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UPS delivers and the FedEx guy steals!

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I was awaiting a package on 10/16/2014, nothing major, $10 worth of stuff from Amazon, only to witness something so ironic I had to share with everyone. UPS man, great job... FedEx guy (if he even works for them) you're a bad bad man...
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notafraid06 (3 days ago)
If that guys a fed ex driver im not a ups driver. And im a ups driver
Mark the polok (15 days ago)
have his fat white pig bitch to play look out for her boyfriend tyrone.
juan sierra (15 days ago)
What a fucken bum.
Rafael Menchaca (27 days ago)
Don't think that's fedex employee. Looks like him and girl are out stealing deliveries.
Kat R (1 month ago)
No way he is a Fedex employee.
J Fuzz (1 month ago)
That's messed up.
dratliff3487 (1 month ago)
pretty sure he stole that jacket
Erin Ellis (2 months ago)
Shoes, pants, backpack, no ID badge - none of these follow FedEx standard uniform. Also having someone with him that isn't a FedEx employee or in uniform either are all clues that this guy just found a FedEx jacket somewhere and isn't an actual employee.
Mr. President's Middle Finger (2 months ago)
Where are the FBI and CIA when you need them? lol Oh wait.. they are watching me .... ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
jonathan sanchez (2 months ago)
This is not an employee. He stole the jacket or recently got the boot
PHILIP KNUTSON (2 months ago)
he's a butthead
Donna Peroche (2 months ago)
He is as much a Fedex guy than those Pakis that call saying their name is Johnson from the IRS
R99pinball (3 months ago)
I can't wait to retire :D I look forward to baiting thieves with boxes while I hide in the bushes with a bat.
773418668 (3 months ago)
dcmretro (4 months ago)
That is NOT a FedEx driver.
And he had another package already in his hands!!!! Scumbags.
Guffawing Charlatan (4 months ago)
Lol oldest trick in the book. This crap happens all the time in Houston. Black guy steals jacket of UPS, FedEx, etc and then goes around stealing packages. If they catch him red-handed he'll just use a cover up story like "Oh, I didn't think you were home so I have to take it back to the warehouse"
Going Coastal (4 months ago)
Using FedEx is tantamount to supporting child rape.
Rwcdude (7 months ago)
Naaahhhh he clearly doesn't work for FedEx.... Pants, shoes, FedEx do not allow that. Plus, delivering with a female without the uniform??... He probably worked for FedEx in the past and kept the jacket.
Conelius Buchanan (8 months ago)
He does not work for FedEx like omg FedEx delivers one person not two plus FedEx does not dress like that just because he has on a fedex jacket doesn't mean he works for the company
pirotess2 (8 months ago)
I don't really want to become racist, but black guy again?
Mark the polok (15 days ago)
pirotess2 with his fat cottage cheesw white baby mamma. it was love at first sight. he walked to her in a bathroom gloryhole and said....."who you is?"
Irfan Handono (7 months ago)
No. The woman is a white caucasian. The man is a latin.
Weareallbeingwatched (8 months ago)
those are junkies not FedEx. note the accomplice and the rucksack, and the shifty movements.
blueapparition7 (8 months ago)
If he's a FedEx deliverer, then why is he with someone? Where's his scanner? Why is he wearing a backpack? He probably stole the jacket too.
Fah Q (8 months ago)
wtf, that isnt fed ex. thats just some asshole who stole from you. fed ex dosent have two people to bring a package. even if they had a helper for holidays it would only be the helper not both. and nobody is wearing a fucking backpack. I work at shitty ups, im not trying to defend them, I hate my job. cant wait to quit. but you are a moron
Fah Q (8 months ago)
+Servatis 117 yeah... fml
Servatis 117 (8 months ago)
You must be a pre-loader?
Reddek Allred (9 months ago)
Wow I never know how big of an as* FedEx is
SamIAm (9 months ago)
Probably a regular thief, with a second hand fedex jacket. That woman gives him away, they don't travel with their girlfriends.
SamIAm (4 months ago)
Ah, good point
Manhattan Environs (4 months ago)
They might on their way home from work.
Tacos Buenos (9 months ago)
lol... did you know that you can buy a fedex uniform from amazon? easy.
Daaku Rei (9 months ago)
Stupid f**k probably didn't even know there was a camera. Hope you go to prison and do some federal time, dipsh*t! You'll probably get gangraped in the process, lol. Kudos to the smart person to have recorded this!
Paul Wilson (9 months ago)
Disgraceful no thought for others, people are struggling to live and buy things for their loved ones and then people like you steal it away. Car a will get you in the end. I hope your family see this and recognise you
tieuquy linthinh (10 months ago)
who let this motherfcker in my house
cheryl comes (10 months ago)
Not real FEDEX. Poser . . . .
K RDP (10 months ago)
black fed ex man
Albert .G (10 months ago)
sometimes i rather get the item from my local store
Servatis 117 (8 months ago)
You can! Go check out the mychoice delivery's theres pretty nifty stuff you can do
Leon Freer (10 months ago)
wow for that being a fedex guy he sure is missing a lot of his uniform... and I didn't realize black sweat pants with red writing on one leg... definately bogus
Nick Fitz (10 months ago)
He just found a Fed Ex jacket at the thrift store.
