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Fahrenheit 11/9 review: Michael Moore chronicles the rise of Trump in new doc

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 11/9, explores how Donald Trump ascended to the U.S. presidency »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Text Comments (196)
mark keedwell (3 days ago)
Cbs did you get paid to review this review did you resurch this film .
Awesome Avenger (3 days ago)
Moore is a hypocrite. He's done more than anyone else to push the idea that the 'deep state' is a thing. He's the guy who propagates conspiracy theories to a mass audience. Trump is simply talking Moore's language. Now Moore acts as if its all nothing to do with him.
SpyDetector1984 (3 days ago)
I had to travel very far to see this doc because it isn't in my local theatre. This doc should be in ALL THEATRES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. It should be on Netflix. It should be on all media platforms so everyone sees/hears it. People need to wake up to this reality. This doc backs up what I've been saying about how horrible this country is, and how it is NOT A DEMOCRACY, NOR EVER HAS BEEN. FACT. Furthermore, the water crisis in Flint, MI is a clear example of domestic terrorism. That Gov Synder should've been recalled and imprisoned. If Davis was recalled as California Gov 15 years ago for things like DMV fees then it should be a cinch to recall a Gov that is responsible for poisoning/killing people with dirty water. The UN should step in and levy sanctions against america for this crime against humanity.
itchydiscoman (5 days ago)
Massive flop, his liberal feelings must be hurt
leith squires (6 days ago)
Liberals don't fight? has moore been to a restaurant and been harassed by protesters? problebly not, you'll have to climb over the mountain of food barricading you from approaching him lmfao!
J Politics (7 days ago)
Fahrenheit 11/9 is incoherent and I wouldn't even take a Democrat to go see that thing. Go watch a Disney movie they're pushing the leftist agenda now too.
Steve M (9 days ago)
Wow did the Conservative/Republican paid troll brigade ever attack this comment forum. Moore must have really hit a nerve by speaking the truth.
BOT JIZZ (11 days ago)
Ha, You guys (CBC) still don't get it.
Timelord2001 (15 days ago)
Michael Moore is a great person, and evereything he's been trying to tell us is vital and true. It takes a brainwashed right-winger to dislike him.
John Dickson (16 days ago)
I watched Fahrenheit 11/9 and it was very Informative, I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bob Smith (17 days ago)
Trump saved America from becoming a third world cesspool. If only Canada had a leader that cared about Canadians as much as illegal migrants and terrorists. #DEFUNDCBC
David Schaffer (17 days ago)
This documentary isn't about liberal vs conservative it's about Moore presenting the facts on the sorry state of current political affairs in US. Those that have negative comments about it likely didn't watch it. I saw it last night he did a fantastic job of bringing out the scary truth of our ever collaspeing democracy in US run by big money.
Gregory Smith (17 days ago)
Why not a free public release?????
Will Austin (20 days ago)
If Michael Moore is "helping you to understand" anything, you shouldn't be allowed to operate a motor vehicle ANYWHERE on planet Earth.
TheCashistrash (22 days ago)
Some Schmuck on Youtube (23 days ago)
Umm...I think CBC accidentally got trolled. That clip at the beginning isn’t from Fahrenheit 11/9(on the tv in the first 30 seconds), but from a YouTube video claiming to be the Fahrenheit 11/9 extended trailer that is just The first half of Moore’s speech from 2016’s “Trumpland”, explaining why so many might vote for Trump(but cutting off before he explains why it would/will be a huge mistake), and showing a banner for Trump and Pence’s 2020 campaign run. 🤦‍♂️ At least they didn’t use much and had the right one when they showed full screen clips.
Ginger R (23 days ago)
Michael Moore =🤡🤪💩🐀🤣👎🐍🐁😂😴
Chris Xavier (24 days ago)
Absolute garbage lmao, whatever happened to this man?
Mitch Hunter (24 days ago)
What a dumpster fire.
