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How Culatello Ham Is Made

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A look at the process of making dry-cured ham in particular the very expensive Italian delicacy - Culatello ham
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Text Comments (175)
Shanna Sweger (1 month ago)
Spiders and mold? Think I'll pass
Maritza Del Nardo (3 months ago)
Muy bueno !!!
Trevgauntlet (4 months ago)
Me: *tries to grab the ham* Drax: *kicks the ham* It's not ripe.
Tomedy (7 months ago)
I got a slice of this ham for £260, gave it to my granddad and he said it was the best meat he ever tasted.
MozziePlaiz 6968 (7 months ago)
I still give it a thumbs up since it is food, though I woumd agree to the vegans, the pig in the slaughterhouse with the blood is kind of uncalled for (not that I care since I know how meat is made) but others may not want to see it
David Johnson (8 months ago)
$400 for moldy meat??? No thanks!
Tomedy (7 months ago)
try a slice for it lol
Nigel 900 (10 months ago)
mikmik ✓ (10 months ago)
Who, in the first place, come to think that rotting meat inside pigs bladder will be be delicious
Mike Stem (11 months ago)
3:03 "Finally it is tied up. This is not to stop the meat from escaping." ... .... ... ... ... .. ..... ... Thanks, I guess......
ClassOf2020 Spriggs (11 months ago)
Lost me at wrapped in it's bladder
grace (1 year ago)
hell nah
domitry jobby (1 year ago)
in italy culatello is not that expensive, but is very very good
Angels Of 11 (1 year ago)
Screaming pigs lead to their slaughter while blood pour down... *THUMBS DOWN*
denied (1 year ago)
Karina Wang (1 year ago)
All I gotta say is ewwwww
Dick Stephenson (1 year ago)
Matured? You mean rotted.
gubaguy (1 year ago)
huh well this looks like soemthign i might want to try somed- "AND THEN WE PUT IT IN A MOLDY BASEMENT AND GROW MOLD ON IT!" nevermind, deli ham is fine for me
iona401 channel (1 year ago)
nope not gonna eat it
iNubble (1 year ago)
please help
Potatou (1 year ago)
how did the italians even come up with this shit? "hey antonio let's wrap ham inside of the pig's piss bag and have mold grow on top of it" "sounds like a great idea my dude"
LaroTayoGaming (1 year ago)
I am hungry.
painhour (1 year ago)
I've been beating meat wrong all these years
spaaggetii Man (1 year ago)
0:50 He looks so satisfied holding the dead carcass part. Imagine what he dreams of at night.
bmiranda2645 (1 year ago)
This narrator sounds a lot like the voice of the Kurzgesagt videos.
Pind D (1 year ago)
Bitch u r muslim or fake wanna be.. u r 1st muslim who promote ham i bet u rather eat camel meat.. haha
lena5669 (1 year ago)
Can't wait till science can just grow a perfect ham leg in a lab! Cruelty free grown meat :D
Lukas Rask (1 year ago)
Fuck this man jamon de iberico is the shit.
Mike Jones (1 year ago)
Ash White (1 year ago)
Starts with an apprehensive statement *blood flowing with an echoing pig squeal* I uh... I mean I love meat but that was fucking dark.
Chicken Draws Dogs (1 year ago)
How did this tradition get started? I imagine a long time ago some butcher left a cured leg of ham in the pantry or behind the counter and forgot about it, only to later found it all moldy and weird looking. His first thought was "Looks disgusting. I'm gonna taste it", and voila, the rest is history.
toxicpanda36 (1 year ago)
Ah humanity; half of the best things in life were found from tasting random things that we probably shouldn't i love it
Paper Please (1 year ago)
prob the same with cheese, some dairy farmer found a bucket of coagulated milk and decided tasting it is a good idea
goober pea (1 year ago)
I thought the earth was heating. Shouldn't that screw with the hams? All fake folks
Long Lee (1 year ago)
so...we basically pay a fortune to eat shit produced by mold ? :D
Paper Please (1 year ago)
lol the most expensive coffee is literal shit, so yeah people pay big money to eat shit
Long Lee (1 year ago)
still sht? :D
MISTER (1 year ago)
Long Lee controlled circumstances in an controlled area
lol haha (1 year ago)
King Pluto (1 year ago)
Youtube ceo is a sex criminal don't support
Hello There ! (1 year ago)
C'mon don't be racist
Red_Doggo (1 year ago)
Porscha Harris (1 year ago)
Now I know y'all saw that spider crawling on the meat in the beginning right...😝
Not Miles Prower (1 year ago)
0:45 holy fuck that came out of nowhere.