Matteo C (4 months ago)
but shit it was 99 cents!
Omar Smith (10 months ago)
I think it's more ironic how useless your security gate was. Chocolate fireguard!
OneMeanArtist (11 months ago)
You're a complete ditz if you actually believed that was FedEx.
bisquitnspanky (11 months ago)
Brought to you by UPS
TheArrivalGamer (11 months ago)
it's same like Ups guys steal FedEx box
The Greenman (1 year ago)
FedEx guy is a fraud. Nobody wears a backpack type thing slung over their jacket. I used to work at FedEx and I still have my jacket. I've often thought about how easy it would be to wear that thing along with some matching pants and walk down town jackin' people's stuff. I'd never do that of course but most people proll wouldn't bat an eye.
Servatis 117 (8 months ago)
+Mike Keen Both companys offer great delivery services. However, look up FedEx history and compare it with UPS. You'd be AMAZED how fucked FedEx is with all the back taxes they owe to the government. UPS is going to be the best standing courier centurys after FedEx busts.
Mike Keen (10 months ago)
fedex is the best
The Greenman (11 months ago)
+Devin West You'd have to fill out a form and if you had the original receipt it would help.  But keep in mind 99.9% of the items get there in perfect shape provided hey are packed accordingly. If FedEX was that bad they'd be out of business by now.   Hope that helps :)
hoplophobiadoc (1 year ago)
That's not a FedEx employee. We had incidents like this in our neighborhood. They part of credit card scammers that orders and specify delivery date to your address. Your credit card get scammed and they wait outside your home on delivery date.
John Broughton (1 year ago)
FedEx is not a real FedEx man, just a POS!
snickers21832 (1 year ago)
Obviously it's fake because the ups guy didn't throw it over the gate
ali alfar (1 year ago)
It's fucking clear that he had the fedex jacket on as a way of covering himself ... He didn't have a scanner . Also he had a back bag ( why ??) and how he is driving the truck with it on .? ..... Change the title of e video pleas ... Thank you . A FedEx guy ...
frozenshit22 (1 year ago)
+ali alfar Agreed, it's clearly a FedEx imposter who's going around as a worker to steal packages. No one will bat an eye when it comes to a delivery man walking up to a house. Also, I've never seen any FedEx or UPS employee work in pairs unless it was during the holiday season.
FedUP (1 year ago)
Fucking spic, cant wait until they are all deported.
Reasonable (1 year ago)
Yongqi Zhang (1 year ago)
He doesn't look like a FedEx guy! Hide inside, shoot him on the head next time. Someone else wouldn't lose their package as well as human faith!
Terinigan (1 year ago)
Absolutely no way that guy works for FedEx
Ramus Sumar (1 year ago)
Highly unlikely this is a FedEx employee.
melikey0187 (1 year ago)
i think the bigger question i have for all you people saying it is him in the video. how did he get the video? ??. you clearly see him look at the house from the street then walk up to the front door then turn around and leave. you never saw him go inside the house to get the tape to put it on the net just so he can get YouTube views and comments.
EVNL576 (1 year ago)
what a bum, same person who posted this video
Damian Juarez (1 year ago)
lol the battle of the delivery men
stargatefever (1 year ago)
totaly not a real fedex guy
vince kaser (1 year ago)
obviously he works for fedex
kaz33itsme (1 year ago)
He's not a Fed Ex driver they would never allow them to walk around with back packs on, he probably stole the jacket as a cover for his crimes!
freetexasnow (1 year ago)
zadose (1 year ago)
STupid boy.
LIE AND REALITY (1 year ago)
he didnt just steel. am sure he lost his job also
A Burt (1 year ago)
looks like UPS is trying to get fedex some bad PR because everyone knows UPS sucks.
HECTOR SCORPIO (1 year ago)
what & asshole, hopefully he gets what he deserves,
Android Tech (1 year ago)
The fed ex guy is you tard.
Buffer Zone (1 year ago)
Namelessandpure (1 year ago)
Luckily in my neighborhood UPS delivers way after FED EX
Manuel Henríquez (1 year ago)
This kind of assholes are who decry honest, hardworking people
Wolf Man (1 year ago)
Is this viral marketing paid for by UPS?
AngelsTakeMe2Heaven (1 year ago)
Hire anchor baby wetbacks to work for a major US company and this is what you will get
Javi Ramirez (1 year ago)
u steal the package¡¡ the stealer looks like u, and publish a video for complainin? ASSHOLE
DogMaster 237 and WarSquid 3 (1 year ago)
Not a FedEx driver just a person with a FedEx jaket
RE RU (1 year ago)
you can't call this package relocator thief because no one is hurt, injured, or harmed. It is better like this than they go inside your house, and point a gun at you while asking money. package relocator is non violent and come and go in peace. package relocator are peace lovers.
