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UPS delivers and the FedEx guy steals!

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I was awaiting a package on 10/16/2014, nothing major, $10 worth of stuff from Amazon, only to witness something so ironic I had to share with everyone. UPS man, great job... FedEx guy (if he even works for them) you're a bad bad man...
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David Pate (5 days ago)
He's not a fedex employee he bought that jacket on ebay and now he's making fedex look bad. Stupid crook, your face was scene on camera idiot
THE 2EZ CLAN (8 days ago)
bro i know that that man dont work for FedEx. because bro i work for UPS, and i've meet some of the FedEx drivers, and there pretty chill bro, and if UPS found out about it, We call the FedEx facility, and report it to there supervisor, and if they dont do anything, then we sue... simple as that...
NEWDAY NEWYEAR (9 days ago)
Nice, clear cam!
beast mode muscle (16 days ago)
Bum as Nigga
howtobebasic1 (27 days ago)
did the fedex guy get arrested
Tiger Steele (1 month ago)
France Richard (1 month ago)
Damm cockroaches!!!!!!!!!
lmdetect (2 months ago)
Not a FedEx guy.
Kenneth Mathis (2 months ago)
Nope, this is a theif with a female theif, he is wearing a FedEx jacket to look like he work for Fedex. The jacket is over sized, and no FedEx pants.
Jennifer Shepherd (2 months ago)
They're wearing the jackets to look inconspicuous and so no one wonders why they have packages and are going into gates.. You would be surprised of what kind of old uniforms are at a a good will.
gianna belsito (2 months ago)
Why did you post with this title? That's obviously not the FedEx delivery person.
Djms&capo DeMorais (3 months ago)
Has to be Hispanic or Muslim.
Jinx (3 months ago)
I don’t believe this to be a FedEx employee.
Jude Dimatteo (3 months ago)
Thats not good that man should be fired
MiguelMaxOficial (4 months ago)
That wasnt really a fed ex employee just by the way they are opening the door you can tell.
Steven Shapiro (4 months ago)
Definitely not FedX, just an average tool
Cyberbob (4 months ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he's black.
Nick Miles (5 months ago)
That man was not employed
Jerry Krause (5 months ago)
Mistitled for clicks. Naughty. Thumb down.
Conner Ashford (5 months ago)
, you should change the title because that's just a guy wearing a FedEx jacket he doesn't work for FedEx
Empero Tube (5 months ago)
Yes indeed, he certainly did. Hopefully this was reported to local authorities.
OFFICER BUTTER (6 months ago)
I don’t think thats Fedex m8
vikings844 (5 months ago)
OFFICER BUTTER Wrong, that was a Fed- Ex delivery drivers jacket! Dirty bastard! UPS drivers are much more professional and higher paid clean shaven!
jim h (6 months ago)
Part the fault of the property owner... Being able to reach under and open the gate... Some kind of security gate??
vikings844 (5 months ago)
jim h Most places don't have Gates at all.
Alex Loaiza (6 months ago)
Hopefully they get em,people like that dont belong in the streets,im pretty sure its not his first or last until he getss caught
May Ben (6 months ago)
This is why having loud dogs isn't that bad!
mi nguyen (6 months ago)
I've had so many bad experiences with fed ex I think about how much I hate them on a daily bases. I tell my friends and family to not use them. I tell company i order from to not ship my packages with fed ex. JUST DONT USE FED EX. TRUST ME.
Kenny Lender (6 months ago)
Holy crap this literally happened to me yesterday ups guy delivered roughly 80 in merchandise fedex guy came to drop off a package and stole the package the ups guy left my neighbor saw him he got a hammock 2 2lb bags of jelly belly jellybeans and a thing of Metamucil
George Rojas (6 months ago)
Fed ex pays their employees minimum wage ..
Ms Carter (27 days ago)
No they don't
Softshallow (6 months ago)
Shame on this guy. His face is showing up in full view! Die you bum!
Betty Bean (6 months ago)
A Fedex guy with a knapsack and no truck, lol
Patrick Lange (7 months ago)
Looks like you found your doppelganger!
Ashlyn McGuire (7 months ago)
As everyone else said, not a FedEx man. Also, it looks like he already stole another package from someone else.
vikings844 (5 months ago)
Ashlyn McGuire Fed-Ex uniform! Duh
Ashlyn McGuire (5 months ago)
vikings844 how do you know it is?
vikings844 (5 months ago)
Ashlyn McGuire How do you know it's not a Fed-Ex employee?
rey210rey (7 months ago)
Hope u realize that isn't a real fedex employee
rey210rey (5 months ago)
Common sense
vikings844 (5 months ago)
rey210rey How do you know that's not a Fed-Ex employee?
