare earth mineral being found off Japan that is used in the manufacture of mobile/smart phones. So I imagine the best thing to do is not keep buying new phones every time a new model is released because they have some new 'must-have' gizmo attached. ****Remember: If you're a gadget fanatic you're directly feeding the industry that exploits the oceans in this way and paying those same industries to keep doing it.****
bob bill (3 days ago)
It Pisses me off man. Its like who owns the sea floor? Mining companies should NOT have access.
Gail Howes (9 days ago)
I was so sadden to hear of the plan to mine in the deep waters! When man has polluted the upper levels of the oceans already with no care for the natural fauna and creature. By looking around that in fact there is so much trash that the currents bunch it into islands! The sea life and animals suffer, I agree of exploring what animals landscapes are down there but once greedy company’s start going after gold and other metals they will disregard the natural features and life that are found! I would much rather see if some groups would figure out away to eliminate plastics , for the fishing ships to never lose their nets, to have no spills of oil from these off shore drilling rigs! The surface of earth has had so much destroyed because of man’s greed to get rich instead of finding better ways to utilize and manage what has not been polluted! The oceans should be left as nature has intended, block any ideas of mining!
bleihr beciera (9 days ago)
on one ever reach the bottom of enchanted river
Gregory Pankow (9 days ago)
So we see what our garbage is doing to our oceans, and that's the segue into undersea strip mining? Am I the only one to notice the hypocrisy?
Charlie Coder (9 days ago)
i change my mind i want to be an Aquanaut.
Jimmy Hamm (9 days ago)
Oh yea humans fucking up the bottom of the ocean . Not smart at all.
David Gambito (9 days ago)
Stupid and greedy humans just found a new way of destroying the oceans 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Samantha Bungay (9 days ago)
whatever . its all about mining lol. dont fool us.
Sunkissedguy (9 days ago)
*_I initially thought it was an effort to save our oceans, but towards the end, they start discussing MINING the deep sea._*
Samuel Piña (10 days ago)
I remember spongebob got stuck there once🤔
Alternative View (10 days ago)
All human should joint owners of minerals from deep sea mining. There should be limits of every mineral extraction. Without environmentalists approval no one should even touch deep mineral
lasse larsen (10 days ago)
humans are the dumbest animal......
Jonathan Pratama (10 days ago)
all of this hardwork for the one & only thing : money.. FFS
D&B Cruz (10 days ago)
4,290 meters = 2.665 miles. Mariana Trench is just under 7 miles that is 10,994 meters. This isn't The Deep, more like The Shallow. Waste of time.
Phil Stiemke (11 days ago)
Want to protect the ocean? Leave it alone!!!!
Marklester Viloria (11 days ago)
You will destroy life on the sea when you start mining there.
w BOYD (11 days ago)
great footage but behind it is greedy mining company. $ is everything.
ygrnflacko (11 days ago)
Under the ocean is where hell is
Uriel VLOGS (11 days ago)
I think Earth chan is dying
Ramasamy Krishnasami (13 days ago)
The voice is kinda creepy
Neru Devil (13 days ago)
Theres a reason why sea is so deep maybe it mean thar we human just stay up,maybe its becoz somerhing out there that soppose not to explore wacht out
Toopy Anne Binoo (13 days ago)
I hope you find Nessie lol
Karan Vito (13 days ago)
Well, in next 20 years i would be one of those deep water miners.
Da Eel (13 days ago)
We born with no money and die with take no money so stop fuck up this free mother nature let people live happily and healthy reach mother fuck and causing destruction to mother nature
Da Eel (13 days ago)
Fuck you big company stop digging ocean you guys fuck up the dryland by blowing up and digging all oil out causing earth quick and causing plotion people dieing because dirty invoirment where is government stop these MOTHER FUCKER
Rahul Sharma (13 days ago)
Exploring new species and their lifestyle is good things because we could learn lots of things from it however destroying the only remains of natural resources in oceans is economically may be good but not environmentally good for neither us nor species live there... capitalists mostly apply their minds in exploiting nature not maintaining them...
Noah L (14 days ago)
You forgot about alaska
Mystery Talk Show (14 days ago)
Ok i get it! Till half of the video i was like its good for humans to know more about ourself and our origin and discovering new shit. But after that when mining came into picture i am convinced that we are headed for oceanic crisis and destroying habitat for stupid elite class for "metals"!
Lucas Brandão (14 days ago)
Aliens should stop us now.
Under Armour (14 days ago)
Every night my gf give me a fulk deep throat,that's some deeeppp
Jupiter Stars (14 days ago)
This was beautiful UNTIL WE GOT TO: 9:12 WHY does the white man ALWAYS have to take, take, take??? Why can't he discover and then walk away. Leave well enough alone for the greater good?!
Bun Stinkerton (15 days ago)
Welp, watch your asses deep sea life! Here come those greedy humans, THEY NEED THE GOLD YOU'RE SITTING ON!!
Chris Groves (14 days ago)
What's the alternative? We need the resources. I bet your one of those defectives who would say that all humans should just lay down and die.🙄
Cameron Brtnik (15 days ago)
4:20 wasn't he the captain in Titanic??