John McSween (24 days ago)
Flopper, poor Moore, maybe he should get a real job and stop eating everything.
blizzard veritas (24 days ago)
The people get it now
blizzard veritas (24 days ago)
More dislikes than likes
Miguel Vazquez (25 days ago)
What a joke, MM, you creepy troll !!
Bullion Forever (25 days ago)
Why watch his movie, people can just watch CNN bashing Trump for free.
Mike Fay (25 days ago)
FLOP. Despite being promoted by the mainstream media and liberal talking heads, sort of like Hillary flopping with all the support she had from the same gaggle of elites.
Jonnie Bangkok (25 days ago)
Movie bombs at the box office...opening weekend it gets a few thousands of dollars...Michael Moore is a complete irrelevance...LMFAO. #MAGA202O!
John Doe (26 days ago)
Michael Savage VS Michael Moore https://youtu.be/9VGKvFDupQ0
alec hiddel (26 days ago)
Moore's film bombed over the weekend. 3.1 million compared to the top film that grossed over 25 million.
Doug Grinbergs (26 days ago)
Who with *serious* conservative cred can lead at least some of the nutTea Party lunatics out of the desert? (;-)
Michael Schuenemann (26 days ago)
John Hall (26 days ago)
The poster boy for liberal hypocrisy - who in their right mind would pay or even waste their time listening to what this fool has to say - incompetent, insecure slob who hides behind a camera -
Gus Mendez (26 days ago)
When will Michael Moore finally getting booted off into irrelevancy by the final fraction of people who bother with him? Moore is a deranged liar and his movie is boring.
Ultimate Warrior X2 (26 days ago)
Criminal Broad Casting Of Canada :) Really ...? Promoting yet another one of your Criminal Mate.
BLACK DEATH (27 days ago)
Great Movie. Suck it trumpanzee chimps
Mexlycan Lobo (27 days ago)
This kind of movies/documentaries are good to open the eyes of the blind.
Cory Ricketts (27 days ago)
Trump supporters eyes are sewn shut.
Sam C (27 days ago)
If Americans are killing themselves at least there not murdering innocents around the world.
Jordy Brisbin (26 days ago)
That is actually a good point. They are so busy self destructing they can't get it together to invade some random innocent country.
Lafuerza11 (27 days ago)
Moore is a genius & an amazing film maker. Not sure why so many negative comments below about the CBC in general. I guess they would rather we only air FOX NEWS in Canada. Now that would be more to their liking!! LOL
alexander nerep (1 day ago)
Hello fellow NPC
TheLastWampa (28 days ago)
fookin liberals, fookin conservatives.
Gig Razor (28 days ago)
Soy boys giving MM props, go figure. Who is going to tell them about his deceptive editing techniques.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Gig Razor Who’s going to unveil all the Russian trolls in here?
Shane C (28 days ago)
I was thinking this film was just going to make the Republicans/Trump look evil and the Democrats as saints, boy was I wrong. Michael Moore shows corruptions on both sides of the parties in this movie, including the Democrats. As an Obama loving supporter, I was shocked what this video actually showed what Obama did in Flint! Now, I see even Obama had corruption in him as well, because what this movie presented. Trust me this movie is not as BIAS as you think, you will be surprised the corruptions this movie shows from both sides. Regardless of our differences, we seriously need to unite and save our country from corrupt politicians that want to stay on top by dividing us. Please everyone watch this movie before making a judgement on it.
alfred espinoza (26 days ago)
Well said.
Robert WireShield (28 days ago)
cbc should not take my tax money, but they take it anyway. Michael Moore is not honest. I am upset at Moore because I used to watch his documentaries and now slowly realising that all off his opinions are one sided. Moore is not honest. And he doesn't pay his contractors. Worst crime is to steal someone's labour.
TheWatchmen2011 (28 days ago)
Leftists giving leftists 4-5 star reviews. LOL.
Goyotero1000 (28 days ago)
michael goobles cheeseburgers no end!