R J (1 year ago)
looks like botulism waiting to happen...
M Finn (1 year ago)
Hats off to Massimo Spigaroli.
Slow&Low (1 year ago)
Seems like such a simple process in theory but it requires years of expertise to get it right
shogrran (1 year ago)
what if egyptian mummifications arent actually how ancient people burry their dead but aliens dry aging humans for consumption.
Kris Camille E. (7 months ago)
Wtf???? I hate mummies and now its a lot worst!
Dan Emmerich (9 months ago)
I thought I was the only one who would think some thing like that. You must be my doppelganger. Lol. Great comment.
spaaggetii Man (1 year ago)
Maybe they skipped lunch and left due to problems with their kid at Alien school.
Fank Daggot (1 year ago)
CasualGrain11 (1 year ago)
Quite funny how everyone just watches this and forgets about a lot of the things we eat that are made with mold. Blue cheese, Salami, etc.
pete sampson (1 year ago)
I've traveled a lot in Mexico. I eat like a king and, partially by making sure I don't drink anything without alcohol in it, have never had any gastric distress whatsoever. I've been to Italy twice and ended up with food poisoning both times. I dearly love Italian food but only if I cook it myself!
draggy76 (1 year ago)
Yeah.... "Moldy ham doesnt sell very well" But moldy ham with a splash of wine on it? 10/10.... Humans are so fucking stupid in what they consider a delicacy or high class food....
Hannah Waterman (1 year ago)
0:35-0:40 Yup sounds like me
Daniel Holowaty (1 year ago)
I am still hungry.
Jim Briggs (1 year ago)
David L (1 year ago)
26 extreme vegans disliked this video
NickoLps (1 year ago)
Ghost Martin (1 year ago)
Disgusting!!!Never liked parmaham,now find out why.Yuk!
MISTER (1 year ago)
Ghost Martin this isnt parma
Lucifer (1 year ago)
What do you do for a living? I put pig parts in their own bladders
Patrick Guinnane (1 year ago)
god no on so many levels...that is rancid....literally
Luxai (1 year ago)
"So do you think we should show how much blood one butchered pig spills whole also recording it's death screams?" "Yeah, we might as well show them that reality ain't a pretty thing"
Baosalin (11 months ago)
It's actually fucking hilarious that you dimwits are assuming that what Luxai is saying is their own opinion- They're just saying a conversation that is supposed to be humorous. Lol.
Elim Kwok (1 year ago)
‍ ‍ (1 year ago)
Trent Tiller _Yet here you are, complaining and _*_not_*_ "helping out our children", especially when he didn't even imply anything related to children or abortion. Come back when you've developed enough brain cells to pick up the meaning behind people's words, then you'll finally realize that the reason you get a lot of shit from people is because you constantly misinterpret them._
‍ ‍ (1 year ago)
Ineluctable Smith _Your arrogance is showing. Thanks for being a pussy ass. That's why no one wants to include you in anything. Its no wonder no one likes you except for the same kids who are also too insecure._
‍ ‍ (1 year ago)
*I love how this comment was only giving out their interpretation of a conversation between the directors of this clip that might've took place when deciding whether or not they should use footage of pigs blood and screams, and then we have these Facebook mom's on here bringing in abortion when Luxai's comment literally has nothing to do with that, acting like they are more smart and contempt when their monkey brains are starting shit out of nothing, and of course we have the easily offended who insult Luxai because they're too pussy to accept reality. It's nice to point out the idiots of YouTube once in awhile.*
jmowreader (2 years ago)
Regarding this "this pig is too good to be made into bacon or sausages" thing. They are using the loin from the hog's back leg to produce culatello. Just eyeballing the thing, it looks like each one weighs about five pounds, and since each pig has two back legs you get two culatellos from each one.  So...if you start with a 220-lb hanging weight carcass and remove 10 pounds of meat to produce culatello, you've got 210 pounds of very good pork...from which you will make bacon and sausage.
Haoyuan Jiang (1 year ago)
We are talking about proud Italian food nazis here, they prolly would rather throw the rest of the pig away than to make bacon with it. "We Italians bury the rest of the pig outside the village to complete the ritual summoning the mold god to give our ham the unique penicillium red wine bladder taste. And it is indeed superior to all other food cultures around the globe :)"
jmowreader (1 year ago)
Ameer, 330 lbs is live weight. After you remove all the parts that aren't pork - head, entrails, hide, and so on - you lose a third of live weight. So...220 lbs hanging weight.
