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How It's Made - Model Racing Cars (Scalextric)

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The overall manufacturing process of toy racing cars a.k.a Scalextric. Have fun!...
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kurt tolledo (3 months ago)
"and its still popular today" hahahah very funny but no
British First (4 months ago)
Payed pounds for a couple of scalextrics years ago for my both sons.. They were not at least bit interested.. couple of months after Christmas i took them to the charity shop....
Eth3realwarrior (4 months ago)
I always enjoy products made in Taiwan 🇹🇼 more than China any day.
Mick Carson (4 months ago)
This is why all manufacturing companies around the world have pissed off to China and leaving millions of jobless behind. Slave labor is one, cheaper to build is two and profits made when shipped back to you and sold at the prices value of your country dollar is three. Millions of containers filled with cheap junk shipped all over the world to you, strangling every other countries economy, turning jobless into crime and drugs, while China profits.
Mark James (5 months ago)
These Chinese workers look like they could care less about Scalextric racing
applejacks971 (6 months ago)
That chic at :57 and 1:22 :)
Mr. Moto (4 months ago)
Oh hell yes! And she's not the only one.
Jomaster The Second (6 months ago)
Crikey. That detail!
channelbizt (6 months ago)
"China famous for its cost effective production" .. yeh you just keep telling yourselves that, horrible bastards!
315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills (6 months ago)
china?/ Fuck them.
abhi kaushik (7 months ago)
Any contact details of manufacturers of tracks in China ?
Fred Neecha (8 months ago)
All in one Bantai (8 months ago)
can u give detail of which product u use for tyer
wordreet (8 months ago)
So presumably, if these were still being made in Ramsgate, they would cost £50 per car instead of £30? Oh no, wait, the prices would probably be the same, but the company directors would not be able to drive around in Bentleys and Ferraris is all.
Colorado Strong (8 months ago)
Up next How it's made : General Tso Chicken
Tim Tim (8 months ago)
Does not look like fun.
Stefan Ott (9 months ago)
IT is not Scalextric, the name of the brand is Carrera.
lmdetect (9 months ago)
Chiner of course.
Specialized 29er (9 months ago)
I hope the manufacturers pay their workers well.
Stephen Livers (9 months ago)
Did you know the average Chinese worker thinks about killing themself 4 times a day.. FACT! And yes I have been to China and was in the sleepy little area of Guangdong..HELL ON EARTH..Dirtier than any place in India!
nigelcarren (9 months ago)
Can I just say as a genuine badge-wearing paid up 1979 member of the 'Scalextric Formula one drivers club', those are not 'imitation' tyres. They are real tyres, miniature yes, but quite real. I have burned some of those out... oh I could tell you some tales, I have raced Fittipaldi and Hunt, and a Gerbil!!
tryptychUK (10 months ago)
So 2,000 Chinese are building a British invention? WTF went wrong?
tryptychUK (10 months ago)
@AussiePillow1 Show me any business where money does not come first. That does not mean that they do not care about other things like people or the environment, but if you don't make sales, you don't make a profit, and if you don't make a profit, you die.
AussiePillow1 (10 months ago)
@tryptychUK Then their main function is what they should be advertising. Its disgusting when companies make ads pretending to care about the community, when all they really care about is making money with no regard to human life.
tryptychUK (10 months ago)
@AussiePillow1 Companies are not there to be a social service. Their function is to make a profit. They will go to wherever they can do it best. It's not about making more money, it's about remaining competitive. The trouble is all our manufacturing resources are long gone.
AussiePillow1 (10 months ago)
tryptychUK Capitalism. The company wanted more money so they sent labour offshore, when they could have easily kept the labour in Britain to help solve their problem of unemployment
Robert Chinnock (10 months ago)
My dad built a box and put a scalelltix racing car track for me with 4 cars
Papi Uuhmelmehahay (10 months ago)
How incredibly boring that job must be!
Jacob Bales (10 months ago)
Poor kids
Per Rasmussen (10 months ago)
german slave workers in China not scalextric
Andrew Chan (10 months ago)
Roger Onslow (10 months ago)
....feeds a small generator that spins the wheels. Actually it's called an electric motor, not a generator. Even my grandmother knew that.
Tempest Fury (11 months ago)
Sorry, I'm so late! It's not an engine, it's an electric motor.
Abdullah's Channel (11 months ago)
Mass Debater (11 months ago)
he delivered to them docks bloody quick
Ana Mir (11 months ago)
Ironic how capitalist countries are fed by a communist hand...
1978ajax (1 year ago)
WOW - lots wrong here. Maybe the most irritating is, because you're clearly British, it's _racing_ car - not 'race' car.