Doug Haak (28 days ago)
Michael Moore: the original Tele-tubby!!
northstar10 (28 days ago)
if you want a real review of the movie go to 'the intercept " glenn greenwald ----
V 8er (28 days ago)
Cinematography does not replace truth.
cool cucumber (28 days ago)
Ledd in the water is good fer you. You need yer vitamins and minerals
He goes after Obama as well. The Movie is bombing at the box office and you won't hear praise from Democrats this time because it really goes after them.
Shane C (28 days ago)
Yup your right, I was thinking this film was just going to make the republicans/Trump look evil and the democrats as saints, boy was I wrong. Michael Moore shows corruptions on both sides of the party in this movie, including the democrats. As an Obama loving supporter, I was shocked what this video actually showed what Obama did in Flint! Now, I see even Obama had corruption in him as well, because what this movie has presented. Trust me this movie is not as BIAS as you think, you will be surprised the corruptions this movie shows from both sides. Regardless of our differences, we seriously need to unite and save our country from corrupt politicians that want to stay on top by dividing us. Please everyone watch this movie before making a judgement on it.
BigWheelGolf (28 days ago)
This is free advertising for a film
Mike Btrfld (28 days ago)
Dopey Donald, Putin's Man.
john ross martens (28 days ago)
A person shouldn't make a documentary if you have bias towards the person or topic your covering
Pauly DP (28 days ago)
God bless you President Trump! Hey Justin why dont you step aside, an embarrassment for us real Canadians.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Pauly DP Pretty sure ur not Canadian! Russian troll...
Cadre Deux (28 days ago)
The irony is that the people that MM was championing in his first film are the people that voted for Trump. The Democrats abandoned Flint. The Democrats abandoned Michigan.
Christopher Bedenbaugh (28 days ago)
the only thing Michael Moore can take on is a ham sandwich
trax72 (28 days ago)
What's with all the triggered comments? On a movie review even.
Lauren-Kate Kush (28 days ago)
Harsh dude
jonsiiin (28 days ago)
its crazy how quickly the right wing troll bots can hit a video.
Nick Nack (28 days ago)
The propaganda is strong with this one.
Nick Nack (26 days ago)
The US has an equal record of propaganda, inferring with free elections, illegal wars and violations of human rights. Two sides of the same coin.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Nick Nack See the movie? Yea, Russians love to use propaganda don’t they? They’re using on all of you right now
Mimosa40 ***** (28 days ago)
After Marcus Garvey...Michael Moore is my hero!
Sloppy Mess (17 days ago)
You should try exercise
ClayDog (28 days ago)
How about Moore making a movie on ANTIFA?? Oh wait...he loves them
alexander nerep (1 day ago)
Ask Source (26 days ago)
ClayDog Russian troll
Bear Bear (28 days ago)
Isn't Michael Moore & Rosie O'Donnell The Same Person?
chris anderson (16 days ago)
We have never seen them both in the same place at the same time lol
pongo d (19 days ago)
Michael's cuter and Rosie is more handsome
Martin G (23 days ago)
No, Rosie O'Donnell is Michael Moore and Roseanne Barr's love child.
Bear Bear (24 days ago)
Chris Xavier  - Kinda Like Superman & Clark Kent But WAY DIFFERENT! lol
Chris Xavier (24 days ago)
I can tell you that they've never been seen in the same room together
Ana's Terra (28 days ago)
Fahrenheit 11/9 is the greatest American film ever at he bashed Republicans and Democrats
Leonard Wells (28 days ago)
Trump 2020 best president in years!!
Leonard Wells (16 days ago)
Grandpa Pete your a comedian lol ! The only thing Obama did was put a man in the lady’s room!!
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
+Leonard Wells Thank OBAMA
Leonard Wells (16 days ago)
Grandpa Pete you are getting it for free best economy in years and you didn’t even vote for it !!
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
Can I have some of the stuff your smoking?
John McSween (24 days ago)
+Ask Source Great argument. CNN teach you that?
Old Time Hockey (29 days ago)
The lunatic left is out of control Soros talking point sewage. Another 4 eyed Bolshevik attacking POTUS ? Yawn. #DefundCBC
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Old Time Hockey “Bolshevik?” 😂. Funk off u Russian troll?