Kean Nino (15 days ago)
The suberine what they are using looks like from Titanic
iii iii (15 days ago)
deep sea mining = end of the earth!! too much greed!! using God given knowledge/talents just to destroy earth!! i hope karma will come in a snap!!
Justine pogi (16 days ago)
Nice humans just fcked all things.
Psi Lo (16 days ago)
I feel the topic must be broached concerning vent-life ecosystems, and whether or not they are in fact, entirely independent from sunlight. I personally would not possess legitimate information logically explaining the causality of the phenomena of the abyss , but I am totally open to the perceptions of contemporaries. Gratitude in advance for individual time and energy put forth.
Suman Sudhakaran (16 days ago)
I found a Pokemon at 0:27, looks like one.
PSYCHE DELIC (16 days ago)
The ocean is the heart of planet Earth. Stop destroying it.
El Ghis (16 days ago)
this comment section is filled with kids growing thinking “ugh, humans” they probably also would say the same if they see a dog getting killed for being old
El Ghis (3 days ago)
I dont complain so yeah, sure thing 👍
[TECHNO]AbSoLuTe- -Renz (3 days ago)
El Ghis lol you retarddddd
WHATS VIRAL? (17 days ago)
You mortals with your toys playing in the water. You have no idea whats really in the water.
Ioan Lightoller (17 days ago)
I wish humans woulf quit messing with the oceans, especially when it comes to mining it. Just. Leave.It. Alone.
Mish Kosh (17 days ago)
if they mess up the oceans, we will suffocate. most of the world`s oxygen comes from the oceans.
NuxVom (17 days ago)
08:34 Close Encounters... Great picture there.
William Oviedo (18 days ago)
Ok if it’s really high pressured down their how the dinner plate was intact
Arjun Erick (18 days ago)
Helping ocean by by stealing anything that can be sold. Amazing.
Sivaranjan kumar (18 days ago)
Dear lord🤲 , please give another tsunami for these people .....omg my mind going to hell after watching this video
Edwin Arce (10 days ago)
Soon my child now get on your knees 😈😌
JPLMONEY23 (19 days ago)
Thumbs down for human greed.
Aelwyn Ascendant (19 days ago)
"Some of the Worlds most valuable metals can be found under the waves" - At this point, my stomach churned... :(
BREN Bren Kenneth (19 days ago)
How they breathe into the very deep ocean
Johnny Jr Dorilag (20 days ago)
Last frontier?. Only for sea creatures not humans. Lol
Christopher Vick (20 days ago)
Let's ruin the ocean too, why not?
Hoang Nguyen (21 days ago)
Are you fucking dumb?? More fucking exploit?? Dumbass
Elke Queen (21 days ago)
why am i eating while watching this..
Trading Wizard (21 days ago)
Right...they want to study and mine it just so in the end they get money and power.In the process destroy the Ocean environment. Well done humans!.
aling stm (21 days ago)
Now you discoverer somthing to destroy it ... Ahahahah selfish and brainless .. thank you
A PACHIE (22 days ago)
I think it is meant to be hidden to humankind for a purpose. Discovering new rare species is good and all but why they gotta have to destroy such nature because of mining golds? I mean people, respect nature!
Ka c (22 days ago)
It's time for God to start over, we don't deserve to live anymore.
debra mcquain (23 days ago)
I hope and pray that ‘man’ will not destroy the deep ocean as we have everything else that we have touched 😔
Marco Panimdim (23 days ago)
now you gave them the idea how to destroy the oceans...
OdelFrom YT (23 days ago)
"But the keys of our future may lie in deep" what kind of future? A future that the ocean beauty got destroyed byus humans?
howard biel (24 days ago)
I love that this guy is a "trekie".
Sondra Aenis (24 days ago)
Man just can't leave nothing alone they always have to see that evil dollar now they're going to destroy our oceans even worse than what it already is and kill species under our oceans like they have on land man just cannot leave nothing alone
vinod kumar (24 days ago)
Great video... from india
Bronson 2140 (24 days ago)
Sometimes you don’t need to know whats there this is how you start shit
Nathan Jimenez (24 days ago)
minners need to stay the fuck out it aint gonna transform shit
limited sand (24 days ago)
Do not mess with mother nature,she will destroy you!!🤨🤨
jaskoller (25 days ago)
I see a lot of the comments here are about "oh let's kill the ocean by mining it". Then you look at the Instagram of the poster and see nothing but diamonds and gold bracelets etc. YES, they are going to keep mining every nook and cranny of the earth until every resource of valuable material has been taken to keep feeding your bling for your photos and as long as you keep paying for it, they will dive to the deepest hole in the earth to find it. Please, please, look in the mirror, the problem isn't the companies trying to make money. The problem is us, the people that demand the product they supply. Yes, I know we use gold is a standard currency. Please open your mind to why we use it, and what the impacts are.
kaya kroko rodlar (26 days ago)
Your ship see was debalasting in unauthorised part of ocen....MARPOL law is broken