罗梦宇 (1 year ago)
sweatshop factory, mininal wage mininal protection.
you reading my name (1 year ago)
Chiese made
Barsabus (1 year ago)
Racers build their own cars...
RC Hobbyist Extreme (1 year ago)
Slave labor at its best people. I love how they show the better side of what these places are really like. Long hours, bad pay. Forced rent and food. Whatever is left over is sent back to their parents as payment for raising them. Sad eixsistance
Paul Eastwood (1 year ago)
' details on the model cars....... ' erm not really. Used the same Benetton shell 93/ 94 / 95 / 97 + 99................. and don't get me started on the 95 Ferrari ripped off from the 91. Fucking horrific. That's when Ninco absolutely pulled your pants down and you were lazy.
VIPER TA GTC (1 year ago)
No wonder the lights are never in place
fragwits (1 year ago)
small generator .. they mean small motor..
Lorita Alanzo (1 year ago)
The background music 👎
Anibal Ortiz Morales (1 year ago)
excellents toys
A Phoenix is Rising (1 year ago)
Wow. All of the expert comments about Chinese factories by people who have never been to China.
D A (1 year ago)
"generator spins the wheels"???? I thought a motor is what does that
Tineke Williams (10 months ago)
Yes, it is the generator that turns the engine to spin the motor to spin the wheels
Travis Rabble (1 year ago)
Slave labour, disgraceful!
jimbobbyrnes (1 year ago)
and they charged you a fortune for what would be considered a cheap ebay made item
Extra Hulp (1 year ago)
My invalid leven in Belgium is perfect with the Tamiya rc cars.
wheels turn (1 year ago)
That's Wealthybest, isn't it? I went there and saw toys being torture-tested.
John Harvey (1 year ago)
Voice over by the same bloke that does any number of shows out of the UK - the Guy Martin Speed series for instance.
Dale Gribble (1 year ago)
They are made in Chiner of course... Ummmm No... It's China not Chiner
Ken Ell (1 year ago)
I like the Chinese slave labor going on there, and nobody's smiling. If you look close the women look like they are wearing diapers too.
xDelta27x (1 year ago)
TopGearDog (1 year ago)
Scalextric? With Carrera advertised... FFS
teamkilled (1 year ago)
How It's Made - Model Racing Cars (Scalextric) it's Carrara, not Scalextric
Pete Bristo (1 year ago)
It's carrera
Gauge (1 year ago)
Lot of comments about slave labor...how are you any different. Most of these hard working people build amazing things. Can you say the same ?
Clifton Manley (9 months ago)
slave labour is about the money.... not the work
tryptychUK (10 months ago)
No, we design them and those bastards steal our ideas.
Dragon Surfer (10 months ago)
Eddard Liebber (1 year ago)
Deja vu, I've just been in this place before
Holden Coppler (1 year ago)
Lmao they called it Scalextric when it was Carrera!🤣😂
ArchangelExile (1 year ago)
"Well, it's Chiner, of course!"
Mr MEMé (1 year ago)
Every 50 year Oldé Boys Whett Dream xxxx
alishanmao (1 year ago)
Now I want one :D
Wes Frazier (1 year ago)
a thousand people to do a ten person job
threepot (1 year ago)
Why don't they develop a plastic that's already Ferrari Red??
joe smithey (1 year ago)
very cool, thanks for uploading this one!
MC B0B (1 year ago)
TBH I worked in far worse conditions in the US. These places at least look clean. I worked in a plastics factory in college, and the conditions were afwul. Actually there were alot of molding and painting simliarites between the two factories, except the one in China looked like a clean operating table compared to the US factory. For reference I worked there about 13 years ago, so it wasn't that long ago.
Dejan Zdravkovic (1 year ago)
Chinese junk!😊😊😊😊😊
Michael Andrew (1 year ago)
It's a tour of the factory that makes the Carrera brand slot cars - these are not Scalextric
Everytime Aleyna Tilki (1 year ago)
LOL i found this vid and my t-shirt is written Scalextric on it
AffordBindEquipment (1 year ago)
2:17 some people get all the good jobs...
Lankster Price (1 year ago)
The crap ones that you get at x-mas for $19.95... Not the $195.00 ones you build and race...
RML Bobby D (1 year ago)
Why can no-one pronounce “Scalextric” correctly?!
Go Clunker (1 year ago)
Chinese junk
L Collins (1 year ago)
This whole clip is sexist and grotesque.