Chris MC (28 days ago)
Yeah I did, part of my response was from information in the movie combined with what I know of the electoral collage.
northstar10 (28 days ago)
didnt see the movie did you ??
Chris MC (28 days ago)
Who's president? This turd sandwich won because of a 200 year old clause to satiate the slave states about giving up their power over people as property. If you think Soros with his big bank account is somehow secretly running every negative ad, protest, and whatever else you could ascribe to him then you are not a thinking person. Some media figure you look up to told you this and you ran with it, think for yourself.
Old Time Hockey (29 days ago)
Leftists. Lol.
David Osborn (29 days ago)
To the trampled on and forgotten masses, Trump represents hope. To the elite liberal bigots, Trump represents a threat to their whitewashed PC tyranny.
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say (29 days ago)
Just got back from seeing it on the big screen. Best movie of 2018!
It's OK to be white in Canada (29 days ago)
Megan Ash (29 days ago)
You people are a joke. You're the very definition of #FakeNews.
Just Another Guy (25 days ago)
+Ask Source "I don't agree with you, so you must be a Russian troll"
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Russian trolls busy today
leftslayer (29 days ago)
Yep , defund the CBC NOW
alfa1duetto (29 days ago)
Michael looks terrible, looks like he has the progressive disease, that's what spewing hate will do to you.
Cory Ricketts (26 days ago)
+Mark Smith yes sir. Thanks for being civil about it, disagreeing doesn't have to lead to hatred
Mark Smith (27 days ago)
Cory Ricketts Touche,still laughing.You have to have a sense of humor these days no matter what side your on.
Cory Ricketts (27 days ago)
He got old, wanna see what spewing lies does to a person? Look at kellyann conway
Mark Smith (28 days ago)
alfa1duetto He is Choking on his on lies!!!!
Barbara D (29 days ago)
This too will turn in Trumps favor after the hype because President Trump has a heart and cares about evil globalists trying to pull a COUP to destroy PATRIOTS and CHRISTIANS!
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
Did he buy that heart from the Wizard?
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Barbara D He’s using YOU to achieve your worst fears
gus black (29 days ago)
hmm CBC allowing comments Trump Derangement Syndrome Enough said
Steve Talon Gaming (29 days ago)
I’m surprised comments are enabled!
Jordy Brisbin (26 days ago)
Yeah, it's like these people come straight from a fox News troll training seminar.
Alexander Wesner (29 days ago)
He wants to take your guns and have 12 body guards with guns around him... how does that work folks ?
Alexander Wesner (28 days ago)
+Richard Goldman he needs guns in case he has a heart attack ?
Richard Goldman (28 days ago)
He needs em'... they're there to catch him when he has a heart attack. Oh and is Vegas taking bets on MM's heart attack date?
ala ska (29 days ago)
He won't last long by the looks of him. An Obama class divider. Nothing Moore.
Al Gore Bot (29 days ago)
Jabba the Hutt composed a film about greed: $21 per ticket.
John McSween (24 days ago)
And it failed.
Chris MC (28 days ago)
I paid 9.57 and feel it was well spent. By the way what part of the movie was about greed? Lots of subjects in the movie but greed wasn't the at the top of the list.
Strange Wayfaring Stranger (28 days ago)
Idk where the hell you buy movie tickets but someone is ripping you off lol
Fred Kumar (29 days ago)
For all the professional CBC haters out there, it's not a positive review.
Tyler Durden (28 days ago)
3.5/5 is not a positive review?
leftslayer (29 days ago)
+John Doe absolutely
John Doe (29 days ago)
Not CBC haters . We are just awake and cant6 stand paying for com-pleat BS .
kikistar125 (29 days ago)
moore is nothing but a bag of hot air
Sloppy Mess (17 days ago)
+Ask Source That's a good one.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
kikistar125 Such as yourself? Or r u just another Russian troll?