Ameer Ali (1 year ago)
jmowreader 330 pounds actually
André B. (2 years ago)
That spider is very appetizing...
SolidShroom (2 months ago)
ok sure thing kishibe rohan
Joseph Dezordi (4 years ago)
this is an  amazing process, and  a beautifully made documentary, I look forward to this non halal treat in heaven, since I cant afford it here
Denars Orerreug (4 years ago)
Spanish Jamon is better 😉
The Homie (1 year ago)
Denars Orerreug lol stfu 😂 dont compare spanish hams nor the cuisine to the italian one
nick diaz (1 year ago)
it's a matter of taste !!
J. Han (1 year ago)
They're actually pretty much the same thing. Jamon was developed on the same methods, the process of making Cuatello was brought to Spain and Jamon was born.
Bob Papadopoulos (2 years ago)
Peanut-fed Virginia ham is better than any of this crap. Only suckers feed pigs corn that could be better used to make whiskey.
wickedsensation669 (3 years ago)
+Denars Orerreug Same old story, but I both you never tried all the Italian PDO and PGI (more than 10!) prosciutti, plus other kinds of less knows italian prosciutti, like the Black pig prosciutto from Calabria, or the black one from Nebrodi (Sicily), and so on. Try to study before giving us sterile bullshit. ;)
zappzoe (4 years ago)
Parma is CHEAP?! and i love it to death already... I never even tried culatello.. now im drooling oh god.
fetuso fetuso (1 year ago)
compare even culatello to bellota ham and .. yes. italian is cheap (not to mention at least as tasty)
Charlzey1998 (1 year ago)
A pack of parma costs roughly £2 on average whereas this is nearly half a grand a slice
LawsonRespawn (1 year ago)
been 2 years, Have you gotten a chance to try it? Culatello Ham.
12ock (4 years ago)
@zappzoe i tasted and its like morning due wine...
Thomas Mikkelsen (5 years ago)
Lol,funny how everyone is freaking out about the tiny spider, that's seen in the start, but seems rather ok with eating a rotting ham, or guess a molding ham would be more accurate. & I might add that the spider is crawling on a wrapped ham,wrapped in a mold pig blather but wrapped nevertheless,bon appetite ;) Also thanks for sharing this video,I saw this on Nat.Geo but couldn't google anything that explained the molding process,which must be a required taste hehe but a very fascinating & smart way of making a delicatess :)
everyone (10 months ago)
The mold is antibacterial.
fetuso fetuso (1 year ago)
ehm . The mold goes on the bladder. which is then removed prior to eating. Engjoy your Surströmming btw...
The Nodado (1 year ago)
Thomas Mikkelsen 8
Beautifully Brittle (5 years ago)
I wanna try this stuff :O
DrejStinger1986 (5 years ago)
Anyone else see that spider toward the intro?
Karina Martinez (6 years ago)
Me supongo que este jamón no se puréed comer asi namas en sandwich ?...jejejeje
yourambitioniskey (6 years ago)
i know it probably tastes amazing but i dont think i can get over the whole mold thing, and that shot of the spider on the ham at the start didnt help...
Shanna Sweger (1 month ago)
If I didn't know about the process, I would have at least tried it. Now, hell no. Spiders and mold is too much.
A Random Nerd (1 year ago)
who cares about mold so much, heard of blue cheese?
fetuso fetuso (1 year ago)
you do know you don't get to eat the mold do you. You normally remove the outer "skin".
Dylan Huddle (1 year ago)
The mold is actually necessary for preventing spoilage death food-borne illness.
Gregory Myers (1 year ago)
i feel the same way... all that mold... super ick. probably does taste super good tho.
Bananakin Skywalker (6 years ago)
.."may sound nasty." That IS nasty.
David Byrnes (6 years ago)
Kool rofl
spyro1997 (6 years ago)
0:46 O_O"
David Belyea (6 years ago)
would eat it in a heartbeat
carlos lloyd (6 years ago)
what the fuck has this vid got to do with the bible muppet? if you have a problem with pork crawl back into that book of fiction you follow and stay there
Furbloke (1 year ago)
You wrote a comment. In reply to no one. Well done
Riodashio (7 years ago)
Yasser Jazairi (7 years ago)
BarryEssex (7 years ago)
I've never seen a vid that made me this hungry...