James Bond 007 (1 year ago)
thats not a fedex guy.. he used to work for them keep the jacket then follows the  brown trucks around watched then deliver then steals the packages.. its a known tactic.. so if you know your package is out be standing at the door when they pull up... because he doesnt work for fedex hes just using that jacket to stop people from wondering who he is a diversion and thats his fat gf opening the gate..he didnt arrive in a truck he walked up... so they steal to support a drug habbit or pay bills by reselling the shit on ebay and craiglist.. if you catch them turn them in
FuckUrTribute (1 year ago)
that's clearly 2 different people.. the first guy has no beard, the second guy dose.. looks like a poor person who bough a fedex jacket at goodwill to do stuff like this.. maybe I missed something.. these comments are interesting tho..lol
R.P Brooks (1 year ago)
Diorginis Henrique (1 year ago)
uuuuuuuauuuuuuuu, parece mentira, incrível que o cara fez isso.
Darlene Nolte (1 year ago)
Just because that guy is wearing a FedEx jacket doesn't mean that he works for them, (he probably stole that too); and both he and the girl look like a couple of regular thugs and are definitely not working at that time.
Elsa Reyes (1 year ago)
That is not a Fed Ex guy. You can tell. First he's with someone else. His accomplice. Fed Ex's guys don't need help to deliver packages. They don't sneak around looking like they are being watched.... Third, he is using that jacket as a cover up in case he gets caught entering homes. His accomplice has a  box with them just in case they get caught.
Jonathan Hernandez (1 year ago)
Is this a joke lol.. The fedex guy is the same who posted this video joshua Rodriguez hahaha
Ryan Boland (6 months ago)
what an immature faggot. people who can't admit when their wrong are just wrong until there's no one else to blame. Like who give a shit if it looks like him, are you really stupid enough to think that someone would go through all that trouble to have one of his buddies dress up like a UPS guy just so that he himself could dress up like a Fed-Ex guy and make UPS look silly FOR NO APPARENT REASON!?! The mother fucker stole the package because it had valuable electronics in it, not because SOMEBODY is butthurt about UPS and the way things are heading. fuck you. boo. i went and thumbs down every video on your page.
joshua rodriguez (10 months ago)
Lol at you dummies up top, you awesome dudes on the bottom, I salute you! lol
Nick Rof (10 months ago)
+Ben Stupif youre the idiot now
Games on the Fly (11 months ago)
+Ben Stupif Lmao what are the cops gonna do? it's freedom of speach. fucking retard. 😂
Jon Mike (11 months ago)
+AhjiMor your mom is prob retarded lol I hope she gets paralysis and goes into a coma
Medachod (2 years ago)
FedEx sure do dress quite casually.
David Marchand (1 year ago)
+AX53B60 could have bought it on EBay. NOT a employee. no badge and not in full uniform.
Daryl M (2 years ago)
100% not a FedEx employee. Just some low life punk thief.!!!!! 
Melissa Holibaugh (2 years ago)
Definitely not a Fedex driver.  Wearing red shoes and black pants with red in them.  Completely against the dress code. Also has an accomplice who is clearly NOT a Fedex employee. This video should say...UPS delivers, Fedex Imposter Steals.   
Zink Zoodles (2 years ago)
The FedEx guy is just Him!!!
Brandon Zgadzaj (2 years ago)
Wow that's messed up
Julio Castaneda (2 years ago)
This isnt even a fedex delivery.... he isnt in uniform and is just wearing a fedex jacket. Its not fair to accuse fedex for taking this package when anyone can get the same jacket at flea market or on ebay. Also noticed that fedex doesnt do or ise two people to deliver packages without the scanning equipment
joshua rodriguez (2 years ago)
UPS delivers, but this (probably imposter by the look of his pants) FedEx guy doesn't!!! +UPS +FedEx 
catracha V. (6 months ago)
true. he steal the jacket too.
catracha V. (6 months ago)
true.. he steal the FedEx coat too. tha
Albert .G (10 months ago)
+joshua rodriguez haha you sure look like him!
alexis diaz (11 months ago)
+: D he does look like the guy in the vid
: D (1 year ago)
+joshua rodriguez lol i think u are him
TonyWhispersOfficial (2 years ago)
Wht a bum, i bet he stole that FedEx jacket as well.
joseph hakim (1 year ago)
+My toe the thief has a widow's peak Joshua doesn't
Jenny Tokumei (1 year ago)
+Tomas Oier My bullshit? You're the one that thinks so few pixels can be used to determine if someone looks like someone else.
Tomas Oier (1 year ago)
+Jenny Tokumei Jesus! I'm not trying to make an identification of nobody. I'm really tired of your bullshit.
Jenny Tokumei (1 year ago)
+Tomas Oier I contest that it's not big enough, because you can't make a positive identification one way or the other based on fewer than 16x16 pixels (the space of his face on the thumbnail takes up less than that)
Tomas Oier (1 year ago)
+Jenny Tokumei The thumbnail is big enough to let us notice the resemblance between them. It isn't big enough to affirm that they are the same dude. BTW I can see better what the guy who posted the video look like than the guy on the video. You're just being an ass over nothing, and being drastically contradictory pointing out something you said you knew it wasn't what I was saying.
Jack Nakanishi (2 years ago)
Thats messed up