Remy Hodgekinson (29 days ago)
Amazingly the Marxist anti trump propaganda rag CBC positively reviews an unhinged anti trump lunatic's hate documentary. Imagine my shock! #DEFUNDCBC
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Russian Troll?
nuance (27 days ago)
Did you complain this much when the fascist fiction of birth of a nation came out?
And Y (29 days ago)
Remy go suck on a gun barrel. Your kind of deplorable we have too many of so one less is one better for the world
BW project (29 days ago)
A smidge of hope is found nowhere on that clown. Hahhaa good lol material
Don Ismyname (29 days ago)
This doorknob fully supported the evil Hilary Clinton in the last election so he is a sell out, like the rest.He thinks he is smarter than he actually is.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Russian troll?
Krizx600 (28 days ago)
Like trump? Oh yeah you have your mouth orange with so much ejaculation from your daddy
Buckwheat. (29 days ago)
CBC promoting a liar like Michael Moore is disgusting. To hell with the CBC.
Dan Bee (29 days ago)
Tronald dump hates regulations, you remember his stack of paper(no facts). Flint lacked regulatory water supply. Stop pretending its democrats that create business friendly zones.
Beysim Yakuboff (29 days ago)
Get over it
ikm64 (29 days ago)
Trump represents a proportion of the current US population, undisputed fact, so attacking him is going to help in exactly what way?. The US need therapy not just Trump, where did all the hate come from?, America always had a problem with race, that's not new. Trust in just about anything has gone out the window, that's is new. A broad scale indifference to your fellow man. that's new. A total disrespect to those who have a different position, is new also. America has a lot a enemies, they must love what's happening. Someone needs to shout STOP, respect is a good starting point, listening to your friends and neighbors is something that needs a lot more practice, mouh more than we current have.
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
The old are dying, your seeing your future. ENJOY
James Varela (29 days ago)
Michael Moore to his credit is a brilliant film maker but in many of his films his thesis of who the heroes and villans in the story are often wrong. In his first film, Roger Smith was not to blame for GMs problems in the 1980s this was the legacy of a short sighted industrial policy Washington had been pursuing since the 1930s and Smith like all the other industrial CEOS at the time was forced to deal with such as closing old obsolete factories, making cars more fuel efficient and dealing with the predatory Japanese export policies of the era. . If you wish to know how Trump made it to the White House I recommend this old article from The Atlantic. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/07/the-democrats-immigration-mistake/528678/ Trump will be a one term President unless leftists take over the Democratic Party. I think when he is gone we will be a better country in the sense we now know the consequences of electing a character like Trump to the most powerful office in the world.
tommy wong (29 days ago)
I like moore that he started to understand trump helping out the workers. I think both of them can work together and change things in america
Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel (29 days ago)
Now trump is destroying the country
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Cdoe Mueller will LOADS of evidence - Russian trolls everywhere
Cdoe (28 days ago)
Give evidence. Can’t make a claim without evidence
leftslayer (29 days ago)
+John Doe good one
John Doe (29 days ago)
Only if your Canadian and listening to the CBC !
leftslayer (29 days ago)
Elias Rickert (29 days ago)
well it certainly wasn't going to be a book on fitness & grooming or not being a lying leftist scumbag
Scott Donaldson (29 days ago)
Who the heck have you got on doing the review...he’s just a bit vain, constantly watching himself in the monitors, and exaggerating his expressions and hand gestures
private pyle (29 days ago)
This guy is the biggest creature in the film industry. Just toss a hat on, no one will notice I'm Frankensteins little brother...
Ask Source (26 days ago)
U r a Russian troll
Richard Goldman (28 days ago)
He's very intelligent, knows how to maintain his body. He supported the Clinton's, that should give you a clue.
Moh Siy (29 days ago)
Lunar Childe (29 days ago)
LOL Oh CBC...youre laughable and I can't wait to see you defunded. The fact my tax dollars pay for this garbage is disgusting.
peacepunk sean (27 days ago)
Wish 'merikkka had a station as ballsy and willing to call out the government
Russian Robot (28 days ago)
For anyone curious 11/9 cost $300 million and haven't even made $4 million Weinstein was going to fund it till prison you know...