LeoDeGrand (7 years ago)
I was watching this thinking it's pretty gross but then I remembered cheese is pretty much mould and I have no problem eating that. Also traditional haggis is wrapped in some part of the sheep and that's one of my favourite foods so it's not so bad. I'll likely never eat this though just because of the price.
Moses Rajan (7 years ago)
in Christianity too.. Pork is forbidden .. read the BIBLE idiots.. It's the most dirty animal with lot of bacteria and parasite..
MISTER (1 year ago)
musicalnights christians are allowed to eat pork
Alex Carrozzi (2 years ago)
That's Judaism bud
Frank N (7 years ago)
Diamondblade2008 (7 years ago)
I tried this for the very first time. But wasn
herbertbeiderbecke (8 years ago)
Best ham ever! Proud to come from Emilia! Pork Rules!
alanbirdHQ (8 years ago)
Delicious!!! Yummy!!!!! and... this is... How Saturated Fat is Made~ XDD
OAKnSTEEL (8 years ago)
awww 3 seconds in and they are already being racist
ReturnoftheBrotha (1 year ago)
Well - you are anyway...
mynameis677 (8 years ago)
@TiramisuHappy Take the religion aspect oout of it and ask yourself if you would want to eat moudly bacteria infested meat that had been stored in it's own bladder? Each to their own but that curing process is gross.
MISTER (1 year ago)
mynameis677 how is it gross everything is bacteria infested mold isnt necessarily bad for you and the bladder has been cleaned people used to use animal bladders as waterskins for thousands of years
Linus (8 years ago)
@LeEG0 this guy
Jukebox (8 years ago)
The meet looks like corn hahah.
salman12322 (8 years ago)
Who noticed the guy sitting in the corner at 2:43?
Flamemouse (8 years ago)
lol i live in Italy, it cost alot but the ham tastes good
Fraxxxi (8 years ago)
I've seen pretty much every how it's made video on youtube. not a one of them has turned me off the product. and I love a good ham. but at 0:12 there's a spider running over one - I wouldn't eat one if I was getting paid.
Jeremy Secora (8 years ago)
@LeEG0 Yea!
gluc77 (8 years ago)
col culatello ci stanno bene anche gli gnocchi :) tana libera tutti
neno2022 (8 years ago)
@TiramisuHappy i know i can't judge this cuz i never tried it cuz i'm muslim but come on that looked gross 105 years :S :P
chenshiwei (8 years ago)
@FPEaabdo And your religion is so fucked up with brainwashed believers like you. Get a life and eat some pork. It tastes good.
Angela White (8 years ago)
im not watever religion, but YUCK i dont eat pork.
Atomic_Sheep (8 years ago)
I hate this show... so hungry now
Polar Wong (8 years ago)
3:06 "but it gives the culatello ham a traditional .. GRENADE shape!"
Whynona (8 years ago)
I'm not vegetarian at all and I love meat, but 0:47 still worried the hell out of me. What the fuck did they do to the poor thing? It looks like they crushed him in a compressor or something.
douro20 (8 years ago)
The only ham which is more expensive is Iberico ham, which under EU law can only be produced in a particular place in the Iberian Peninsula.
David Sanchez'R (1 year ago)
culatello is far more expensive than iberico.
TimiS0 (8 years ago)
@starscreamthe7th but that doesn't change the fact that his religion is barbaric and fictitious and that VanishingWish had every right to point that out
sincityfire (8 years ago)
@LeEG0 I think... it's like wine? lol
Dr. Ahmed El-Mesallamy (9 years ago)
we are very proud that allah create us as muslims ask your Scientists about the danger of eating the meat of this dirty animal our holy Quran has Forbidden THAT BEFORE 1430 YEARS AGO........?
MISTER (1 year ago)
Dr Ahmed El Mesalamy what kind of scientist
David Sanchez'R (1 year ago)
Fuck you :D ! pork its delicious :3
Melon (9 years ago)
mangra_uk (9 years ago)
That kind of think makes me PROUD of being Italian. You must agree. Our food is the best, has always been and always will be. Meanwhile, you eat McDonald's and get fatter on a daily basis.
jmowreader (2 years ago)
In 2016, there were 554 McDonald's restaurants in Italy. Somehow, I don't think they're all going empty.
Flamemouse (9 years ago)
150kg is equal to 330 pounds
Supersouaaa (9 years ago)
omg...this is CRAZY!!!
MQnoob (9 years ago)
Jeez...this pork is sinfully good 0.o No wonder its a sin to eat it in some religions...