None Of Your Business! (8 months ago)
I'm gonna say he doesn't work for them. I was thinking this guy was going to be all in uniform, but obviously not. What a pos.
Focken Focker (8 months ago)
That guy isn't really a FedEx guy he's just wearing the jacket to get by and steal packages. look at his pants, they're not part of the FedEx uniform and that ghetto girl he's with too.
Bacon Bob (8 months ago)
ggautog (8 months ago)
Sorry not buying it, a real fed ex employee would be chasing his truck down the street after he forgets to put it in park
Miss Kim (9 months ago)
Not a real Fed-Ex. They work alone, and he would not mosey off down the street. In general, Fed-Ex is more gentle with packages, too. I've watched UPS guys kick large boxes out of their truck.  We had one regular UPS guy at work who consistently kciked and threw packages out of his truck (usually marked "fragile", our client base had lots of fragile things, we had to tell them not to send anything via UPS), and every day couldn't even leave the lot without going up and over the sidewalk, parking strip and off the curb, digging a big hole in the grass every day. And that's just the one guy.
Righty Tighty (10 months ago)
Hey FedEx guy... If you're reading this you moron, you and your girlfriend left your fingerprints everywhere on this job.
Ben Wade (10 months ago)
I know that Fed-Ex guy, I seen him in my area, the white guy is his helper. They are Fed-Ex foot mobile contractors.
Patrick Lange (7 months ago)
So, you know the person who upload this video? It's the same guy! lol
JediFight (10 months ago)
Public hanging.
Micha Blackey (10 months ago)
Fedex guy is fake
Patrick Lange (7 months ago)
Of course! It's the same guy who upload this video. He just stole his own package.
David Mccully (11 months ago)
FedEx is not an employee just
Randi -Theriault (11 months ago)
"Fedex" more like POS
Martin West (11 months ago)
You mean "thug"....not Fed ex
citizen23606 (11 months ago)
More like fake Fed ex pirates
lets chat (11 months ago)
you must be pretty stupid, it is obvious to all the commentors that this in an imposter. not ups or feddex
X Y (11 months ago)
tweakers suck
Life of Aedan (11 months ago)
I just had $1200 of stolen goods from FedEx! Not even at my house did it happen! FedEx needs to work on their employees!
tankmaster1018 (11 months ago)
Yeah thats a stolen jacket... The thief is just being smart because nobody ever stops or thinks twice when they see a delivery guy. I work for UPS seasonally and I can and have just walked into businesses and into the back rooms and all around without anyone even batting an eye. UPS specifically makes seasonal driver helpers like me return their uniform at the end of the temporary employment and will call the police on you if you ignore them twice when they call asking you to return it. They are well aware that someone dressed in delivery shit could literally walk into anywhere and commit crimes without anyone noticing or caring. This guy obviously got the hint, especially since he is stealing packages. I mean, NOBODY here would even look twice if you saw a "Fedex" driver carrying a package away from a house.
Ragemutt (11 months ago)
It you! It's the same guy in your avatar photo.
Frederik Saraber (11 months ago)
Welcome to Fed Ex, a lot of the drivers do steal shit, sum get caught sum don't, sorry bitches.
Chuck Taylor (11 months ago)
These are the people Amazon wants you to let into your homes fro in house deliveries.
Colleen Catlady Hardesty (11 months ago)
Don't think it's FedEx cuz I don't think they travel in pairs!!!!!
dimitri (11 months ago)
100% not a fed ex guy.... that is so obvious he is just trying to use the jacket to not look like a thief
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
dimitri could u???? Shut up... I wear pants and they looonng
Mich Elle (1 year ago)
fake fake.
Scott Carr (1 year ago)
The first package thief I catch at my house won't make it out of the driveway.
LuckyBrock- MAIN (1 year ago)
That guy obviously isnt working for Fedex when this was filmed
Pierre jean claude (1 year ago)
Not a FedEx employee, if he is a employee he belongs in FedEx Management!
Mr. Mattis (1 year ago)
Great post ! No pun intended ! They both suck UPS and FedEx, tracking a package that sits for 3 days really sucks !
Mr. Mattis (1 year ago)
The only thing worse than waiting 9 days for your UPS package to be stolen is waiting 3 week's for FedEx to return a item that they damaged on the day it was supposed to be delivered to you !