B M (28 days ago)
I'm not Canadian. I'm sub'd to this channel. Somebody tell me why y'all are hating on it.
And Y (29 days ago)
Lunar Childe you obviously are a young person with no or little knowledge of Canadian history. So I forgive your complete ignorance and stupidity. I'd suggest you keep your juvenile ranting to your friends like Vader
Vader Vaders (29 days ago)
Lunar Childe HERE HERE!! I second that!
bigbabyzubas (29 days ago)
That speech is true. WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF IT! too bad the DNC hates populists.
Oke Fixico (29 days ago)
There must be at least 20 pounds of clay-like fecal matter in Michael Moore's intestines.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
U s Russian troll?
Strange Wayfaring Stranger (28 days ago)
Yeah just like inside your skull.
Richard Goldman (28 days ago)
Moore like 75 lbs Elvis had 60, John Wayne 70+ Impacted colon btw.
Revelation (29 days ago)
Moore promotes hate, and division....CBC needs to report on Trudeau, and his immigration policy disasters! Sadly, George Soros (ProPublica) is flipping alot of money.....CBC is no longer a Conservative median, but Canada's CNN.
Martin Liehs (28 days ago)
+N M I have read that the evil Koch brothers are not putting their support behind Trump. Soros has a spider web of NGO's and foundations that appear to be designed to obfuscate their funding mechanisms.
N M (29 days ago)
I love how you and the rest of the right blame everything you don't like on Soros-funded liberal propaganda while the Koch brothers have so many politicians in the pocket and directly funding reports saying climate change isn't happening, to cut regulation and trying to get even more tax cuts for the rich. The whole Soros funding is such a loosely based conspiracy theory while the Kochs are doing their funding very openly.
Marcus Anonymous (29 days ago)
Mediocre between themselves find each other interesting.
David Ellis (29 days ago)
Moore does not claim to be fair and balanced. He is an advocate. A true 🇺🇸 Patriot.
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
The truth hurts
Ask Source (26 days ago)
Remy Hodgekinson Russian troll much?
peacepunk sean (27 days ago)
+Remy Hodgekinson Well yeah...who doesn't want to see capitalism overthrown?
Richard Goldman (28 days ago)
A true patriot of a democracy? No such thing. America is not a democracy, after you read up on it and comprehend, maybe you could educate Michael.
birdsofafeather 1 (29 days ago)
Well....I guess you're entitled to your "opinion"
Gens Sub Deo (29 days ago)
The least trust worthy tabloid magazine in the super market is more trustworthy than Michael Moore. It's unbelievable that the CBC promotes someone like Moore.
John McSween (24 days ago)
+Ask Source Are you 5 years old?
Cartoonishly Inept (25 days ago)
The CBC have always been left leaning but they've lost their minds in the past few years. Once Anna Maria Tromonti and a handful of others finally retire, there won't be enough journalistic integrity in that institution to produce a Lost Dog Flyer, let alone run a nationally syndicated news organization. Having said that, I'm very surprised they left comments enabled for this video. They know it usually gets the reception you see here, and that's antithetical to their echo chamber model of broadcasting.
Ask Source (26 days ago)
jim thibert U a Russian troll?
B M (28 days ago)
+Revelation is Canada pro-Trump? I'm not Canadian, just trying to understand why people are hating on the network
Revelation (29 days ago)
CBC is anti-Trump.
latenightincanada latenightincanada (29 days ago)
Moore is such a proven shill. Why do you give him a platform? He has been caught many times just making stuff up.
Grandpa Pete (16 days ago)
Kinda like Trump?
Ask Source (26 days ago)
What in that movie is untrue?!?!
northstar10 (28 days ago)
shilling for whom ???
Honest ABE (29 days ago)
Sadly It's what the CBC does. They promote completely untrustworthy left wing people like this to the gullible Canadian public.
Lowell Pack (29 days ago)