Mad Max (1 year ago)
Screams sweatshop
Rimrock300 (1 year ago)
Pretty much handwork involved. One would think that a 'big machine' took care of it all. But labor have been cheap for along time in China, but not anymore.
Sean Murphy (1 year ago)
These cars and track were cool when i was 8 years old. Mow at almost 60 they are still as cool now as they were way back then.
Abdullah Atcha (1 year ago)
I have scalextric
TUBBZ Games (1 year ago)
Chinese sweat factory
y me yo (1 year ago)
Popular today I doubt that. And it’s only dying by the day. Holding onto your pathetic childhood memories holding on to a specific time is only holding you back from Experiencing the most out of life. Don’t take me seriously The profits have spoken.
Eyjafjallajökull (1 year ago)
Cost effective chinese, from rice paddies to factory-'workers',in exchange for paper to exchange for rice, no net difference, when you see someone with millions/billions of exchangeable paper (="money"), then be SURE that the mugs (= "workers"), are getting LESS paper for their slave-tasks (= "jobs"), which is equal to under-paid (= modern-slavery), Isnt this SO clever? Communist (=forcable corrupt practices, benefits enjoyed by the FEW at the pyramids-top), with a Capitalist "face". usa is NO different, "free" society (= Controlled by organised-corrupt DEBT economy/Debt-slavery), and the world moves round., all by corrupt controlling private bankers (= Wankers). Yes scale-slave-lectric a fun product See how Happy (= Not), the slaves (="workers"), 'are' hmmm.....
tackyman2011 (11 months ago)
You are not wrong, but the way you write makes you come off like a complete crack-pot.
DAVID VINCENT (1 year ago)
I always just love how they claim China has effective labor...English translation is $15 per hour in the US and .25 cents in China. Yea you think you can bring back sold out American companies to America and be competitive - well then you had better check what you are smoking I think it has gotten old...in other words they should have never left for 3 world contries
General Patzer (1 year ago)
It looks like a clean and safe environment with some pretty skilled people working there. I'd like to work there.
Bill Withers (1 year ago)
have a go at it.....probably better than working in detroit with the dirty muslims.
wingmanalive (1 year ago)
I LOVED these as a kid. Unfortunately you can't find these in stores in the states anymore. Toy stores are for video games and drones anymore. Online they can be found but are VERY expensive.
Guy Parris (1 year ago)
Where is Chiner?
Andy Reid (1 year ago)
I'm old enough to remember when Scalextrics was made in Britain.
Alexandre skyrme (1 year ago)
Its not scalextric. It is carrera evolution, digital 132 or 124
Nic Parker (1 year ago)
there goes your jobs and your money./ FUCK CHINA!
Shaun Fox (1 year ago)
Where does the company transform it's famous designs? well it's a Chinese labour camp of course
Tim Evans (1 year ago)
Scalextric not scalectrix
Francis C (1 year ago)
Your greedy capitalist are laughing n richer. The consumers are suckers. Just look at the price of IPhone. Made in China n sold at top price to suckers.
J Polar (1 year ago)
My parents neighbors wife used to work at the Topper Toy Company in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She was always bringing me home toys to play with. Good old " Made In The U.S.A." The toys were of good quality. I just wish I had them again. I see on eBay, some of the sellers are asking a small fortune for the toys.
Sean (1 year ago)
More boring toys polluting your planet.
You Tuber (1 year ago)
Thumbs up if the thumbnail for this video made you think of Laverne & Shirley
Justice Warrior (1 year ago)
Never knew they were made in North Korean slave factorys!! How did discovery go inside!
Justice Warrior (1 year ago)
Bill Withers He feeds them with his royal rotten cum and dick cheese 🧀
semih oguzcan (1 year ago)
I'm sorry slaves, I'm sorry for this corrupt culture, sorry for stealing your potential and lives, destroying the environment, for plastic toys and gadgets to brainwash children into consumerism. I'm really sorry for you, for environment and for humanity.
semih oguzcan (1 year ago)
Please learn about Resource Based Economy!
LELAND LEE (1 year ago)
xseturlz (1 year ago)
No se si con este video se quiere mostrar lo fantástico que son estos productos o lo terrible que es que lo produzcan en China, con esclavos que entregan su vida a los países consumistas... 🧐
Joey Figo (1 year ago)
Hell that must be an old film, fully automated now I would guess.
Lynn Dempsey (1 year ago)
Made in China not worth a fuck!!!
Blame USA (1 year ago)
Peppermint (1 year ago)
No doubt those breathing masks were efficient
John Harvey (1 year ago)
The respiratory PPE they wear is for dust only, they do nothing to mitigate the hydrocarbon vapours from ink and paint.