William Morton Jr. (1 year ago)
He probably stole that Fed Ex Jacket
Bill Murray (1 year ago)
The Latino community at there best!
biff322 (1 year ago)
I don't think that was a fedex guy. Just a thief wearing a fedex coat to try and be sneaky. I've never seen a fedex guy walking around with their fat girlfriend while carrying a big shopping bag and wearing a backpack to haul away their loot in.
Randi Dawn Bogar (1 year ago)
And where is his scanner he’s wearing red shoes and has a backpack on???? No Fedex pants or shorts either hahaha
Whats On Television (1 year ago)
This is not a real Fedex employee. 100% sure he stole that jacket. Look at his pants and shoes. Pretty obvious he's out of dress code. So change the title to fake fedex guy....Smh....
Jamie E (1 year ago)
fake ups driver too... i could tell by the long pants
Rick James (1 year ago)
what? no one kicked the package like a football?? something is wrong
CartoonNews (1 year ago)
I made a funny animation about an UPS driver locking a man in his apartment with an Amazon package, check it out on my channel :)
CartoonNews (1 year ago)
Jordan Faith (1 year ago)
Share the Road its the law (1 year ago)
The FedEx Employee if he is what he says he could of stole a Jacket to blend in but he could be charged with Prosecution of Theft and Having stolen property...
Swirlybox 625696 (1 year ago)
He's not a FedEx employee he's just someone dressing up trying to make FedEx look bad!!!
daniel mejia (1 year ago)
He ain't no driver, he's just a bum who stole, use to work or found that jacket to get away with stealing.
Guy (1 year ago)
but then everything changed when the fedex nation attacked
Verdexis (1 year ago)
He is not fedex he is dressed up as a FedEx.
Boe Dillard (1 year ago)
I wish every time I saw a video like this there was a top posting for who the thief is.    I think we could cut down on crime if that was an option.
Arvind Krishna (1 year ago)
I hate when that happens
soy Luiiisss (1 year ago)
Thats just a fedex jacket
M A Rahman Mizan (1 year ago)
I think this wasn't FedEx's employee, he just wear the FedEx jacket so people don't blame him on stealing
Demo demo (1 year ago)
To dirty to be FedEx delivery boy
Todd m (1 year ago)
Just walking around stealing shit, worthless fucks, def not a fedex worker prob stole it out of a truck
Charles Martel (1 year ago)
Definitely not a real Fedex employee. No visible ID and not in correct uniform. Whoever titled this video is simply trying to throw Fedex under the bus 😞
Sal Fun (1 year ago)
100%. Democrats haha. This is what those socialist mother fucker do . Dont work steal from others
JOSE ORNELAS (1 year ago)
I bet that UPS guy was fired from work and once this video becomes more viral the UPS guy will be rehired but it'll be too late. They'll already be sitting on the side walk begging for money and being kicked around by other people all because of another fucktard!
ProGamingRobin (1 year ago)
Give me a like if you came from the video Deliveries gone wild
Kevin 2 fire on (1 year ago)
East coast Thrilla (1 year ago)
kinda weird bit it looks like the dude on this channel
Squeaky Lemon (1 year ago)
It's fake cause they respected the package
Bronx & Harlem apartment rentals (1 year ago)
I bought a DropSak and now I get all my packages delivered at my door when Im not home.
derposaurus rex (1 year ago)
why steal shit if you don't even know what it is 😂 it could be tampons, it could be some weird fetish toys, it could be porn magazines... I'm not saying this is what you bought I'm just saying ppl steal things and have no clue what's inside just as long as they get it because they didn't have it and now they do.
SixBadger (1 year ago)
fedex is a blyat
Tom Rudel (1 year ago)
Haha what a way to get rid of competition
JFEntertainment (1 year ago)
Hope that guy got in an accident a few minutes later.
FrankThe Nsane (1 year ago)
JFEntertainment he didn't but he got arrested
TurTleguy123r (1 year ago)
you should of used FedEx you know how UPS and FedEx guys don't like each other
Maria R. Suazo (1 year ago)
Lamarr Blocker (1 year ago)
Son of a bitch. This fucking reprobate is the reason why we cannot carry our mobiles, can't wear belts, boots or carry your lunch at the ground hubs!
TS TOOTIE (1 year ago)
low level scums
Robert Macklin (1 year ago)
Change the description on this video....You're a ass just like the FAKE Fedex man
DeathInANoose (1 year ago)
115 comments that are damn near identical.
Mehdi M (1 year ago)
I have fuming hatred for people like this, may karma hit him as hard as a truck.
5Ł07H *_* (1 year ago)
It was legit he was on news